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Chapter 54 You Must Lead Us

 Chu Yunsheng did not expect to meet someone, who he knew from the university town, in the city, and it was the person, who he was familiar with. But he did not have time to stop and have a chit-chat, he needed to leave as soon as possible. Besides, he was Old Youling at the moment, it would be very hard to explain if his other identity suddenly appeared, so he denied, "you have mistaken me as someone else!"

The girl with a ponytail was dazed for a second, then she pointed at herself and said carefully again, "I am Lu Bingyan, don't you remember me?"

This time, Lin Shuiyao looked at Lu Bingyan strangely, and Lu Bingyan also looked at Lin Shuiyao surprisingly. The prior one immediately realized that Chu Yunsheng had lied to her, and the later one, on the other hand, was very shocked and discovered that Dummy was with a big celebrity.

"I said that you have made a mistake!" Chu Yunsheng denied again, and to avoid speaking to her again, he grabbed Lin Shuiyao's hand and ran out of the hotel.

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Maybe his response was a little bit too loud, and the way he started to run was too sudden, plus both Lin Shuiyao and Lu Bingyan were beautiful girls, it instantly attracted quite a lot of attention in the lobby of the hotel. Those, who did not know what was going on, mistakenly thought that it was because of some relationship issues between those three people.

Seeing Chu Yunsheng denied that he knew her with an indifferent voice, plus the relationship between him and Lin Shuiyao seemed to be very close, she could not help but feel a little bit upset. She did not know why she would feel like she had suddenly lost something that originally belonged to her.

"He is just a dummy..." she tried to comfort herself this way, however, she still could not help but feel slightly irritated.


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Chu Yunsheng ran all the way outside the main entrance. However, how was he able to get a taxi at this moment? The whole city was in chaos now. On the internet, TV news, SMS, and all sorts of communication devices, all kinds of rumors were going around. Even the densest person also knew that something bad was going to happen every soon.

There were long queues outside banks. All supermarkets were overcrowded, and even street vendors had also disappeared. The ordinary citizens had no other methods to prevent the crisis that was mentioned in the rumors, they could only try their best to hoard everything they could.

A bag of rice, a barrel of oil, a kilo of salt, and even a piece of bread, no matter what they could get, they would get it immediately. And once they got it, they would take it back home as soon as possible.

The paper money would still be useful until the end of this evening, but tomorrow it would be completely worthless. No one would exchange important supplies for a few thin pieces of paper, especially food.

Because of Chu Yunsheng, the city's response to the chaos had changed dramatically. Large numbers of police and paramilitary police had taken to the streets to maintain order and to promote some vague policies in advance. It was no longer like what had happened in Chu Yunsheng's memories, which was completely denying the rumors. Instead, they were purposefully using slogans such as "whatever happens, the government will safeguard citizens' lives and cope with various emergencies" to reassure citizens. In fact, it was just an indirect way of saying that the bad thing was indeed going to happen.

Unfortunately, no one believed them. And maybe it was because the distrust toward the government had been built up in people's minds for a long time, the more they said it like this, the citizens would distrust them even more. Some people even wanted to break into the government building, demanding an explanation.

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This kind of chaos not only just happened in Shanghai but also in other cities around the world.

Looking at the police cars constantly driving past them with sirens, Chu Yunsheng was thinking whether he should hijack a car. It was at this moment, a blue Volkswagen parked outside the hotel not far from them. A person walked out of the car and then waved to him and Lin Shuiyao, "Yaoyao, quick, this way!"

"My assistant." Lin Shuiyao Hung up the phone, smiled at Chu Yunsheng, and explained.

It turned out that she had already prepared a way out.

"Is this man reliable?" Chu Yunsheng was always a cautious man. Looking at this gender-neutral assistant, he was not sure if he should trust him.

"Yangyang is a good man. I trust him." Lin Shuiyao nodded affirmatively.

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Chu Yunsheng knew Lin Shuiyao was a clever woman, so since she trusted him, he just got in the car without saying a single word.

Assistant Yangyang was responsible for driving, he and Lin Shuiyao sat in the back row. When all of them got into the car, Yangyang looked at the rear-view mirror and said in a feminine tone of voice, "why do all men like to fight each other, it is really boring, you know!"

