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Chapter 61 If I Die, I Will Make Your Life Miserable Too!

 When Chu Yunsheng and others rushed to the site of the incident, it was about three o'clock in the morning. The weather outside the city was very cold as if the air was frozen. When breathing it in, it would cause so much pain as if there was a knife slashing the windpipe.

But Chu Yunsheng liked this kind of weather a lot, although his teeth were chattering in coldness, he was still very excited. The frigid temperature was a restraint to the Fire race and a boost to the weapon he was about to use - Frost Arrow.

From afar, roughly a few miles away, the sound of bullets raging in the wind could be heard. It was rapid and mixed with a trace of panic. Moving closer, the hoarse cries of the soldiers also gradually became clear, the people's dying screams made Lin Shuiyao and other people's faces very pale. For her and her assistant, war and death were supposed to be something that was far away from them.

Soon, appearing in front of Chu Yunsheng and other people was a burning train that was falling askew on the side of the railroad. The soldiers were guarding on one side, and on the other side, a figure that was burning in fierce flames was wreaking havoc.

In the dark, the fiery figure was dashing left and right, kicking up long bright flames, dodging the barrage of bullets, while approaching the soldiers quickly. When it finally arrived before the group of soldiers, several crescent-shaped flame blades suddenly appeared and flew towards the soldiers. The bulletproof vests that those soldiers were wearing couldn't stop those flaming blades at all. Wherever the fiery figure went, the soldiers would fall to the ground and lives would be taken away.

As another ear-piercing sound appeared from the soldiers' side, an anti-tank bullet was fired and shot towards the fiery figure. The "fiery figure" didn't dare to block it using its body, it immediately leaned sideways to dodge it hurriedly. Although the fiery figure's speed was very fast, the bullet still made a narrow but long bloody cut on its arm that was exposed outside the battle cloak by accident.

Enraged by the injury, the fiery figure leaped high from the ground with a narrow, slender sword, and hacked it down in mid-air, splitting the two soldiers, who had fired the anti-tank bullet, into halves. The fierce flames instantly spread across the four pieces of body parts and soon the smell of burnt meat began to spread out.

Then the sound of rapid gunfire appeared again. This time it was the machine guns firing at a rate of 6,000 rounds per minute. It was like a dense bullet storm, the surrounding air was instantly evaporated under the heat of the bullets, filling the battle zone with the smell of death.

Almost instantaneously, the fiery figure was blasted off by the dense storm of bullets. If it hadn't dodged in time, even if it had that powerful battle cloak, it would have had several thousand bullet holes on its body.

In the face of the crazy high-speed bullet storm, the "fiery figure" also had to avoid blocking it directly.

Then the battle came to a stalemate, with a fiery figure clinging to its cloak, badly wounded, but still dashing around on the other side of the train in search of a breakthrough opportunity, while the military positions were left with many gruesome corpses and sickening, scorched smells.

For a troop that hadn't experienced an actual bloody battle for many years, even if its soldiers had been through extremely tough training, and had iron-like willpower, in the face of the horrifying deaths of many of their comrades, it was not possible to maintain the soldiers' morale.

For them, however, this was just the beginning. There was a much more brutal war awaiting them.

Using the opportunity of stalemate, the soldiers quickly rearranged their defense positions under the command of their superiors. All kinds of rocket launchers were also quickly used to suppress the fiery figure. There were also helicopters circling high above the air, constantly shooting at the fiery figure. At the moment, this was the only weapon that actually had some advantages.

The soldiers did not know what kind of creature was attacking them. If it weren't for the fact that they were the most elite troops on the ground in eastern China, the formations would have already completely collapsed and many troops would have already been scattered.

Chu Yunsheng could not help but admire those young soldiers, who were only in their early twenties.

He asked Yu Jian to order his men to hover the helicopters outside the battle zone because he didn't want to join the battle immediately. Instead, he asked Yu Jian to send special police to contact the military officer lest the troop would treat them as enemies.

In his opinion, it was not worth sacrificing so many people just for a stupid gun.

On the way here, Chu Yunsheng had asked Yu Jian for a police crossbow, which was included in the standard SWAT officer's loadout. Then he secretly gathered the Yuan Qi he had cultivated these days and made a frost talisman, and cast it onto the crossbow. After he finished that, the remaining Yuan Qi was just enough for him to trigger one frost arrow.

