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Chapter 57 Consequences

 Location: Shanghai Pudong international airport.

As an airplane slowly landed on the runway, the passengers and the flight attendants all heaved a heavy sigh of relief. They were finally safe.

Mrs. Lin was wearing a beautiful hat but her clothes looked a little disheveled. Paled-faced, she tucked the will that she had just written carefully back into her pocket, but she was still terrified that she almost could not gather strength to stand up. Only by holding the back of her seats, was she finally able to move out the plane slowly.

At the moment she saw the ground, she almost burst into tears and sat on the ground again. Fortunately, her youngest daughter caught her in time.

"Quick, quick, call your elder sister and tell her that we are still alive. Also, we need to contact the hospital immediately and send your father there," said Mrs. Lin, who was still shaking uncontrollably.

The whole world was in chaos now, even Hong Kong was no exception. There were only a few flights still flying back to Shanghai, and all of them were local airlines in Shanghai. All the crew members were in a hurry to return to their home in Shanghai, and the dignitaries from Shanghai in Hong Kong were also in a hurry to return home. However, there were only a few flights, it could not carry that many people, so it was very hard to find a ticket. Without strong connections and background, it was almost impossible to leave the crowded Hong Kong airport.

Only after her eldest daughter contacted a lot of people and even begged some of them, was her family allowed to board the last flight back to Shanghai. But no one expected that the sky suddenly went dark, and all the signals were lost, in the chaotic magnetic field, the plane they were in almost crashed!

A young little girl roughly sixteen or seventeen years old beside Mrs. Lin hurriedly dialed the phone, held it in her ears for a few seconds, and then said disappointedly "her phone is off."

"Call little Yang immediately. His phone is always on, and he always has five or six spare batteries with him." Mrs. Lin said while trying to calm herself.

The little girl nodded and then dialed the phone again.

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At that moment, a young male ground crew member, guided by the flight attendant, found Mrs. Lin and said impatiently, "are you Mr. Joe's wife? Mr. Joe's condition has deteriorated and he needs to be taken to the hospital at once. The airport can't handle this."

Mrs. Lin staggered back with a fit of dizziness in her head. "my husband," she said in a trembling voice, "he, how is he?... Please could you help us to arrange a hospital, we are not from the local, we do not know which hospital we should go to. I will give you money. Please!"

It was mainly because the young male ground crew member had already received some kind of promises from the higher-ups that he was still working at the airport. But his mind was still filled with panic and anxiety, so the young man said impatiently, "we have already arranged for him to be sent to the first people's hospital, you can sign here and leave."

In this kind of situation, he still needed to ask people to sign some kind of stupid document? The young male ground crew member had already cursed the person, who gave this order, in his mind countless times.

Not only was the family of this emergency patient needed to sign, but all the people that came back from outside, all needed to sign before they could leave the airport.

The young male ground crew member did not know what it was for, but he could only do what he had been told. Because he did not want to lose the guaranteed safety that had been promised internally by his company.

At his urging, Mrs. Lin signed her name, dragged her little daughter, and gathered her other close relatives, and rushed to the rendezvous point where the first evacuations had taken place.

At this time, the airport was still very chaotic, the thoughts of "something bad is going to happen" filled everyone's mind.

Facing the armed police at the exit, even if it was cold outside, and even if some people were holding some kind of important passport, they still had to join the queue and waited to be checked one by one.

Because, just now, a passenger, who claimed to be the boss of a conglomerate, was brandishing an American passport, demanding to leave the airport through the VIP channel. He rammed the security cordon, hoping to get out of the airport and get back home as soon as possible. But in the end, he could not even cross a half step outside the cordon. He was immediately kicked on the ground by two armed police officers. Unable to get up for a while, although he gnashed his teeth in hatred and anger, there was nothing he could do.

They had guns in their hands, they were much more powerful than his background.

