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Chapter 56 A Deafening Bang

 Chu Yunsheng immediately opened his eyes, opened the car's door, made a few quick steps forward and then jumped on the roof of a coach, and gazed at the direction where the sound came from.

In the distance where the line between land and sky couldn't be distinguished, a flash of light appeared like lightning, and then a train full of armored tanks roared past on the track along the intercity expressway. In the bright light, those heavy weapons were revealing the cold and bright gleams.

"What happened?"

The people in the cars heard the movement, they all came out of the cars one by one, and the people in front of the campfires all rushed to the guardrail of the expressway, looking at the train dumbstruck.

"It's the military!" Exclaimed a man with a mobile phone.

"Something really serious is going to happen!" "Gasped in panic a woman with a baby in her arms.

( o ta k utl .b lo g s p ot . co m)

"It's going to Shanghai." Said a man in a suit calmly.

"Look, there are planes!" Shouted a schoolboy with glasses, pointing to the sky.

Hearing that, everyone hurriedly looked up. In the dark sky high above the ground appeared several bright red light spots at first. In the beginning, they were like the stars in the sky, then, less than the blink of an eye, the stars were turned into meteors, piercing through the cold air, letting out loud sharp screeches, flying over people's heads.

While the shock of the armored vehicles was still rippling through the hearts of the people on the expressway, the train loaded with weapons gradually changed into a train full of soldiers.

Something might have happened in front of the train, the speed of the train was slowed down slowly. Through the cold air in the fields, the people on the side of the expressway looked at the soldiers in panic, the soldiers looked at the people on the expressway with dull and vacuous eyes.

Instantly the expressway fell into a scary silence.

On one side, it was a train full of weapons and soldiers, which indicated that something big was going to happen. On the other side, the chaotic expressway and panicked people, looking like the end of the world was near. Imperceptibly, both sides were causing great or even unprecedented psychological pressure to each other!

Even Chu Yunsheng, who had been through hundreds of battles, couldn't help but feel that his heart also suddenly tightened, but soon he resumed his composure.

It looked like the military was going to be deployed in the city much earlier than he had expected.

Chu Yunsheng jumped off the coach and thought. He went to the nearest campfire and lit a cigarette.

( ot ak utl .bl o g sp ot . c o m)

According to the original timeline, most of these soldiers would die in the subsequent retreat, except for a very small number of people. It could be regarded as a one way trip for them.

But now, under his influence, the timeline has changed dramatically. The mass death that happened during the evacuation outside the Pseudo-Monolith may not happen again. But whether they would be able to defend Shanghai was still a question.

The power of the insect, especially after Min appeared, was unimaginable!

How to deal with them, Chu Yunsheng had a preliminary plan in mind, although it was not detailed, he believed that he still had time to improve it.

While thinking, Old Youling suddenly came out of nowhere and said curiously, "boss, that's the military, right?"

Chu Yunsheng nodded, "that's just some of them. There are also some troops that you won't be able to see here."

( o tak utl .b lo g s p ot . co m)

He was referring to the strategic forces, whether nuclear or other new weapons of mass destruction. Before he reached a certain level, even he himself would also not be able to withstand that kind of weapon. In the past, he was almost killed by a nuclear weapon once.

Old Youling nodded as if it had learned something. But whether it really understood it or not, no one knew. Then it suddenly asked a strange question, "boss, are you really not a boss here?"

Chu Yunsheng looked at it coldly, and replied directly, "No!"

Old Youling couldn't help but draw back its neck and hunched its shoulders, after feeling a chill was seeping through its nonexistent body. This answer was originally supposed to make it happy, but it did not know why it just could not stop its ghost body from shivering constantly.

This kind of foreboding feeling made Old Youling become even more determined to leave Chu Yunsheng. It thought to itself, 'I must find a way to escape his control. Something is not right about this guy at all! Anyway, I should seek protection from a boss in this area. Perhaps, I may even be able to get the Dark Lord's power as well. Muhahaha!"

Looking at its disgusting smile, Chu Yunsheng more or less knew what it was thinking, but he did not want to do anything to it at the moment. Maybe he did not even need to do anything. Thinking about one day, this naive ghost would find out what the bosses in this place really looked like, he wondered if it would still be able to smile like this.

Chu Yunsheng did not need Old Youling to be loyal, in fact, this was also an impossible thing. People would even betray those who were kind to them, let alone Chu Yunsheng always threatened it to do something for him.

It was not the little tiger, nor was it Dark. At the moment, he just needed it to do something for him, he never thought of asking it to protect his back.

In this world, the only ones that he trusted were Dark and the little tiger.

After asking Old Youling, whose mind was currently filled with the "Hope of liberation", to leave, Chu Yunsheng returned to his car. Since he could no longer go back to sleep, he decided to practice his cultivation. From the day he woke up in the Pseudo-Monolith, he has been using all the free time to cultivate Yuan Qi lest an accident happened.

The purpose of Yuan Tian stage one was to transform his body into Chu Yuan Body. This was something that he had already mastered in the past, it was not difficult for him. The only problem was probably the time.

