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Chapter 53 Being Unreasonable Is Much Quicker.

 The leader-like burly man's eyebrows frowned slightly. Seeing Chu Yunsheng wanted to fight them, he also stopped talking. He was an ordinary person, who could not feel the power contained in Chu Yunsheng's fist. He could only judge Chu Yunsheng's strength from his body shape and standing posture. And then based on this information, he would decide how to defeat his opponent.

In his opinion, Chu Yunsheng was obviously a relatively healthy white-collar, who didn't have many muscles, which meant that his power was definitely very weak. Moreover, his combat preparing posture was full of flaws. It made him wonder why this man had the courage to block professional secret service personnel.

If it was Yu Jian, who had just left no long ago, the burly man may have to be careful, but this young white-collar was not on the same level as him. He didn't deserve his attention at all.

The burly man's eyes gradually became cold, hands and arms slightly spread out, and both arms' muscles suddenly tightened and squeezed each other to quickly build up his power. He didn't even need to attack. He just needed to wait for Chu Yunsheng to run towards him, and then he would be able to defeat him with just one move.

Seeing two people were about to fight each other, the eyes of the surroundings customers of the hotel were filled with curiosity. But Lin Shuiyao was confused. She did not know Chu Yunsheng, so she didn't know why he wanted to help her. Although the man had good intentions, he was too weak.

The handsome men and beautiful women in Lin Shuiyao's crew had mixed feelings. Some of them were not from Lin Shuiyao's company. But even then, in the face of the humiliation from that powerful man outside the hotel, although they were angry, they still didn't dare to say anything. Seeing Chu Yunsheng, who looked like a paparazzi, stood out, they felt ashamed. But at the same time, there was also a mockery in their eyes. The man was really foolish. He really thought that this thing was that simple?

In the eyes of the people that were filled with different kinds of emotions, Chu Yunsheng punched out his fist.

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His fist was so fast that it struck like lightning, and the people in the lobby could even hear the sound of his fist ripping through the air and buzzing through the hall.

The leader-like burly man's heart suddenly sank. He couldn't see Chu Yunsheng's punch clearly!

This was so absurd! With Chu Yunsheng's skinny body, he shouldn't have been able to give out this kind of punch. It was like a thin paper falling much faster in the air than a metal ball, it was against the basic law of physics.

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However, it was really that fast, absurdly fast.

Although the leader-like man was shocked, he didn't panic. The countermeasure instantly came to his mind as fast as Chu Yunsheng's punch, and at the same time, his body also started to move.

He bent his knees slightly, so he could put more weight to the lower part of his body and lock himself to the ground. His arms were no longer spread out and his hands were placed before his chest where the afterimage of the fist was heading. He believed that even if he was not able to grab the punch, he would be able to grab the man's arm and then divert his punch away from him.

This type of movement, he had already done it thousands of times. Even his body was also familiar with it. Fighting depended not only on strength and speed but also on skills, which, in his opinion, was something that defined him as a professional.

But he forgot that when the speed surpassed the limit of what he could comprehend, everything would be changed!

First, he saw a white bone thrust out from under his right elbow, then he heard the sound of the bone-breaking, and then, with throbbing pain, he almost fainted.

Chu Yunsheng's lightning punch directly broke his hand, arm and pushed the bone right out of his elbow. And when the fist landed heavily on his chest, a clear fist dent appeared there!

What kind of speed and strength it would take to have this kind of result!?

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The other two men behind the leader-like man were the nearest to him and they could see most clearly what Chu Yunsheng did to the man's arm. At the moment, their eyes were wide open in disbelief.

Only Chu Yunsheng knew that his fist actually did not actually touch the man. What caused the damage was the impact of Yuan Qi, which was something that ordinary people couldn't withstand.

This was still under the circumstance where Chu Yunsheng was unable to gather more Yuan Qi, otherwise, his bones would have been shattered completely. Of course, with Chu Yunsheng's current strength, his body also would not be able to withstand it.

Chu Yunsheng was someone who had survived countless bloody battles. The opponents he faced in the past would never give him a second chance. So whenever he attacked, he also would never give his opponents a second chance.

With the force from the impact, the body of the leader-like man was lifted from the ground and flew backward. His face was pale, and his forehead was covered with sweat. The feeling of his right hand was completely gone, and when acute appeared in his chest as well, he instantly passed out.

