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Chapter 40 Conflic


If it had been any other person, he wouldn't have been so embarrassed. For example, in the past, when he was still in the camp inside a spore forest, he had accidentally seen Jing Mouyou's naked body, or when he was inside the Castle Of Snowstorm, he had broken into Xu Qingshu's room when she was having a bath.

But the woman, who was sitting in front of him and revealing her most private part, was Sussica.

People often say that you shouldn't covet their friend's wife. And in terms of their friends'... That was absolutely forbidden to even think about that. Song Ying could also be considered as a friend, although she act very strangely sometimes. This was what Chu Yunsheng thought even after he woke up.

The housekeeper Auntie Wang came in, put down something, went out, and closed the door.

In the unusual quiet toilet, the heavy breathing noises that were caused by the rapid heartbeats could be heard very clearly.

"Are you going to stay here forever?" The woman's angry eyes revealed cold gleams.

Chu Yunsheng's left hand instantly moved back from her smooth skin as if he had an electric shock.

"Get out!" The woman said coldly.

Chu Yunsheng instinctively bowed his head down and turned around embarrassedly. However, when he did this, his eyes inadvertently swept past her private area. The image that would make any man's heart pumping, blood rushing was instantly imprinted in his mind. At that exact moment, from a deeply hidden consciousness, a strong and swift instinct impulse was produced, and as if it had been waiting for a long time, it suddenly erupted out, expanded everywhere rapidly as if it wanted to devour his soul completely!

Chu Yunsheng had to admit that this woman really knew how to take good care of herself. Perhaps it was because of her originally good genes and a better life that made her delicate face appear to be very young under her slightly curly and beautiful hair. Under the thin sweater, her ample breasts were still firm and forceful, and her waist was still slim and smooth. From her whole body, it just kept sending out the deadly charm of a mature woman. There was even a kind of noble and dignified temperament in between her brows as if a beautiful scenery that was full of deep and inner meaning yet filled with passion and enthusiasm.

Normally, the women like her would no longer have the cuteness that those naive little girls would have. But their charm would be condensed and transformed into something that was richer and meaningful. Women like her would always give people a faint of ambiguous feeling unknowingly, sometimes it was as cool as ice, and sometimes it was as passionate as fire. It made all the men unable to help themselves but want to conquer them.

At this time, there seemed to be a voice that was full of infinite temptation, screaming loudly inside his mind, "just enjoy it once, you have suffered too much! Let go of all your restraint, no one can stop you in this world! Have fun! No one will know! Indulge yourself, you've repressed your desires for far too long! Admit it and stop pretending!"

In his eyes, in his heart, in his head, the voice burned like raging fire, breaking down all the rationalities that were trying to stop him.

His hands were hesitating on the door, his feet were hesitating on the floor. Just one more step, he would be able to step out of the toilet, but he didn't seem to be able to make it. The woman looked at him in alarm and slowly she started to realize what he wanted.

"Get out! Now" the woman was indeed the elite in the business world, she was still able to force herself to stay calm, and quickly pulled up her pants.

However, at the moment she stood up, and at the moment she wanted to pull up her pants, the sound, the exposed private part, stimulated the uncontrolled desire in his consciousness even more!

He turned around suddenly, made a big step forward, and put his hand in between her legs to stop her from pulling up her pants. His eyes were blazing with fire, staring into the woman's eyes with the twisted expression of lust and excitement.

"What are you doing!?" The woman panicked, grabbed the big hand with all her might, and tried to push it away. She struggled and said, "little Chu, stop it! Get out of here now and I'll pretend that nothing has happened! Young people are impulsive. I don't blame you, but you can't carry on doing the wrong thing! You are committing a crime! Don't ruin yourself!"

Unfortunately, her words did not have any effect. As if Chu Yunsheng was a beast that was completely controlled by its desire, the more she struggled, the more excited and ferocious he was.

His left hand went through between her legs, suddenly lifting her up by holding her smooth buttocks. His right hand went around the back of her neck, covered her mouth, and effortlessly held her fragile body in his arms.

"Ah! Let go of me!..."

Her shout was suddenly stopped. She struggled desperately, using all her strength trying to escape from Chu Yunsheng restraint and escape from his control, but her strength was almost insignificant, in front of Chu Yunsheng. She couldn't even break one of Chu Yunsheng's fingers.

The beige bed was shaking slightly, Chu Yunsheng pressed his body against her body tightly. She was extremely panicked. What would happen next, she didn't dare to imagine. She just kept resisting desperately. While she was struggling, her fragrant sweat began to appear on her forehead, neck and all other parts of the skin, wetting the area of the bed below her.

The fragrance that came from her body stimulated Chu Yunsheng's madness even further. The impulse of instinct that had broken down everything, was encouraged by the voice that was full of temptation, inside his consciousness, burning even more fiercely like a towering inferno, devouring everything including his soul.

Its hubris, its wanton, its harm, caused a large area of panic and anger in the consciousness. It was at this moment, in the panic and anger it caused, countless streams of black gas suddenly appeared with an abyss-like deadly aura and spread everywhere, extinguishing every fire it could see.

The black gas seemed to be able to destroy everything. It scared the hubristic instinct and made it slow down in fear.

"You can't do that. She's, she's..." Chu Yunsheng's mind seemed to become clearer a little bit.

But immediately, under the pressure of the black gas, the tempting voice said timidly, "Does it matter? This is the world in your consciousness, it is just a dream, no one will know, and no one will get hurt!"

"But..." the black gas was very weak, and it has not fully recovered yet. In the face of the fiery army, it seemed like it was powerless.

The tempting voice noticed the change of black gas, immediately, it tore off its disguise, and shouted excitedly, "Yes, that's it! You should be proud, you should be confident, you are the most powerful man in the world, no one can do anything to you! Stop panicking, it's not for you, because there's nothing to be afraid of!"

"Yes, yes, that's right, be proud of yourself, be confident in yourself! Then you will have fewer things to fear. Your power is getting stronger and stronger, all the things you fear are getting weaker and weaker..."

"This is it! Why can they deceive you and hurt you, but you can't act like them? Tear off your hypocritical mask, even if it is a little evil, so what? As long as they're afraid of you, they can't hurt you anymore!"

"This is the world of the jungle, if you are not cruel, they will shit on your head! Haven't you had enough?"

"Go ahead and do what you want to do! If the housekeeper dares to come in, then kill her!"

"Moral? The bottom line? This is your world, there is no morality! No one will be harmed, there is no need for the bottom line!"


The tempting voice was loud and frantic, the panic and anger were slowly disappearing in the consciousness, the confidence and pride had reached the peak, the black gas seemed to have lost its support, it was unable to recover itself.

The impulse of instinct could finally step over the black gas' defense, which it once was extremely afraid of, destroying all the remaining rationalities. Even the suppression force that had come a long way from outside could only "sigh" helplessly. It seemed that it had just had a fight, and that was why it arrived late, and its current power was not enough to suppress the impulse of instinct.

Only the numerous fragments, which have been standing quietly in one corner, silently gathered up the scattered rationalities, and gradually forged an incredible force.

On the big beige-colored bed, Chu Yunsheng's eyes were blazing with fiery fire. He violently pulled down the pants of the woman below her, tore her sweater apart, stripped off her underwear...