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Chapter 52 I Am The Law

 Chu Yunsheng was woken up by the mobile phone's ringtone. When he opened his eyes, he noticed that it was already the daytime outside. A ray of sunlight pierced through a gap in the curtains and left a sword-like pattern lightened area on the floor.

The mobile phone was given to him by Yu Jian, and he did not know the number. But at the moment, the only people that were able to contact him, were probably the people that worked for Song Ying's father.

As soon as he answered the phone, from the other end of the phone immediately came a woman's urgent voice, "little Chu, I am Su Su, what you said really happened! The Sun had just disappeared for another half hour! Yingying's father has agreed to most of your conditions, and he wants to see you now..."

Chu Yunsheng's surprise prevented him from listening to the rest of what Su Su was saying. He bounced out of bed with a snap, leaped to the window, pulled back the curtains in shock, and looked out into the sunlit but chaotic street with a sinking heart.

The second disappearance of the Sun had already happened? And it happened while he was asleep! Moreover, how did he fall asleep again!

He clearly remembered that, in the real world outside the Pseudo-Monolith, he had also fallen asleep and missed the second disappearance of the Sun because of excessive fatigue. And it was only after Yu Xiaohai told him, later on, did he know about it.

The same event happened twice! Something was not right at all. Even if it was a coincidence, with the noises and chaos caused by the second disappearance of the Sun, there was no way that it could not wake him up!

What the hell is going on?

"Old Youling, why didn't you wake me up!?" Coming to himself, Chu Yunsheng found Old Youling, who was scared of sunlight, in the dark corner of the room and reprimanded it. According to the original plan, they should have left the city with Lin Shuiyao before the Sun disappeared again.

Old Youling said with a grievance, "boss, I called you 800 times already, but you ignored me, I, I thought you were too tired..."

It was not likely that Old Youling would lie to him on this matter, Chu Yunsheng thought. At the same time, an inexplicable panic suddenly surged up in his mind. He hadn't had this kind of feeling for a very long time. The last time he had it was when he was witnessing Shang's attack at Horlivka.

Why couldn't Old Youling wake him up!?

The reason was definitely not tiredness. In fact, in the dark age, he could be awakened by any noises.

If the world inside the Pseudo-Monolith was simulated based on his memory, then just the ordinary sleep would not prevent the Pseudo-Monolith from simulating the second disappearance of the Sun. That is to say, he should've been able to see the second disappearance of the Sun, if the sleep during the second disappearance of the Sun outside the Pseudo-Monolith was really just a coincidence.

But what if the sleep outside the Pseudo-Monolith was not an ordinary sleep, but a blank memory timeline and he just appeared to be sleeping? It could explain why Old Youling could not wake him up because the Pseudo-Monolith would once again simulate that empty timeline.

Chu Yunsheng believed that his speculation was logical, and he felt like it was very close to the truth. And at the same time, deep inside his mind, a thought that was unwilling to accept this speculation was growing stronger and stronger. Maybe the reason why he entered the Pseudo-Monolith was not just to look for the fifth pendant...

Perhaps, many more things would be discovered in this world. What he needed to do now was to be extra careful and pay attention to everything that was about to happen. Compared to the outside world, maybe he would be able to find something that he was looking for but he still did not know what it was at the moment.


From the upper level, coming down through the elevator to the lobby, although the hotel lobby was not as chaotic as the outside, the people in the lobby were also jittery. People gathered into groups talking about what exactly happened and sharing their information. After all, the people who stayed in this five-star luxury hotel were not ordinary people.

But everyone is afraid of death, and it has nothing to do with a person's wealth or status. No one wants to be unprepared for the end of the world. The rich and powerful people in the hotel had resources and contacts, they definitely would not want to wait for their death. As long as there was the slightest sign, they would use the most efficient means to make the best use of their resources.

Old Youling really didn't like to move around in the daytime. But it was scared of Chu Yunsheng, so it had no choice but to go to find Lin Shuiyao again. On the way to Lin Shuiyao's room, it always tried to avoid the sunlight like a rat running on the street in the daytime. However, when it got to Lin Shuiyao's room, it noticed that she was not in the room. In fact, it discovered that she had left a note saying that she was in the lobby, and it needed to find her immediately.

When they arrived at the lobby, Yu Jian was waiting for him outside with his men.

"Old Youling, you go with them first, and then find a way to slip away later." Chu Yunsheng frowned and said. If Song Ying's father had really agreed on his conditions, and if he really wanted to meet him so urgently, he would have been here personally instead of asking his men to take him elsewhere.

Old Youling begged with a pleading face, "boss, you see the Sun is so bright outside, I will die if I go out like this!"

Chu Yunsheng tried to comfort him, "don't worry. Ask them to drive the car over and pick you up at the door. Later on, you can run away whenever you see dark places. Their cars' windows are always sealed tightly so that even sunlight can not get in. Trust me. I won't lie to you."

Old Youling said suspiciously, "really?"

Chu Yunsheng nodded, "yes, you will be fine!"

Old Youling finally mustered up all the courage to walk two steps forward. At this time, a ray of sunlight was suddenly reflected into the lobby by the passing car from outside, scaring it into jumping back instantly and said in fear, "Dark Lord, can we run please, it's too dangerous here!"

Hearing it call him Dark Lord again, Chu Yunsheng asked in bewilderment, "why?"

