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Chapter 48 I Even Dared To Kill God.

 This was a country road and it was paved by pebbles. It was an extremely narrow road that was only enough for a small car to pass through. There were trees on each side of the road, completely without leaves on them, and they were swaying in the car light like ghosts waving their hands. In the distance was the peach field, which was the unique landscape to suburbs, spreading out as far as the eye could see. Various dark shadows were lurking in the darkness like vicious ghosts, gazing at the small car that had entered their world.

Chu Yunsheng still stepped on the accelerator pedal, driving the car into the darkness at the fastest speed, and at the same time, he recalled words that professor Sun had said to someone over the phone earlier.

"Fortunately, the thing that was taken away wasn't the monster corpse from last time... I don't know what exactly it is. Two days ago, the military sent in a batch of things like cultural relics and antiques, which are quite old. The test report has not come out yet. We only know that they had some weak energy reactions. There are so many things that need to be done in the lab every day. There are not even enough people to handle the most important things. The strange thing like that, which the military normally delivers to us once in a while, has already been piled up in the storage facility of the lab. We don't have time to look into those things at all. It is really strange that the man took such a big risk to break into the lab just to grab that thing? Also, how does it know that that thing is there? That thing was only delivered to the lab building by the military two days ago."

Zhao Ling and professor Sun did not know that the thing that the white shadow had taken the risk to take, was given to him. But he did not plan to tell them this. The white show was willing to take the risk of being attacked by both the military and those white figures with bloody rulers to take this, it only meant that this map-like scroll was not some simple and useless antique.

In terms of why the white shadow wanted to give him the scroll, from the trace of the fierce battle at the road junction, Chu Yunsheng guessed that probably the white shadow was worried about the safety of the scroll, so he wanted him to keep it.

Therefore, the scroll must have something that the white shadow considered to be very important.

Chu Yunsheng was not someone who would be curious about other people's secrets, but he was vigilant about the white shadow. The fact that the white shadow was able to find the place where he buried the book already showed that it was very unusual, and it was an unstable factor. If possible, he would prefer to make the white shadow completely disappear.

No one or nothing should threaten his purpose of entering the Pseudo-Monolith, if they did, then he had to eliminate them at the very early stage.

The car was moving fast on the narrow road, but there was nothing ahead of the car. Just when Chu Yunsheng was about to pull over the car and check where he was exactly, suddenly, the headlight "found" a big signpost with "Mingyuan cemetery 3 kilometers ahead, turn right" written on it.

Chu Yunsheng's eyes suddenly contracted, and he instantly hit the brake. And as if his head was suddenly hit by something heavy, he felt very dizzy.

The light from the front of the car was shone on the signpost, making the surrounding area even darker as if it was completely enveloped in darkness.

The night was silent, and there was not even the sound of wind. There seemed to be only the noises of his heart pumping out the blood and flowing through his veins in the whole world.

It was not that he was afraid of the word "cemetery" written in black on a white signpost, it was actually the word Mingyuan, which he was very familiar with, made him tremble constantly.

This place buried the two most important people of his life, his father and his mother.

He did not know how he ended up here. He felt as if he had been lost in a dense dark fog, but it also felt like someone had led him here.

Chu Yunsheng hesitated almost ten minutes, he unconsciously took out the cigarette and began to smoke in Zhao Ling's car fiercely. After a while, he suddenly clenched his hands, crushed the cigarette, threw it away and then drove the car slowly to the right.

It was after three o'clock in the early morning, and the gates of the cemetery were closed without a single light, and the tombstones that were as numerous as the stars in the sky, stood close to another in the darkness as if they were whispering to each other quietly.

Chu Yunsheng parked the car on the side of the road, went around the deserted outer wall, and jumped into the cemetery quietly. Under the faint starlights, every lifeless photo on the tombstone he walked past was staring at him, the unexpected guest, and moving along with him.

Tombs were also divided into different classes, there were expensive ones and cheap ones. The expensive ones naturally had better locations and covered large areas. Although a box would not use such a big place, people always thought that having expensive tombs would prove both how wealthy they were and how filial they were to the deceased ones. But the cemetery business was monopolized by the state. The government actually discovered this business opportunity a long time ago and the relevant rules were already in place. If people wanted to bury the deceased ones in better locations, they had to use the money to buy them. If they did not have money, then they might not even be allowed to be buried in the cemetery. After all, death also costs money. Even the cheapest casket also cost a few hundred Chinese Yuan.

