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Chapter 38 Who Touched My Memory!

 Twenty minutes later, the taxi stopped and the driver turned around and said, "Sir, we are here!"

Chu Yunsheng woke up from his deep thoughts and looked outside the window. They just stopped in front of a tall building. But when he was about to take out the money, he suddenly stopped,

"Mister, what did you just say?"

The taxi driver frowned his brows. The road situation was very bad today. There were traffic accidents everywhere. If it weren't for the expensive car renting fee, he wouldn't have come out to drive the car today. Because of this, he was in a bad mood, so he replied irritatedly, "Sir! We have arrived at your destination! 46 Yuan in total! Thank you!"

Chu Yunsheng suddenly burst out laughing. The questions he had been thinking all the way to the hotel were finally solved by him in the taxi driver's irritated response.

The world that was simulated by the Pseudo-Monolith, no matter how detailed and how huge it would be, would eventually arrive at its destination like the taxi. Thirty years later, everything here would arrive at its destination, and everything here would end.

However, if he got greedy; the greedier he got, the deeper he would fall into the abyss of misery. And if he was stuck in the entanglement of wanting to have both the pendants and the illusory relatives, then, in the end, he would not be able to get anything done.

The purpose of entering the Pseudo-Monolith was to find the fifth pendant. That was the first priority, so he must make a cold and decisive decision. He must prepare himself to sacrifice everything in the Pseudo-Monolith!

As long as he was alive, there was still a chance for him to enter the Pseudo-Monolith again. It was just like taking a taxi, which could be used again and again as long as he had money. If he wanted, he would still have a chance to see them in the future, but his daughter outside the Pseudo-Monolith had less than three months to live.

After giving the driver a fifty Yuan note, Chu Yunsheng opened the door, and said, "thank you, and keep the change."

The money would soon mean nothing to him.

Today was the 22nd, the sun disappeared for the first time, the chaos only appeared on the Internet. But when the sun disappeared for half an hour again tomorrow, the whole city would have fallen completely into chaos. After that, soon, money would be worthless, fists and weapons would become the only currency.

Chu Yunsheng clearly remembered that in the original memory timeline, Yu Xiaohai would give him a phone call tomorrow, and tell him that the sun disappeared for half an hour again. Then the people all over the world would be rushing to the street to withdraw cash or use cards to buy as many supplies as they could.

The chaos would continue until the 24th when the sun continued to disappear without warning for another hour, and there would be riots all over the world, with agitated and frightened people seeking information and supplies, the crime rate would rise rapidly.

And when it came to the early morning of the 25th, he did not know much about other cities, but Shanghai would declare martial law, and the army would enter the city. That morning, for the first time, he heard the whistling sounds of real bullets...

After countless bloody battles of different sizes, Chu Yunsheng's intuition towards difference in strength was very sharp and accurate, and after a detailed examination of his strength, he had also made an estimation that with his current situation, he would not have problems protecting himself, but if he wanted to fight against an army, he would be dead for sure.

So his chances would only be the chaotic period tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, before the army entered the city.

Once the army was deployed in the city, he would not be able to do anything but cultivate Yuan Qi. He had to increase his cultivation level as quickly as possible, and he had to reach at least Yuan Tian Stage two before he was able to do anything during the fight with the military or during the fight with a swarm of insects.

Of course, he did not have to have a fight with the military. It was just in case he would be forced to be enlisted into the military. He could still remember what Du Qishan from the 218th military regiment did to him. Moreover, he must have enough strength to prove to other people that he was a valuable ally. Then he would be able to smoothly carry out the plan that he made before entering the Pseudo-Monolith.

And amongst all these things, the first thing he needed to solve was Lin Shuiyao.

His timeline was changed twenty days ago, so he was not sure if Lin Shuiyao would stay in this hotel. This was something that he must confirm as early as possible. Regarding the first four pendants, he must collect them as quickly as possible.

After that, he planned to take the advantages of the two days' chaos to collect some supplies. Especially cigarettes, he would need to spend at least thirty more years in the Pseudo-Monolith. He would not know how to survive if he did not have any cigarettes.

Of course, he would also need to find a bow as well. The senior practitioner's bow was probably in the hand of that woman in Hongkong at the moment. Currently, he didn't have the time nor the strength to get the bow back, so he just needed to find a regular bow to deal with the earliest insects' waves, the red-shelled insects. His archery skill now was extremely good, he was no longer that amateur, who lived in building No.8 of Mingdu Garden housing estate.

It was still the age of light now. Wanting to find a person in a thirty-story five-star hotel, and especially a celebrity was a very difficult thing.

Chu Yunsheng once saw an American movie, although he could not remember much, he still had some memories about the movie. In one of the scenes, the protagonist needed to find the hotel that his target lived in.