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Although Mrs. Lin had signed the paper, she also could not leave. The armed police at the checkpoint needed to verify the identity of everyone. Even if they passed the verification, it would be impossible to arrange a free car to send them to the hospital in such a chaotic situation.

Earlier on, what the young male ground crew member said was just to make him complete his task much more quickly. The airport had indeed arranged the hospital, and he had indeed helped them to go through the necessary procedure, but whether the armed police outside would let them go or not, and whether there was enough space in the arranged car or not, it was no longer his problem. After all, he had already gotten the signature he wanted.

Seeing her husband's situation was getting worse and worse, Mrs. Lin was as anxious as an ant on a hot pot. She was begging everyone she could see, hoping they could help her. Seeing her mother was like this, the face of the little girl beside her was covered with tears. She was holding her father's hand tightly, not daring to let it go. She feared that once she let it go, her father would pass away.

Mrs. Lin had never felt so powerless before. Even before her daughter became famous, she was also someone, who had a high social status. In the past, even some government officials also had to respect her, let alone those armed police officers. But today, that status became completely useless. Apart from begging the cold-faced armed police desperately, she could not do anything. She almost wanted to kneel before him.

Unfortunately, even if she had knelt before them, they would not let her leave either. Because no matter the armed police or airport police, they all had cold expressions on their faces, and they did not even let her finish telling them her name. One of the police casually pointed at an old man, who was squatting at a certain corner and said, "this person is the President of a company that is listed on the Fortune 500, but he also needed to wait!"

"Mommy, don't panic! I have told assistant Yang, he said that elder sister will find a way!" The little girl comforted her mother, and looked at her cell phone from time to time, hoping that she would get a reply as soon as possible.

Mrs. Lin could not help but burst into tears while hugging the head of her little girl. All her relatives and friends came up to comfort her, and said that Yaoyao would definitely be able to find a way.

A few minutes later. When the crowd was still waiting to be checked, several senior armed police officers came out of the airport, and one of them shouted loudly using a loudspeaker, "Who is Ms. Lin Zheyue?"

Only after a slightly bald police officer shouted three times, did Mrs. Lin finally realized what was happening. She immediately jumped up and waved her hands and shouted, fearing that the man could not see her, "it's me, it's me!"

The bald police officer glanced at her, pushed aside the crowd at the exit, strode over to them, took over Mrs. Lin's passport and looked at it. After confirming the identity, he whispered to her, "Ms. Lin, I have received a notice from my superior, we will send you to the first people's hospital immediately. Please come to me."

Mrs. Lin looked at him with disbelief and said, "thank you! Thank you, thank you very much!"

For the sake of her husband, who was in danger, she had given up all her dignity, and begged everyone around her, but no one even looked her in the eyes. But now, a senior police officer suddenly appeared to help them without any notice. It must be Yaoyao. She must have found someone to help them.

"You don't have to thank me," said the senior police officer as he led the way. "it was a special phone call, and it was from Mrs. Su herself. You need to thank her."

Mrs. Lin's eyes were filled with bewilderment. How could she know who Mrs. Su was? Originally she thought that it was because of her daughter, but it did not look like it.

The senior police officer was also quite surprised. It was the request made by both secretary Yang and Mrs. Su herself, however, looking at Mrs. Lin's expression, it seemed like she did not know anything about it.

However, he didn't think too much about it. Whatever the people from the top wanted to do, was their businesses, he just needed to finish his task. He led Mrs. Lin and her family to a remote corner, where they opened a small door to avoid public resentment and disturbance. After they escorted them out quickly, they got on the vehicles that had already been waiting outside the airport and headed towards the city quickly.

At this time, Mrs. Lin's little daughter's mobile phone suddenly rang, the number belonged to assistant Yangyang. But after answering the phone, it was Lin Shuiyao's voice, "how is dad? Did you get out? Are you on the way to the hospital?"

Mrs. Lin took the phone. She, who gradually calmed down, answered her daughter's questions one by one.

