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Chapter 33 Shoes, Fat Meat, Weapons

 Wang Yijian's mouth was wide open. The buns in the lunch box were getting cold, but he still stood motionless. He was so familiar with that shadow. Just last evening, he had seen it so many times that he could not even remember how many times he had seen it. He could not help but murmur again, "don't tell me that he is really Dummy! Normally, he should have come to the canteen at this time."

The sky was getting brighter and brighter, shining with warm and genial light. The sun gradually drove the darkness away.

In the canteen, the students, who did not leave to help the people, who were in car accidents, were talking about the ten minutes darkness, hoping that someone would be able to give a reasonable explanation. After all, it was very strange. There was no advance warning, and there was no rain, no earthquake or anything like that, and everything just went back to normal as if it had never happened.

Students are always a group of young people with great imaginations. It didn't take long before someone mentioned the Mayan prediction and made a compelling connection between them. It made many students, who had heard this hypothesis before, nod in approval as if this prediction was true.

"The Mayan people predicted that on the 22nd, the sun would no longer rise and the world would fall into darkness. So that thing is real?"

"Who knows? But didn't the sun come out again?"

"What if it disappears again?"

"Who do you think that shadow in the sun is? It looks so scary."

"No idea, but I think it is pretty cool."

Two young girls, who were carrying lunch boxes, were talking about the latest topics when they came out of the canteen. Then a girl with a ponytail suddenly came running towards them hurriedly. Her eyes were looking everywhere anxiously while running as if she was searching for something. Seeing Wang Yijian was just about to get back to the canteen, she quickly stopped him and whispered,

"Did you see Dummy?"

Wang Yijian was still thinking about what happened earlier. Being suddenly stopped by someone, he was startled. Only after he realized that the person who stopped him was Lu Bingyan did he finally let out a sigh of relief, "I did not see him, we drank too much last night, so probably he is still sleeping somewhere in the university."

Lu Bingyan looked at him and said anxiously, "I've been to the grove and also the security office, he is not in those two places."

Wang Yijian's mind was still in a muddle. Whenever he thought of the words, "it is getting dark" the fool said, it sent chills down his spine. It instantly killed his mood to chat with Li Bing Yan. After he stuffed another meat bun into his mouth, he grabbed Lu Bingyan's hand and said, "I also have something that I need to ask him. Let's go to the No.2 teaching building to have a look!"

Lu Bingyan was flustered. Earlier on, when the darkness arrived, she also thought of the words the fool often said in the night, "the sky is getting dark, they are coming!" and the most terrifying words he said were, "everyone will die!"

"Dummy must know something!"

Surprisingly, both people thought exactly the same. On the way, they started to hear more and more people discussing this strange phenomenon and see more and more terrible car accidents outside on the street. It made their hearts start to thump rapidly and anxiously. Until the end, they began to run toward the No.2 teaching building as fast as they could.

Along the way, many people looked curiously at the two running people in surprise.

Wang Yijian was not famous, but Lu Bingyan was a very famous top student. At the moment, she was running inside the university campus with a male student while holding hands. Originally, this should be a very surprising thing, but compared to what had happened today, it was no longer that surprising anymore.

However, after they arrived at the teaching building, two people did not find the fool. It was as if the fool had disappeared. Only a photo that disappeared from the wall outside the student council activity room proved that he came here before.

At that moment, Wang Yijian's mobile phone suddenly rang, and then, he received a short message from an unknown number,

"I am leaving, if you have problems in the future you can look for me, my name Chu Yunsheng."

Seeing Wang Yijian's face was very strange, Lu Bingyan could not help but ask, "who is it? is it Dummy?"

Wang Yijian passed the phone to her and asked her to see for herself, "take a look. I don't know if this is him."

"Chu Yunsheng?"

Lu Bingyan's pretty brows were pressed together as she read the message. She then quickly typed a message using her slender fingers and sent it back,

"Are you Dummy? Will the sky become dark again? Who is coming? Where can I find you? What should we do?"

After sending the message, the two people looked at each other in silence. An inexplicable tense atmosphere enveloped the hearts of the two people. Nervously, they stared at the phone, counting the time and waiting for the message.

After a long wait, just when they thought that there would be no reply, the phone rang again, this time with only a shorter sentence, three words,

"Shoes, fat meat, weapons."


At noon, after the exam, Lu Bingyan met with Wang Yijian at a remote corner of the canteen.

"Wang Yijian, what does Dummy's last reply mean? Did you figure it out?" As soon as Lu Bingyan saw Wang Yijian, she asked hurriedly.

She had completely messed up her exam. Her mind was full of anxious thoughts. Sometimes, she thought about the sky becoming dark again, sometimes, she thought about the message the fool sent, and sometimes, she thought about the fool's cold expression.

Wang Yijian quickly took out his phone and opened the album to show Lu Bingyan a group of photos and then whispered, "Look at this first."

Lu Bingyan looked at him in confusion and then took over the phone. What she saw was a group of photos of a dark shadow holding a sword-like object next to a bloody sun on a building roof.

"What is this?" She asked in a surprised tone.

Wang Yijian leaned over to her shoulders and whispered into her ear while smelling the faint fragrance of her body, "it's Dummy!"

Lu Bingyan was so shocked that she almost screamed. Fortunately, she quickly used her hand to cover her mouth in time. Then she looked at Wang Yijian and then looked at the photos on the phone in disbelief.

Wang Yijian nodded his head and said, "it's him, I'm sure!"

Lu Bingyan's eyes revealed a strange luster as she asked in confusion, "is... Is that a sword? What's he doing with a sword up there?"

Then all of sudden she asked in a shocked tone. "where did he get the sword?"

Wang Yijian cleared his throat and said, "don't you feel that Dummy was always a bit strange? When I first saw him, he was only a little skinny and dark, and his whole body was very clean except for his hair, which was messed up by the Tank auntie. But strangely enough, his clothes were full of holes, which seemed to be caused by something sharp. The Tank auntie would not do that kind of dangerous thing. So what do you think that happened to him in the past?

Moreover, he had no problem understanding other people. He just didn't know who he was and couldn't remember the past. Other things, like waiting in line at the library, he understood it before I even finished teaching.

Later, someone in the university put up some missing person notices, do you still remember it? The one with the big reward! So, I think..."