The method the protagonist used was very clever. Firstly, he dug up all the numbers of all the luxury hotels in the city from travel magazines and made up an excuse to call the front desks one by one. At this time, the staff at the front desk would only say yes they indeed have a guest by that name or no they don't have a guest by that name, and they would not disclose other information.

After that, if the protagonist finds the hotel that his target lived in, he would go to that hotel and dial the number again and use any excuse to ask the service desk to transfer the call to the target room. After the phone was connected, he would not hang up his phone, but go to the front desk in person, give the staff at the front desk his target's name, and then ask the staff to contact the room that his target lived in.

At this time because he had not hung up his mobile phone, the service desk naturally would not be able to contact the customer. However, the extension number that the staff pressed would give away the room number.

Originally, Chu Yunsheng also wanted to use this method to find Lin Shuiyao's room, but in the first call to the Ruijin hotel, the staff at the front desk said politely, "I'm sorry, Sir, our company policy prohibits us from disclosing customer's information. If you have the room number, we will be happy to assist you."

Out of frustration, Chu Yunsheng had to call Yu Jian. After all, if he was not wrong, Yu Jian's people were definitely still following him.

Sure enough, after knowing what Chu Yunsheng wanted to do, a blue car with an ordinary license plate arrived at the entrance of the Ruijin hotel. From the car, came down a man with a crew cut, wearing the Bluetooth earphone. As soon as he got off the car, he waved at Chu Yunsheng.

Chu Yunsheng only told Yu Jian that he wanted to live in the Ruijin hotel, but because he did not have an id card, so he needed his help. The secret about the jade pendant was extremely important, at the moment, he did not want to disclose it to anyone. However, he estimated that Yu Jian would soon make a private investigation of all the guests of the Ruijin hotel. After all, this area was under their control.

As long as he was able to live here, he would definitely be able to find a way to find Lin Shuiyao. She was extremely popular at the moment. There was no way that it would be very quiet when she checked in.

Of course, for Yu Jian, it was a good thing that Chu Yunsheng could stay at a fixed location, instead of running around. After all, it was very tiring to follow Chu Yunsheng around the city, and they also had to constantly worry about losing Chu Yunsheng.

The procedure was quickly completed, and the room was naturally an ordinary standard room. Yu Jian's team could not afford to let him live in the presidential suite.

After taking a hot bath, and putting on the new set of clothes that he bought from the nearby store, Chu Yunsheng opened all the curtains, let the long-lost sunshine shed on the table, sofa, and carpet...

This morning, since the moment he woke up in the bloody sun, he had yet to carefully analyze a lot of things. After he woke up, he spent most of his time and energy trying to figure out whether he was truly awake or not; was it a dream or the real world, and whether this world was really the world inside the Pseudo-Monolith or not, and so on... Therefore, he couldn't wait to go back to the city, hoping to use the ancient book to immediately determine whether he was awake or he was still dreaming, which world was real, and a series of other key questions.

After the doubts were finally cleared, Chu Yunsheng could finally calm down to enjoy the sunshine that he had not seen in thirty years, while analyzing his current situation after his timeline had changed, so he could modify his plan accordingly.

It was such a wonderful feeling to be able to live in a world that had sunshine.

Facing the sun while closing his eyelids, he could feel the warmth of the sunshine all over his body. This was the feeling that he had dreamt to have many times in the dark age for many years. But he did not expect that he would be able to experience it in the world that was created by the Pseudo-Monolith, and it felt so real.

"It is a shame that Yu Hanwu will never be able to imagine this kind of world in his life, but if there is a chance in the future, he will be able to see Dong Er again..."

Chu Yunsheng's warm eyelids slightly moved. He let out a sigh and took out a snow-white letter paper from the desk. First, he wrote down "Zhao Ling" two words, then he wrote Lin Shuiyao. But when he just wrote the first letter of Lin Shuiyao's name, he suddenly stopped.

On the right side of the sofa, the TV was already switched on, and in addition to the fact that he hadn't seen TV news in 30 years, he also needed to keep abreast of the situation.

At this moment, the TV was broadcasting the news from the China Central Television station. But Chu Yunsheng heard something that shocked him.

"At the moment, we are monitoring the situation. Joining us now, live in Europe, is our correspondent Ms. Sun Fei. Hello, Ms. Sun Fei."


"Thank you for joining us, Ms. Sun Fei. Can you give us an update on the situation in Paris?"

"Yes, thank you. Since this afternoon, a large number of people have been gathering at the Élysée Palace. They are holding signs and banners demanding the government to disclose the truth. As we can see, a large police force has surrounded the Presidential Palace in an attempt to control the crowd. President François Hollande has canceled his plans to visit the Middle East and through the national news channels, has asked the general public to remain calm..."

"It is not Sarkozy? How come it is Hollande? And who is Hollande anyway!?"

"Was I mistaken about using the ancient book to determine my situation, or has someone touched my memory timeline?" Chu Yunsheng was so shocked that he did not even realize that his pen had already fallen to the ground.