Although he has mastered this low-level talisman and he didn't need much energy to make it, his current cultivation level was too low. At most, his body only had six units of Yuan Qi, so after making the talisman, it was already not bad that he could even trigger one frost arrow.

If he still had black gas, he would not need to work so hard, but now he could only try his best. If he couldn't hit it, he could only ask Yu Jian to pull up the helicopter and run away from here.

However, no matter how powerful this fiery figure was, its power still had limits. After all, Tian Gui has just been unsealed. It would not be able to attack anything in the sky. The soldiers on the ground might not know, but he was very clear that the reason why it was so powerful was all because of that battle cloak.

Of course, Chu Yunsheng did not expect to use a frost arrow to kill it. With the protection of the battle cloak of the Fire race, the people of the Fire race would always have advantages in combat whether it was in attack or defense at the beginning of the dark age. Back when he was still in Jin Ling city outside the Pseudo-Monolith, this was the reason why the cloaked man was able to suppress Li, who came from the Ice Race.

At the moment, although Chu Yunsheng has not fully recovered his strength, his knowledge was far from what that fiery figure could compare. His strategy was very simple, which was to make full use of Old Youling's combat potential.

For a battle cloak, he had to drain his energy and change his plan, but Chu Yunsheng thought that it was worth it.

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A swarm of insects was too fierce and powerful, and their number was also very scary. If he wanted to rely on Yuan Tian stage one's strength to defend Shanghai against them, god knows how many times he would die if he didn't take any drastic measures.

This was the fact, even if he still had black gas. The insect could use an attribution warfare strategy to wear down his black gas. They had overwhelming numbers, but once his black gas was used up, he would be dead for sure. This was something that Chu Yunsheng knew very clearly since he woke up.

Moreover, black gas was not like Yuan Qi, he could fully control Yuan Qi, but black gas was too mysterious, he still didn't know what it was. Therefore, it was not wise to rely on something that he didn't know.

So this battle cloak became very important. Its cloaking effect couldn't even be detected by an insect's tomb, coupled with the energy shield talisman's ability to suppress his scent, once the insect started to appear in large numbers, with these two things, he could fight back immediately, and his safety would be guaranteed, then with the steady supply of Yuan Qi energy from the insect, not only would his cultivation level be increased rapidly, but his battle equipment would also become much better.

When he was still weak, weapons and equipment became particularly important. Only when he was strong, would he become less reliant on external objects and tools. This would always be the same no matter what.

Based on this consideration, the cloak was far more valuable than the freeze gun.

"Mr. Chu, something is very strange." Yu Jian also saw the fierce battle clearly, he knew in advance the existence of the people, who had special powers like Chu Yunsheng. So in the face of the cruelty of the fiery figure, unlike Lin Shuiyao and other people, he appeared to be very calm.

Chu Yunsheng adjusted the crossbow, and said casually, "nothing is strange, it will not be able to carry on attacking like this much longer." He simply thought that Yu Jian was surprised by the power of the fiery figure.

The energy of the people from the Fire race was also limited, the reason why Chu Yunsheng did not immediately join in the battle, was to first assess its strength, if it was too dangerous, then he would not continue with the plan, and second, was to wait for the fiery figure to exhaust its energy.

However, Yu Jian pointed to the heavily protected area on the ground and said doubtfully, "the things that are protected by the military should be in there, but it doesn't look like it is very large. So why didn't the military transport it by helicopters or planes? Why did they choose the slower method instead? No matter how powerful that fiery man is, based on what we have observed so far, he would not be able to hit anything in the air."

Chu Yunsheng was dazed for a second. He was impressed by this man's abilities even more. If it were him, in this short amount of time, he would not be able to tell anything. Moreover, if he hadn't known the reason in advance, he probably would not be able to answer him.

The freeze gun was damaged when the alien's flying machine crashed. And in Hangzhou city, it had also been activated once. The special energy that was stored inside the gun, has already started to leak out. The special energy wave that came from the leak would cause any electronic device to malfunction. With it, modern aircraft would not be able to take off. So it could only be put in the last carriage of a train, and be dragged from a long distance.

This was also one of the reasons why Chu Yunsheng had asked Yu Jian's man to keep the helicopter away from the train, and the military helicopters were also attacking the fiery figure from far away.

"You'll find out in the future," Chu Yunsheng did not intend to explain. Taking a deep breath, he asked the pilot to fly closer to the fiery figure and began to focus on aiming the crossbow, while looking for the opportunity to shoot.

