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Chapter 55 A Miracle Happened

 Chapter 55 A Miracle Happened

Shanghai-Nanjing expressway was jammed with all kinds of cars. People were either eager to go back to their homes in other cities or come back to their families in Shanghai. Such a big thing had happened, who would still have the mood to travel or go on a business trip outside? Everyone wanted to stay with their families and discuss countermeasures.

Traffic was moving at a snail's pace, some sections of the expressway completely were paralyzed, and the whole expressway looked like people were trying to escape from the end of the world. The people in the traffic were burning with anxiety, some kept honking the horns, some were swearing constantly, some people's minds were filled with anxious thoughts, and those who had fragile minds even started to cry...

Chu Yunsheng was not far behind Lin Shuiyao's blue car, there were just a few cars between them. He could easily see them by standing up slightly.

He did not know what Old Youling did, so far, Lin Shuiyao did not seem to have noticed anything strange, which made Chu Yunsheng feel relieved a lot.

But this speed was too slow!

From this morning to this afternoon, as the sky was getting darker, Chu Yunsheng's headache became more and more acute. He had thought of many things that could happen, and he had also modified his plan repeatedly to improve it, but he still did not expect that he would be blocked on the expressway.

From leaving the hotel in the morning, so far, they only managed to make one-third of the entire journey. But as time passed, the traffic would only get worse, not to mention that there were still a few more cities that he needed to cross.

But what could he do now?

Going back? Looking at the traffic in the opposite direction, it would take him at least a day to go back. In this way, he would just waste two days doing nothing. Sticking with the original plan? Who knows what would happen after Wuxi city. At the moment, he was just in Suzhou city, but the traffic was already like this. It meant that the journey later was only going to get worse.

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He had thought about walking, but looking at Lin Shuiyao and her assistant Yangyang's skinny bodies, probably even if they walked six days without stopping, they still would not get there. But after six days, perhaps the insects were already here.

He had also thought about riding bicycles, electric scooters and so on, he could leave the expressway and get those tools from the nearby villages. But the problem was that he was not familiar with the area here, the traffic condition on the regular roads was definitely even worse than the expressway, not to mention that it would not be a straight line like the expressway. And based on how people stopped their cars on the highway, even if he changed his car to scooters, he would not be able to move very fast. He must think of another solution...

Chu Yunsheng started to regret that he had let Song Ying's father and others know too much information too early. It caused him to be unable to buy a train ticket last night after he finished discussing the plan with Old Youling. Originally, he simply thought that the tickets were just sold out. If that was the case, he could simply try to sneak onto the train. However, only after he asked Su Su did he finally know that a large number of trains had been ordered to ship food and other supplies into the city.

Time quickly ticked away, everyone's patience also ran out very quickly.

The nights during winter often fell much earlier than other seasons. It was just slightly past five o'clock, the sky was already completely dark, except for some dim starlights.

To save electricity and gasoline, many car owners had turned off the headlights and switched off the engines. No one knew when the road situation was going to improve, so they wanted to save as much as possible.

Unlike the city, there were no lights around the expressway, but dark farm fields. And the night in the farm fields was very cold, especially the winter night in southern China. The cold winds were like wet knives when they blew to people's faces, making people shiver uncontrollably.

Chu Yunsheng also switched off his car's engine and stood on the edge of the expressway. Leaning against the barrier, he lit a cigarette.

When he came back to the hotel last night, he had also bought some food and water and ket in Zhao Ling's car. But he did not know if Lin Shuiyao had any in her car. But so far, he has not seen her come out of the car yet. Probably, she was worried about being recognized by other people.

Most people had bottled waters in their cars. But in terms of food, not many people would keep biscuits, cakes, and bread in their cars all the time. Even if there were some, it would not be many. After being stuck in the traffic for a long time, coupled with the cold weather, many people started to get hungry, especially the families that had children. Adults might be able to hold on for a while, but children could not.

Soon, some people started to get out of their cars and asked around with money in their hands, hoping to buy some food from other people. However, who would have spare food to sell to other people? Even if some people indeed had some food, the price of it would be extremely ridiculous.

The night was getting darker and colder, and in the latter part of the night, some people were so hungry that they were going to try their luck in the nearby villages. After all, villagers and farmers often tended to store grain in their homes.

Even if the farmers were not willing to sell grains when people were hungry, they would not be afraid to steal from those farmers and villagers at all.

So some car owners began to gather in groups and decided to leave the expressway together. After leaving the expressway, they moved clumsily in the farm fields, heading towards the nearby villages in the dark.

In terms of other people, some were hiding in cars, others were busy setting up campfires on the side of the road with dried grass to keep out the cold, and people would talk occasionally about the rumors and what plans they had in their minds.

Dark nights were Old Youling's world. However, because of Lin Shuiyao's identity, it would be dangerous for her to leave the car. Therefore, only Old Youling and Yangyang got out of the car to buy food.

The so-called "buying food", in fact, was "buying" from Chu Yunsheng. Since it was him, who wanted to take Lin Shuiyao, so of course, he needed to take care of their food problem.

At this time, only those, who had food in their hands, were the most popular people on the expressway. No matter what kind of cars they drove, either Porsche or some cheap second-handed cars, as long as they had food, they would have many followers.

