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Chapter 29 lets go home

 The dance on the stage seemed to have nothing to do with Song Ying. When she stepped into Songjiang university town, she had a strong feeling as if there was a voice telling her, that the person she was looking for, was here!

She was so excited and anxious, that she did not dare to tell anyone, including uncle Jiang, who accompanied her.

The boy's father was not as tight-lipped as he had promised, and before he even arrived at the police station he had already told the police everything.

After obtaining the note, that the police had taken from him, the military and the government was not satisfied. They did not believe this kind of nonsense at all. So they immediately called in the psychiatric experts and gave the boy's father a number of rigorous psychiatric assessments.

The results of the test were shocking. What the boy's father had said was true.

So whether in the military system, or the government police system, Chu Yunsheng was immediately listed as an extremely dangerous experimental subject.

However, they still couldn't tell how Chu Yunsheng did it.

Because apart from the remnants of a little blood in the sewer, they could not find any bodies and destroyed vehicles, there was not any equipment, that could allow scientists to make any scientific analysis and understand how Chu Yunsheng killed those people.

However, Song Ying could "hear" the raging roars, and the countless fragments from the documents, that the police had gathered.

She then began to have nightmare day after day, and it was the same nightmare every time. Every time after she woke up, she could only remember an extremely frightening picture.

At the end of the world, above a tearful dark shadow, the sky sent down the divine punishment, the sun and the moon disappeared without a trace, the world began to crack, mountains began to collapse, countless fragments formed endless tornadoes causing havoc around Earth... the tearful dark shadow struggled to climb to the top of a mountain, that was sitting on top of a blood sea and was made of countless bodies, and cried hysterically, "tell me, if everything is not real, why my heart hurts so much! ? Why does it hurt so much!?"


Two lines of crystal-cleared tears trickled down Song Ying's pretty face.

"Yingying, what's wrong?" Her best friend shook her arm, pulled out a tissue, passed to her and said in surprise.

"?" Realizing her gaffe, Song Ying took the tissue and wiped off her tears. She pointed to the stage, and said with a smile to hide her true feelings, "her violin performance is really great."

The performances on the stage reached its climax. Lu Bingyan dressed in a white dress, looking like a pretty fairy. Her slender and fine-skinned arm was moving rhythmically to play a piece of soft touching violin music. The beautiful melody was flowing in the seemingly peaceful night sky and quiet crowd, attracting the attention of the countless young men and young women.

In the crowd, a man in his forties with a disheveled beard lowered the edge of his hat and only revealed a pair of eyes, that were full of blazing lust, and those eyes were staring fixedly at the incredibly beautiful girl on the stage at this very moment.

After the performance, Lu Bingyan slightly bent over to thank the crowd, and Wang Yijian finally had a chance to get on the stage to give her the flower, and then he deliberately held the hand of Lu Bingyan and walked pass that detestable bastard, who he had a fight with, while raising his head high as if he had a much prettier girlfriend than his.

Looking at the expression of the detestable man, his vanity was greatly satisfied.

But soon the attention of the crowd was shifted to a handsome male student from Aurora college. After the handsome male student finished his extremely amazing performance, countless girls screamed excitedly. Although the winter night was cold, it still couldn't stop those girls' hot hearts beating for love.

Even Wang Yijian, who had just mocked the detestable man, was also impressed by the man's performance.

"So cool." Lu Bingyan also couldn't help but blurt out. Although she was clever and pretty, she was still a girl after all.

However, she would only reveal this side of her around the people she was familiar with. And because Wang Yijian's relationship with the fool, she considered him as someone, who she was somewhat familiar with.

Hearing her was praising another man, Wang Yijian, who was still holding her hand, was extremely gloomy. Although the male student was really handsome, and she was not really his girlfriend, he still couldn't help being jealous.

The handsome male student bowed deeply to the audience, then took the microphone, and in the midst of the girls' screams, he revealed a sunny smile, "thank you, thank you all. I am actually really nervous and my heart is racing because my dream girl is currently sitting below the stage. Today, I finally summoned enough courage to tell her that I love her."

"I spent three months writing a song for her, everyone, please give me the strength to sing the song to her!"

He was humble and was very confident, holding flowers in his hands, and with love in his eyes, he sang softly as he stepped off the stage and walked toward the crowd.

The students below the stage were seethed with excitement. Such a romantic scene, how could they not be excited, and how could it not make those girls lose their minds? After all, the all got nothing else to do anyway.

The screams and the whistles appeared constantly, and it never stopped!

The hostess looked at her watch for a few times nervously. She did not know, that there was in this kind arrangement. Probably the male student from the Aurora collage planned this a long time ago. She didn't want to upset people, so she didn't stop the male student's performance. But the next one, that was going to perform was the fool. And the fool probably didn't know what happened, he was still walking towards the stage with his usual perplexed expression.

While walking in the crowd, the handsome male student passed many girls, and those girls' expressions were almost as interesting as the handsome male student's song. At first, they all looked at him with anticipation, then they were excited when they saw he was walking towards them, and then when he walked past them, they were all very disappointed.