With the nine diagrams of body movement, Chu Yunsheng disappeared like a ghost and appeared in front of the burly man again and drew his pistol. Then he disappeared once again.

Although the fight ended in an instant, the injury of the burly man still caused a great commotion in the lobby, and the blood that was spread along the marble floor made some women scream aloud.

Several people that were originally resting at the café in the lobby all came out, and the people in the luxury restaurant on the upper floors all popped their heads out to see what was going on.

Lin Shuiyao was completely stunned. She didn't expect that in just one move, Chu Yunsheng was able to knock out a man like that. She didn't know whether she should be happy or scared. Although she did not know martial arts, she understood that a simple punch should not cause such damage.

The mouth of those beautiful women and handsome men in the crew were also wide open in disbelief. Did they just encounter a martial arts master? In fact, that was what most people think.

The other two men also reacted quickly and pulled out their pistols. If their opponent could easily knock out their leader, that meant that they had to use their pistols.

But when they pulled out their pistols and released the safety, they couldn't find Chu Yunsheng anymore!

Not only could they not find it, but all the people in the lobby also couldn't find him.

Chu Yunsheng didn't plan to have a shoot-out with the other two men. There was another way to deal with them.

At the door of the hotel, next to a black Audi, Chu Yunsheng unlocked the safety of the pistol and knocked on the car's window, "you like the view here?"

Defeat the enemy by capturing their chief. Chu Yunsheng also knew about this strategy.

The face of the man in the car was extremely livid. He didn't doubt that Chu Yunsheng would fire the pistol. After all, he knew clearly that Chu Yunsheng had killed more than one person before. Although he wanted to get some information, he didn't want to use his life to exchange for that information.

"Get out of here with your men!"

But Chu Yunsheng didn't plan to kill him. Because it was unnecessary.

When the other two men dragged Lin Shuiyao out of the lobby, they also noticed Chu Yunsheng. Seeing Chu Yunsheng was pointing a pistol at the window of the car that their superior was in, they immediately pointed pistols at Chu Yunsheng as well. However, they didn't dare to fire the pistol.

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At this time, they suddenly received an order from their earphones. The two people instantly frowned, let go of Lin Shuiyao and pushed her to Chu Yunsheng. One of the men's hands were clenched on the pistol and was still wary of Chu Yunsheng, another person quickly returned to the hotel, picked up the unconscious leader, and then got on another car and left the place quickly.

Then, the Audi car also quickly followed behind. From beginning to end, the middle-aged man in the car did not lower the window and let Chu Yunsheng see his appearance.

Chu Yunsheng also didn't bother to find out.

Although Chu Yunsheng had a fight, he got a pistol at the end. So he was still quite satisfied with the result. He could ask for one from Yu Jian, but he doubted that they would give him easily. To him, a pistol was still quite useful in this period of time. Especially to ordinary people, who didn't know what black gas could do, a pistol was much scarier.

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Not knowing if Old Youling would really do what he said, Chu Yunsheng decided to take Lin Shuiyao away as soon as possible.

And in order to gain Lin Shuiyao's trust as soon as possible, he just simply said, "I am Old Youling, let's go now!"

Lin Shuiyao only met with Chu Yunsheng once, and it was just a few seconds in the elevator, so she had already forgotten about him. Seeing Chu Yunsheng was so powerful and the way he moved wasn't something ordinary people could do, so she believed what Chu Yunsheng said a little. "Are you really daddy?" She was both surprised and hesitant.

After she said that, she instinctively reached out her hand, wanting to touch Chu Yunsheng's cheek. But Chu Yunsheng just pushed her hands away. At the same time, he also cursed Old Youling to death in his mind.

"Daddy, please wait for a few minutes. I need to get my phone. Otherwise, once we get to Nanjing we will not be able to contact the person you are looking for. " Lin Shuiyao winked and whispered.

Chu Yunsheng couldn't help but shiver constantly. He forced himself not to reveal any emotions and followed her back to the lobby.

The people in Lin Shuiyao's crew were looking at Chu Yunsheng as if he was a monster. No one dared to come forward to talk to him.

But Chu Yunsheng didn't care what they were thinking. It was actually much better that they didn't talk to him.

After Lin Shuiyao packed her stuff and just when Chu Yunsheng was about to leave with Lin Shuiyao, amongst the people in the lobby, suddenly came a girl's surprised voice, "Dummy! Is that you?"