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Chapter 37 Timing

 Chu Yunsheng smiled. He was no longer the timid guy twenty days ago. In fact, he did not have much bad feeling towards the leader behind this city, and even No.1 that old man. Because if this was indeed the world within the Pseudo-Monolith, then they were just a bunch of shadows that were simulated by the Pseudo-Monolith. Regardless they were good people or bad people, he was just here to find the clue of the fifth pendant.

He now had more important matters at hand, so of course, he could not go with them to see some kind of important people.

But in order for the plan to be able to be carried out smoothly, he should not have too much conflict with them. So he thought for a second and asked, "which important man?"

Yu Jian hesitated for a while, it seemed like he didn't know if he should tell Chu Yunsheng. After he gave Chu Yunsheng an apologetic smile, he once again spoke to someone on his earphone, only after he seemed to have gotten the approval did he finally say, "Song Ying's father. I think you have heard of him."

Chu Yunsheng nodded his head and said earnestly, "If it is Song Ying's father, then I have seen him on TV before. Okay, at least I know who he is now, please help me to pass him a message. I know what he wants to discuss with me. But now it is not the time for us to meet at the moment. Ask him to wait for a few days, and at that time, even if he is not looking for me anymore. I'll look for him."

Cooperation depends on strength and timing. At the moment, he was like a stock that had huge growth potential, once the darkness completely covered the earth, insects infesting the world, his value would be increased rapidly like it was sitting on a rocket. It was far from what his value now could compare. So, it was not the time yet.

Yu Jian frowned and said gravely, "I was ordered to take you back intact."

Chu Yunsheng looked at him and said with a smile, "You also saw the attack just now. If you want to take me back, I might be intact, but you guys won't be. I will be honest with you. Even if all of you fight with me together, you are all still no match for me. Don't forget about how those who came from the capital died on the road to the hospital."

His words were not exaggerated, nor was it a threat, it was just the reality of the situation. If he wanted to kill the white shadow, he might need to use a much powerful sword blade, but killing a group of ordinary people, he didn't need to use the sword technique, an ordinary sword was more than enough to deal with them.

Yu Jian obviously understood this too, especially after seeing the battle between Chu Yunsheng and the white shadow, although he was a strick and diligent man, it didn't mean that he was stupid. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been able to be promoted to a leading position.

"All right."

Yu Jian took out a black mobile phone from his pocket and gave it to Chu Yunsheng and then said. "We can be contacted at any time with this, it uses a special frequency. So no one else should be able to hear our conversation. Also, don't go back to Mingdu Garden housing estate or the hospital for the time being. Don't contact any other people you know. The military and the people from the capital are watching them. The CCTVs in the area are controlled by us, so you don't need to worry about it."

Chu Yunsheng didn't have any money with him, and he was also short of communication tools. It wasn't completely dark yet, so he couldn't just go out on the street and rob some stores. Besides, by that time, mobile phones would be useless. But he urgently needed it in the next few days, so he didn't mind if they had bugged the phone or not. He reached out his hand and said, "Only a few days left, even if they could hear our conversation, it would be useless."

A strange look flashed in Yu Jian's face, but he didn't say anything. He just waved his hand and signaled the team to go back to the car.


Chu Yunsheng suddenly said while holding the mobile phone.

Yu Jian stopped and looked at him.

"If I do not return to my place, I have no money to buy food. Can you lend me some first?" Chu Yunsheng originally wanted to return to Mingdu Garden housing estate to take his bank card so he could withdraw money, and use that money to get through the last few days. Even if he met a few agents when he got back to his flat, he would still be able to deal with them easily. He didn't think any accidents would happen.

Since those people were here, there was no need for him to cause unnecessary trouble.

Yu Jian was obviously dazed for a second. He didn't expect that Chu Yunsheng would borrow money from him. Taking out his wallet, he took out all the cash he had and then collected some money from all his colleagues as well. In the end, they collected two thousand and six hundred Chinese Yuan and handed it to Chu Yunsheng. "Is this enough? If it is not enough, call me in the evening. We spent a lot of cash during the morning mission so we don't have much left now."

"Thanks, that's enough."

Chu Yunsheng just needed some to buy food, at most, he would buy a new set of clothes. The student's outfit that Wang Yijian gave to him was something he couldn't get used to.

"Goodbye then, and take care." Yu Jian said with a straight face and then got into the car.

Chu Yunsheng took the money and immediately squeezed out of the crowd of onlookers. He stopped a taxi and went straight to the Ruijin hotel.

The reason to go there was that he had been to this five-star hotel in the dark age. It was the hotel where he saved Yu Xiaohai and also killed some thugs.

Moreover, a key person was going to live there. She was Lin Shuiyao.

So many years have passed, he has already forgotten who had the second jade pendant. He only had some vague memory. But Lin Shuiyao knew. So he could only start from her.

According to his memory, Lin Shuiyao would arrive at the hotel in these two days, so he just needed to wait for her in the hotel. In terms of the first pendant. Unexpectedly, he and Zhao Ling got to know each other this early, so he guessed that it would not be as difficult as the last time.

Sitting in a taxi, Chu Yunsheng was checking the ancient book, page by page, character by character, extremely carefully.

After a long time, while the taxi was still driving on an overpass, and the radio station was still discussing the darkness, with a long sigh and a gloomy face, he closed the book slowly.

He finally confirmed which one was real and which one was not.

This world was indeed the world inside the Pseudo-Monolith, and there was indeed an outside world.


What made him feel strange was, why did he feel a hint of disappointment? Maybe a place deep inside his mind still hoped that the memory of the outside world was just a dream. A big, complex, and cruel dream...

In this way, he would not have to lose someone that was important to him or go through the tragic events again.

Chu Yunsheng could not help but laugh at himself for having this kind of thought. He then turned and looked outside the window.

Through the window of the taxi, he could see rows of high-rise buildings, gray and white. The glass walls outside buildings were reflecting the dazzling sunlight. A river winding and twisting, splitting the tall, concrete forest into two. The warm sun sparked in the middle of the Huangpu River and the shimmering water surface reflected a peaceful modern civilization.

Under this kind of warm sunshine, if he was still dreaming, then the only dream he had was the ridiculous thought that was hidden deep inside his mind.

If there were no silly Dumb Insect; no Liu Li, who waited for him until the moment she died; no Dark, who treated him as if he was its father and master; and no Edgar, who never betrayed him... If there wasn't any one of them, even if the world before him was real, how many "colors" would it have?

Chu Yunsheng didn't know the answer to it, but there was one thing he knew. Even if he could relive his life, it didn't mean that it would be wonderful. Not to mention that he was currently inside the world created by his own memory.

However, even if he understood this, how was he going to face his family inside the Pseudo-Monolith? And how was he going to face Liu Li, who was still alive in this world?

This was something that Chu Yunsheng had to consider, because so far, the people he had seen, and the people he had been dealing with, including the taxi driver, were all clearly real living people.

Before entering the Pseudo-Monolith, he didn't have much time to think about this problem, nor did he ever think about the world inside the Pseudo-Monolith would be so real. After he woke up, he studiously avoided this problem, even if when he met Yu Jian earlier, he didn't ask about his auntie's situation. But now, he must face this problem. How exactly was he going to face them?

The reason why he restrained himself from going to the first people's hospital immediately was because of this reason. On one hand, he wanted to see his aunt's family, which had died a long time ago, very much; on the other hand, he did not know what to do if he went there...

Gradually, Chu Yunsheng fell into deep thought.