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Chapter 28 Magic

 Time went by day by day, the dirty-faced fool went to the library every morning to join the queue to reserve a seat so he could make some money to buy enough food for the day. Sometime, if the money was not enough, he would go to the canteen to pick other people's leftovers again, and then he would return to the 311 girl's dormitory to keep shouting Room 203 for the whole day.

After some time, he and the girls in the dormitory 311 became familiar with each other, and the Tank auntie also no longer treated him badly. Instead, whenever she heard about the fool was eating other people's leftovers, she would not be able to help herself but shed a few drops of tears.

After everyone knew that the fool was not dangerous, whenever some girls saw him, they would jokingly say,

"Dummy, did you shout to room 203 below the 311 dormitory today?"

"Dummy, I have meat you want to eat?"

"Dummy, are you here to reserve a seat for Wang Yijian again?"

"Dummy, can you help me to buy something? Oh, some girl's stuff, I don't trust other men!"


Wang Yijian became famous, he had no idea, that he would become famous among girls in this way. Many girls had never even met him, but they knew his existence because he was the fool's employer.

The fool also became famous, in just 10 days, he became the most well-known man in the area around the 311 girl's dormitory. There were many different stories about the fool. The most popular one was, that the fool once fell in love with a girl, who lived in room 203 in the 311 girl's dormitory, and probably the relationship didn't end up well, it caused the fool to lose his mind. But because the story was made up, so no one really believed it.

The fool said, that he had lost something in the dormitory, and that thing was very very important to him, so the girls of the 311 girl's dormitory had also tried to help him find the so-called important thing when they were bored. However, never once could they find it. Because the fool never once was able to explain clearly what the thing was.

But the fool became a role model, that many young girls used to lecture their boyfriends.

"If you're as honest as Dummy, I'll believe you?"

"Dummy never stopped shouting room 203 for a single day, but you only came to visit me for just a few days but you are already tired?"

"Dummy is very diligent, unlike you, who are very lazy!"

"Dummy is not a pervert, really, our dormitory once made a bet, and sent Xiao Miao to test him."

"Dummy can do magic, can you? You can't? So useless, even Dummy is so much better than you!"


While boys hated the fool, they also had something to say,

"You see how easy it is to satisfy Dummy, he eats leftovers, sleeps in the woods, I mean can you not be so wasteful?"

"Dummy is never picky about food! He will just eat anything, especially fat meat, the one you don't want to eat."

"See, no matter how much Dummy eats, he will never get fat."


Gradually, the fool didn't have to go to the canteen to pick up leftovers, every day, when Wang Yijian went into the canteen with the fool, and whenever the girls from the 311 dormitory saw the fool, they would always smile at the fool and give the fool some of their food, especially the fat meat, the type of food, that girls did not like the most.

But that was the fool's favorite food. Wang Yijian said, that the fool was not stupid at all, and this argument and judgment appeared more and more often as time passed. However, only "foodie" this evaluation was always consistent, because often in every meal, the fool could eliminate several boxes of fat meat.

But what made Wang Yijian speechless was, that no matter how much food the fool ate, he just didn't get fat. His face was still very skinny and in a very unhealthy color, it didn't get any better.

Wang Yijian's study was quite successful. He passed the first exam smoothly. But whenever there was gain, there would be a loss. The pure girl, who sat opposite him, indeed became familiar the fool, but she became the girlfriend of that detestable sleazy bastard, who he had fight with, and the reason the girl rejected him was, that he liked so many girls, but Wang Yijian insisted, that it was definitely because of that bastard was richer than him.

Since then, Wang Yijian and that detestable bastard became mortal enemies.

In order to fully defeat that bastard and stop him from showing off in front of him, Wang Yijian decided that it was necessary to have a good talk with the fool.

"Dummy, tomorrow is the winter solstice festival."

Wang Yijian stuffed a mouthful of food into his mouth and said vigilantly. While eating, he thought to himself, 'god Dammnit, why does Dummy become smarter and smarter every day. Is it because of the meat? If it is really the meat, then I will start eating the fat meat tomorrow.'

"And then?"

The fool raised his head and said. His perplexed eyes became clear and brighter day by day.

"There's a university union party in the university town."

Wang Yijian started to even suspect, that the fool was even smarter than him.

Sure enough, the fool's eyes instantly became even brighter. He patted the table like how Wang Yijian normally did and said, "ten boxes of fat meat!"

"I hope one day you will die from eating too much fat meat!" Wang Yijian cursed.

"Fifteen boxes!" The fool started to increase the price and his face was very serious.

"Oh no, big brother, it was my bad, ten boxes, just ten boxes please!" Wang Yijian wanted to reason with the fool. But when this idea just popped out in his head, he immediately dropped it. Trying to reason with a fool? Unless he was really stupid, otherwise, it was much better to be straightforward to the fool.

Burying his head inside the lunch box, the fool continued to eliminate the fat meat inside the box, he didn't seem to have heard he said, but his brows were pressed together as if he was worried about something.

Wang Yijian secretly laughed at himself, that what could the fool possibility worry about, but then all of sudden, he realized something, "How do you know what I need from you?" He was very surprised.

