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Chapter 32 The Shadow In The Bloody Sun

 In the canteen, the bleary-eyed Wang Yijian was holding a lunch box that had six steamed buns inside. Three of them were for himself, and the other three were for the fool. When he just turned around, he suddenly could not see anything. Everything in front of him was pitch-black. He panicked and began to shout nervously,

"I can't see anything! Am I blind? I can't see anything!?"

At the same time, the chef behind the counter also shouted, "who turned off the fucking light? Hey! Someone check the light switch!"

Then, a clatter of noises appeared from inside the kitchens.

The students outside the food counter reacted very quickly. They immediately took out their mobile phones and switched on the flashlight function. Many light rays instantly penetrated the darkness and shone on people's puzzled faces.

"What happened?"

"Why did it suddenly become dark?"

"Is it going to rain? Oh my god, my clothes are still hanging outside on the balcony!"

"That's so strange, it shouldn't get completely dark like this! It has already passed seven o 'clock in the morning. Nothing bad is going to happen, is it?"

"Don't worry, nothing is going to happen, it is just a little bit dark, probably it is going to rain. But if you don't pass the exam today, that will be a big problem! I heard that today, the teacher, who is going to invigilate us, is Mr. Zhou, that old man, so I prepared three small notes. Haha..."

The students, who came to buy breakfast, were all talking to each other about the sudden darkness. Wang Yijian patted his chest and took out his cell phone. He heaved a sigh of relief and said, "whew... I thought I was blind."

Today was Saturday, usually on this day, not many students would get up this early. But this morning, each academic department has arranged the optional course examinations. For example, Wang Yijian, if it weren't for the examination of the ideological and political course, he wouldn't have gotten up so early in the morning after drinking so much.

There were a lot of discussions, but it was not chaotic. In the era that everyone had a mobile phone, it was equivalent to having a small torch in everyone's hands. Most people just thought that it was going to rain, and all of them were waiting for the staff in the canteen to check the issues of the lights in the canteen. There were even a few brave male students even whistling to the female students in the dark to tease them.

However, before the light was even switched back on, a student suddenly ran into the canteen breathlessly, while holding the mobile phone in his hand, and shouted,

"Something incredible just happened outside! Come and take a look! You all need to see this!"

All the students in the canteen instantly shone the lights at the student, who had just run in, at the same time. It made that student immediately covered his eyes while cursing repeatedly, and a few seconds later, he just ran out again.

In the distance, on the city roads, there were sounds of emergency brakes and a series of violent and dull collision noises. It quickly followed by the ear-piercing cars' alarm noises.

There was no lightning, no thunder, no wind, no rain, just the sounds of the emergency brakes, car crashing, and alarms everywhere as if there were car accidents all around the whole world.

The students in the canteen realized something was wrong and began to grope out of the canteen one after another with their mobile phones. However, there was basically no fear or panic. Because one, there were many people, and two, they were all curious about what had just happened.

The street lights in and around the university town were scheduled to switch on and off by electronic clocks. It was not controlled by the easily broken brightness sensors, so at this time, the staff in the electric control room probably haven't figured out the situation, and perhaps, they were still waiting for their superior's instructions as to whether they should switch to the manual control and turn on all the lights.

Therefore, there were no street lights outside at the moment. Students gathered together using their mobile phones to provide as much light as possible. In terms of the place further away, it was mainly illuminated by cars' lights.

With the help of the mobile phone's light, Wang Yijian walked carefully around the table and followed other students out of the canteen. As soon as he got outside, he heard other people shouted loudly, "look! The sky! The sky!"

Instinctively, he raised his head to take a look.

From his position, he was just able to see the No. 2 teaching building, and a dark red sun, seemingly oozing blood, slowly emerging from the corner of the No. 2 building. It was just like the sun that was slowly rising from hell.

" Fuck!"

Wang Yijian was completely stunned by what saw.

Little by little the bloody sun struggled out of the darkness.

And then someone shouted, "Look, there's someone next to the sun!"

"Where? Where is it?" Someone with bad eyesight said hurriedly.

"Over there, near the teaching building!"

"Wow, so freaking cool! Quick, we need to take pictures!"

Some foolish girls screamed and then quickly adjusted their phones, wanting to capture the moment.

Under the huge red bloody sun, on the edge of the corner of the building roof, a dark shadow was holding a seemingly sword-like object with its tip pointing downwards, and standing in between the pitch black and the bloody red, like a messenger, who wandered between hell and Earth. The entire scene was filled with the breath of destruction.

"Who is that person?"

"Huh? He disappeared?"

"Look, the man is gone."

"It wasn't an illusion, was it?"

"The canteen's light just came on. Let's go and get some food."

"There are car accidents outside, let go and see if there is anything we can help."


"No fucking way!" Seeing the familiar silhouette, Wang Yijian could not help but blurt it out.