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Chapter 47 The White Figures With Bloody Rulers.

 He rushed back very quickly, almost as fast as he was chasing the white shadow earlier. But the seven or eight white figures with bloody rulers and white ribbons seemed to be even faster. While Chu Yunsheng was still some distance away from the car, the figures disappeared and reappeared again. This time, they were almost touching the front of the car.

Under the light from the two headlights of the car, a peculiar scene, which Chu Yunsheng had never seen before, reflected in his pupils.

The seven or eight figures did not seem to notice that there was a red car blocking their way, they continued to float forward, and then their bodies just directly passed through the car without any hindrance.

The car's engine then suddenly stopped, all the lights also went out, and when they completely floated past the car, the lights suddenly came back again.

After that, in the surprised eyes of Chu Yunsheng, they disappeared again.

At that moment, it seemed as if an icy wind were blowing through him, lifting the corners of his clothes and his hair, as if the wind wanted to drag away his soul.

When Chu Yunsheng turned around, they had reappeared at a place far away, drifting into the darkness toward the direction where the white shadow disappeared.

Chu Yunsheng was very shocked silently. When he finally collected himself and saw that there was no movement in the car, he ran to the car's window. While looking inside, he tapped the window and said, "are you two all right?"

"Yes, we are okay, who was that man?" Zhao Ling rolled down the window and nodded her head despite that there was still a little fear lingered in her mind.

Professor Sun seemed to be frightened as well, and only until this moment did he finally say, "little Chu, is that person the same as you?"

What he was asking was if the white shadow was the person with special power like Chu Yunsheng.

Chu Yunsheng was relieved when he saw that they were okay. He walked around and returned to the passenger seat, shook his head and said, "I do not know, I have only met with the first person once, but I do not know its identity. In terms of those who appeared later, I've never seen them before."

At this time, Zhao Ling and professor Sun both let out confused noises, "those who appeared later? Who appeared the latter?"

Chu Yunsheng was dazed for a second. He suddenly had a bad feeling. "you didn't see them?" He asked.

Zhao Ling and professor Sun were both dazed for a second, too. Then they both asked in confusion, "see what?"

Chu Yunsheng gasped in shock. He couldn't help but blurt out and instinctively step back a little, "seven or eight people, all wearing white clothes, holding bloody rulers in their hands, carrying a coffin as if they were carrying out a funeral, you really did not see them! ?"

Zhao Ling and professor Sun looked at each other and then shook their heads both in confusion and fear.

Chu Yunsheng's brows immediately frowned, and asked in a stern voice, "I heard you scream once, then the car's engine stopped!"

Zhao Ling immediately said, "we did not scream. Are you sure you didn't hear it wrong?"

But when her eyes fell on the dashboard, her face instantly froze, and her eyes widened in horror, her hands, her feet and all the muscles on her became stiff instantly.

The car's engine indeed completely stopped.

Professor Sun's mouth was also wide open. He was too shocked to be able to say anything. Clearly, he also realized it now.

Chu Yunsheng's heart sank even deeper, he clearly saw those white-dressed people floating past the car, and Zhao Ling and professor Sun were clearly sitting in the car, but why did they say that they didn't see them!?

Moreover, he clearly heard a scream, but they said that none of them screamed! What was going on?

Everything about this gave Chu Yunsheng a very bad feeling.

"You have a phone call! You have a phone call!"

In the quiet car that was currently spread with fear, professor Sun's phone suddenly rang out, it started all three of them.

Professor Sun forced himself to calm down and answered his cell phone and said, "hello, yes, it's me, I'm almost there. You can tell me over the phone. What is it? The man escaped? Happened just now?... It's okay. It's okay. Go on. What did you say?!"

Sitting in the front row, Chu Yunsheng suddenly straightened his body and began to pay attention to what they were saying.


Quarter past three in the early morning.

