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Chapter 60 Battle Cloak

 "How many?" Yu Jian instinctively looked at Zhao Shaohua and the people in his group, in his opinion, if Chu Yunsheng wanted to take someone away, in addition to Lin Shuiyao, Old Youling, and Yangyang three people, he would probably take those people with him.

At this time, not only was Zhao Shaohua's eyes filled with anticipation, but other people were also looking at Chu Yunsheng with anticipation, especially the man, who had traded off his phones with Chu Yunsheng.

Everyone knew that in this "clean" city, the hope of finding something to eat was very small for a group of outsiders. Only when they got on the helicopters would they have the opportunity to survive.

In the eyes of the people, Chu Yunsheng turned around, walked toward the crowd.

Seeing Chu Yunsheng was not walking towards him, Zhao Shaohua's face instantly dropped. He no longer had time to think about how humiliating it would be. As long as he could get on the helicopters, he didn't mind kneeling before him.

"Mr. Chu, please wait, can I talk to you alone? I'm from the..."

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Zhao Shaohua also knew that he should not cause public anger. He must stay low-key. So a private conversation was perhaps the best idea. More importantly, they were all here for this man, and they all listened to this man, so he had to get to know this man.

"I know. You're a secretary." Chu Yunsheng interrupted him, and said to Yu Jian, " Captain Yu, can you make him stay quietly for a while?"

Amongst everyone here, Yu Jian was the person who knew about Chu Yunsheng's strength the clearest. If he dealt with Zhao Shaohua in person, Zhao Shaohua might be killed instantly. Therefore, without any delay, he asked his men to keep Zhao Shaohua away from Chu Yunsheng.

Not knowing Yu Jian was trying to protect him, naturally, Zhao Shaohua protested dissatisfiedly. Of course, Yu Jian also didn't know if Chu Yunsheng would kill people randomly. But in his opinion, Chu Yunsheng was as dangerous as that white shadow man.

After getting rid of Zhao Shaohua, Chu Yunsheng arrived before Mo Wuluo. He looked at him, and then raised his head to look at the woman, who seemed to be his mother and said, "how many people do you have?"

That woman was about 40 years old. She was just an ordinary woman, who neither looked pretty nor had money. She could not believe that Chu Yunsheng would choose to bring them with him. "just, just me and my son," she stuttered.

Chu Yunsheng patted Mo Wuluo on the shoulder, and said, "okay, you can get on the helicopter."

Mo Wuluo and his mother looked at Chu Yunsheng with both surprises and confusion.

Chu Yunsheng smiled and said, "your son is very talented. He will be a very competent man in the future."

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Chu Yunsheng was not trying to flatter them. The wood elemental awakeners were very rare. They were still a mystery to him even before he entered the Pseudo-Monolith. Although after Mo Wuluo awakened, his ability was much weaker than "the witch", but with Chu Yunsheng, and with his wood elemental cultivation method, Mo Wuluo would definitely be able to improve quickly.

In addition, before entering the Pseudo-Monolith, some things he did not have time to investigate, according to what Yao Xiang said that day when he lost his mind, it seemed that Mo Wuluo's status in Jin Ling city was very high later on. From this, he could easily tell that Mo Wuluo had special abilities.

Perhaps, in the future, he would be very useful to him!

Mo Wuluo and his mother were even more confused and nervous after Chu Yunsheng's sudden compliment. Especially when facing so many guns, they were very scared.

But they still felt grateful that they were able to get on a helicopter and get out of here. After all, they also hadn't eaten for a day.

"There's room for two more people." After Yu Jian let his men take Mo Wuluo and his mother away, he said to Chu Yunsheng.

A police helicopter generally could sit eight to nine people including the pilot. The reason why those people sent out two helicopters was probably also worried that Chu Yunsheng had other people that he wanted to bring with him.

"Please take us with you!"

"I can give you money!"

"My house is not far. You can fly some distance and drop me very quickly."

As people quickly realized there was still hope, it instantly caused a commotion in the crowd. In the face of SWAT police's assault rifles, they did not dare to directly rush to the helicopters. Instead, they all rushed to Chu Yunsheng and Yu Jian.

Chu Yunsheng had seen Yu Jian checking Zhao Shaohua's document earlier, now that he also mentioned that there were two more empty seats, he immediately knew what he was trying to say. So he just said,

"You can arrange it, but it's better not to tell them about me."

Yu Jian nodded his head and made a gesture, other SWAT police immediately took Zhao Shaohua and his superior, headed towards the helicopter. Seeing this, the people in the crowd immediately knew that they were only going to take the government officials away, so many people began to shout,

"Why do you only take them! You are abusing your power!"

"Huh! We are just regular civilians, the lives of those government officials are much more precious to us!"

"Everybody, listen to me! We are going to die here anyway, let's just take the helicopters, I don't believe that that police will dare to shoot..."

