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Chapter 50 Shit! Im Stuck!

 It had no idea what the word "fire" meant, but the remnant memory of the man it ate told it that it was the most powerful attack of that scary creature called "boss".

"Remember, if you dare to transform into them, I will make you disappear forever." Chu Yunsheng did not believe its word at all. Although he was angry, he did not lose his mind. Firstly, it was the world within the pseudo-monolith, secondly, from its reaction, it seemed like it did not do it on purpose. So he just warned it.

"Yes, yes, you can rest assured that I have already forgotten what they look like. So I will never be able to transform into them." The humanoid smoke said nervously.

Chu Yunsheng had already gotten what he wanted to know, and now he was thinking about how to deal with it.

A few seconds later, he suddenly thought of something and asked, "can you transform into me?"

The humanoid smoke was dazed for a second. It thought that Chu Yunsheng was testing it, so it hurriedly said, "I will never dare to offend you!"

However, its response made Chu Yunsheng even more curious, "oh? So that means you can do it. Don't worry, I will not punish you. Instead, I need your ability to help me do something."

Only until this moment did the humanoid smoke finally realize what Chu Yunsheng wanted. And after realizing that this was a great opportunity to please Chu Yunsheng, it immediately said excitedly, "I just need to have one piece of Boss' hair, then I will be able to maintain Boss' look for a while."

Chu Yunsheng frowned, "how long is a while? You can't maintain the look for a long time?"

Facing the boss' question, the humanoid smoke could not help but say with a sad voice, "my ability is limited, things like hair and ashes can only help me to maintain the look for a while, but if I can swallow a live person, then I can maintain the look much longer!"

Regarding this, Chu Yunsheng believed him slightly. Otherwise, it would not give up the old man's appearance and changed this look now.

Chu Yunsheng thought to himself that, although this ghost was quite naive at the moment since it could change its appearance into his, it could help him to confuse a lot of people, and since he caught it, there was no way that he would not use its ability. Besides, it was also worth studying what kind of life form this creature was.

"From today onward, you will need to listen to my command." Chu Yunsheng paused for a second, thought of an idea, and then infused a wisp of black gas into the humanoid smoke's body and lied to it, "I have cast a talisman into your body, if you dare to disobey my command, no matter where you are, this thing will kill you instantly."

The humanoid smoke felt a terrible pain when the wisp of black gas penetrated its body. It did not dare to say no at all. Instead, it was constantly nodding its head, "I'll do everything you told me. Please have mercy on me!"

However, at the back of its mind, it secretly decided that it would find a chance to remove this damn black gas talisman and escape from this devil's hand.

"Come with me." Chu Yunsheng took a look at the nearly extinguished cigarette light before his parents' grave and asked lightly, "do you have a name?"

The humanoid smoke instantly replied vigilantly, "I don't know who I am, so I don't have a name. But if Boss thinks it is not convenient, Boss can call me Chen Dazhu."

It was referring to the cemetery manager it swallowed.

"Don't use that name." Chu Yunsheng thought for a second and said, "although you are not a ghost, you look like a ghost. In China, we call all ghosts Youling. So your name is Old Youling from now on."

The humanoid smoke definitely would not want to miss any opportunity to flatter Chu Yunsheng, so it immediately smiled sycophantically and said, "thank you, Boss, thank you."

Chu Yunsheng ignored its sycophantic behavior and said, "Let's return to the city first, and before the sky becomes completely bright, I need you to scare someone to get some information from that person."

Old Youling instantly straightened its back and said, "yes boss, I will definitely complete the mission!"

Chu Yunsheng shook his head and smiled. With this ghost, it would save him a lot of trouble to find Lin Shuiyao's room. Plus its ability, it would not be a problem for it to scare Lin Shuiyao to death.

At half-past four in the morning, the sky was still dark, and there was still sometime before sunrise.

Ruijin hotel was located in the center of the busy downtown area, surrounded by colorful and bright lights. The roads in the city were not like the roads in the suburb areas, although it was not as busy as the daytime, there were still cars on the roads, either heading home after the long night shift or heading to work.

