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Chapter 62 Old Youlings plan

 Based on the sudden appearance of the white shadow, Chu Yunsheng could tell that it must have been hiding in the dark for a very long time. Using the opportunity that he was fighting with the fiery figure to break into the soldiers' defense position and seize the freeze gun, this was something Chu Yunsheng did not expect. But this was also something that he did not care about. As long as he could get the battle cloak.

On the contrary, the attention of the hundreds of soldiers was completely attracted by the white shadow. To Chu Yunsheng, this could also be considered to be a good thing. After all, if he took away the battle cloak in front of hundreds of soldiers, it would definitely cause some argument and unnecessary troubles.

The reason why his face was livid was that as soon as the white shadow appeared, he received a strange text message on his mobile phone, "I'm looking forward to meeting Jun. Chu in Nanjing."

It did not leave a name, nor did it tell the person's intention, and "Jun. Chu" this word meant that it was not someone close to him, and Song Ying, Su Su and anyone from modern China would not call him this, because "Jun." was a very ancient Chinese title that used to address a respectable person. So the only possibility was that this person was that white shadow.

Not only did it know his new mobile phone number, but it also knew that he was going to Nanjing, it meant that it must have been following him for quite a while now, and he must have gotten his number from the original phone owner.

The fact that there is a person who has approximately equal fighting capability hidden nearby that Chu Yunsheng could not detect naturally made him worried.

He had always been alert about the things that he could not control. He had already had this "disorder" since the Age of Light. And it had helped him to improve his alertness, but also caused him to miss some good opportunities, but in general, it was a very useful feeling, because it had helped to escape many dangerous situations.

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"Let's go to Nanjing now!"

After picking up Old Youling, who was still fuming bright red smoke, he said sternly. In addition, there was also a sense of urgency in his tone.

The text message was sent before the white shadow attacked the soldiers' defense position. It meant that the white shadow knew his every movement. Moreover, because it was able to determine that he was going to Nanjing, Chu Yunsheng's concern deepened even further. He did not know for sure if the white shadow knew that his target was a jade pendant or not, but from Lin Shuiyao's background and contacts, it would not be difficult for the white shadow to guess who his target would be.

Yu Jian also did not waste time asking him what happened, he just asked the pilot to fly to Nanjing at the maximum speed. The strong wind blow from the helicopter rotary wings snuffed out the lingering flame left on the ground as the aircraft carrying Chu Yunsheng flew over the army.

The soldiers and their officers did not pay much attention to Chu Yunsheng's movement, after losing the freeze gun, they quickly regrouped and started to pursue the white shadow on the ground. In the air, the two attack helicopters had already flown toward the direction that white shadow had fled to already.

The direction that the white shadow fled to was not the same as the direction of Nanjing. It seemed like the white shadow wanted to lure the foot soldiers and two annoying attacking helicopters away from the meeting location that it wanted to see Chu Yunsheng. If the white shadow had chosen to flee directly to Nanjing, which was also the base location of Nanjing military base, it would have to face the mass deployed soldiers and aircrafts waiting for it in advance. After all, no matter how fast its speed is, it cannot be faster than the speed of the military communication system.

Chu Yunsheng's group did not have this trouble. With the identity of the special police from Shanghai, they would not have any problem flying straight into the metropolitan area of Nanjing.

It was nearly five o'clock in the morning, but the Sun was still below the horizon. The long winter night made the sky above their head very dark. Chu Yunsheng was checking the battle cloak without saying a single word, Old Youling was sitting opposite him, breathing out flames from its nose and mouth from time to time, gloomily.

After swallowing the fiery figure, the remaining fire elemental energy in the body of the fiery figure barbecued him like a pig. As a "ghost", it was surprised to discover that it could actually feel the feeling of thirst, which was something that it was not supposed to be able to feel.

The backup water in the helicopter didn't improve its current status, and its only solution was to rely on its own energy to neutralize the fire elemental energy. Although it was suffering, it gradually found that after digesting the fire elemental energy, its strength slowly began to grow, and the growing rate was even faster than swallowing a living person!

