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Chapter 42 Call Me Edgar

 Chu Yunsheng hesitated but eventually turned around, then he saw that she had indeed already put on a dress that probably belonged to Song Ying. At the moment, she kept a certain distance from him while looking sternly at him.

"I'm really sorry, I didn't mean to... I came to find Song Ying to ask for a person's phone number, you know that I'm being watched at the moment, disturbing too many people is not good for me, so earlier on when I heard Auntie Wang said 'miss'... I didn't expect it to be you."

Chu Yunsheng was barely able to give some explanations. Although he didn't cross that line, he indeed stripped off her clothes and saw her naked body. His intention was so clear that no matter how he tried to explain it, it was still useless.

"Even if it were Yingying; you still can't do this to her, can you?" Su Su said. She had already tied her messy hair behind the shoulder, and surprisingly, she was not angry. However, this made Chu Yunsheng even more anxious. She pointed to a chair and said, "You can sit down and talk."

She did not seem to want to explain to Chu Yunsheng why Auntie Wang called her Miss. She just said, "After you left, Yingying refused to come back and live at home. I went to persuade her to come back home after what happened this morning, but she still wouldn't listen to me, so I came to get something for her."

Chu Yunsheng only responded with, "oh." He felt like he was sitting on a chair that had many sharp needles on it, and the calmer Su Su was, the more anxious he was. To be honest, he didn't want to stay here a second longer.

But he had just done that thing to her, if he didn't explain something to her, it would only make him feel even more ashamed of himself. Moreover, Su Su remained unusually calm, it made him feel as if she had something important that she wanted to say to him. Maybe it was related to some secret movements or secret plans of the government, this was also something that he needed to know.

"You don't want to know where Yingying has gone?" Su Su sat on another chair and asked suddenly.

Chu Yunsheng did not know what she meant by asking that question, but he indeed wanted to find Song Ying. However, his mind was filled with shame earlier, so his reaction was much slower, "Huh? Where is she?"

Su Su's eyes showed a trace of disappointment, and she responded with something that was completely different, "What happened today, I can pretend that it never happened.But I hope you can take this relationship between you and Yingying seriously, please don't hurt her, she is still young, and you know that, too. If it weren't for the fact that I couldn't change her mind after many tries, with your behavior today, I don't think I would say this to you."

Chu Yunsheng was dazed for a second. Only after he realized that she still misunderstood his relationship with Song Ying did he immediately say, "You have misunderstood us. We are just normal friends."

However, Su Su just shook her head gently. Because of the struggle earlier, there was a layer of rosy red on her face, and it made her look very alluring. She stood up, poured two glasses of water, handed Chu Yunsheng one glass, walked back to her seat, and said gently,

"Little Chu, the reason why auntie didn't kick you out of the house now, and why auntie can talk to you calmly, is not that auntie is a forgiving person. It is because auntie has seen all your information, from your birth until your last job. In addition to that, auntie also has been to your previous company, contacted with your colleagues and friends, and gotten to know you from many areas. So auntie knows that you are not the kind of person that would do such a thing."

"Is it stress?"

"I've heard about everything that happened to you, and I've also heard that you predicted what happened this morning. What happened to you shocked a lot of people. They all wanted to control you. So what you are dealing with must have given you a lot of stress. Although auntie understands what kind of stress you are having right now, auntie can only forgive you once. There will not be a second time."

Hearing her gentle and understanding tone, Chu Yunsheng was suddenly touched by her understanding. For a long time, very few people have used an understanding tone to talk with him. When he became the first powerful man in the world, the people around him were either afraid of talking to him or talking to him in a respectful tone. Of course, there were also some others such as Ding Yan or Huan, and the old man No.1. People like them would often tell him indirectly what to do and what not to do... Apart from his auntie, who had passed away a long time ago, no one wanted to stand in his shoes and understand his feelings and his difficulties.

But perhaps he had been deceived too many times. For example, the problem of why it was Francois Hollande, and why it was not Sarkozy made him question whether he had been deceived by No.1, that old man, again. After listening to Su Su's words, while he felt touched, he also felt that there was something hidden in between her words.