Assistant Yangyang was very surprised. He and Old Youling had been wandering along on the expressway for a while now while holding a stack of money, but no one wanted to sell them anything. But a miracle happened when Old Youling spoke to a young man.

And this young man was Chu Yunsheng.

From the distant village came the angry barkings of dogs, mingled with the vague sounds of people cursing aloud. In the originally silent night, it was particularly clear. Presumably, those, who had quietly lurked into the village, were discovered by the villagers.

Sitting comfortably in the car, assistant Yangyang was chewing the cookies he got from Old Youling and said in bewilderment, "Yaoyao, that person is really a fool. No one wants to sell food, but he was willing to sell it. You did not see it. He got a very big bag of food. I really don't understand it. That man is very strange."

Lin Shuiyao also picked up a biscuit using her slender fingers and said meaningfully, "regarding this, you will need to ask daddy. Daddy is not an ordinary man."

In front of Yangyang, she did not conceal her relationship with Old Youling. From this, anyone could clearly tell that she trusted this assistant a lot. In addition, in her opinion, "ghost" had the ability to confuse people, so controlling people's minds should not be a problem for Old Youling.

Old Youling, however, was absent-minded. It just replied vaguely, "just a little trick."

"What's the matter, daddy?" Lin Shuiyao was an astute observer. She immediately noticed that Old Youling was absent-minded, so she pretended that she was worried about it.

Old Youling slightly tilted its head as if he was thinking something. Only after a while did he finally say, "Yangyang, the person I spoke to earlier, did he look like a boss?"

Assistant Yangyang shook his head and said, "I don't know, I wasn't standing close to him at that time, so I couldn't see him clearly. But from the way he dressed, I didn't look like one."

His reply stirred up Old Youling's interests greatly. "then can you tell me, is it easy to become a boss?" it could not help but ask eagerly.

Yangyang could not help but giggle like a little girl, "this kind of thing, it is very hard to say. Some people find it easy, some people find it very hard. Daddy, why are you asking this all of sudden?"

"No... nothing, I am just curious... curious..." Old Youling hurriedly explained nervously. But after a few seconds, it still could not help but say, "If you know any boss in Nanjing, once we get there, please introduce one to me."

Lin Shuiyao looked at him strangely. In the morning, she had personally seen him offend a powerful official, who even her company did not dare to offend, but now he wanted to get to know some other powerful officials? What exactly was he thinking?

Of course, she would not know that the person, who she had seen in the morning, was not the person, who was sitting in the car with her now, and there was no way she would know what exactly was Old Youling thinking as well. But just when she was about to ask Old Youling, her phone suddenly rang. She had received quite a lot of phone calls after she left the hotel today. Some were from her company, some were from her friends, and some were from unknown members, but almost all of them were asking where she was.

However, this time, the number belonged to her mother. After talking to Old Youling last night, Lin Shuiyao could not calm down for a long time. Fearing the safety of her family, she called her mother immediately last night and asked them to come to Shanghai from Hong Kong as soon as possible. Although all the trains and planes from Shanghai were basically suspended today, the trains and planes from other cities and countries were still coming to Shanghai normally. But once they were in Shanghai, they would all be forcibly detained, and all the trains and airplanes would be ordered to transport all kinds of supplies.

'I don't know if they got there safely already.' Lin Shuiyao answered the phone with worries and got out of the car. On the side, Old Youling's eyes suddenly flickered strange gleams.

The night was still dark and cold. The people, who had left the expressway to get the food from the nearby villages, all came back. However, whether it was those, who prepared to buy food with money, or those, who prepared to steal, they all came back defeated. It seemed like the villagers and farmers were not someone that those people from the city could easily mess with.

The villages nowadays were no longer like what they used to be. News and information also spread very fast in the village. Especially in those developing areas in southeast china, many villagers left their villages to do business outside instead of farming. Regarding the rumors about the disappearance of the Sun and the end of the world, even the sows in the pigsty had also heard about it a little. Because many villagers were talking about whether they wanted to carry on feeding them.

The people, who had been driven out of the village, were dejected, hungry, and had little strength to run. They were staggering, tumbling in the farm fields and ditches heading as fast as they could back to the expressway. Fortunately, in the dark of night, the villagers did not dare to chase out of the village. They could only let their dogs bark at the entrance of the village, declaring some inviolable sovereignty.

Hungry, agitation, concern, panic and fear for the future were hanging over the roofs of every car that were stuck in traffic on the expressway. Apart from a few deranged people, who were secretly longing for the end of the world, most of the people just wanted to live a peaceful life. They hoped that everything was just a rumor and they would soon go back to their regular lives.

However, the reality was always very cruel. After an exhausting day, most people fell asleep in their car seats in the dead of night. While some people were still staying near the campfires, they also started to feel sleepy. The expressway had become so quiet that even the wheels seemed to have fallen asleep.

But at this time, the ground suddenly started to shake. It followed closely by the roars of heavy machines, coming from afar. And as the sound was getting louder and the ground was shaken even more violently, it formed a majestic imposing manner, piercing through the dark earth, radiating in all directions!