Chu Yunsheng could not help but shiver all of sudden, and Lin Shuiyao just smiled without saying a single word.

There were many people in the street, and also a lot of cars. All of them were heading towards the shopping malls or supermarkets, taking everything they could find, and then stuffing all the stuff they got into their cars.

Those who had wives and children were even crazier. While they were in great worries, they also had to fight other people over the things they needed. Except for those police and special forces, who may have been informed in advance, only a few people went to work, including those shopping malls and supermarkets.

Chu Yunsheng did not participate in this crazy hoard and the following riots. But according to some information and speculations, it was because no one even went to work at the shopping malls and supermarkets on the third day, and coupled with the fact that even the shop owners also closed their doors and began to transfer the goods that the citizens, who had not had time to buy enough supplies began to panic and started smashing all the shops to get their supplies in panic.

In such chaos, even with the city's monitoring system, Song Ying's father still wouldn't be able to track his whereabouts.

Yangyang's driving skill was not bad. On the crowded and disorderly road, he was still able to drive smoothly. But it still took nearly five times longer than usual to arrive at the first place Chu Yunsheng wanted to go. It was a place below an overpass three kilometers away, the place where he parked Zhao Ling's BMW and also the place where he needed to meet up with Old Youling.

The old Youling had already been waiting below the overpass for a long time. When it finally saw Chu Yunsheng, it whined in a grievance, "boss... you lied to me, if you are late for one more minute, I will be turned into ashes by the sunlight..."

Chu Yunsheng raised his head and pointed to the bridge overhead and asked, "what sunlight are you talking about?"

Old Youling said sadly, "I already felt that concrete can not block them back in the hotel, and as expected, this place is too dangerous!"

Chu Yunsheng asked in bewilderment, "Them? Who are they?"

Old Youling did not answer Chu Yunsheng. Instead, it pleaded, "boss, can you give me a little bit more black gas, only the Dark Lord's scent can deter them."

Chu Yunsheng frowned, "are you not afraid to be killed by it?"

Old Youling said in a pitiful manner, "as long as you don't let it attack me, a little bit shouldn't have any problems. Otherwise, I won't be able to live until this evening."

Chu Yunsheng said sternly, "you need to think it carefully. I don't have time to play with you!"

Old Youling hurriedly nodded, "I have already spent half an hour thinking about it."

Chu Yunsheng took a look at the sunlight outside the bridge and then released a wisp of back gas to surround Old Youling, "before you get back to the car, change your appearance to mine first, and then after you got into the car you can change back to Chen Dazhu's look. I'll follow you in another car."

Old Youling quickly nodded and then engrossed in guiding the wisp of black gas. It didn't dare to let it get too close to its body, nor did it dare to let it get too far away from its body. It just let it stay at a place that was one centimeter away from its body.

Speaking of the black gas, Chu Yunsheng also felt strange. This thing seemed to be related to his consciousness. When he didn't want to attack any target with black gas, for example, when he wanted to give old Youling a little bit of protection from the Sun, black gas became less fierce than before, instead, it became even thicker and mysterious.

Old Youling depended on the black gas to protect it. But while the black gas could shield it from the sunlight, Chu Yunsheng could easily use it to kill it.

After a short while, under the protection of black gas, Old Youling finally became more energetic. It even let out a comfortable moan and a quiet and confused mumble, "in those days, if Dark Lord hadn't disappeared all of sudden, we wouldn't have been defeated so badly. We even lost Xi Singularity in our homeland. You must lead us to take back..."

Its voice was extremely low, almost inaudible, and even Old Youling itself also didn't realize what it was talking about.

Chu Yunsheng also did not hear it. Just now he was trying to feel how the black gas would change according to his will, and if it had any other functions.

After Old Youling returned to normal, it immediately changed to the appearance of Chu Yunsheng.

"You can go first!"

Chu Yunsheng signaled Old Youling while he himself hid behind a pillar under the overpass. Because of the black gas, he was able to sense where Old Youling was, so he didn't need to worry about losing them.