Old Youling said with a long face, "I watched the TV for a long time this morning. From the TV, I learned that there are so many bosses here. I know you are powerful, but this is their territory. We shouldn't mess with them!"

Chu Yunsheng was speechless, "didn't I already tell you last night that Boss is just a title in this world. Anyone can be called Boss! You don't need to be scared of them!"

Old Youling looked at Chu Yunsheng in a very suspicious manner. From its look, anyone could tell that it was thinking, 'yes, there are indeed a lot of bosses, but there is no way that anyone can be called Boss. Stop fooling me!'

Chu Yunsheng knew that this ghost's mind was probably still in a confused status, so explaining it to it would be a waste of time at the moment. He just said sternly with a straight face, "stop wasting my time! Get your ass in there, and meet me one hour later at the place we discussed earlier!"

Being threatened by Chu Yunsheng, Old Youling could only move slowly to the main entrance extremely reluctantly. It looked like it was still hoping Chu Yunsheng could change his mind.

At this time, it has already changed its appearance to Chu Yunsheng, so in the eyes of Yu Jian and his men, it just looked like Chu Yunsheng did not like to see them at all.

Chu Yunsheng was hiding behind a pillar in the lobby. Overthere, cameras would not be able to detect him. Only after Yu Jian and his men left with Old Youling did he head towards the place where Lin Shuiyao and other people were staying.

There were quite many people in the lobby, all talking about the disappearance of the Sun and asking for all kinds of information, so no one noticed him.

Old Youling would not be able to buy him much time, so he had to leave the hotel quickly and leave Shanghai.

But when he got a little closer to Lin Shuiyao and her crew, Chu Yunsheng noticed that she was having an argument with a man.

Seeing Chu Yunsheng suddenly come out of nowhere, the crew member was immediately alerted. There was not just one celebrity, Lin Shuiyao, in their crew. Among them, there was also a very popular male star. Although the disappearance of the Sun this morning shocked many people, they still had a fluke of hope and thought that everything would get better eventually. But in the meantime, they were more worried about those celebrities' safety.

Normally, the thing about Lin Shuiyao's secret arrangement should not be discussed publicly, especially at a place like a hotel lobby. This kind of thing was almost unthinkable under ordinary circumstances. Because if anyone else heard it, then the secret arrangement would be tomorrow's headline.

But no one knew what happened to that powerful man. He wanted to take Lin Shuiyao away by force as if he did not care about what would happen tomorrow. If it weren't for Yu Jian's group, Lin Shuiyao would have already been taken away.

Lin Shuiyao was a very clever woman. She seized the only opportunity and caused a commotion in her crew in the lobby, attempting to prevent herself from being taken away by force.

But whether it was her or her crew, they once again underestimated the determination of that powerful man. After the company's executive failed to persuade her, a few burly men with scowling faces wanted to take her away by force again.

At this time, Yu Jian and his men had already left, so the powerful man's only scruple was gone.

Lin Shuiyao was still a weak woman after all. In front of the three burly men, she was as weak as a chick. Although the crew member looked at each other feeling humiliated and angry, no one dared to stand out to stop them.

However, in the black Audi car at the door of the hotel, the impatient powerful man's scornful sneer suddenly froze in the next second. His eyes were filled with shock and disbelief.

He just saw that person being taken away by Yu Jian! How did he appear here again!

He knew this man. This man had almost turned the entire city upside down, and the meeting this morning he attended was all about this man! It could even be said that this person would be a timebomb that can decide the course of the future!

He was first and foremost a powerful man, then a man of pleasure. Almost in an instant, he stopped thinking about Lin Shuiyao and began to think about the most favorable countermeasures. He needed to take advantage of this excellent opportunity to gather some information that could be used by him in the future!

Chu Yunsheng stopped in front of the three men. He can not allow Lin Shuiyao to be taken away by them under any circumstances. He was now in a race against time! Before the descendence of darkness, even if there was black gas, it would not be possible to fight the whole government. Moreover, there was no way that he could cooperate with the government in the matter of the jaded pendants. Once the government knew about the jaded pendants and their importance to Chu Yunsheng, they would consider the pendants as a chip to bargain or control him with.

So he had to take advantage of the people, who did not know anything about the secret of the jade pendants. And he must take Lin Shuiyao away and get the second pendant in Nanjing.

The second jade pendant was very important, once he got it, the connection between the ancient book and the third jade pendant would be established. And in terms of the remaining three, as long as they were on the Earth, he would be able to find it.

Moreover, the third one was in the hands of Shao Bing, the fourth one was in the hands of the old woman Fan in Hong Kong. Those two could not be taken by other people easily. Even if it was he himself, he also needed to increase his strength first before he could get those two.

Seeing a man suddenly stop in front of them, one of the burly men, who was with a fierce look, said with a cold face, "Please excuse us!"

Looking at Lin Shuiyao, who was struggling constantly trying to break free, Chu Yunsheng felt a little strange. He did not know what exactly Old Youling told her. But since she knew the end of the world was near, why would she choose a ghost over a powerful family.

Of course, he would not let her go even if she wanted to leave with three burly men.

Chu Yunsheng slowly let out the Yuan Qi energy inside his body and converged them into his hand, "she is not going anywhere with you!"

The leading burly man's face instantly became livid, and he immediately stepped forward and ready to use force. "we are from the city task force, irrelevant people must cooperate with law enforcement."

"I am not an irrelevant person, I am the law!" Chu Yunsheng said coldly and clenched his hand into a fist and ready to punch out.