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Chapter 44 Atomize

 Three people were completely shocked by this magical scene. It was as if some places in their brains suddenly short-circuited, only after a while did they finally return back to normal. However, faintly, their world view was greatly overturned and destroyed by it.

Rationality told them that what they saw was true, while sensibility refused to accept it, preferring to think that it was an illusion, it was fake, and it did not exist!

As if Chu Yunsheng could see through their minds, he picked up a pile of papers and waved it gently. The wind lifted a wisp of Zhao Ling's hair, blew over her smooth-skinned face, and blew towards the tall vase.

It was at this moment, the most shocking scene appeared!

The vase that was still intact earlier, was turned into dust, collapsed in the eyes of professor Sun, Su Su, and Zhao Ling.

In their shocked faces, not only the vase, but also the sensibility, and the deep-rooted world view, all collapsed like dominoes.

"Incredible! This is incredible!!!"

Professor Sun almost jumped up. As a scientist, not only did he see the magical black gas appear out of thin air, but at the same time, the questions that normally most people would not ask also appeared in his mind. For example, how did Chu Yunsheng restrain it? What kind of force did the black gas use to accelerate? Or how did it atomize the vase? Was it because of its speed? If yes, then what kind of speed does it need to have to achieve this kind of result?

Regarding this, Zhao Ling was also thinking the same thing. And when she looked at Chu Yunsheng's eyes again, in addition to doubt and curiosity, suddenly there was also a trace of fear.

Amongst the three of them, only Su Su was not someone from the scientific research field, but even then, she also discovered something that the other two didn't discover. 'So this is the reason why they couldn't discover the bodies of those who took him to the hospital!?' She thought to herself.

She couldn't help but break out in a cold sweat. And unlike what Zhao Ling felt, after she realized that, Chu Yunsheng indeed had the ability to kill her without leaving any traces behind, but not only did he not do that, but he also repeatedly apologized for his behavior, the impression of him in her mind was improved a lot.

Because asking a person, who had absolute power over the others, to lower his head and admit that he was wrong, the force it needed was definitely much greater than the force that was needed to accelerate the black gas.

"Professor, and Ms. Su, now can we talk about cooperation? Time is running out." Chu Yunsheng sat down and said calmly.

He was not afraid that other people would find out that he had the black gas. After all, he could not hide this thing. When he fought with the white shadow in the community, where he buried the ancient book, Yu Jian and his men had already seen it clearly. Besides, in order to restrain the wild consciousness inside his mind, the black gas was the main tool that he was going to use in the future, so it was impossible to hide it.

However, even if he was going to show them what he could do and prove to them what he said wasn't a lie, he didn't want to waste too much of it. Combining with the experience he had during the last use of the black gas, he wanted to see if he could create a new fighting technique, for example, this atomization technique.

After all, professor Sun was still a man, who was devoted to science. If he could study something unknown he would disregard everything else. Therefore, at the moment, his eyes were shining with excitement, just like Columbus discovered a new continent. He asked earnestly, "Little Chu, how do you want to cooperate?"

"Very simple!"

Chu Yunsheng sat up straight and said very simply, "Professor, you are a very influential figure in the scientific community and have a good interpersonal relationship. Before the 28th, you will be responsible for gathering as many scientists from as many scientific fields as possible. I will provide and ensure the food, safety and other needs of all of you and your families, and I will provide you with a great deal of material, models, and theories to study, such as the energy-borrowing model of virtual particles, or the entangled form of five itinerant particles of dark matters."

Professor Sun caught the last sentence, and then he asked in surprise, "You said you knew where does the virtual particle borrow the energy from? That's something that quantum physics can't explain at the moment!"

"In short, virtual particles borrow a complex form of dark energy that can be explained using one of the theories of functions of complex variables in the five itinerant particle system. We'll have many chances to talk about it in the future. So there is no need to rush to discuss that. At the moment, you have to make sure that you can fulfill our cooperation conditions first."

Chu Yunsheng also didn't know much about theoretical knowledge. Apart from some ancient book's knowledge, which he barely understood, most of the theoretical knowledge he knew was hearsay, and most of them came from Professor Sun himself. It was just that at that time, they were already at Jin Ling city, but now it was actually through him that the theories that were proposed and proven by Professor Sun and the others in the future, were delivered to Professor Sun now. During this process, he acted as a "temporal bridge", in which he felt both very strange and wonderful.

Only until now did Professor Sun just remember that Chu Yunsheng also said something else. He frowned his brows and said, "The laboratory has been controlled by the military, and the military has also made a promise this morning that they will ensure the safety of all personnel involved in the scientific research, you must know that everyone trust the military more, so it is very difficult to change their minds."

Chu Yunsheng smiled lightly and said, "Regarding this, we will need Ms. Su's help."

"Me?" Su Su was surprised. She didn't have a problem providing money to them and she could also help them to manage interpersonal relationships. But persuading scientists to join them? She didn't have that ability. After all, she was not from the scientific community.


