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Chapter 30 She Is Dead

 Wang Yijian and Lu Bingyan looked at each other, puzzled. Unfortunately, there were too many people in the square. While they looked at each other, the fool took the opportunity and ran away.

It seemed like the fool was really hurt by what he saw.

Lu Bingyan wanted to chase the fool, but when she just lifted her feet she noticed that pervert was rubbing his body against a young girl while ogling her with a pair of aggressive eyes. She instantly panicked, and her face quickly went pale. She couldn't help but shiver. That man was like a nightmare that she could never get rid of.

With just a moment of hesitation, the fool disappeared in the darkness. Seeing this, Lu Bingyan gritted her teeth, gathered her courage, and began to chase the fool. But her little heart was still beating fast.

Seeing Lu Bingyan run away, Wang Yijian cursed secretly. She was supposed to be his girlfriend for this evening. Now that his girlfriend left the party, he could not just stay there alone. Therefore, he also quickly followed Lu Bingyan and left the party.

Seeing this scene, the shaking body of Song Ying, who was in tears, suddenly became stiff.


The performance on the stage still carried on, the colorful lights were shone back and forth on every young face, speakers blasted out loud rock music, and the people in the crowd shook their bodies wildly as if they wanted to let go of all the restraint and enjoy the last evening. None of those people noticed that the fool had already left the party, and no one in the crowd seemed to notice that a man with a disheveled beard was taking advantage of a girl, who was standing in front of him.

It was the first time for Wang Yijian to notice that the physical ability of the fool was so good. He had already used all his strength, but he still couldn't catch up with him, as if he was a wild animal.

Of course, the reason why he thought this way was that he didn't want to admit he was weaker than other men. Especially in front of Lu Bingyan. It would only make sense if the fool was a wild animal.

However, even Lu Bingyan's physical strength also seemed to be better than him. In just a few moments, she was really far away from him. But even that, she still couldn't catch up with the fool.

Fortunately, the fool wasn't just running all the time, he would stop from time to time and look everywhere as if he was looking for something.

Eventually, they caught up with the fool in one teaching building.

In the corridor of the building, the light was very dim as if it could go out at any moment. Under the dim light, the fool's shadow was long and blurry, and as the light flickered from time to time, the shape of his shadow also changed from time to time as if it was alive.

At the end of the corridor was the activity room for the student council. There were many photos stuck on the wall outside the activity room, some of them had already turned yellow. In the dim light, the small notes under each photo also swayed with light, becoming very hard to read.

The corridor was too dark and there were only a few people inside. When the wind blew into the corridor it caused very creepy noises. Because of the incident she had last time, Lu Bingyan was instinctively scared of this kind of place, so she stopped at the door, didn't dare to go into the building alone. It was only after she waited there for a few moments did Wang Yijian finally have a chance to show off his manly spirit.


A few moments later, Wang Yijian appeared at the other end of the corridor. He bent over with his hands on his knees, panting heavily. Just when he was about to utter one word, he suddenly stopped.

Something wasn't right about the fool.

Because he, who was not a normal person, was currently standing in front of the wall that had many photos, like a normal person. He was no longer running or shouting, but just staring at one of the photos quietly, not moving.

"What's the matter?" Lu Bingyan was following Wang Yijian close behind. Seeing him stopped, she asked in confusion.

"Dummy is acting very strangely." Wang Yijian said in an uncertain tone while pointing at the end of the corridor.

When he said those words, he didn't even realize that they were talking about a mentally ill man. Mentally ill people acting strangely should be a normal thing.

Lu Bingyan looked at the dark stairway behind her nervously and carefully moved closer to Wang Yijian, and said in a nervous voice, "then, what shall we do?"

How would Wang Yijian know what to do?

But he must come up with an idea. Otherwise, how was he going to ask Lu Bingyan out in the future? This was a great opportunity for him to show her that he was the man that she could rely on, and he was the man that would protect her!

However, before he had time to squeeze out an idea, the fool suddenly spoke, with a tone of infinite desolation.

"She is dead."

Wang Yijian and Lu Bingyan looked at each other in shock. They didn't know what the fool was talking about.

Then the fool reached out his hand to take off one photo and used his finger to stroke the photo gently. Two lines of muddy tears streaked down from his eyes to his chin, as he said with a helplessly but tender tone, "you are so silly and I'm so stupid."

When Wang Yijian saw this, he put his hand near his mouth and coughed a few times as if he wanted to say something.

The fool slowly turned around and took a quick glance at them. His expression was extremely cold and stern, and the fierce gleam emitted by his eyes was like a sharp-edged knife. The feeling he gave to other people had completely changed. At this moment, he didn't look like a fool at all.

Wang Yijian had never seen this kind of expression appearing on the fool's face before. The words that he wanted to say earlier all stuck in his throat.

And even Lu Bingyan, who had personally seen the fool staring at the lake seriously at night, was also frightened by the fool's expression now. She gathered all her courage and used her shaking voices and said, "Dum... Dummy, are you okay?"

The fool suddenly frowned his brows and walked towards them. Lu Bingyan and Wang Yijian didn't know whether it was because the dim light in the corridor caused some optical illusion or something else, they just saw the fool only made one step, but in the next step, he appeared in front of them.

"What's your name?"

"You, you, all right? Dummy, listen to me, relationship this kind of thing, you can't get it using force. If a woman is truly good for you, she can save your computer at least 30 gigabytes of hard disk space. Besides, I don't think that girl..."

After the fool talked, the tension was instantly eased, and Wang Yijian finally let out a sigh of relief and began to talk nonstop. The words he said were the words that he normally used to comfort the lads in his dormitory whenever they broke up with their girlfriends, so he was confident that it would work on the fool as well. However, only after he said it out did he just realized one thing, why would he say those words in front of Lu Bingyan. His image was completely ruined by this!

"What's your name?"

Seeing the fool's expression become colder and colder, Lu Bingyan quickly grabbed the corner of Wang Yijian's cloth and signaled him to stop talking nonsense but answer his question.

"Wang Yijian. But don't you know that already?" Wang Yijian said while still thinking to himself that he shouldn't have said those words.

"And you?" The fool looked at Lu Bingyan and asked again.

Lu Bingyan was like a startled bunny, she replied nervously, "Lu, Lu Bingyan."

Only until this moment, did Wang Yijian finally realize what happened. He could not help but ask in surprise, "you, you recovered?"

But unexpectedly, what the fool said next made them completely speechless. "you got money? I need a drink."