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Chapter 34 The Pseudo-Monolith

 Wang Yijian deliberately paused for a second to keep Lu Bingyan in suspense, and only after her eyes were looking at him with anticipation did he finally feel satisfied and said secretly, "Combined with the fact that Dummy successfully predicted the darkness this morning, I think, Dummy must be an insider of some secret organizations."

"And with the reaction that the girl from the Aurora College had, Dummy might be someone, who was at the very top of such organizations. Perhaps, because of an unexpected accident, he was badly wounded; and then he lost his memory.

In terms of why he came to our university, perhaps, there were still some parts of his memory that remained, and he probably graduated from our university, so he wanted to come to our university to restore his memory. However, I still don't know why he always shouted below 311 Girl's Dormitory."

Hearing this, Lu Bingyan hurriedly said, "I know this, he went to the 311 Girl's Dormitory to find a girl. That girl used to study at our university. Oh right, do you still remember last night in the corridor when he took down a photo from the wall outside the student council's activity room and said that she is dead?"

Wang Yijian was dazed for a second and asked, "How do you know that?".

Lu Bingyan said, "I used the student council's membership login details to check the students' information in the school database. There was only one person that matches the photo. And she used to live in Room 203 in the 311 Girl's Dormitory."

Now all the leads were connected, Wang Yijian instantly understood everything. He patted the table and said, "I didn't expect that Dummy is really an affectionate person!"

However, Lu Bingyan didn't seem to have heard what he said.

She said with concern, "I just don't know what is the meaning of his final text."

Wang Yijian said, "Based on what he said in the past, I think he was trying to tell us to prepare for the end of the world. Everyone is talking about Mayan Prediction now. A few lads in my room already went out to gather supplies."

"I know that, too." Lu Bingyan thought for a second and said, "Out of those three words, 'Weapon' is the easiest to understand. It is for our protection. We need to use weapons to protect ourselves.

Regarding the 'fat meat', I once saw a movie explaining that fat meat can be processed into oil, and this oil can be solidified and preserved in a low-temperature environment. In a critical moment, it can be used to save lives, so it is also understandable to gather fat meat.

But why shoes? And most importantly, why did he mention the shoes first?"

Wang Yijian said with a long face, "Your IQ is so high that you can get a good score in every exam. If you don't even know why, how would I know?"


In the city, 20 kilometers outside of the Songshan University town.

A private black car slowly stopped at the side of the road. There was a serious car accident that occurred in the place ahead at around 7 a.m this morning, and the road still hasn't been cleared even until now. There were simply too many cars involved in the car accident. With so many cars crashing into each other, even some ambulances had trouble getting in.

When the door opened, a man gave the driver all the money he had to pay for the ride and the fee for the two text messages.

Then he began to walk along the street while being completely shocked by the things he saw. The shops around him, the people on the sidewalk and the cars on the roads.

The advertisement on the telephone poles, the grease stains on the glass of a snack bar...

Everything he saw just completely blew him away.

Eventually, he came to an overhead pedestrian bridge. While turning his body around and around repeatedly; he tried to see the world that was seemingly chaotic but still maintaining order, as much as he could.

The dust that covered the handles of the overhead pedestrian bridge had different thicknesses, the branches of the trees on the roadside had different sizes, but none of them had repetitions! The same goes for the clouds in the sky and the people that walked past by.

They were all very chaotic, very different, but none of them didn't conform to the laws of physics and chemistry!

Looking at the advertisements on the big billboards hanging outside the buildings in the distance, and then looking at the cars driving past just below the bridge, Chu Yunsheng could not help but recall the conversation he had had with Tan Ning before she operated the machine.


"Tan Ning! What is happening? How did that gigantic spaceship descend into the lower dimensional space before the dimensional space is even stabilized?"

"The arrow you shot made a crack, it took the opportunity to jump in. But don't worry, it is stuck in the sky at the moment. We will use a Gravity Bomb to pull it down and destroy it. The main problem is the fleet that is currently surrounding the solar system."


"No.1 told me all the secrets about the Chu Clan before he passed away. He told me that if you still did not use the plan he suggested after he passed away, I will need to activate the contingency plan. We know that you are looking for the fifth pendant so that you can go to the moon to get the real Wood Elemental Core to save your daughter. I can help you!"

"How are you going to help me, if you could not even find it in the past twenty years?"


"The gate project is actually called the Pseudo-Monolith. In the past, the Pre-Cambrian beings tried to replicate the Black Monolith after the real one disappeared. Although the replica strangely collapsed when it was almost completed, this gate was formed..."

"So you are saying that this pseudo-monolith is going to help me?"


"Okay, it is ready, the energy is only enough for one slot."

"You want me to lie in there?"


"Tell me in detail what will happen if the Pseudo-Monolith is activated."

"Its function is to obtain the consciousness of the creature lying in it, and form a subsystem based on all the memories in that creature's consciousness. And then using the information contained in this subsystem, and the corresponding relation between the subsystem and the mother system to deduce, simulate, and restore the whole, real world that gave birth to the creature's consciousness and memory. It is like restoring an entire picture just using a few pixels.

There are a few important things that you need to know. After the Pseudo-monolith is activated and once you enter the simulated world, you'll forget about the outside world completely and just live on your original memory timeline until you fully "wake up" to the outside world memory."

"How do I wake up and get out of the Pseudo-Monolith?"

"Brother Chu, according to the records of the Pre-Cambrian beings, this is a very dangerous thing to do. Do you want to spend more time thinking about it?..."


"Okay, since you insisted, I'll tell you what I know... Unfortunately, there were no records of those, who had entered the Pseudo-Monolith, woke up safely. According to the record No.1 gathered, some Pre-Cambrian beings never even woke up. And to the Pseudo-Monolith, failing to wake up means no change, and no change means everything will happen according to the original memory timeline. Anything that has happened before, will happen again, and nothing will change. By the time they climbed out of the slot, the two memories had merged with each other so completely that they didn't even know they'd been inside the Pseudo-Monolith, or how many times they had even repeated the simulation.

And that was just the problem at the beginning after they left the Pseudo-Monolith. After they got out of the simulation after some time, they would even begin to question if they had really left the simulation; and wonder if the world around them was just another simulation. Because their memories before entering the Pseudo-Monolith were stored inside it, and the Pseudo-Monolith could use those memories to simulate a world, then they would need to enter it again. And this has been confirmed by those, who had woken up, and preserved as a record of great importance!

Many Pre-Cambrian beings lost their minds because of this, and in the end... the end, they... they committed suicide."

"Committed suicide? So, that is the way to get out of the Pseudo-Monolith?"

"According to the Pre-Cambrian beings' record, there are two possible ways to get out of the Pseudo-Monolith. The first one is to wait until the world simulates to the end of the memory timeline. This was said to be the safest way. Another one is death, which was said to be a very extreme and dangerous method. In the Pseudo-Monolith, whether it is the suicide, the death by accidents or killed by other people, it will cause the simulated world to collapse, and then cause the destruction of one's consciousness. The survival rate is less than 1 in 10,000 in this kind of method!"