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Chapter 36 Youve been exposed.

 The speed of the white shadow was as fast as the wind, but the little sword formed by the black gas was even faster. Moving like a lightning bolt, it caught up with the white shadow within a blink of an eye.

The white shadow let out a confused noise, turned around, jumped into the air, swung the sword to cast out three crescent-shaped Sword Qi blades that were filled with fierce cold gleams, locking on the black small sword.

The thin Yuan Qi energy in the air was disrupted like something dropped in a calm water surface. The ripples it caused quickly spread out.

As a 'Puff' noise was heard, the black small sword qi penetrated the first white sword qi blade. The first white sword qi was instantly shattered and dissipated in the air like a cloud of white smoke. The black small sword paused, vibrating, and making metal clanking noise, exposing dark gleams. Then it shot out again and dispersed the second white sword qi.

The white shadow used this extremely short period of time to suddenly speed up, turn around, and begin running quickly. It seemed like it just wanted to take away the ancient book, and was reluctant to fight.

The small black sword eventually penetrated the third white Sword Qi blade as well, turning all three Sword Qi blades into three white clouds of smoke behind it. Its traveling trail was like a long thin black line, piercing the three white smoke clouds, without causing the slightest disturbance to the Yuan Qi in the air. Then it shot out to chase the white shadow again.

As if the white shadow could feel the cold intent from its back, it suddenly changed direction sharply while running, its movement was like the Sword Qi blade it cast out, it was simple and swift.

But the little black sword had no intention of giving up on the target. It was turning sharply in midair, still locking on the back of the white shadow, as if it would not stop until its head was cut off.

The white shadow probably did not expect that the small black sword could be so troublesome, and more importantly; the man was still there, it did not know whether it was because he was only able to cast out one black sword, or if he did not plan to join the fight personally, but he was still looking at the fight coldly, and not moving.

In the face of the small black sword, the white shadow decisively gave up the idea of escaping from here. Both of its hands immediately clenched the sword hilt to gather the thin Yuan Qi around it in the air. Quickly, its sword began to emit dazzling white light. The black sword was once again slowed down and it seemed like it was facing a lot of difficulties with every inch it moved forwards.

Unfortunately, there wasn't enough energy in the air, otherwise, the white shadow believed that it could easily split that person in half.

At this time, the master of the small black sword suddenly opened his hand and grabbed something in the air. Then the white shadow was surprised to find that the book in its arms instantly flew away from him.

The white shadow wanted to stop it but it couldn't. The small black sword was currently pressing against its sword, it felt as if it was trying to push back a thousand tones of heavy steel. So it could only watch the book fly into the palm of that man helplessly.

At the moment of distraction, the speed of the small black sword suddenly increased again and broke the white aura of the sword, and hit the tip of the white shadow's sword.

After a humming noise.

Many small lightning arc energy attacks began to appear on the sword blade, making it tremble and hum.

However, Chu Yunsheng didn't know what kind of material the sword was made of. Under such a fierce attack, it didn't break down. It was still withstanding the attack with its white aura and white sword qi.

Seeing the book has already been taken, the white shadow's eyes instantly became cold. It suddenly moved back a few steps while still holding the sword, and as the small black sword pressed forward, it used his sword to quickly push it downwards to divert its flying path, instead of trying to push the sword back. The clever method it used made the black sword qi instantly crash into the ground.

Lifting up its sword again, it wanted to test if that man was still able to cast out a second black sword qi. However, at this moment, a car suddenly drove out of a corner. As it stopped sharply, several armed men quickly jumped out of the car. The white shadow let out a cold snort, turned around, jumped over a tall wall, and quickly disappeared from people's sight, leaving only the fluctuation of energy in the air.

Several men with guns quickly reported what they saw through their earphones. It seemed like there were more of their men outside this community.

One of the dark-skinned men, who looked keen-witted and competent, put away his gun and walked forward. He reached out his hand and said, "Chu Yunsheng? I'm Yu Jian from the city's special task force."

Chu Yunsheng did not shake hands with him, but put the book in his arm, looked at them, and said lightly, "You have been following me?"

The man, named Yu Jian, did not seem to know how to smile. His face was full of seriousness and he said, "Yes, but we are trying to protect you. The man who attacked you just now was with the man, who took you to the hospital last time."

Chu Yunsheng shook his head secretly, but he didn't say anything. He only said, "How many times have you seen this man?"

Chu Yunsheng was very clear that if the outside world was real, the group of people, who threatened him and took him to the hospital, was without a doubt, No.1 that old man's men and they were definitely those stupid Chu Clan's disciples.

But this white shadow was definitely and absolutely not, and there was only one reason, it was that the Sword Qi that white shadow used was pure Yuan Qi!

This was something that Chu Clan's disciples or the people from the five elemental races could not do.

The crystal-dressed beings could do it, but they clearly did not use swords, and they also did not dress like that white shadow.

So who was that white shadow exactly? Chu Yunsheng did not have a clue.

Yu Jian thought for a moment and then said, "it is the first time for us to see that person. However, those, who can use special powers like you, are basically all from Capital City."

His answer made Chu Yunsheng believe his judgment, even more. This person was definitely not from the Chu Clan.

It was because Chu Yunsheng did not know the white shadow's true identity, and he also did not have absolute power to kill that person on the spot that he only took back the book and did not chase the white shadow.

The amount of black gas he had could only allow him to cast out the same sword attack three times. However, this type of sword blade was not very powerful. If he were to form a more powerful sword blade, then the amount of black gas could only allow him to cast out once.

Perhaps the more powerful sword blade would be able to kill that white shadow. However, before he had enough Yuan Qi energy to protect himself, using up the black gas was extremely dangerous, and he would have no way to undo it. Therefore, he absolutely would not make a simple mistake like this. Without protection from the black gas, for example, the armed men in front of him could easily kill him.

In the weak period before recovering his full strength, keeping his trump card secret was the most important thing. In any case, he could not let the second person know how many times he can cast out those sword attacks!

So if the white shadow had once again attacked earlier, the person that would have to run away would not be the white shadow, but him. After experiencing so many bloody fights, Chu Yunsheng had developed a habit that he would not do something that was laborious and useless, and there was no shame in running away. The real winner would always belong to the man, who lived to the last.

But what made him feel strange was, how did this guy find him? He had never encountered this person in the past in his original memory.

At this time, more and more residents of this community began to gather around the scene after hearing the noises. Although what happened earlier was very quick and very dangerous, some residents still saw it from upstairs.

As soon as they gathered around, Yu Jian and his men quickly put down their guns and began to maintain the order and keep the crowd as far away from the place as possible. No matter who they worked for, maintaining the public order was always a part of their duty, especially after what happened during this morning and then this incident.

After Yu Jian said something to his earphone, he said seriously to Chu Yunsheng.

"You've been exposed. It's very dangerous to stay here. Come with us. An important person wants to see you."