Inside the hotel, it was very quiet, most of the customers were still sleeping, only a few people occasionally wandering in the long corridor after returning the hotel late.

Lin Shuiyao suddenly woke up from the nightmare extremely terrified. The cold sweat had already soaked her thin pajamas. It made the thin pajamas stuck onto her body, revealing the beautiful curve of her body.

Ever since she finished making an apocalyptic movie, she started to have nightmares at night and she often woke up from nightmares like this.

Her mother said that she was too deep in the story of the movie, and she needed to rest for some time. But in the show business, her rest schedule was not something that she could arrange at will. Especially for a newcomer like her, she had to listen to her management company all the time, every activity in her itinerary, including eat, drink, and shopping would be arranged by her company. There were even agreements for when to have scandals. These two days, she either had to accompany some dignitaries to some dinners or attend some of the rich and famous banquets, how was she able to rest.

What was more annoying was that recently, there was a powerful man, who took a fancy to her. She did not know how the man found out that she was still a virgin, but he implicitly mentioned to her management company that he wanted to be her sugar daddy.

The background of the powerful man was simply too powerful, it was just merely a hint during a meeting with the board member of her company, but it instantly alerted the big boss of her company.

With the identity and the status of that powerful man, he would only give a hint. And what was left was entirely up to her management company to decide. If her company agreed to the man's request, they would usually find a suitable date, for example during the man's birthday party, and ask her to take the initiative to say it during the birthday party. And normally, those powerful men would pretend to hesitate for a while before they agree "unwillingly".

Normally, if a company could establish a relationship with this kind of powerful man, it was a great thing even for the boss of the company. It could even be considered as a very rare and valuable gift, and no one would be able to refuse this kind of gift. There was no dignity in her industry. Otherwise, she would never be able to become successful. The hypocritical bullshit that many celebrities said online was just for show.

One of the reasons why she was still a virgin was that her natural peerless beauty would only make a few men dare to have lecherous thoughts about her, the other reason was that she was branded as a pure and innocent girl by company. Of course, it didn't mean that her company was some kind of dignified company that would never involve in this kind of dirty business, it was that her company was waiting for her price to go up. Lin Shuiyao also knew it very clearly. But instead of quitting, she regarded this as a tool and an opportunity to help her to achieve her dreams.

It was the mutual consensus of her and her company, that was why she was still a virgin to this day.

So when the opportunity really came, it was not that she wasn't tempted by it, but she was not a brainless girl. After carefully studying the "private life" of the powerful man, she politely refused it.

After all, she was still a self-loving person, she didn't want to be ruined by such a promiscuous person, and she believed that there would be a much better man in the future waiting for her.

But her company didn't dare offend this powerful man. The management kept pressing her, forcing her to submit. The pressure was so heavy that she felt like she was almost suffocated by it.

With all kinds of psychological pressure, it was understandable that she would have nightmares like this. Lin Shuiyao took a sip of cold water and decided to stop thinking about the things that annoyed her. She got up and went to the bathroom.

But when she walked past the living room, the screen of the television that was originally off, was suddenly distorted for a second and was then turned on eerily, revealing a screen was filled with white snow-like dots.

Lin Shuiyao had just been awakened by a nightmare, and she still remembered the nightmare slightly. Seeing the TV was suddenly turned automatically, it made her heartbeat instantly increase.

She wanted to run away, but she couldn't move her legs. Moreover, although she was scared, she couldn't move her eyes away from it.

Before she was able to calm herself down, from the TV that was filled with snow-like dots slowly crawled out a person!

Lin Shuiyao instantly let out a shrill scream and passed out before she could even see the person's face.

The man, who was trying to crawl out of the TV, was struggling with half of his body still inside the TV while whining in a sulky tone, "why do I have to crawl out of the TV!? Is it really necessary? What is the point of this!"

"Fuck, the electric current is too high, I'm stuck!"