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Chapter 58 The Chaotic City

 It was Chu Yunsheng, who made the phone call to Su Su and asked her to use her power to get Mrs. Lin's family out of the airport.

The phone that was used to call Su Su was exchanged by using a bag of graham crackers. To prevent an emergency like this, Chu Yunsheng had already written down Su Su's number on a piece of paper and kept it with him before he left the Ruijin hotel.

When it was midnight, Su Su called him again and told him about what had happened in the hospital, and at this time, Chu Yunsheng had already arrived at the edge of Wuxi city with the crowd.

In the face of laughable arguments between the military and Chu Clan's disciples, Chu Yunsheng only said, "just let them do whatever they like." to Su Su.

In his tone, there was confidence and a faint of apathy.

In fact, it was also exactly what he felt at the moment.

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Trying to control him by holding his aunt's family as hostages? This method was no longer useful even if it was in the real world, let alone a world inside the Pseudo-Monolith.

Actually, he did not believe that both the military and Chu Clan's disciples would be stupid enough to believe that, they would be able to control him this way. In fact, when he was still outside the Pseudo-monolith, whether it was the five elemental races or the divine realm, they never once tried to threaten him using the lives of his auntie's family, Liu Li or his daughter. The reasons why they were controlled by those aliens or captured by those aliens were either for the location of the ancient book or for godhood.

Kidnapping, extortion, and blackmailing were nothing but the acts of thieves, robbers,and bandits. When it gets to a certain level, this kind of method would no longer be useful.

In addition, although Chu Yunsheng had a strange feeling that the reason he entered the Pseudo-Monolith was more than just getting the fifth pendant to save his daughter's life, at the moment, getting the fifth pendant was still his first priority.

In the words Ding Yan once said to him, people would become cold-blooded for a given goal.

Chu Yunsheng did not think that he would be able to become a true cold-blooded person, but he was no longer a person that would worry about everythings. At least, there weren't that many things in the Pseudo-Monolith that would be able to make him worry.

So instead of worrying about it like what he used to do, he just let those people do whatever they liked.

Once he got the second jade pendant and built his own invincible force, what they were doing to his family now, could actually be used as an excuse to "punish" someone. In the name of "revenge", he could kill a few people to scare the rest and then establish a new order in Shanghai, the sort of order he wanted.

Chu Yunsheng felt that he had become more and more despicable, and more and more cold-blooded. Perhaps, it was influenced by the idea that there was no need to concern about morality in a simulation, although the desire that had caused him to lose control of himself back in the Song family's villa was suppressed, it was not completely gone, it was still hiding deep inside his mind.

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This was Chu Yunsheng's thought when he looked at Wuxi city gradually falling into chaos.

The massive crowd of people that had not eaten anything on the expressway for two days, had already left the expressway and entered the city. At the moment, they were moving around in the city, breaking into any supermarkets and any restaurants they could see, hoping to get something to eat.

However, the search for food turned out to be a futile effort. Restaurants and street food shops were already empty, there weren't even any "ginger, onion and garlic" left, and in supermarkets and stores, except for empty shelves, there were any signs of food.

All the stores had been emptied. There were only some blood and broken glass debris scattering around the ground, indicating that this small city, which was once known for her beauty, was on the verge of falling.

It was very quiet in the city. What originally busy streets were now very empty. Although there were still some street lights trying very hard to light up the city, there was no one walking on the streets. It was as if all the people had disappeared, the entire city looked like a ghost town.

The end of the empty streets was the endless darkness, and the silent sky was filled with the foreboding gloom. It rapidly increased the feeling of uncertainty about the future in people's minds, making people very anxious and restless.

In this city, no one dared to walk in the streets at night, except this large crowd of people that came down from the expressway.

With doors and windows closed, they warily opened a narrow gap in the curtains and looked through it cautiously and nervously at the noisy crowd that broke the quietness of the city.

While they were hoping that these uninvited guests would not break into their houses and take their stuff away, they were trying to figure out where they came from.

In this tense atmosphere, the people that came from the expressway seemed to be isolated from the city. After failing to find any food, the crowd of people formed into small groups to discuss solutions. If they still couldn't find anything, they would not have any strength to leave this city and go back home tomorrow.

There were only two solutions people could come up with at the end. The first one was to find the government or find the police, because no one knew exactly what happened at the moment, so probably they still could get help from the government. However, if the government didn't care about them, then it would leave them with no other choice but to break into people's houses.