The fool's mouth was stuffed with meat. He mumbled something in a muffled voice, and then pout out his lips to hint Wang Yijian to look at his back.

As Wang Yijian looked back, he saw one of the four most beautiful girls in the university, Lu Bingyan was walking towards them with her lunch box with her ponytail dancing happily behind her.

"Dummy, Remember, as long as you convince her to pretend to be my girlfriend for one night, then ten boxes of fat meat!"

Wang Yijian didn't have time to praise the fool's intelligence. He approached the fool and whispered into his ear as if they were discussing some dodgy things.

The fool nodded his head and said, "deal!"

With the fool's promise, Wang Yijian was finally relieved. Speaking of this, it was actually very strange. Lu Bingyan didn't live in the 311 girl's dormitory, and not only was she very beautiful, but she was an excellent student. It was said that the university even offered her a chance to become an exchange student and represent the university to study at a famous university in the UK. But no one knew why she was always very good to the fool.

Apart from buying a big piece of meat for the fool every day, she even donated a lot of daily necessities to the fool as well. Sometimes, she even bickered with the fool. It made everyone wonder, that since when did this beautiful girl, who was always very quiet and rarely talked to any male students in the university town, have common topics with the fool?

In the end, many male students could only guess that it was all because the fool was very harmless, naive and innocent.

"Dummy, fat meat." Lu Bingyan used a spoon to pick out the fat meat from her lunch box and gave it to the fool and said without any expressions on her face.

Although in the quiet evening when there were fewer people walking around in the university town, and the fool often said some puzzling strange words to frighten her, she felt much safer walking past the grove and the area around it, knowing that the fool lived in there. Although that pervert, who was scared away by the fool, had threatened her, he never dared to show up again.

This incident, Wang Yijian didn't know about it, and at the moment, he was constantly winking at the fool to hint him something.

While eating the fat meat, the fool said in a muffled voice to Lu Bingyan, who was about to sit down, "he wants you to be his girlfriend."

Wang Yijian was so embarrassed, that he almost wanted to find a place to hide. Who would say this kind of thing like that? It was too fucking straightforward!

Lu Bingyan looked at Wang Yijian in surprise, but then she asked the fool, "why?"

The fool frowned, swallowed the meat and carried on his last sentence, "one night."

Wang Yijian suddenly spat out a mouthful of soup, and hurriedly covered the fool's mouth. He was both angry and embarrassed, that he almost wanted to kick the fool's ass straight away, but he had to maintain a good image, so he apologized, "I'm sorry, Dummy was talking nonsense again."

Lu Bingyan looked at Wang Yijian and then looked at the fool. She, who was a clever girl, immediately understood what was going on. But she didn't seem to mind it. Instead, a smile appeared on her face and she said, "okay, however, Dummy, you have to promise me one thing."

Wang Yijian couldn't believe that Lu Bingyan actually agreed to it. He was dazed for a few seconds, while his hands were still covering the fool's mouth. Then he couldn't control the excitement in his heart and said, "no problem, I can promise it on behalf of Dummy!"

As soon as he finished saying, he quickly winked at the fool and signaled him not to ruin his opportunity. At the same time, he also mouthed silently, 'five more fat meat!'

The fool nodded. But he also mumbled, "winter solstice festival? It's getting dark. Why don't you all run?"

Lu Bingyan and Wang Yijian both unanimously ignored his raving. And Lu Bingyan carried on to mention her condition indirectly, "some talented students from Aurora college will be performing in the evening party. I have seen the Dummy's magic tricks. It is very awesome. I hope he can show it to the students from the other universities in the party."

Wang Yijian nodded his head to signal, that he agreed to it on behalf of the fool. Actually, he had also seen the fool's magic tricks many times. For example, right now, Wang Yijian suddenly shouted, "Dummy, what are you doing? Where did you hide the leftovers again!? How many times have I told you that you can't eat those leftovers, otherwise, you'll get sick!"

Lu Bingyan's beautiful eyes flashed a look of sympathy. She stopped Wang Yijian, who was about to search the fool's body and said sympathetically, "Dummy must have suffered starvation in the past, and he was scared of it. Please, just let him hide it"


The night of the winter solstice festival, it was cold and bleak.

In the vastness of the universe, that streak of silver light beam finally disappeared into the unknown space, the surveillance ship, that no one knew how many light years it was behind, eventually lost the signal of the silver light beam, and it began to cruise silently in the dark again...

Song Ying, as the representative of the freshman of the Aurora Collage, came to the square of the university town very early. She, who was haggard, didn't want to attend some kind of evening party. She even rarely attended the classes. Apart from her best friend, who constantly begged her to come here, the most important reason why she was here was, that she had almost searched everywhere in the city, but she still could not find any Chu Yunsheng's information. Now it only left with Songjiang, Chongming, Jinshan three suburbs, that she had not searched, so she hoped that by coming here, she would be able to find Chu Yunsheng's information.

This day was December 21st, and from the date, Chu Yunsheng had told her, there were only less than 7 days left!