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Chapter 46 An Old Scroll

 Su Su went back by herself. The time was pressing, so she wanted to meet with Song Ying's father tonight and have a detailed discussion. Chu Yunsheng sat on Zhao Ling's mini-cooper and took a look at the time.

Two o'clock in the morning, it was the 23rd.

The reason why he wanted to go to the lab with Zhao Ling wasn't just to help those researchers. After the army entered the city, he had to improve his own strength as well. He needed to disappear for a period of time and improve his strength in the dark. When it became completely dark, there would be no communication methods that he could use to contact them, so he needed to remember where the lab was and how to get to the lab.

Secondly, the human in the white dress that he heard Professor Sun talked about sounded like the white shadow he encountered before, and this person was very strange. In the community where he fought with this man, it seemed like he only intended to take the book and had no intention of fighting him to death. Moreover, the energy he used was also the Pure Heaven and Earth Yuan Qi, so everything about this man was very mysterious. There was also one thing that he wasn't very sure about. It was that although he didn't seem to remember the existence of this man outside the Pseudo-Monolith, he had a vague feeling that he had once heard of this man.

Along the way, Chu Yunsheng was trying to recall his past memory. However, sadly, it was too far back, many memories were very blurry. Trying to remember a specific incident was like trying to find a needle in the vast Ocean. It was extremely difficult.


"Is there a white coat in the car?"

Hearing Zhao Ling said that they would soon arrive at the destination, Chu Yunsheng turned to her and asked. The car belonged to her, so only she knew if there was any coat in the car.

In order not to attract the attention of the military, it was best to have a white coat as a disguise.

"Yes, but It won't fit you, it is my size."

Zhao Ling's expression has been very anxious. On the way to the lab, she heard Professor Sun explain that when they met with Chu Yunsheng, someone broke into the lab building, many guards were killed and wounded. There were people, who she had already been working with for a long time, so she was very worried about their safety.

Chu Yunsheng simply said, "Oh". He was slightly disappointed. It seemed like he needed to find other ways now. At the moment, the red car has already driven out of the city region, the surrounding area was very empty, the street lights on the roadside were sparse and dim.

"I'll make a phone call first." Professor Sun took out his cell phone and said.

The people from the top indeed asked him to come back, but they did not ask him to die. They wanted him to help the military area command to analyze the response strategy from the technical level, and they also told him in advance that someone would be here to pick them up.

Chu Yunsheng looked at him, did not speak, but when he looked back, he suddenly saw that on the originally empty road, there was a white shadow, and it was heading towards them like a fast arrow.

"Stop the car!"

Chu Yunsheng shouted. The speed of the car was very fast, and the white shadow was also very fast, if they did not take measures immediately, they would crash into each other!

Zhao Ling also saw it. Subconsciously, she stepped on the brake very hard, the wheels instantly stopped spinning, and but the car was still moving forward, dragging the tires along the concrete road, causing a long ear-piercing noise.

After leaving a few tire marks, the British-made BMW Mini was finally able to stop.

But the fast arrow-like white shadow didn't show any signs of stopping, or maybe it didn't want to stop. Almost at the same time as the braking noise appeared, the white shadow simply jumped up and leaped over the car.

The white shadow was in such a hurry as if there was something chasing it from behind.

At the moment when the white shadow leaped across the windshield, Chu Yunsheng saw the white shadow and realized that he was the one that he had encountered before, and the white shadow also saw Chu Yunsheng, and it seemed like he was also quite surprised to meet Chu Yunsheng here.

It happened all in a flash, and the white shadow already disappeared from the front windshield.

Chu Yunsheng immediately opened the door, wanting to see what was going on. But before his foot touched the ground, the white shadow suddenly turned around and appeared next to the car's door.

The way the white shadow kept his sword was very strange. He did not hold the sword in his hand, nor was the sword hung on his waist. Instead, the sword was hanging slantingly on his back.