Chu Yunsheng was driving alone on the road at the car's maximum speed. He was driving towards the direction where the people in the white dresses disappeared. He hoped that he would be able to catch up with them and find out what happened.

Zhao Ling and professor Sun had been picked up by the military representatives, so Chu Yunsheng simply borrowed Zhao Ling's BMW. Her father had plenty of money anyway, even if he never returned the car back to her, they could still afford to lose a car like this.

However, the sad thing was that the mini-cooper could not give Chu Yunsheng enough speed to catch up with the people he wanted to catch up with. On the dark road, the seven or eight people in the white dresses had already disappeared along with that black coffin they carried.

Suburbs are often very quiet, especially at three o'clock in the early morning. On the road, there was currently only one car driving fast towards the city. In the street lights, the shadows of trees looked like all kinds of evils baring their distorted fangs and claws. Suddenly, at one road junction, Chu YunSheng discovered that a row of trees was completely cut off by something. The cuts at the broken parts of the trees were slanting, but all the cross-sections were very neat and smooth. Moreover, all the broken trees were actually in a straight line. Based on what he saw, Chu Yunsheng suspected that the cut was done at a very fast speed, all the trees were almost cut down in a blink of an eye.

The only thing that could do this was sword Qi. And it definitely started from the middle section of the tree trunk of the first tree, moving slantingly upwards, and when it finished at the last tree, it cut off half of its top.

It seemed like the white figures with bloody rulers caught up with the white shadow and had a fierce fight here.

Chu Yunsheng jumped back onto the car with eyes flashing cold gleams. Turning the steering wheel, he drove into the direction where more trees appeared to have been cut down.

Professor Sun and Zhao Ling must have seen the group of bloody-ruler-wielding white figures. Otherwise, they would not scream. But later they completely forgot about it, it could only mean that their memories were altered. But why could he still remember it clearly? From an engineer's perspective, Chu Yunsheng quickly came up with two assumptions,

First, it was possible that, outside the Pseudo-Monolith, he had also seen those white figures with bloody rulers. However, like professor Sun and Zhao Ling, his memory about them was erased. But the Pseudo-Monolith could simulate a complete world from memory fragments, so his erased memory was completely restored in the Pseudo-Monolith.

The second assumption was that after he woke up inside the Pseudo-Monolith, it was possible that his memory core inside the Pseudo-Monolith was replaced with the memory core outside the Pseudo-Monolith. So when he met them, the memory core from outside the Pseudo-Monolith could not be modified, hence he could still keep his memory. Otherwise, the logic of Pseudo-Monolith would run into logical contradictions and even paradoxes. And if this problem continued to progress, it could lead to the collapse of the world or the "crash" of the simulation.

So did they have the ability to alter memories and was it them who altered his memories or was it the No.1, that old man, altered his memories?

Chu Yunsheng decided to catch up with them in order to find out the truth.


Editor's headache notes of memory altering part:

Assuming that the Pseudo-Monolith is indeed simulating a world from Chu Yunsheng's memory

First assumption: The bloody-ruler-wielding white figures possess some form of memory removing/altering ability

Chu Yunsheng met them outside the Pseudo-Monolith, but similar to the case of professor Sun and Zhao Ling, the memory of meeting them outside of the Pseudo-Monolith was removed.

Chu Yunsheng then met them inside the Pseudo-Monolith this time. Similar to the time he met them outside, their ability removed his memory about them again. However, given the nature of the Pseudo-Monolith, it then returned the removed memory to Chu Yunsheng, allowing him to remember the encounter.

Second assumption:

Let's define Chun Yunsheng's memory is a function according to time: m(t) - m(emory) of (t)ime.

Let's define the simulated world of the pseudo monolith, a function of Chun Yunsheng's memory: s(m(t)) - s(imulated world) of m(emory) of t(ime).

So when the simulation is running, s(m(t)) is not allowed to alter m(t) by anyway, because altering m(t) will also altering s(m(t)) - infinite loop of altering itself.