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Chapter 51 Its Not That Complicated

 Lin Shuiyao's scream startled the assistant next door, and soon the gender-neutral assistant was pounding on the door, calling out in a coy and worried voice, "Yaoyao, are you okay?"

After about two or three minutes later, the door was opened. Lin Shuiyao popped out her head, looked at him darkly, and said coldly, "I'm fine, I just saw a cockroach."

The assistant instantly screamed, "What?! Oh, dear! A cockroach? How could there be cockroaches in the suite? I must complain to the hotel management! I..."

"I've killed it already!" Lin Shuiyao said coldly and then shut the door, ignoring the assistant's exaggerated expression.

The assistant blinked his eyes outside the door and was stunned for a long time. Thinking that she probably received too much pressure from the company and was in a bad mood, he shook his head and left with a disappointed grunt.

Behind the door, Lin Shuiyao grinned coldly. Then her face began to twist and distort. A few seconds later, she was transformed into a 40 years old man. Looking at the beautiful girl, who only wore thin pajamas on the ground, the man's mood was suddenly brightened up and his face became lecherous.

While crouching on the side, his eyes were moving inch by inch from the girl's pretty face to the two tempting peaks. Then he could not bear with it any longer, reaching out his "claws" excitedly and wanting to have fun with the girl's body at its will.

But his hand just passed through the two ample bosoms directly. He could not touch her. It was so frustrating that he could almost puke blood. "Too weak, too weak! I, Old Youling, must become strong, otherwise, I can't even touch a woman!" He grumbled dispiritedly.

"But... Hehe." As he rolled his eyes balls, he resumed his evil grin and said, "looking at her naked body is not bad either!"

As he said it, he immediately spread out the arms that were trembling in excitement. Instantly, the energy around his arms was turned into wind blades and was blown towards Lin Shuiyao. But just when the blades were about to tear Lin Shuiyao's thin pajamas apart, the phone in the room suddenly rang.

In this critical moment, he did not want to answer, but at the thought of black gas in the boss' hand, he instantly lost half of his courage. Secretly scolding Chu Yunsheng in its mind, he reluctantly floated towards the phone and inserted his finger into the phone line.

"Stop causing troubles, do what you have been told now!" From the telephone came Chu Yunsheng's cold voice.

Old Youngling instinctively looked around in surprise, "boss, how... Can you see me?"

Chu Yunsheng said with a low and deep voice, "on the way back, I already figured out what kind of person you are. Let me remind you again, don't let the memory of Chen Dazhu take over you!"

"Yes, yes, boss, you are right." Old Youling responded nervously. But at the same time, he thought to himself that it must be that black gas inside his body. Otherwise, how did the boss know what he was doing?

After being reprimanded by Chu Yunsheng, Old Youling did not dare not to mess around again. He forced himself to hold back the restless feeling, controlled a ball of water, splashed it on the face of Lin Shuiyao, and then "sat" on the sofa not far from her, and waited for her to wake up.

Moments later, Lin Shuiyao let out a groan softly and sat up from the ground, because she was facing another direction with her back to Old Youling, she didn't realize that there was another person, or a ghost to be more accurate, in the room with her. At the moment, her eyes were still filled with bewilderment.

"Are you awake?" Old Youling cleared his throat and said.

Lin Shuiyao instinctively responded, "mhm". But in the next second, she suddenly jumped up from the ground. Looking at Old Youling, who was sitting on the sofa, her face was extremely pale and she couldn't stop her teeth chattering in terror.

"Don't be afraid. I won't eat you. I haven't completely digested the person I ate last time." Old Youling said honestly, with a trace of disappointment.

It would've been much better if he didn't say those words. After hearing what he said, Lin Shuiyao couldn't control the fear within her and was about to scream again.

"Don't scream!" Old Youling immediately changed his form and revealed a variety of dead people's faces, and said coldly, "otherwise, I'll eat you immediately!"

Lin Shuiyao heard it very clearly this time. She hurriedly covered her mouth, moved back in terror. Her eyes were wide open, and tears already ran down from her face. Her chest was moving ups and downs and all the nerves in her body were stretched to the limit.

"That's a good girl. Don't worry. I'm here to discuss business... Huh? Is it a business or deal? This is how the boss said it." Old Youling suddenly turned a part of his body into a cigarette, imitating Chu Yunsheng's actions and said.

Lin Shuiyao's back was already soaking wet, and she was against the wall. Unable to move back any further, she said with shaking voices, "are, are you a human or a ghost?"

Old Youling glanced at her, floated up, flew randomly around the room, and then dived at her all of sudden and revealed two fangs and said eerily, "isn't that obvious?"

Lin Shuiyao's mind suddenly went blank. She had seen many horror movies, and she had even acted in some horror movies before. But this was the first time she actually saw a ghost in person. She even thought to herself that she was probably the first person, who had seen a real ghost, in this world.

Only after a long time did she finally calm down, but she still found it hard to believe that there was a ghost in her room!

The male ghost that came out of a TV and was able to float around and transform into different shapes.

"Gho... Mr. Ghost, what... What can I do for you?" Seeing that this ghost only tried to threaten her, but didn't seem to want to harm her, Lin Shuiyao finally gathered her courage and asked.

