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Chapter 39 The Night Operation

 In the evening before the darkness first descended on Earth, the setting sun was particularly beautiful. The east of the sky was as blue as the sea, without a single cloud, clear, vast and unfathomable; in the west, sunlight was shed on clouds, making them glow in red, their jagged peaks squashed together like the red cream on a birthday cake or like thousands of Fire Bugs in red armor.

Behind the beautiful scene, the sun, with its lingering face like blood, sank helplessly into the sea of clouds. Reluctant and unwilling, it glanced toward Earth for the last time and sent a wisp of red light into a clear floor-to-ceiling window a million miles away, and shed it in a room that was filled with smoke, turning into a tiny bit of heat energy.

Here, the same as the world outside, the shadows were driving away the sunlight at a rapid speed, snatching up the warm and bright places left by the setting sun on tables, sofas, and carpets, and the clear straight line between light and dark, was like the frontline of a fierce battle between two armies, with a dark army that kept winning and a light army kept losing.

At last, at some point, the exhausted light gave up the ashtray that piled with cigarette butts on the table, and the darkness that already waited for a long time swallowed up the ash at once without hesitation. The sparks of cigarette butts shining in the darkness were its flags of victory.

Its pride, however, did not last long. A big, sweeping hand forced down its "battle flag," and instantly extinguished it. It was so angry that he sent forth a cloud of pale smoke, brandishing its sharp teeth and claws, at the owner of the big hand, the enemy in its eyes.

Seeing it was about to succeed in getting into the nostrils of the enemy, who had dared to snuff out its "battle flag", and injecting a poison called nicotine into the enemy's body, it felt elated. Wriggling its tiny, stripy body like a vengeful warrior, it was excited and pleased.

But unexpectedly, at this time the enemy suddenly opened "a bloody mouth", spat out thick smoke, violently shredding its tiny body, easily tearing it into three sections. It hated the enemy. Although it was angry and unwilling, it could only see its body parts gradually scattered far away.

At the moment it was about to disappear, it vaguely discovered that the cloud of smoke its enemy spat out in the air seemed to also contain nicotine...

The smoke on the ashtray was cleared, the sunlight under the window also disappeared, the sun outside also set eventually, at this time, the light in the room was turned on.

In an instant, the darkness shrieked and shrank back, hiding behind the table and sofa, looking at the cold light with horror!


Chu Yunsheng missed the sun but was used to the darkness.

As if only in the darkness could he feel the great power contained within his body and the confidence that was granted by that power.

He was going to commence his plan this evening.

It didn't take long to get down from the twelfth floor to the ground floor, but when the doors of another elevator opened up, he was lucky enough to discover that the person he was looking for was in there.

Although she was wearing a pair of big sunglasses, a pink mask, she was still recognized by Chu Yunsheng at first glance.

In his life, he had only seen two stars, one was the Korean actress, who was captured by the people from the castle of raging fire, the other was Lin Shuiyao, although she insisted that she was just a model.

But being able to recognize her at first glance actually had nothing to do with him. It was just because her sunglasses, mask, and several people around her, exposed her.

Chu Yunsheng decisively abandoned the elevator that was coming down from upstairs and got in the elevator that was going up. At the moment he stepped in, he took a quick glance at her, and she also took a glance at him.

He was assessing the strength of the security guards around her.

She wondered if the guy in the black hoodie, who was acting strangely, was a paparazzi.

Chu Yunsheng turned around, with both hands in the clothes' pocket, facing the elevator door. Through the smooth surface of the door, he could clearly see that Lin Shuiyao's bodyguards were watching him vigilantly.

Seven people, three women, and four men, and one of them was an old man, whose strength could be ignored. Three women probably would only know how to scream. Amongst the remaining three men, one middle-aged, two young, all looking physically fit, but he did not know what their actual combat abilities were like.

The reason for such a detailed estimate was that Chu Yunsheng wasn't able to control his ability properly.

Edgar once said that once he attacked, he would definitely kill someone. The fighting skills Chu Yunsheng learned were through countless bloody battles, and all of the moves were the most ruthless and the fastest. Those abilities all aimed to kill the target in the shortest amount of time possible. In terms of the abilities to restrain a target, he never learned it before.

Now was still the age of Light, if a murder case happened in the Ruijin hotel, it would not be good to his plan, and the other people did not threaten his safety, there was no need for him to kill them.

At the very least, it would be a great waste to use black gas, which could destroy the bodies of a few ordinary people without any traces. Besides, he didn't have that many, to begin with, he needed to use it at the most critical moment.

Therefore, to deal with them, he could only rely on Yuan Qi energy inside his body, combined with the nine diagrams of body movements and the sixteen diagrams of physical combat techniques that he learned from the divine realm. Although it was not as good as black gas, it was more than enough to deal with those people.

Of course, Chu Yunsheng was not going to start his plan now, nor did he want to disturb them, in case they would be scared away tonight. He just wanted to see which floor Lin Shuiyao lived on, then waited until tomorrow when the sun disappeared for the second time and then do it.

A woman got off the elevator halfway. Apparently, she was not with Lin Shuiyao. The elevator soon got to the 28th floor, Chu Yunsheng finally confirmed the floor that Lin Shuiyao lived in, but he did not follow her out of the elevator, instead, he turned around suddenly and said to her, "can I have your autograph please?"

He didn't ask who she was, nor did he say who he was, but simply asked for an autograph. He had read entertainment news before. In this case, normally, these stars would comply with small, innocuous requests, such as asking for an autograph, to avoid excessive fan behavior in small spaces.


Lin Shuiyao's reaction was very quick. Perhaps, she had encountered such a situation very often. But she still looked at Chu Yunsheng, who was empty-handed, calmly.