Eventually, he stopped in front of the girl, who seemed to have tears mark on her face. He raised the flowers, and looked in her eyes, he could almost see the tears on the girl's beautiful eyelashes.

"My goddess!" The male student revealed a charming smile. He was confident and affectionate.

In the distance, a bunch of fireworks soared into the sky, blossomed brilliantly like flowers in the night sky. There were countless petals appearing out of nowhere, falling on people's shoulders, hands, the ground, pushing the atmosphere to the climax.

"Kiss her! Kiss her!"

'kiss her!"

'kiss her!"

The crowd egged, heckled, shouted, and released the pent-up energy and hormones, that had been built up in the past month, which was the exam period.

The loud voices were like waves, appearing one after another, almost overturned the night sky.

Wang Yijian looked at the handsome male student with envy. That girl was so beautiful. She was even comparable to Lu Bingyan, and there was something about her, that he couldn't quite point out. It was like something like a girl from a royal family would have. All men like to conquer, this type of girl would only make men want to conquer her even more.

Wang Yijian secretly looked at Lu Bingyan, but she seemed to be attracted by the romantic scene. Thinking about the relationship between them was fake, he couldn't help but sigh.

"Why is the gap between people so big? ?"

"Damn it! Even Dummy is also stunned by it. Huh?" Wang Yijian's face suddenly changed, and he shouted, "Dummy, what are you doing?"

But the sound of his voice was submerged in the shouts of the crowd. It didn't even cause a splatter. Instead, it started Lu Bingyan, who was next to him.

He saw the fool looked at the fireworks and then looked the male student, who attempted to kiss the girl, back and forth repeatedly, as if he was thinking something. While he was doing that, he was also murmuring something in his mouth. A few moments later, he began to walk towards them, and his footsteps became faster and faster, in the end, he started to run!

While Lu Bingyan was surprised, she suddenly noticed something and shouted in surprise, "look, the girl is not looking at that handsome guy, oh my god, she is looking at Dummy!"

"No way! ... holy shit! It real! Who is she exactly?" After Wang Yijian also noticed it, he became completely confused. Originally, he wanted to stop the fool, but now, he didn't know if he should.

The fool was running, and people could see that he was very excited, extremely excited!

That girl was Song Ying, and only until now did she realized why her best friend was begging her to come here. But when the handsome male student said those words, her eyes were attracted by the fool on the stage. Her heart was beating rapidly with happiness because she knew that fool. He was Chu Yunsheng. Even if he had become darker and skinnier, she could still recognize him.

When she saw him was running towards her excitedly, she completely forgot the existence of the handsome male student in front of her. She just stood there, not moving, while having a strange and exciting feeling. At the same time, she was also struggling in her mind. She wanted to run towards him to hug him, but she didn't dare to.

The military and the government were looking for him. If they knew he was here, his life would be in danger!

"I'll protect him!" Song Ying clenched her hands into fists, watching Chu Yunsheng trying to run to her frantically, while her eyes covered with a layer of light watery mist, "I finally found you. I'm sorry that I can't meet you now. Please wait for me. I'll definitely find a way to save you."

She could not meet him. Not only could she not meet him, but she also could not let him meet her!

At this time, the handsome male student's lips were already close to her face. She closed her eyes with tears, let the male student's lips fall on her smooth forehead, the tip of her nose. She naively thought, that only in this way, Chu Yunsheng would stop running towards her.

She wanted to cry, but she could only clench her little fists.

To others, however, it was the tears of happiness.

The fool stopped suddenly. As if he was in disbelief, or maybe he suddenly realized something, he looked at Song Ying, shaking his head in disappointment, and then began to move back. His lips were moving, but it looked like he could not utter any words. And as if he was in great sadness, he was looking around with a pair of lost eyes, seemingly looking for a way out.

"I am sorry! I'm sorry!" Song Ying did not dare to look at Chu Yunsheng. She tried to apologize to him in her heart over and over again. Her heart was twisted in pain, and her nails went deep into her palms. She bowed her head down to avoid the handsome male student from kissing her lips.

The handsome male student was very considerate. He stopped and raised his head. His face was filled with happiness as he thanked the screaming crowd.

Wang Yijian seemed to have understood something. With his wild imagination, he quickly came up with a colorful story, that involved that pretty girl and the fool, in his mind. Then he ran to the fool, stopped him and tried to comfort him, "Dummy, don't be like this. It is not a big deal! It is just a girl. If you want, she can be your girlfriend!"

After he said that, he quickly gave Lu Bingyan a look. The fool had problems with his head, if he didn't come out to calm him down, he might really do something to hurt himself or maybe someone else.

But he did not expect the fool would push him away, and muttered, "she is not her, she is not her!"

"Not who?" Wang Yijian couldn't hear him clearly.

The fool raised his head to look at the buildings in a distance, then he suddenly started to run, while running he was also shouting hysterically with the voice, that was filled with endless despair and sadness.

"Li! Where are you?! I can't find you! Stop hiding, Please! Let's go home..."

The night was cold and dark, and his sorrowful voice was reverberating in university town for a very long time.