Old Youling was tormented by the fire, but at the same time, it could not help but secretly feel happy. As long as it could increase its strength, it would eventually be able to escape from Chu Yunsheng's hand one day. So it decided to keep this secret from everyone, especially Chu Yunsheng. By the time it had enough power, then it would be able to... muahahaha...

Thinking back the moment Chu Yunsheng ordered it to risk its life to devour the fiery figure, Old Youling's desire for "freedom" grew even stronger.

In order to avoid Chu Yunsheng noticing its difference, it still needed to pretend to groan in agony, lest he would order it to do a similar thing again. It had to pretend that it was heavily injured.

Old Youling also could not trust Lin Shuiyao, who was sitting beside it either. From the intelligence that it observed from her sharp eyes, Old Youling had a feeling that she recognized that it was acting.

Seeing Chu Yunsheng was looking at the cloak carefully, although it did not know what Chu Yunsheng was doing, it knew for sure that he would not be able to tell that it was acting. But it was not sure if Lin Shuiyao would tell him or not. Maybe, it should find some opportunity to devour this smart girl if the situation?...

On the way to Nanjing, Old Youling was plotting the "great plan" to free itself; Chu Yunsheng was thinking about the worst-case scenario; and Lin Shuiyao, she was constantly looking at Chu Yunsheng from time to time. However, from Chu Yunsheng's eyes, she could tell that she has been ignored by him since the beginning; in terms of Yu Jian, his brows were always pressed together, as if he was worried about something... In silence, the roar of the helicopters gradually appeared at the edge of the outskirts of Nanjing.

Location: Nanjing, near the Purple Mountain.

Liang Xicheng could not sleep for the entire night. At the moment, the sky was gradually becoming brighter, indicating the beginning of a new day. However, despite his lack of sleep, he did not have a hint of drowsiness. Instead, the nerves of his brain were in the "hyperactive" condition under an invisible pressure.

As a leading real estate tycoon in southeastern China, especially in the Nanjing area, the Liang family's information channels were very widely spread. His father Liang Yi was also a representative of the people's congress, so his family had a lot of connections in the government.

Compared with other ordinary businessmen, the Liang family had good relations with both the government and the military. They had already received some obscure information that if Shanghai was lost, Nanjing would become the last base in eastern China.

After secretly verifying the information with the military, the Liang family finally had the confidence to gather all kinds of supplies and rations in Nanjing in order to prepare for the unpredictable crisisies.

Everything had been proceeding in an orderly and secretive manner, except for the matter of securing some strategic materials that were not going well. With the help from the government and the military, the process of obtaining other types of supplies had been relatively smooth.

However, yesterday, a phone call from Shanghai completely broke the calm and rhythm of the Liang family's preparation. Since last night, Liang Xicheng's father, Liang Yi has been locking himself in the study, making phone calls after phone calls. Some of the phone calls were made to someone in Shanghai, some were made to the people in Hong Kong, but the majority of the calls were made to the capital and the United States.

While all kinds of news were flooding in, many people from the upper-class circle of Nanjing, who had also experienced the disappearance of the Sun three times, gathered in the Liang family's villa, waiting for the latest news in fear.

They were the people, who couldn't reach the upper-echelon of the government or the military. Most of them were businessmen and the people that worked in the entertainment industry.

To maintain a good image in the public and to get rid of the monopoly title, the Liang family has switched their family business from just doing real estate business to investing in many other types of businesses. Especially in recent years, the Liang family has invested in many big blockbuster movies. As their business became more diversified, their social circle also expanded widely, and because of their powerful background, they became the mainstay of those people in the current situation.

As the representative of his father, Liang Xicheng has been dealing with the endless stream of people, who came to inquire about the news and seek protections. Amongst them, there was also a pretty, talented, but arrogant girl called Yu Simiao, who used to regard the Liang family as the filthy businessmen and always look down on his family. However, he just helplessly fell in love with her.

Despite that he was also a man who loved many girls, if he could make Yu Simiao, who was also known as the goodness of cello, sleep with him, the satisfactory feeling would be self-evident.

In the crowd of celebrities and business people's fawning and ingratiating looks, the great satisfaction and the sense of high social status intoxicated him. It made him almost have an illusion that his family might have reached an unprecedented height in this chaos!