However, before the man finished his sentence, the sound of bullets piercing through airs instantly rang out in the dark city. The crowd, which had just been stirred up, froze instantly as if someone had just poured a big bucket of freezing water over their heads.

It was Yu Jian, who fired the gun, but he had aimed the gun at the sky. Firing warning shots in this kind of situation, Chu Yunsheng could easily tell that Yu Jian was a decisive and resolute person.

"Be quiet, everyone, listen to me!" Holding a gun, Yu Jian shouted, "we only have two helicopters. It is impossible to take all the people away. There are more than 100 people here. Even if you got the helicopters, only twenty people could leave, not to mention that does anyone of you know how to fly a helicopter? And what about the other eighty people?"

"Now there is only one way. We have supplies in the helicopter. We will give them to everyone. Once you have the food, find yourself a transportation tool and carry on your journey immediately."

"But I suggest you return to Shanghai. It is much safer over there. After all, it is a big city, and the city's leader has issued countermeasures, there are troops to ensure the safety of civilians. And no matter what happens in the future, the government has countermeasures, do you understand?"

With that, he turned his head and said, "Xiao Jiang, give them the supplies and make room for us. We need to go to Nanjing."


Sitting on the helicopter that was heading Nanjing, Chu Yunsheng was secretly cultivating Yuan Qi, while quietly looking at Yu Jian, who was sitting opposite him. In terms of Lin Shuiyao, since they got on the helicopters, she has been ignored by him.

The reason why Yu Jian was able to find him probably had something to do with Lin Shuiyao. And Yangyang's ringtone clearly proved that. But Chu Yunsheng did not ask her why she wanted to do this. She was an extremely smart woman, who knew how to protect herself. Maybe questioning her was exactly something that she wanted to happen. Not knowing what would happen, Chu Yunsheng did not want to waste time and energy on her.

In terms of Song Ying's father, since he had eagerly sent out helicopters to help him, it meant that after the military was deployed in the city, he was probably in a very bad situation. But this was exactly what Chu Yunsheng wanted.

In fact, in the original timeline, only the military and those who had been supported by the military could control Shanghai. In terms of Song Ying's father, Song Zihuai, Chu Yunsheng did not know what happened to him afterward. Maybe he was killed by the insect, or maybe he was still struggling to survive in some corner of the world. In short, he had never once appeared before Chu Yunsheng outside the pseudo-monolith.

People needed opportunities, no matter how smart they were.

Now that Song Zihuai finally showed his sincerity. Although it was not enough, it was very decisive and resolute, which was something Chu Yunsheng quite appreciated.

And this Yu Jian, it was the first time that Chu Yunsheng actually carefully examined him. Originally, he thought that this person was the type of person that only knew how to fight, which was exactly like him. But he did not expect that the way he perceived things, and the way he behaved, was exactly like his appearance, which was simple, competent, and sharp.

Firstly, Yu Jian has been dealing with him for so long, but he never did something that was out of line. Cautious but resolute, and everything was always done just right.

Secondly, he was smart and quick-witted. When facing the crowd that was going to surround him, not only could he fire the warning shot decisively, but he could also find a way to appease them quickly. Within a few seconds, he was able to solve a potential problem quickly. What surprised Chu Yunsheng, even more, was that from what he told to the people in the crowd, he was actually trying to propagandize for Shanghai.

Thirdly, which was something that Chu Yunsheng admired him the most. After checking Zhao Shaohua's documents, he immediately decided to bring them with them, and tell Chu Yunsheng why he wanted to bring them with them. Zhao Shaohua's superior was actually the deputy mayor in the provincial capital, but he was in charge of culture and education, that was why when something like this happened, he was not protected immediately.

However, Yu Jian decided to protect him on behalf of his "boss", and the reason was that this man was in charge of the entire Nanjing's education system. Once he gave an order, a large number of talented people would go to Shanghai.

Nanjing's academic institutions and research institutions were as many as the trees in a forest. It was almost comparable to that of Shanghai's. After receiving the news of the great change from the upper-echelon of the government, as Song Zihuai's loyal follower, Yu Jian definitely knew something as well. However, he was able to think of something like this at such an early stage for his "boss", it clearly proved how competent he was.

After being stared at by Chu Yunsheng for such a long time, Yu Jian felt very uncomfortable. He coughed a few times and then passed a bottle of water to Chu Yunsheng and said, "Mr. Chu, my superior has ordered me to assist you to do anything you want in Nanjing. We will not ask any questions. So you don't need to worry."

Chu Yunsheng took over the water, but he didn't say anything. He was staring at Yu Jian. He didn't realize Old Youling, Lin Shuiyao and others were also staring at him.