But unexpectedly, Chu Yunsheng's tone was very determined, and as if he wanted to find out something, he asked, "Ms. Su, if I remember it correctly, Song Ying's father doesn't hold the highest authority in this city, right?"

Su Su nodded a little and explained, "No, he doesn't. If the darkness you said truly happens and once the chaos breaks out, he will most likely have the highest power."

Chu Yunsheng asked, "Why?"

Su Su probably also knew that this was not the time to keep secrets, so she said without concealment, "The situation in the city has always been very complicated, everyone has different roles. Song Ying's father controls the city's public security, armed police, and even including all the armed civil forces. In the time when the communist party's primary focus is economic growth and business development, their roles are not the most important, but once the whole country or maybe the whole planet is in chaos, then it will be totally different..."

She didn't carry on after that. After all, the person they were talking about was Yingying's father, she could not be too straightforward. However, Chu Yunsheng said bluntly, "Different because he has ambitions! ?"

Su Su gave a pretty smile and said, "All men have ambitions, Professor Sun also wants to take the Nobel prize right, am I right?"

Professor Sun didn't expect that he would be dragged into this conversation, so he gave an embarrassed smile and said, "I am too old now, I can't keep up with young people, what is coming, is a disaster in your eyes, but in our eyes, the eyes of scientific researchers, it is also likely to be an era of the explosion of science and technology. If I were dozens of years younger, I would definitely seize this opportunity and I would probably really be able to win the award, but now, it is the world that belongs to the young people like little Zhao!"

Chu Yunsheng's expression was very calm. Even if he had said that the situation in the future would be extremely dire, these people probably still did not realize how bad it was going to be. Of course, he could not blame them. Without seeing with their own eyes, who would believe it?

But when they needed to escape from a swarm of insect's attack, when they saw that Jin Ling city almost fell, when the world was covered with dead bodies and ruined cities, when people's safety was not guaranteed, would they still have time to talk about ambitions and awards?

Since they still did not believe some of the things he said, Chu Yunsheng also did not plan to carry on convening them. Thinking about the people he met in the past died one after another, he could not help but have a bitter smile on his face.

"Ms. Su, I didn't have time to tell you some things at the villa. But I can tell you now. I told Yu Jian that I would cooperate with them, it is just not right now. How big Song Ying's father's ambition is, it is not important to me. In fact, having ambitions may even be better. You can help me to pass a message to him, if he wants to become a leader, I can help him. Without my help, I don't think he would be able to do it easily. Not that I am bragging, I think he also knows. He has control over the city's police force, but he can't control the army, not to mention the awakened human beings."

"And I will be able to provide him a group of the elite awakened human being force!"

Looking at the three surprised faces, Chu Yunsheng was still very calm. Actually, he had only just mentioned half of the force he could provide to them, the other half, he would not tell me at the moment. That was the insect army.

Once he controlled a Min, no matter it was the military or the awakened human beings, they would become less useful to him. When facing the vast red-shelled insect's army, apart from Shang and other Mins, they were almost invincible.

Su Su thought for a moment and said, "You mean you want him to help Professor Sun? Using his current resources in the city to interfere with the military's research project?"

Chu YunSheng said, "Yes, the military is still the most powerful force at the moment. Once they are deployed in the city, they will take over control of all the operations and resources inside the city. Yingying's father's armed forces would not be able to compete with the military at all. So if he wants to climb up the ladder of power, he needs to rely on me. In fact, it is not that complicated, after you tell him, he will judge it himself. His advantage will only appear in the early days, but it will only last for a very short period of time, I think he knows better than you and me."

Su Su nodded, "What you said makes sense, I will talk to him. Because of your unexpected performance, I heard from him that the city has also made a contingency plan, and did not prepare to withdraw to the military base in Nanjing, which was originally planned. However, we do not know what the military is planning to do. But it seems like the city is trying to contact many troops through various relationship channels."

The information she disclosed right now could be considered as the city's top-secret, and she could say it to Chu Yunsheng now, it meant that she began to believe Chu Yunsheng more and more.

But Chu Yunsheng suddenly sighed and said, "Not withdrawing to Nanjing is the right decision, but I am afraid that the military will not be willing to......"

At this time, Professor Sun and Zhao Ling were just listening. Since what they were discussing was not relevant to their research field, and they also did not understand, so they did not express their options on this.

But Zhao Ling, who did not have the opportunity to speak, began to have a strange feeling, and it became more and more clear. She felt that the Chu Yunsheng, she had conversations with in the past, was completely different than the Chu Yunsheng, who was talking now.

The one she met before was very timid and was extremely cautious when there were other people around him. Moreover, the one she met before definitely knew nothing about scientific studies. But the one that was in front of her now was extremely daring, and as if he seemed to know everything, he was very confident and assertive.

Having such a big contrast, she could not help but quietly compare his current behavior and his past behavior.

At this moment, Chu Yunsheng suddenly turned to look at her and gave her a friendly smile, "Now the business is done. Beautiful Zhao, there is something that I want to talk with you privately, may we talk outside?"