The tomb that buried Chu Yunsheng's parents naturally would not be the expensive ones, so it was at a very remote corner. It would be very hard for those, who were unfamiliar with it, to find it.

But Chu Yunsheng could find it easily. Even if he has not come here for more than twenty years, even if there was only weak starlight at night, he was still able to find his parents' tomb easily. Amongst all the eyes that were staring at him in the cemetery, only his parents two were looking at him with tender love.

Chu Yunsheng had to admit that the simulation of the Pseudo-Monolith was too realistic. The photo was exactly the same as what he remembered, even the crease in the corner of the photo was also exactly the same. Had he not known that this was the world inside the Pseudo-Monolith, he certainly would not be able to tell it was fake.

He stroked the rough surface of the tombstone and looked at the flowers that were beginning to wither and the paper money that had been burnt to ashes. He crouched down, bowed his head, and said, "So auntie and her families came to see you already?"

Then he took out three cigarettes, lit them, stuck them in the ashes of the paper money, and gazed at them for a long time.

Of all the places around the world, only in front of this tombstone could Chu Yunsheng get a real moment of peace. No matter what kind of troubles and pains he had, they would be turned into ashes in his parents' tender look.

"Dad, mom, I always have a strange feeling that the reason why I came back this time, might not be for the jade pendants..." Chu Yunsheng murmured silently.

It was only at this place would he reveal his true thoughts and all the secrets he had.

In the sky, amongst countless stars, a silver light beam suddenly flew across the dark sky, it seemed like a shooting star, only appearing in a split second.

Then the cemetery began to have cold wind. And as it blew over the paper and ashes on the ground, it caused whimpering noises in the originally quiet cemetery. From one tombstone to another tombstone, strange sparks started to appear out of nowhere, lighting up all the photos on the tombstone around Chu Yunsheng. All the people in those photos were having creepy smiles while staring at Chu Yunsheng.

The cold wind, coupled with the creepy scene, it would easily scare many people. Moreover, the whimpering noises became clearer and clearer as if they were made by the people inside the tomb and they were trying to get out of the tombs.

Chu Yunsheng suddenly turned around, unleashed the black gas, turned it into a black sword, and pointed at the place where the cold wind appeared. "Who is it!" He said coldly.

Overthere, in front of a small tombstone, in a dark corner, a stooped and senile figure was burning yellowed paper money, with his back to Chu Yunsheng. "Young man, it's getting dark, leave now..." The senile figure said in a lifeless voice.

At this time, it was nearly four o'clock in the early morning, so it should be getting brighter, not getting dark.

"Who are you?" The black sword that was floating around Chu Yunsheng's finger instantly pointed at the senile figure.

The senile figure still stooped at the corner and sighed, "leave, leave now, they're coming out!"

At this time, the senile figure slowly turned around. His wrinkled and shriveled lifeless face looked at Chu Yunsheng coldly and then suddenly smiled creepily. But in the next second, he suddenly "crawled" into the tomb in front of it and disappeared from Chu Yunsheng's sight.

Chu Yunsheng's eyes instantly became very cold. As it just revealed the cold gleam, he used the nine diagrams of body movements to dash towards the place where the senile figure disappeared. But when he arrived and took a look at the tombstone, his eyes became even colder.

The picture of the dead man on the tombstone was exactly the same as the face he had just seen!

Is it really a ghost?

Chu Yunsheng snorted coldly and let out more black gas to surround the tombstone.

"Come out!"

"You think you can scare me! I have escaped so many attacks, crawled out from so many piles of bodies! You think I would be scared of this?!"

"Come out or die!"

"I even dare to kill God, let alone you, a ghost! ?"

"And you might not even be a ghost!"

Seeing there was no response, Chu Yunsheng sneered, and the black gas began to pass through the cold cement tomb roof, approaching the casket inside the tomb.

At that moment a cry of terror came from within the tomb.

"Please don't kill this little one, don't kill this little one! This little one does not know that you are Dark Lord, please spare this little one a life, spare this little one a life...."