Only until this moment did Lin Shuiyao just realize that Old Youling's boss was the young man, who she had seen at the hotel lobby. Not only could this young man make a ghost work for him, but he was also able to make a powerful man like Song Zihuai send SWAT police to help him to do anything he wanted, and more importantly, they would not even ask any questions.

After living in the upper-class social circle for so long, she knew clearly what kind of power did it need to be able to do something like this.

It was just that she didn't know the person, who knocked out the burly man at Ruijin hotel, was Old Youling or this young man.

And Old Youling vaguely felt that the plan that it could use other bosses to escape from Chu Yunsheng's control may not work. Because even the boss of such a big city would need to work with the Dark Lord, it could only mean that the Dark Lord was much more powerful than those bosses. It had to find other ways to escape from Chu Yunsheng's control.

Chu Yunsheng didn't have time to think about what this ghost and woman were thinking. The speed of the helicopters was very fast. They would be able to arrive in Nanjing in the morning. However, before he arrived in Nanjing, he needed to decide whether he should get the second pendant by force, or he should carry on the old plan, which was using Lin Shuiyao and old Youling to get it.

While thinking about the pros and cons of the two plans, the helicopters quickly left Wuxi city's boundary and headed towards Chang Zhou city.

When the helicopters just flew past a lake, the police officer, who was responsible for the radio communication with the ground, suddenly turned around and passed a phone to Yu Jian and said, "Captain, an urgent phone call from the headquarters, they want you to answer."

Yu Jian frowned. It must be something extremely important that they wanted to contact him at this time. Otherwise, they would not contact him while he was doing an important mission with Chu Yunsheng.

"Yes, yes, I understand, I will explain to Mr. Chu, okay, I understand!"

"What happened?" Chu Yunsheng asked with concern. He was worried that they would change the direction and headed back to Shanghai.

Yu Jian said calmly, "it's a secret message from professor Sun and Mrs. Su and my superior. The military is secretly transporting an extremely important weapon from Zhejiang province, which may involve some unknown technology. The weapon was first sent to Nanjing, but the troops that were transporting it had encountered a major incident over there. So it is currently being transported to Shanghai. However, the troop that is escorting the weapon is currently being attacked by an unknown person, and they are suffering serious casualties. At the moment, they are calling for assistance. They are currently stuck at Danyang city, which is a city between Changzhou city and Zhenjiang city in Jiangsu province. Professor Sun said that this weapon is very important. We must protect it, but only you have the ability to stop the man. My superior said that it is up to you to decide whether you want to help or not. He will not force you or give you any order."

"From Zhejiang province, and it is a weapon... Did they discover it in Hangzhou city?" Chu Yunsheng vaguely remembered something.

Yu Jian nodded, "it was from Hangzhou city. It was originally planned to be shipped to the capital a few days ago, but I don't know what happened that they had to change their plan."

"Just a stupid gun, there is no need to go there." Chu Yunsheng roughly knew that the important weapon that the military was transporting now was probably that Freeze Gun. For him, that gun was less important than the jade pendant.

After hearing what Chu Yunsheng said, Yu Jian looked at him in shock. Even he also didn't know what kind of weapon the military was transporting, but Chu Yunsheng could casually say it out as if it was a useless thing.

More importantly, this young man seemed to know everything!

However, in the next second, Chu Yunsheng suddenly noticed something and said, "wait! Something isn't right!" Then he immediately said, "ask them that I need more information about the unknown person! For instance, what does the person look like?"

Seeing Chu Yunsheng suddenly changed his mind, Yu Jian also didn't dare to delay it. He immediately called back. While talking to someone over the phone, he repeated the message, "at present, we only know that it is a very powerful person, who is wearing a red cloak. Professor Sun was asked by the military to analyze its weakness."

Chu Yunsheng took a deep breath, and murmured with a frown, "that's strange! According to Shan Yuxiong, it should be a man in the white dress, why is it someone from the Fire race? Hmmm... Did it remember it wrong? The man in the white dress was supposed to attack them in Zhejiang province, not in Jiangsu province. And the gun should not be able to be transported outside Zhejiang province after the troops were attacked, which means that the attack done by the person from the Fire race shouldn't have happened. Or could it be that the man in the white dress didn't appear? Did the timeline change?"

Chu Yunsheng murmured to himself. The more Yu Jian heard Chu Yunsheng's murmur, the more shocked he was. In the end, he didn't even dare to listen to it anymore. It looked like this young man really knew everything!

But how did he know all these things!

"Captain Yu, change your route immediately. Let's go to Dan Yang city. I want to see this cloaked man!"

Chu Yunsheng thought for a moment and then said.

The jade pendant temporarily would not go anywhere, but if he missed this opportunity to meet the people from the Fire race, he would have to wait for a very long time for them to reappear again. But their battle cloak was extremely useful to him at the moment.

With that, he would be able to do a lot of things much easier.