Regarding this kind of unexpected situation, Chu Yunsheng had already experienced it many times, so he didn't panic. Instead, he began to gather the black gas and ready to fight the white shadow.

But unexpectedly, that white shadow quickly took out an unknown scroll and threw it into Chu Yunsheng's arms without any hesitation. He then took an anxious glance at the darkness before the car, and without saying a single word, he turned around and quickly left.

The black gas had already appeared on Chu Yunsheng's fingertip when the white shadow threw the scroll. Chu Yunsheng hesitated for a split second and then decided to grab the scroll instead of attacking the white shadow. After he caught the scroll and when he raised his head again. The white shadow was already twenty meters away from him.

He immediately came out of the car and used the nine diagrams of body movements to follow him. However, he didn't know what kind of methods the white shadow was using, the gap between them was getting bigger and bigger.

It would be a waste of his time if he kept chasing the white shadow now. With the speed of white shadow, only black gas was able to catch up with his speed. However, since the other side had no intention to attack him, he also did not want to waste the valuable black gas energy.

Since the white shadow threw that unknown scroll to him, it meant that probably they would meet each other soon, so it was much better to wait for him to look for him.

Chu Yunsheng stopped, took out the scroll, and carefully opened it. With the dim light coming from the street lights on the roadside, he wanted to see what it was exactly.

After the scroll was completely open, it was about the size of a piece of A4 paper, and it was in a yellow-brown color. It seemed to be very old, because it was filled with the smell of decay. The edge on the right side of the scroll was broken, it was in an irregular shape. Perhaps, it had been torn off in half. Because the light was very dim, coupled with the strange scribbles on the scroll, Chu Yunsheng could not tell what it was. There were some small notes in different colors. Obviously, they came from different people.

Chu Yunsheng did not know what it was made of. Although it was in yellow-brown color and looked old and torn, it was very tough. He had grabbed a corner with both hands and tried to tear it with his own strength without the help of black gas, but he failed. He could not even tear a tiny slit.

Looking at the broken part of the scroll, Chu Yunsheng could not help but be shocked. How much power would it take to tear this thing apart?

When he was about to try again with his black gas, from the car suddenly appeared a scream as if someone had seen something scary.

Chu Yunsheng hurriedly turned around, and he instantly became extremely alarmed. In front of the car, as far as the eye could see, out of nowhere, came another group of figures dressed in white, about seven or eight of them, carrying a blurred object in the middle.

But soon he knew what it was.

The seven or eight men, dressed in the white clothes, were wearing strange but still the white-colored tall hats. Two long white ribbons fell from the hat all the way to the feet. And every one of them was holding a bloody ruler in their hands, but he could not see their faces clearly. It seemed that the more he paid attention to them, the more blurred their faces became.

What was even weirder was that they were not walking, but floating, and floating in a very strange way.

A moment ago, they were still far away from the car, but then all of sudden they all disappeared. And the place they disappeared was pitch-black! But when they reappeared again, they were less than ten meters away from the car.

And the blurry thing that seemed to be carried by them, was actually floating in the middle of the group as well. Soon, Chu Yunsheng could finally see it clearly.

It was a black coffin!

The coffin was opened as if it was waiting for its owner!

The bloody ruler, the white dress, and the black coffin, these three contrasting colors suddenly appeared on the deserted suburban highway at two o'clock in the evening. In such a dark night, such a ghastly scene would only make people's hair stand on end.

Chu Yunsheng's heart instantly sank. He immediately ran back to the car.

He had seen so many things that this kind of thing would not scare him away.

But Zhao Ling and Professor Sun, who were currently sitting in the car, were different. At the moment, perhaps they were almost scared to death.


"Black and White Impermanence", are two deities in Chinese folk religion in charge of escorting the spirits of the dead to the Underworld.

The group that appeared here looks a lot like White Impermanence. It is also a piece of very important information.