Chu Yunsheng pretended to rummage through his pockets, and said apologetically after he got nothing, "Sorry, I forgot to take papers and a pen, but I am your fan and I like your new film... what is it called again? Hmm...?"

In fact, he indeed forgot what film it was. In the past, Yu Xiaohai only said it once, he only had some vague memory of it and he had never seen it before.

Lin Shuiyao smiled helplessly. A person who claimed to be her fan, but he could not even remember the name of the film she was in. What kind of fan was he?

Neither was he a paparazzi, so most likely he was just a man, who was looking for some random woman to have some fun with.

She did not plan to tell him, but maintain her graceful manner and said, "Thank you, and good-bye."

After she finished, she slightly bowed her body and then walked out of the elevator. A few bodyguards stood between her and Chu Yunsheng skilfully until the elevator door closed again.

Chu Yunsheng also smiled. It has been a long time, he had already forgotten the voice of Lin Shuiyao. Once he came back at night, he would need to call each room on this floor, so he needed to hear her voice again and later on, use the voice to confirm her room number.

Coming out from Ruijin hotel, Chu Yunsheng used the nine diagrams of body movements to bypass a few streets, and then destroyed all the cameras on the roads. He then moved around repeatedly to make sure that there was no one following him.

Then in the area where he had already destroyed cameras, he picked a taxi and asked the driver to take him to the Song family's villa.

Some things, he did not want to let Yu Jian and Song Ying's father know, so he took some time to cover up his tracks.

Upon hearing the address, the driver smiled and said that that place was an expensive area, all the senior government officials lived there.

In that kind of place, it was impossible for him to enter through the front gate. He did not have any permission, so the armed police would not let him in.

After getting off the taxi, he checked around the area while trying to avoid being detected by cameras. After finding the darkest and quietest corner, he waited for the cars on the road to disappear, and then he moved back a few steps, suddenly used the nine diagram of body movements to quickly run toward the wall of the heavily guarded community. As soon as he arrived before the wall, he infused the black gas into both legs, bent his knees, and jumped over the wall that was three meters high.

At this time, he had to use the black gas. Although he could also use Yuan Qi to do it, he did not have enough amount to be able to help him do it quickly and without any noises.

After entering the area, he continued to use the nine diagram of body movements to move within the villa, evading the patrolling guards, and moving on the path that he could still remember until he finally approached the Song family's villa. Just like a nimble black cat at night, he climbed up the wall, destroyed the latch of a window with black gas, and slipped into the villa quietly.

Chu Yunsheng did not have much time. After losing the target, Yu Jian and his team would definitely check all the CCTV or use other methods to locate him, such as the mobile phone, which he had already left in Ruijin hotel.

It was past eleven o 'clock and almost twelve o 'clock. Apart from some people, who slept late and some who could not sleep, most people would be sleeping by now.

But in the bedroom he entered, there was no one in the bed. But before entering, he could see that the light in Song Ying's room was on. If it weren't for the fact that there was a security guard right below that window, he would have already climbed in through it

Standing behind the door of the bedroom, Chu Yunsheng listened carefully for a while, making sure that there was no one in the corridor. He then carefully opened the door, quickly approached the door of Song Ying's room, and then tried to twist the handle.

The door was unlocked and there was light inside.

Chu Yunsheng held his breath, dashed inside, and took a quick glance around the room.

But there was no one in the room!

Chu Yunsheng frowned, then the faint water running sound was detected by his ears. The sound came from the bathroom in the room.

So it was in the toilet.

Chu Yunsheng heaved a sigh of relief. He had used so much black gas, it would be really a waste if he got nothing from this trip.

The bathroom was right next to the door, facing Song Ying's beige-colored bed, and on the other side of the bed was the floor-to-ceiling windows. But the windows were closed at the moment.

Chu Yunsheng immediately went quietly to the floor-to-ceiling window, checked the situation outside if there were traces of Yu Jian and his men.

There was no movement outside except for a patrol officer checking the area with a flashlight, occasionally, he shone the light at the wall to check the building as well.

Chu Yunsheng immediately closed the curtain, turned around, at this time, from outside the door in the corridor came the sounds of footsteps, it instantly alerted him.

The footsteps in the night were very loud and clear, every step could be heard by Chu Yunsheng clearly. He, who had stayed in a dark environment for a long time, was very sensitive to the sound. When the footsteps stopped, he could immediately tell that the person in the corridor stopped before Song Ying's room.

Chu Yunsheng looked downstairs through the crevice of the curtain, the patrol was still there, which meant he could not hide behind the curtain. But there was nowhere else he could hide. While he was trying to come up with an idea, from outside the door came Auntie Wang's voice,

"Miss, I made a little snack for you."

While she was talking, she did not wait for the response from Song Ying, who was inside the toilet, but directly twisted the door handle and was about to push in.

Chu Yunsheng's heart instantly sank, killing her or disturbing the whole Song Family, none of them was a good choice.

At the last moment, he suddenly used the nine diagram of body movements, jumped over the bed, darted toward the toilet like a sharp arrow. He opened it, closed it, and put his hand over the mouth of Song Ying, who was startled while sitting on the toilet.

Everything happened in the blink of an eye, it was as smooth as flowing clouds, and as fast as lightning.

But, suddenly, Chu Yunsheng's forehead began to have cold sweat!

The person, who sat on the toilet with bare buttocks, was staring at him with a pair of beautiful and meaningful eyes. The surprised look on her face had a faint of confusion, and in the confusion contained both anger and shame, and some almost unnoticeable panic.

But that was not important. What was important was that that pair of eyes was not Song Ying's!