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Chapter 31 The Night Before The Arriving Of Darkness

 Wang Yijian sent Lu Bingyan back to her dormitory before he went to the supermarket to buy two bottles of strong liquors. Of course, it was the cheapest kind. He didn't want to spend all the money that he had saved on the fool.

On the No. 2 teaching building roof. Wang Yijian didn't know what method the fool used, but he opened the locked door very easily. Standing on the edge of the roof, he was gulping down the liquors Wang Yijian bought.

"I remember a lot of things."

In the cold wind, the fool didn't look stupid at all.

Wang Yijian ate the peanut he bought lethargically and then responded to the fool absentmindedly, he had no interest in listening to the fool's story, if it weren't for the fact that he had agreed to Lu Bingyan, he would have already gone back to his dormitory and slept in his bed now.

"Lots, lots of pieces, just floating around in my head."

The fool waved his hand as if the memory pieces he was talking about, were right before his eyes.

"That's because you have drunk too much!" Wang Yijian replied in a sulky manner.

The fool shook his head and said quietly, "I know that I can piece them together if I want to."

Wang Yijian was fighting to keep his eyes open, he said sleepily, "then, why not?"

The fool raised his head and looked at the night that was without the moon and stars, and said with his lost voice, "I don't know. I only know that I must remember them, no matter what. But I am also afraid to remember them as if they are not just memories but endless pain as well!"

Wang Yijian could not help but think to himself that of course, it would not be some good memories, otherwise, you wouldn't have ended up like this. But then again, he also could not help but feel sympathy for the fool. Who knows what kind of pain it was that it even made him forget everything in the past, "then, what are you planning to do?" He asked sympathetically.

However, the fool did not respond to him, he just kept drinking the alcohol.

Seeing this, Wang Yijian seemed to realize something, he sighed and said, "so that's why you wanted to drink. You want to run away from it? Yeah, that's kind of the right choice, after you are drunk, you will forget everything again."

The fool stared at the night sky, but shook his head, "can't escape now, the darkness is coming... I only have one night, so I just want to drink tonight."

Wang Yijian patted him on the shoulder, grabbed the bottle from his arms, and sat down on the edge of the roof, and said, "brother, let me drink with you! But don't think too much, it is not that big of a deal, no matter what, at least, you are still alive, and as long as you are alive, there will be infinite possibilities, and there will be countless women, haha... Cheers!"

The fool raised his head, gulped down the bitter alcohol. However, he was still a lightweight drinker, so it was not long before he lie down on the roof and began to talk nonsense again.

Wang Yijian, who was also drunk, draped his arms around the fool's shoulder and began to sing songs. Then very soon, the fool also followed him to sing. They were singing louder and louder on the roof until the security guards arrived...


At night, in the 313 girls' dormitory.

"Bingyan, don't you want to rest?" the girl, who slept in the bunk bed opposite to hers, popped her head out of the quilt and asked.

"I am checking something, you can rest first," said Lu Bingyan, who was sitting on her bed with her top body covered in a down jacket. There was a red SONY laptop on top of the quilt. At the moment, she was checking the information on the school website.

"Oh man, that boy from the Aurora college is really handsome!" Another girl, who just got in the bed, said excitedly.

"Yes, yes, so romantic! If one day such a handsome man walks up to me like that... I would die for it!"

"You wish."

"Yes, did you not see that girl from the Aurora college. From the way she dressed, she is definitely from a rich family. Rich, pretty, and great body shape, you don't have any chance!"

"You're just envious!"

"Speaking of her, don't you feel very strange that she left so hurriedly?"

"What do you think is gonna happen next? Of course, they need to find a room! Oh god, who will love me, please give me a handsome boy to warm my bed!"

"Oh my, you are really thirsty, aren't you!"


Three girls were constantly chit-chatting, and the more they talked the more excited they were. Suddenly, Lu Bingyan raised her head and said, "so her name is Liu Li!"

A girl with sharp ears, sat up and asked curiously, "who? That girl from Aurora college?"

Lu Bingyan was dazed for a second and said, "no, not her. You all know that Dummy is looking for something he lost in the 311 girl's dormitory, right? It turns out that he is looking for a girl, and she used to study at our university!"

The other two girls instantly became interested. The story about the fool was widely spread in the university town. It was quite an interesting topic among students. Especially in Lu Bingyan's dormitory.

"From which year?"

"What does she look like?"

"No picture, no truth!"

"Don't tell me that she died of some terminal illness? Like blood cancer that kind of disease? And then Dummy refused to believe it. Henceforth, Dummy became crazy. He came to our university to look for her because he thinks that she is still alive. Wow, so romantic!"

"You think this is some cliche Korean drama?"

"What do you mean?"

"Traffic accident, incurable disease, and the forbidden love between brother and sister. Those are all cliche tropes!"

"Oh come on, have you got no sympathy? Don't say things like that. Watch your manners ladies! But then again, muahahaha... You seem to be very keen on Dummy!"

"So what exactly are you thinking?"

"Be honest with us!"


The night passed silently. Just like girls' gossip, the noisy day was coming to an end and a new day would begin.

The sun was slowly rising from the horizon. Many students left the dormitory with sleepy eyes like countless ants left their colony. While heading towards the university canteen hurriedly to get their first meal of the day, they did not pay attention to the sun above their heads.

Those, who got up late, were still washing their faces and brushing their teeth. Those, who got up earlier in the morning, were still doing their morning exercises. In terms of the other residents of the university town, walking dogs, watching the news, taking public transportation... everything seemed to be the same as usual.

Then all of sudden, the sky became dim, and then the sun was quickly turning into a bloody color at the speed that was visible to the naked eye. There seemed to be a huge black curtain appearing in the sky, and countless people raised their heads in surprise. In their eyes, the blood-red sun in the morning sky was disappearing at a rapid speed. In just a few seconds, the world was in pitch-black darkness.