With his archery skill, as long as he caught a slightly better angle, he would definitely hit it, and the rest would be handled by Old Youling.

Seeing Chu Yunsheng didn't want to explain, Yu Jian didn't carry on asking, but he could tell that Chu Yunsheng knew something about it. This made him even more worried. Fortunately, Chu Yunsheng was on their side, or at least, at the moment, he was on their side.

The swat team member that had been sent down soon contacted them. The military, which suffered heavy losses, welcomed the police helicopter. After all, at the moment, it was the most effective weapon against a fiery figure.

"After I finished shooting the arrow, please try to ask them to stop the attack. Old Youling and I will deal with the rest," the military would not follow the orders of the swat team, so Chu Yunsheng could only ask them to negotiate with them. In terms of the result, Chu Yunsheng could only try his best.

Yu Jian nodded and contacted the military commander.

Holding the crossbow, and aiming the cold arrowhead at the fiery figure that was still moving left and right on the ground, Chu Yunsheng stopped talking and began to focus. Soon, his eyes began to reveal the intense murderous intent. That murderous intent had cost tens of thousands of people's lives. It was so cold that it even made the temperature in the helicopters drop several degrees, and made Lin Shuiyao and Old Youling shake in fear.

Suddenly, they felt that the ordinary-looking young man, who sat next to them, was the true devil compared to the cruel fiery demon on the ground.

When everyone was having different thoughts in their minds, the opportunity that Chu Yunsheng had been waiting for finally appeared.

As the helicopter turned around and once again flew closer to the fiery figure, the fiery figure was hit by a high-explosive anti-tank bullet, which had been fired by a sniper, and was instantly smashed to the ground. It was at this moment, Chu Yunsheng's pupils constantly contracted, revealing the fierce gleam.

Arrow was instantly shot out from the crossbow.

A series of icy trails were made by the glittering arrow as it flew toward the fiery figure. The bright firelight on the ground was reflected by it, making it look like death bared its fangs in the dark night.

This arrow would hit it for sure!

Chu Yunsheng did not wait for the result, he just shouted, "Old Youling!"

Old Youling, who was sitting opposite Chu Yunsheng, did not want to get off the helicopter at all. However, even if it did not want to, it still had to go, because Chu Yunsheng did not want to hear any excuses from it.

Cursing Chu Yunsheng repeatedly in its mind, Old Youling gritted its teeth and jumped off the helicopter. In the shocked faces of everyone, it quickly turned into a cloud of smoke and headed toward the fiery figure on the ground

"If I die, I will make your life miserable too!" Old Youling shouted as he flew toward the fiery figure.

Chu Yunsheng ignored its complaint. The fiery figure on the ground has probably just been revived not long ago, so it would not be very powerful. It probably did not even have much energy left. All it had now was just the battle cloak, this protection. After it was frozen by the frost arrow, the energy inside its body would be suppressed to the minimum, plus it was already injured, it would become like an ordinary man. However, its last protection, the battle cloak, would be useless against Old Youling, this ghost, so it would not be difficult for Old Youling to devour it.

Moreover, there was a trace of Chu Yunsheng's black gas in Old Youling's body, even if it could not devour it, with that trace of black gas, it would not be a problem for Old Youling to escape.

The Fire Race was extremely proud of themselves, and they were a group of stubborn people as well. Chu Yunsheng has never seen anyone from the Fire race bow to him before, even when he was called the most powerful man in the world, the people of the Fire race still were not scared of him.

So he did not plan to negotiate with this fiery figure. Instead, he chose the simplest method, using force to take the battle cloak.


A loud and clear noise sounded in the barrage of bullets. In the sound of "ceasefire", which was shouted by Yu Jian, hundreds of soldiers were shocked to discover that the fiery demon that had been slaughtering their comrades was frozen into an ice sculpture.

The powerful fiery figure that had been wreaking havoc earlier was defeated instantly like that?

However, some soldiers did not hold their fire. Their red eyes blazed with hate, and they unleashed all their bullets at the frozen fiery figure.

Hitting by countless bullets, Old Youling was screaming in pain constantly. Fortunately, it quickly got into the ice sculpture.

Just when Chu Yunsheng thought the problem had finally been solved, a white shadow suddenly appeared from the dark and ran toward the train at an incredible speed.

In the blink of an eye, the white shadow appeared before the carriage, swung a longsword a few times, the carriage was instantly blasted open. Then it quickly went in, took the things that were stored in there and left immediately.