There was no way it just found her randomly. Moreover, it mentioned that it wanted to discuss business with her earlier, and it also mentioned that it had a boss. Lin Shuiyao was shocked. Do ghosts have a boss? Who is its leader? Could it be Yama, the King of Hell?

Thinking of this, Lin Shuiyao couldn't help but shiver.

Old Youling nodded gravely and said, "let me introduce myself first, my name is Old Youling, but you can call me boss! There is one thing I want you to do, and you must do it for me, or I'll eat you!"

Lin Shuiyao held the tall floor lamp, her last support, tightly and said while her body was still trembling constantly, "Mr. Ghost, please, please say it."

Old Youling was not satisfied with this Mr. Ghost, this title. According to its memory, "ghost" wasn't a good word, so it said coldly, "I said, call me boss! In terms of the things I want you to do..."


More than an hour later, in Chu Yunsheng's room.

"Are you sure that you have her under control? And she won't go out telling other people about this?" Chu Yunsheng sat on the sofa and asked while smoking cigarettes.

"Don't worry!" Old Youling said confidently, "this little girl knows what to do, she absolutely would not dare to play any tricks in front of me! And we had a pretty good conversation afterward."

"You had a good conversation?" Chu Yunsheng's face instantly changed slightly, "what else did you talk about!?"

Seeing Chu Yunsheng's expression was not right, Old Youling said hurriedly, "it is just some chit-chat about life, dreams and things like that. I didn't dare to say anything else."

"Life? Dreams? You're a ghost and she is a human, what kind of... Tell me the truth!" Although Chu Yunsheng was speechless, he still admired Lin Shuiyao's ability. In the past, he had personally experienced what kind of person she was. This woman wasn't an ordinary woman at all!

Old Youling suddenly smiled creepily and said, "she wants me to be her sugar daddy and protect her once the world became completely dark. Boss, you know sugar daddy... Hehe..."

Chu Yunsheng raised his head, frowned, and said coldly, "you told her about the darkness! What else did you tell her? Old Youling, you know what is the consequence of not telling me the truth! Indeed, I have a way to increase your strength, but I also have a way to make you die at an instant!"

Seeing Chu Yunsheng was very serious. Old Youling also didn't dare to joke around. He hurriedly explained, "boss, the world will become completely dark anyway, so I don't think it matters much if we tell her that. My plan is that I'm a ghost, if I tell her about the darkness, she will definitely believe me. Then if a weak woman needs to survive after the world becomes completely dark, she must rely on people like us. In this way, she will be much more loyal to us. It is much better than simply scaring her using a ghost. After all, she has to think about her future. Don't you think so?"

Chu Yunsheng sneered, "are you not afraid to be played by her?"

Old Youling suddenly said coldly, "boss, apart from you, no one can play me! If she dares to do it. I'll immediately eat her. It is not that complicated."

"Just follow the original plan tomorrow!" Chu Yunsheng looked at Old Youling and said coldly.

Old Youling had secrets, Chu Yunsheng knew it clearly. And he also knew that he would not be able to get it to tell him the truth. Maybe it was because of its original consciousness that didn't allow it to say it, or maybe it was just pretending that it was scared of him. But no matter what, it was useful to him at the moment, so he didn't plan to think about those things.

Because of Old Youling's appearance, he changed the plan temporarily, and decided to go to Nanjing after daybreak to find the second jade pendant. Nanjing was not far from Shanghai, one day was more than enough to go there and come back.

As long as Old Youling could completely control Lin Shuiyao, there would be no need for him to find out the specific location of the second jade pendant. The places that those rich and powerful people lived were usually very hard to find, and his current situation simply didn't allow him to go around asking for information. But with the help of Lin Shuiyao, it would be completely different. Not only could she leave Shanghai without exposing his plan, but she could also find the pendant straight away. And then through Old Youling, he could get the second pendant without any difficulty.

The key point of everything was how much Lin Shuiyao was afraid of Old Youling. This was also the reason why he asked Old Youling to scare her. But he did not expect that Old Youling would not follow his plan. He revealed what would happen after the 28th to Lin Shuiyao without telling him in advance. Of course, if this could make Lin Shuiyao loyal to him, that was not a bad thing.

The Sun would come out soon, Chu Yunsheng was lying in the bed, resting, without taking his clothes off. From the first time the Sun disappeared until now, he did not rest a single second. If it weren't for the Yuan Qi energy inside his body, he would have already collapsed.

Old Youling was watching the TV. he was absorbing the "knowledge" from the TV voraciously. He did not need to sleep or rest, this surprised Chu Yunsheng a little bit.

About six o'clock, a black car drove into the Ruijin hotel. A skinny man, who had been waiting for a while on the entrance, quickly walked forward respectfully.

The back window of the car was rolled down, revealing a dignified face. Then a deep voice appeared, "Ask Xiao Lin to come down, I have something urgent and I need to take her out immediately."

Early this morning, he had attended a high-level internal meeting. In the meeting, he learned a piece of shocking information. After arranging his family, he would need to be involved in an urgent top-secret project. But on the way, he still deliberately took time to come here to take the woman he took fancy to. Because time would soon be running out!