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Chapter 35 Sword Qi

 "So I'm in the world inside the Pseudo-Monolith? A world created from my memories? A fake world!? No, it is impossible! This is clearly the real world!"

At this moment, an additional memory suddenly rushed into his mind, disrupting his memory timeline, stirring up his mind, making him feel dizzy all of sudden. Chu Yunsheng, who was hit by the sudden dizziness, staggered, almost falling to the ground.

It was the memory since he had the first nightmare two months ago until this morning. It was now in a fierce fight with his original memory. Both sides were trying to convince each other that they were the real memory.

Chu Yunsheng's face was very pale. He gritted his teeth and quickly held on to the guardrail while trying to analyze the situation. Tan Ning told him that if he didn't wake up, all the memories inside the Pseudo-Monolith would simply overlap with the memories from the outside world, they would be exactly the same, and there wouldn't be any changes.

However, she did not say what would happen when a different memory was produced during the waking up process! Did she forget to mention it or she simply did not know?

After the first night of the nightmare, a different memory timeline was produced. He should have stayed in the Mingdu Garden Housing Estate until the Darkness fell, but now he actually came to Songjiang University town. Moreover, whatever happened during these two months, he could still remember it clearly. This was not something that he could erase.

It became a big problem.

The memory after he woke up could be connected with the original memory timeline. For example, the memory he had since this morning could be connected with the memory timeline outside the Pseudo-Monolith. The concept of time and space used was also from the memory timeline outside the Pseudo-Monolith.

However, the memory from the first night of the nightmare till the moment he woke up could not connect with the memory timeline outside the Pseudo-Monolith, it belonged to the memory timeline inside the Pseudo-Monolith. To him, who came from the outside, this part of the memory was superfluous. In other words, this part of memory probably wasn't real and hence this world was not real. Since no one can have two different memories at the same time.

Although he knew full well that the root cause of the conflict was the long waking process, and the matter itself was not complicated, it was just the long waking process leading to a change in memory.

But there was still a part of his mind that did not believe it, and it constantly doubted that what if the Pseudo-Monolith thing was just a dream? What if the memory outside was just a dream. It even made him question if the outside world was real.

To solve this problem, at the moment, he only came up with two solutions.

One was to check if what was about to happen, corresponded to the memory outside the Pseudo-Monolith. If the details were consistent, and everything actually did happen, it meant that the memory outside the Pseudo-Monolith was true. No one could predict the future, otherwise, it would destroy the timeline. It was even more impossible for a dream to achieve this. This was something that he understood clearly.

But because what he had experienced after that nightmare has changed so much, if he wanted to use this method to check again, he had to wait until tomorrow when darkness fell again. Only with this kind of big event, it should not be influenced by what he had experienced.

Therefore, if he wanted to check it immediately, he could only use the second method, which was to get the ancient book immediately!

In any memory timeline, he had mastered only 300 characters before darkness completely covered earth.

If he got the ancient book and could understand more than 300 characters, then it meant that this world was not real, and the outside world was real. However, if he got the book, but he could still read 300 characters, that meant those memories outside were nothing but a dream, because no matter what kind of dream it was, it could not make him magically understand so many words.

This problem must be solved immediately. Even if he believed that this was the world inside the Pseudo-Monolith, he had to confirm it again. Tan Ning did not tell him that this would happen. But he knew clearly inside that if he had known about this, he wouldn't have taken part in this project.

And if he allowed it to continue persisting, it may lead to a serious mental illness, and in the end, he would probably constantly question if the world around was real or not until he completely losses his mind and commit suicide like those Pre-Cambrian beings Tan Ning told him.

He had studied engineering and was a professional engineer. He liked to do things with clear logic and clear preconditions.

However, this was exactly the kind of person that was more likely to fall into the tangle of logic. So he must find some hard evidence to prove his current situation!

The place where he buried the ancient book was in the area that was not far from here. This was also the reason why he took the car here.

Unlike twenty days ago, although the Yuan Qi leaked during the first disappearance of the sun was very thin, his body began to absorb Yuan Qi skillfully.

It was also because of that, that 99% of him tended to believe that this world was not real. After all, in the original memory timeline, he still couldn't absorb Yuan Qi this easily at this time.

If it weren't for the fact that the Yuan Qi he gathered was not enough for making one talisman, he would have used a talisman to test it already.

Although he still had black gas, he couldn't say for sure what it was and how it was produced, so he didn't dare to use it to do the test. Moreover, he still relied on it to protect himself. Although its quantity was not much, if the world outside the Pseudo-Monolith was real, the reason why he didn't have much black gas could be explained. After all, he was heavily injured after attacking the mysterious gigantic hand. And before he entered the Pseudo-Monolith, his injury hadn't even recovered completely.

With some Yuan Qi in his body, and black gas to protect him, it didn't matter to him if someone was following him now. As long as the military and the government did not deploy a large number of troops; individual agents and even Chu Clan's disciples were no match for him.

Soon, he came to the community where he had buried the book, the guard was at the gate discussing the disappearance of the sun this morning with a group of old people.

Not only here, but almost everyone was talking about it. The businesses in the supermarket have skyrocketed several times because of this.

No one asked him, and no one stopped him, he walked in the community casually as if he lived there. Arriving at a small tree in a remote corner, the stone was still there, and because of the Yuan Qi energy, the connection between him and the ancient book was very clear.

But at this moment, a white shadow came out from behind him as if it suddenly appeared out of nowhere, and without any warning, a bright sword-shaped Qi flashed by and made a crater on the ground. Then the white shadow took the book and was ready to leave.

"Sword Qi?"

Chu Yunsheng's heart sank. A small black sword suddenly formed in his hand and shot towards the white shadow.