Chu Yunsheng took a sip of water, put the glass on the table, and said seriously, "It was my fault, and I know that any apology is useless. I am very grateful that you can forgive me. If I have a chance, I will make up for it."

Su Su still said gently, "Auntie has everything, but Yingying..."

Chu Yunsheng had a strange expression on his face, and said, "With your intelligence, it is not impossible for you to tell that I was telling the truth when I said that we are just friends. Besides, you also said that the relationship between us is not normal, so can you stop talking about this?"

When it comes to the matters about Song Ying, Su Su did not want to ignore it. She said sternly, "Little Chu, what I said is also true."

Hearing how she changed her tone, Chu Yunsheng also seemed to understand something. His expression suddenly changed and he said, "Did you know something? Or did Song Ying tell you something?"

Su Su's brows frowned in concern, "She would not tell me anything. It has nothing to do with her. Little Chu, can you tell me that the sun will really completely disappear on the 28th?"

Chu Yunsheng nodded his head heavily. He had said this countless times already, so there was no need to keep it a secret.

Su Su suddenly stood up and paced back and forth as if she was thinking something important. Only after a while did she finally turn around and said to Chu Yunsheng, "Auntie believes you, you can take YingYing away with you!"

Chu Yunsheng also stood up, scratching his head in bewilderment. But he was also aware that her reaction was not right, so he immediately asked, "What happened?"

Su Su hesitated for a second, but eventually, she said,

"I have some things that I don't know if I should tell you, Yingying's father is not a bad guy, but he has shortcomings. He does not allow anyone to threaten his political status and rights. Since you can accurately predict the disappearance of the sun, it means that there must be something in your hand or something you know that is very important, but whatever it is, he must be able to control it. If you can obey his leadership, then there will not be any problem, but according to my observation and understanding of you, you would not bow to him. And if there are conflicts between you two, I am worried that Yingying will do something desperate for you."

Chu Yunsheng asked her, "How do you know that I would not bow to him?"

Su Su said calmly, "I don't just get my information from Yingying's father, I have my own source of information. Besides, didn't the people from the capital also want to get something from you? And then? They all died, a dozen of them, not even a single body part were found. Isn't the message clear enough? Also, if you really did not mind bowing to him and cooperating with him, do you need to sneak in here? If you really wanted to work with him, you would have already met him now. But you did not."

Chu Yunsheng could not help but be impressed by her intelligence, "You are very clever, but I don't like clever people, of course, it is nothing personal. At least, you have not lied to me yet. I hate those who lied to me even more. You are right. There is no way that I will listen to his command. Not just him, even that old man in the capital will also not be able to make me listen to his command. To be honest, it is not necessary for me to work with them. Maybe they will be useful to me in the first three to five months in the beginning. After that..."

Su Su asked curiously, "You can also predict what will happen after the sun completely disappears?"

Chu Yunsheng thought for a while, picked up the glass and said, "I'll disclose some information to you as an apology for what I did earlier. After the 28th, the sun will completely disappear, the change of temperature and climate will be obvious, so I don't need to talk about those. But there are two things I can remind you of, one is that humans will change and some people will have some special abilities, like me. The second is that there will be a lot of powerful large insects lurking in the dark, attacking humans; the conventional weapons that the army is using now will not be able to harm them much. A lot of people will die! I am talking about a number that you would not even dare to imagine!"

These things would happen soon, so telling her was also a good thing. Through her, the message would be passed to the important people in the government, and they would prepare themselves in advance, at least, they would not be caught off guard. And if they were prepared, it would also be able to potentially help out his plan in the future as well.

But when Su Su heard this, she was completely stunned. Only after a while was she finally able to collect herself and said in disbelief, "You, little Chu, how do you know? I'm sorry. I didn't mean to ask for your secret. I just find it very hard to believe... You are not one of those time travelers, are you?"

Chu Yunsheng almost spat out water from his mouth. Although it was not correct, her guess was pretty close, "You know about time travel, too?"

