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Chapter 49 The Scariest Existence

 "Come out!"

Chu Yunsheng retrieved the black gas, stepped back, and said coldly.

"Yes, yes, Your Highness Dark Lord please, please, quell your anger. This inferior one is coming out right now." The voice from the tomb was shaking in fear.

As soon as the voice stopped, a wisp of smoke appeared from the top of the tomb. In the middle of the air, the smoke was continuously twisting and changing its form, like the demons or jinn after just being released from the brass bottle that had the Solomon seal. With just a little bit of Heaven and Earth energy that Chu Yunsheng had cultivated, he could barely feel a trace of energy fluctuations from the strange smoke.

The smoke was changing constantly. Eventually, it formed the humanoid figure. But its appearance was no longer the old man that Chu Yunsheng had seen before, but a skinny forty years old middle-aged man, who dressed in a uniform. His face was sullen, much like the cemetery's manager, and was very realistic. If Chu Yunsheng hadn't known that it was formed by a smoke beforehand, it would almost be impossible for him to tell that it wasn't a real thing.

Chu Yunsheng was greatly confused, "tell me, who are you!?"

The humanoid smoke figure looked at the black gas on Chu Yunsheng's fingertip nervously as if it was extremely scared of it. Then it suddenly knelt down and begged, "this inferior one is a bastard, this inferior one didn't mean to offend your highness, please have mercy on this inferior one, spare this inferior one this time..."

Seeing that it was very scared of the black gas, Chu Yunsheng frowned and said, "I can spare you this time, but you have to tell the truth."

The humanoid smoke seemed to have just realized something. It hurriedly said, "okay, okay, my lord, oh no, I mean boss, boss! You can ask me any questions; I will definitely be honest!"

Hearing its tone, it was as if the being considered that "boss" word was much more powerful and dignified than the title "lord". But its sycophantic tone made Chu Yunsheng's brows press even closer, "stop talking nonsense, and tell me what you exactly are you?"

The humanoid smoke was confused, "me?"

"Yes, you, who are you, what race are you, and where do you come from?"

The humanoid smoke was dazed for a second and then shook its head repeatedly, "Lord, boss, I also don't know, I have been puzzled by this question for a while now..."

Chu Yunsheng's eye became very cold, and the black gas once again flew out. It scared the humanoid smoke into turning around and wanting to escape. However, as if it was really scared of the black gas, it also did not dare to move as if it knew that once it moved, the black gas would instantly kill it.

"You want to tell me or not? I don't have much patience nor do I have much time, so don't get yourself killed."

The humanoid smoke looked at the black gas nervously and begged with a sad face, "I really did not lie to you, boss. I just gained comprehension of my own existence from a stupor state yesterday. I really did not know anything."

Of course, Chu Yunsheng would not believe it, he snorted coldly and said, "if you really did not know anything, then why do you want to pretend to be a ghost and scare me? Also, you were an old man earlier, why did you change your form again?"

The humanoid smoke whined timidly, "I felt very hungry after I woke up, so I swallowed this man. I have not even digested him completely. I really should have eaten half first and left half for later."

Chu Yunsheng's face was extremely livid, "so, I guess that means you don't want to tell me!?"

The humanoid smoke hurriedly shut its mouth, quickly took a secret peep at the deadly black gas on Chu Yunsheng's fingers, and got ready to escape at any time.

Looking at its appearance, Chu Yunsheng suddenly thought of the smoke-like thing above the two heavenly ambassadors in the arctic base. Although their shapes were different, their forms of existence were surprisingly similar.

All their bodies did not have physical forms, but they all had energy reactions, and at the same time, they all had consciousness.

Chu Yunsheng walked half a circle around it, stopped, and asked, "since you don't know who you are, why do you know who I am?"

The sullen and sad face of the humanoid smoke immediately revealed a sycophantic smile and said, "the scent of Dark Lord always exists deep inside me as if it was engraved in my life. But no matter how muddy and dirty the surrounding environment is, it cannot pollute the majesty of the dark lord's scent. The feeling of facing it, is like the primitive sensation of hunger, I don't know why, but I just know it."

"Oh, really?" Chu Yunsheng sneered, "then why do you want to call me boss, I don't think there is any primitive sensation that would make people call other people boss!"

In order to prove its "innocence", the humanoid smoke hurriedly explained, "I only know that only this great and dignified title is worthy of your status!"

Chu Yunsheng could not help but ask, "why?"

The humanoid smoke pointed to himself and said earnestly, "after I realized my existence, I only saw one living man, it was this man. But I was really hungry, so I had no choice but to eat him. His remaining consciousness told me that he used to be a very vicious person, who had killed and raped people before. He was not afraid of anyone but a creature called 'boss'! His consciousness also told me that if he accidentally met the boss, he would have to lower his head and bow to the boss like a dog. And he might even shit himself when he simply just heard the name of the boss.

What was even scarier was that not only did this man not want to stay away from the boss, but he also wanted to curry favor with the boss, he did not even mind to be a dog. In fact, he was very happy to be the dog of that boss creature.

So It can be seen that 'boss' is the scariest existence in this world!"

It was constantly explaining what it thought and what it knew to Chu Yunsheng. In its tone, it was filled with admiration, and it didn't seem to have any doubts about it. But when Chu Yunsheng heard what it said, he was completely speechless.

He never thought he would meet such a super idiotic "ghost"!

But this also made Chu Yunsheng begin to believe what it said a bit. Because from what he heard from it, he could tell that this ghost seemed to be very naive, and the only bit of knowledge and logic it had, was inherited from the human it had swallowed.

Of course, some areas alerted Chu Yunsheng. For example, he had been comparing the heavenly ambassador with it. The heavenly ambassador could become someone by possessing that person's body, and this ghost, from what Chu Yunsheng heard from it, it seemed like it could swallow someone's body and then become that person.

The similarities and differences between those two may involve greater secrets.

Thinking of this, Chu Yunsheng pretended to be angry and said, "earlier on, you took on the appearance of a deceased old man, but now you also have this appearance! Were you lying when you said that you have only eaten one person!?"

The humanoid smoke hurriedly explained, "no, no, no... I also had no other choices. Before discovering that human, the only thing that could quell my hunger was those bone ashes. Whenever I ate one, I would learn a new shape. But those bone ashes still couldn't stop the hungry feeling for long, so I kept eating them from one tomb to another... "

All of sudden, it stopped. Looking at Chu Yunsheng's face, which was icy cold, violently chill, it couldn't help but shiver. Then it instantly realized something and hurriedly swore, "I promise you that I never touched yours! If I am lying, you can... You can..."

It stopped once again as if it did not know which punishment was appropriate in this situation. It was at this moment, the memory of the person it swallowed once again replenished his inadequate knowledge"

"You can fire me!" it said nervously.