The final result of the discussion, Chu Yunsheng did not know, he left the big crowd of people very early, and planned to steal a transportation tool.

It would not be possible to complete the rest of the journey by a car now. He could only rely on a much lighter and easily accessible transportation tool like a motorcycle.

But the idea was good, the reality was cruel.

Nowadays in large cities, electric cars could be seen everywhere, but motorcycles were rare. The reason for this was probably that cities had gradually banned motorcycles to improve air quality. But because of this policy, Chu Yunsheng was not able to find anything after searching dozens of streets. Frustrated, he broke open an electric bike shop. While the city was still providing electricity, he removed dozens of batteries and charged them in the shop.

From here to the central city of Nanjing, the "road distance" was at least 200 kilometers, so one or two batteries would definitely not be enough, but bringing a dozen batteries with him was also a problem.

At present, his black gas was temporarily exhausted. Without it, the little Yuan Qi in his body became very important. It should not be wasted at will, so the plan of making a new storage talisman was dropped.

Thinking about the five elemental races' flying machines, and flying insects that he used to ride in the past, if he had those things, he wouldn't have been stuck here.

However, thinking about this would not help his situation to get better, at the moment, he could only improve his plan according to the situation. Closing the door of the shop, Chu Yunsheng ran all the way back. For the sake of safety, Old Youling and Lin Shuiyao were staying with one of the groups that left the expressway, who knows if this city had a large number of unstable people hidden in the buildings or not? Lin Shuiyao's appearance and fame was now absolutely a time bomb.

But just as he was about to arrive, he heard some loud arguments.

With the street lights, he could see that there were two police cars, with sires and warning lights on, parking in front of the group that Old Youling stayed in. And as if they were facing the scary enemies, the group of police was holding batons in their hands and standing there anxiously.

On the opposite side of the police, two groups of people were fighting with each other fiercely.

Chu Yunsheng had sharp eyes. From far away, he noticed that amongst those police officers, two senior police officers were equipped with pistols. Seeing this, he silently moved to the back of the crowd, attempting to find Lin Shuiyao and Old Youling. No matter what, he had to make sure that Lin Shuiyao would not be injured.

"Officers, please arrest these strangers! They blatantly broke into our community, wanting to steal our stuff, they even injured some of us!"

In the chaotic crowd, a middle-aged man was grabbing a young man's hair, punching his face and yelling aloud. Originally, he was no match for the young man. But after the police arrived, most of those outsiders instantly stopped fighting. It was at this time, he finally had a chance to hit the young man.

In the crowd, there was also a little boy, who was roughly fourteen or fifteen years old, and he was with a woman. Chu Yunsheng felt that the boy looked very familiar, but he couldn't remember exactly where he had seen this little boy.

"Stop! All of you!" One of the senior policemen was a tall and burly man with a dark complexion. He picked up one of them by the back of his collar and instantly pulled them away. His shout was like a thunderclap, instantly scaring the rest of the people into stopping fighting each other and quickly standing away from each other.

At the moment, although the city was chaotic, it was not as bad as the complete chaos during the massive retreat, which would happen later on. People were still scared of the police officers, especially those, who were equipped with pistols.

"I need all your IDs!" The senior policeman looked at the crowd of people, who came down from the expressway, with a stern face and said. At the same time, he used a hand gesture to signal his deputy to take the local people to the other side and ask them what happened.

The police still needed to protect people, especially the local people, after all, these police officers were also from the local. So naturally, the treatment of the police towards two groups involved in the fight was not the same.

The people, who came down from the expressway, also knew this, but they didn't dare to complain. They could only go through their pockets or bags to take out their IDs obediently. While everyone was taking out their IDs, two people didn't do anything.

One was Old Youling, this ghost, the other one was Chu Yunsheng. His ID and the relevant documents were either still in Mingdu Garden housing estate or had already been taken away by the military and other people. He didn't have anything with him that could prove where he came from. Seeing the police officers were checking the document one by one heading towards them, he quickly moved back and hid into a restaurant behind him.

There were many people that came down from the expressway, only a small group of them were currently on this street. However, even if it was a small group, it was still around several hundred people. With just a dozen police officers, it would take a lot of time to check everyone's IDs one by one. To the senior police officer, however, the main reason he asked his men to check other people's IDs was not to check where they came from, after all, if they could all speak Chinese, where else could they come from? He wanted to use this method to create a physiological pressure, so those people would not be able to cause any more troubles.

However, sometimes, this method might not work as well as expected. Especially, when they did not know what kind of people were in this group.