Su Su replied, "of course." Then she changed the subject and continued, "Little Chu, I need some time to take it all in, and I also have to think about what to do... But let me remind you again that Yingying's father is worried about the political risks and is not quite sure what to do yet, as the top-secret documents and the orders that were given to him, all told him that the date is actually one month after the 28th. If what happens tomorrow is consistent with your predictions online, he will be able to confirm the situation and make a quick judgment. He will immediately give the order to control you, so you need to be prepared."

Chu Yunsheng couldn't help but think to himself, 'of course, No. 1, that old man would not tell you the real date. That old fuck obviously wants to use the insects to clear all the obstacles he had, and those people who are against him. After that, the bases that so many countries have worked together to build, would naturally fall into his hand.'

But would Chu Yunsheng tell them those things?

Of course not, Chu Yunsheng wanted to keep No. 1, that old man in the commander-in-chief position, and then when it was at the right time, he would get to the arctic base and make him tell him if he had done something to his memory, or did he used Tan Ning to deceive him again, or maybe he did not die?!

This would be the key for him to get out of the Pseudo-Monolith, so he could not make light of it.

To do this, his plans needed to be slightly modified. The arctic base had dimensional restrictions, so if he wanted to catch the old man, not only did he need to get the "Sinful Gate" in case of any accidents, but he also had to gather an army of ordinary humans.

Thinking of this, he could not help but be alerted, "Why do you want to remind me of this?"

Normally, even if the thing that happened earlier did not happen, Su Su would still not disclose such important information to him. She was not Song Ying, there was no reason for her to do this.

Was this some kind of trap? A form of revenge for what he had just done to her?

But it didn't sound like it. Making up a reason to scare him away and making him unable to work with the government? Could you even call it revenge?

For a moment, Chu Yunsheng did not know what she was thinking.

But he did not expect that Su Su would walk a few steps towards him and look at him with strange expressions on her face, and as if she knew what he was thinking, she said, "Little Chu, you are really paranoid. It is no wonder that you said you hate people who lie to you. What kind of secret do you have that it could make you become like this? Auntie was doing it for Yingying, are you happy with this explanation?"

Seeing her eyes had a hint of apology, Chu Yunsheng nodded, "I rarely believe anyone, but I want to believe you once, even if you lied to me, I would not blame you, I would just consider it as compensation for my reckless behavior. In fact, I need to thank you for keeping resisting until the last moment. It was because of you that I did not make a huge mistake."

After that, he felt that he should leave. Otherwise, Yu Jian would probably get here soon. Thinking of his original purpose of coming here, he asked, "Do you have Zhao Ling's phone number? The female doctor in that secret lab."

"Let me check... You want me to call her? Or you want to call her yourself?"

"I don't have my cell phone with me, you can call her, I want to meet her, the location is..."

"I know a place, you have been there as well. It is the place where I hosted Yingying's birthday party. Not many people know that place."

"Okay, please tell her this... Also, this is very important to me, and it is not that I don't trust you, so..."

"Auntie knows, Auntie will go with you, so you don't need to worry."

"Thank you! However, there is another thing, it is very awkward to hear you calling yourself auntie in front of me and calling me Little Chu. In fact, my mental age is much older than you... Regarding this, it is very hard to explain. "

"Then what do you want me to call you?"

"Didn't you insist on using the English name before? Then you may call me Edgar."

"Why this name?"

"In memory of a friend."


A red car came out of the parking lot of a lab building. Zhao Ling yawned and asked in confusion, "Teacher, why do I feel something is not right about this? Song Ying is just a freshman, and she is not a student of science and engineering. How does she know something so profound? Auntie Su is a respectable person, and she would not make this kind of joke. It's so strange."

On the front passenger seat, professor Sun looked very energetic. Perhaps it was because older people normally needed less sleep, his face didn't show any trace of tiredness, instead, he said excitedly, "Amiss or not, I don't know about it, but it is definitely not a joke. The things she found on the draft that Song Ying scribbled, do you know how incredible it is? It directly solved the questions we had about the unknown particles that we had discovered this morning!"

Zhao Ling still asked curiously, "You are the only expert in this field, but why did she ask for me?"

Professor Sun said, "You also said that Miss Su is a respectable person, so it is definitely not something bad. Let's just go there and we'll see. Be careful. There seems to be someone ahead. Huh? Why is there a funeral at this late hour?"