However, when he pushed open the door of his father's study, the kind of wonderful feeling he had in the lobby of his family's villa was instantly wiped out by his father's extremely haggard and worried face. His heart instantly sank, and he immediately walked towards his father's desk and asked carefully, "father, is the information that was given by uncle Wang, who is in Shanghai, confirmed? Is it real?"

After saying these words, Liang Xicheng held his breath, extremely nervous, as if he was listening to the final judgment.

Liang Yi put down the phone and sighed weakly. He did not directly answer him, but said with an exhausted tone, "he asked us to get to Shanghai as soon as possible, Xicheng, I am too old now, the future of this family will be on your shoulders. Now tell me what you think."

Liang Xicheng's eyelids twitched a few times. What he worried the most still happened. He plopped down on the sofa in front of the desk, and said disappointedly, "father, how much time do we have?"

Liang Yi looked at his son, and said, "a few days, your uncle Wang said that it will not be later than 28th!"

Liang Xicheng suddenly stood up from the sofa in shock. Today was the 25th, which means that including today, they only had three days' time!

Any major decisions that were made in three days would seem to be too rushed, let alone a matter of life and death.

Liang Xicheng walked back and forth in front of his father's desk. Suddenly, he noticed something and asked, "Father, what is the military's stance on this matter? Defend Shanghai or defend Nanjing?"

"I just got the message, the people from the upper-echelon of the government could not come to an agreement, it was the same for the military as well. Normally, the military should defend Nanjing, because many high-ranking military officers' families are in Nanjing. However, the people in Shanghai seem to have used all their connections to influence the decisions of the military and even the central government. So the debate is still going on."

Liang Xicheng thought for a second and asked, "why not protect both places? With the strength of the Nanjing military division, that wouldn't be a problem, would it? And assuming that it will be an earthquake or tsunami, Shanghai would not be the best choice!"

Liang Yi shook his head and frowned, "this is the crux of the matter. According to your uncle Wang's message, something big is going to happen. And according to a top-secret information source, Defending Nanjing will end in absolute failure! Have you not noticed, they are always talking about defending, not a disaster relief! What does this mean!?"

Liang Xicheng was stunned. In the next second, he stammered, "is it a war? Nuclear war?"

Liang Yi did not answer him. He seemed to be lost in thought. "I am not worried about which city the military area command will choose to defend in the end. I am worried that if people keep arguing with each other and cannot come to an agreement, the government and military forces will be scattered, and then they may not be capable of defending both areas. So if that really happens, no matter which place we chose, it would be useless!"

Indeed, he did not care whether the military would choose Shanghai or Nanjing, as long as the Liang family knew where they were going to defend in the end. He also hoped that the military and the government could end their disputes as soon as possible, whether it was Shanghai or Nanjing. He just wanted the final decision, not a power struggle game between the people from the top.

Looking at his father's back, Liang Xicheng knew that his old man, in fact, had already had a judgment. Being able to judge the future situation from the perspective of an outsider to this extent was not an easy thing. He once again realized that only his father was the real backbone of the Liang family!

As he thought of this, he decided not to disturb his father's thoughts. After all, there were only three days left. But his father needed to make a decision that would affect the lives of everyone in the family. So he needed a quiet environment to think and decide.

However, it was at this time, there were noises suddenly appearing from outside. Through the clean and transparent windows of the study, he saw two helicopters landed from the sky. The bright searchlights on the helicopters were shone back and forth at the villa, and the violent wind that was stirred up by the helicopters' rotors had blown away everything that was originally on the lawn outside the villa. Then a dozen SWAT officers in the black uniforms and armed with assault rifles quickly came out of the helicopter and approached the villa.

Liang Xicheng suddenly became very nervous as his face turned extremely pale. Facing the armed police, coupled with the situation they were in, he could not help but be worried. After all, he was still a businessman. Even if he had connections, he was still a businessman. In front of the powerful and violent authorities, there was no significant difference between the businessmen and the so-called celebrities in the lobby.

"Father, let me go and find out what is happening."

Liang Xicheng gnashed his teeth and said to his father. No matter what, as the owner of the villa, he would eventually need to show up.