After the commotion caused by the military, many people began to hesitate again. Even the troops were also deployed in large numbers, it indicated that the rumor was most likely true. Then it seemed that Shanghai was a much safer place since it had the military deployed in there.

So many people began to make phone calls one after another and discuss with their families, whether they should go home or they should ask their families to come to Shanghai.

Safety island in the middle of the expressway was there to prevent cars from making turns on the expressway. But people could still abandon their cars and get to the other side. After making phone calls with their families, many people climbed over the Safety island, and used the money or the food they had, to ask someone in the opposite direction to help them to get back to Shanghai. And in terms of those who did not have any food or money, if other people did not want to help them, they would simply sit on top of their cars.

As a result, more and more abandoned vehicles appeared on the expressway, causing the traffic to become even worse, and by daybreak, the expressway was almost completely paralyzed.

In terms of the rest of the people, who did not want to go back to Shanghai for various reasons like Chu Yunsheng, had to get off their cars and started walking towards the next city. Otherwise, they would probably starve to death let alone arrive at the next city.

The crowd of people was like refugees, moving on the expressway, heading towards the direction of Wuxi city, hoping that they would be able to get a train in Wuxi city.

Only until noon did a town finally appear in their view. After a small commotion in the crowd, the tired and hungry crowd instantly quickened their pace like the thirsty people seeing an oasis in the desert.

Chu Yunsheng was walking not far behind Old Youling. While calculating the amount of energy he had inside his body, he planned to make a storage talisman to collect all the useful things, such as gasoline, he found in the cars that had been abandoned.

It was at this moment, the sky suddenly darkened again without any warning. It was quickly followed by a violent wave of vigorous Yuan Qi energy.

The crowd began to scream and panic. After they saw the military last night, they all thought that the world was coming to an end!

Chu Yunsheng was worried that Lin Shuiyao and Old Youling would be separated in the chaotic crowd. He hurriedly took out a small flashlight that he had already prepared, to look for them in the panicked crowd.

All of sudden, he felt that his heart was tightened, then his body was stiffened. And as soon as his body stopped moving, many streaks of black gas were pulled out of his body by something, forming a black isometric spiral vortex over his head, like a galaxy.

And then even his consciousness also seemed to be drawn out of his body, attached to the middle of the black isometric spiral vortex, facing the sky.

The sudden change made Chu Yunsheng's heart sink like a heavy rock. He wanted to regain control of his body, but he failed.

Gradually, Old Youling and Lin Shuiyao disappeared from his sight, and then those people that abandoned their cars also disappeared.

What appeared in his eyes was a dazzling light coming from the distant sky. It flew across the sky, followed by countless white icy trails, heading towards the dark land like thousands of troops charging towards their enemy.

Then a deafening bang!

The whole sky, the whole land, and even the whole planet shook violently.

The first light fell into the vast dark land, splashing out countless bright brilliance, shining on the originally dark land, lighting up a shocking scene!

Then he "saw" the earth was torn asunder by the ocean of bubbling lava, the heat was sweeping the sky, and the flames were rising as if to boil the sky.

Countless mountains rose into the sky, and there were also countless mountains that sagged and collapsed, spreading thousands of miles away. Wherever the lava flowed through, lands' terrains were reshaped, colors were changed.

It was as if the planet was going through a huge transformation.

Emitting the icy air, the meteorites from the sky finally smashed open the defense satellites that the planet had placed on the front line, and pounded the burning earth repeatedly like cannonballs, splashing huge waves hundreds or even thousands of kilometers wide, blossoming brilliantly on the planet.

Endless icy cannonballs continued to bombard the surface of the whole planet, covering every inch of the planet as the planet rotated!

Heat and icy air met each other in the sky, provoking countless of terrifying lightning arcs, whipping the wild and untamed "ocean", billions of molten magma were cooled into rocks as they rose, and billions of gases escaped the gravitational bond of the planet and dissipated into space...

No one knew how long it had passed, the "war" finally ended, the vast land gradually cooled down, lava gradually solidified. On the ground, countless craters covered every corner of the planet.

The sky began to rain, endless rain, washing away the trauma of "war", days and nights.

Eventually, the rainwater flowed along the new terrain, gathered together, forming a vast sea. The cloudy air in the sky also gradually cleared up, and the sun shone down on the sea from a million miles away, revealing a fascinating blue.

Suddenly, there was an indescribable vitality waking up from the depths of the "sleeping" planet as if it had gone through the millions of years' vicissitudes and finally, it was reborn. It was contradicted but also magically harmonious.

Just when Chu Yunsheng wanted to see what exactly was going on, his mind suddenly went blank, and then the black gas was dissipated. He only managed to catch a strange buzzing noise before he was pulled back into his body. And when he opened his eyes again, there was already sunlight in the sky.

The people around him were still running toward the town hurriedly, but Old Youling was staring at him from a place not far from him. Puzzled, Lin Shuiyao followed Old Youling's gaze and looked at Chu Yunsheng... But he himself was not able to calm his mind for a very long time.

He suddenly remembered that when the Sun disappeared for the first time, he could not see anything but a dark red sun, seemingly oozing blood!