During the phone call, she learned what happened. It turns out that her daughter had a powerful 'godfather' and in the analysis of assistant Yangyang, who was next to Lin Shuiyao, the so-called Mrs. Su was mostly like Song Zihuai's ex-wife. And whether it was Mrs. Sue or Song Zihuai, they both had a much more powerful background than the man, who wanted to take Lin Shuiyao away from the hotel by force.

After a while, Mrs. Lin hung up the phone. Then she noticed that the car had arrived at the entrance of the hospital. But she was shocked to discover that the hospital was heavily guarded by the special police forces and the military.

She had never seen anything so dramatic as this, and now if someone told her that a national leader was in this hospital, she would not doubt it at all.

The car had been stopped while it still had some distance from the hospital, and the various groups of people who came to inspect the car were equipped with all kinds of guns and live ammunition. Compared to the security here, the security at the airport was nothing.

Initially, she thought that this had been arranged by Mrs. Su. But soon she found that she was wrong again. The people here did not give them any face even after checking the document. The police and the special forces were still quite polite, after the senior police officer showed them the document, they would let them pass immediately. But the soldiers, and some men in black suits, always looked at them as if they were terrorists.

In the end, only after the police, the military, and the people in black suits negotiated with each other, were Mrs. Lin and her daughter allowed to get into the hospital with the patient, while everyone else would have to wait outside.

At this time, Mrs. Lin finally realized that there must be a very important person staying in the hospital, and the opinions of the three parties that were guarding the hospital were very different.

And this time, what she thought was right. On her way to push her husband to the emergency center, a group of people got out of the elevator, arguing.

One of them, dressed in a black suit, said gravely, "Chief Wang, I have the central government's decision in my hand. I must take them with me immediately!"

The man, who was called Chief, was a skinny middle-aged man, who dressed in a police uniform. "The order I received was that no one should take any members of the Chu family away!" he said sternly.

"Have you considered the political consequences of this?' asked the man in the black suit angrily.

The conflict between the two people seemed to have passed the stage of being euphemistic towards each other, and come to a point that they had to be direct and aggressive. Otherwise, this kind of word would not be said in this kind of place.

Chief Wang sneered and said, "Old Chen, even if we agreed, the military would not allow you to take people away."

A military officer in his 50s, who was standing next to them took a look at them, and said "commander Yang's 126th regiment and 218th regiment have just entered the city. The headquarters is stationed at the No. 3 experimental base. I think that place is the fastest."

The faces of old Chen and chief Wang instantly changed. Although it seemed like the military officer didn't say anything, he had already expressed his opinion.

In this kind of situation, only those who had the most weapons had the right to make the final decision.

The arrival of the two regiments in the city undoubtedly indicated that from this moment onward, the military was the most powerful force in the city. Especially the elite armored troops of the 218 regiment. The armed police force outside the hospital gate was no match for them at all, even with the help from the special agent from the capital, they were still as weak as chickens.

So the military didn't need to say that he wanted those people, he just needed to show that he had a much more powerful force than them.

Old Chen thought for a moment and then said, "I agree with general Gao's plan."

It was much better to let them fall in the hands of the military. After all, their people had already infiltrated the military, but Song Zihuai's force was almost impenetrable.

The chief Wang's face was very livid. He knew that with just a small amount of firearms in his force, there was no way his force would be able to compete with them. So his voice was getting even colder, "general Gao, you should have also seen those videos, so you should know more than me about what kind person Chu Yunsheng is. Moreover, your lab has been broken in by the person that has a similar ability as Chu Yunsheng. If you really took the Chu family away. I don't think I need to mention the consequences, right?"

General Gao's face also fell. The shock he had, which was caused by the white shadow, was unimaginable. But it was also because of this, he must get what the special agent from the capital wanted, on behalf of the military.

After a moment, he said unconcernedly, "this is not something that the Comrades from the public security bureau should concern. "

Then, the three people walked out of the hospital gate, Mrs. Lin and her little daughter looked at each other, while their heads repeatedly appeared three words, the Chu family?