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Chapter 27 It is getting dark!

 "Dummy is actually very clever."

After spending more than an hour in the queue, Wang Yijian finally came to an incisive conclusion.

Originally he thought, that he would need to spend a lot of time explaining to Dummy, but unexpectedly, Dummy understood it in just a few minutes. He did not look like an uneducated fool at all.

At noon, in the canteen, Wang Yijian looked at the face of the dirty-faced fool from left to right and compared him with the person in the missing person notice. He couldn't help but sigh,

"Sigh, Dummy, if you weren't this skinny and dark, brother, I would have already claimed this reward. Alas, five million, my god, if I had five million... Haha, Dummy, do you see that girl over there? One of the four prettiest girls in this university town. If I had five million, I would definitely chase her, and she would definitely become my girlfriend!"

The dirty-faced fool raised his head and looked at the girl with his perplexed eyes. After a while, he said in his dim-witted voice, "I, I know her."

Wang Yijian was surprised and said, "do you know her? Holy shit, you are a fool, how can you possibly know her?"

The memory of the dirty-faced fool seemed to be pretty bad, after thinking very hard for a while, he said, "last night in the grove."

As soon as he finished, Wang Yijian suddenly said, "the grove where you slept last night? The little legendary forest, where all the couples are talking about?" He, who was thinking about picking up girls all day long, immediately understood which grove the dirty-faced fool was talking about.

The dirty-faced fool just shook his head in bewilderment.

Wang Yijian's eyes were filled with lecherous luster while looking up and down at the girl with the ponytail, who was getting her meal, in a lecherous manner. He then drew his voice long lewdly, "oh ~ I see..."

"Tell me, Dummy, what happened last night?"

The dirty-faced fool tried to think very hard, but then he still shook his head and said, "don't remember."

"Oh come on, brother, you are my big brother, how can you not remember what happened last night?" Wang Yijian did not believe it at all. He still carried on tried to tempt the dirty-faced fool to talk, "Two big pieces of meat! Do you still remember it or not?"

"Five." The dirty-faced fool suddenly looked up as if the meat was very attractive to him.

"Three!" Wang Yijian's heart was aching. One piece of meat was 8 Chinese Yuan! That's a lot of money for a student.

"Four." The dirty-faced fool said it seriously.

"Done!" Wang Yijian pulled out a fifty Chinese Yuan note and shook it in front of him.

"Buy it first." The dirty-faced fool was still very serious.

"Alright, you win!" Wang Yijian quickly left the seat, rushed to the counter, and asked for four big pieces of meat. But when he looked back while he was waiting for the meat, what he saw almost made him puke blood. It turns out that when he left his seat, the dirty-faced fool was eating all his food!

After he finally brought back the meat to the table, he put the meat down and said with a long face. "now, what happened last night."

The dirty-faced fool looked at the meat "greedily", especially the part that was still sizzling with oil and said in a confused tone, "what happened last night?"

"Are you still pretending!?" Wang Yijian felt extremely helpless and thought to himself, that why he was at such a disadvantage position when negotiating with the dirty-faced fool?

"Don't remember." The dirty-faced fool suddenly grabbed the box containing hot meat and ran away. While running, his other hand already reached inside the box to take the meat.

Wang Yijian was dazed for a second. When he realized what happened, he looked at the dirty-faced fool's back and shouted, "whoever says, that you are a fool in the future, I will definitely teach him a lesson!"


Half of the earth was covered with darkness, and the cold light of the moon was blocked by the thick clouds. The street lamps in the university town were scattered, but they tried to do their best to drive out the darkness. However, the grove across the lake was still very dark.

Wang Yijian would not come to look for the dirty-faced fool at this time. He would only be busy playing WOW with the lads in his dormitory. If he was here, he would definitely be shocked.

Unlike day time, the fool seemed to enjoy the night, especially in the dark night. Because the dark night seemed to give off a smell that was very familiar to him.

He stood on the shore of the lake quietly, and with every second went by, a fierce aura, that was gathered around him would become even more intense.

The bodies of the two passing by foraging mice, that entered here accidentally, suddenly became stiff, and the hairs on their bodies were instantly standing on end. Neither of mice dared to make a sound, nor did they dare to move. They just suddenly stopped moving as if their time were frozen.

In the distance, the lights of the school buildings and the library gradually became dim, the students, that were holding thick piles of books, passing by the grove with their classmates, were discussing all kinds of topics, whether it was about the homework, the classes, the politics, or the futures.

Night gradually quieted down, the students, that passed by the grove, also became fewer.

Suddenly, there was a rustle of footsteps behind the dirty-faced fool, and the unlucky mice were finally freed and ran out of the woods squeaking in fear.

"Thank you for not telling other people."

Behind the fool faintly sounded a girl's nervous voice. Whoever faced a psychopath, they would naturally be scared, so it was quite understandable.

"I don't remember..." The fool did not look back. He just looked at the lake and said in a lost tone.

"He said he will come again." The girl clenched her little fists, her white teeth bit her delicate lips, and her body shivered, causing the ponytail behind her head to also move with her.

"I don't know." the fool said in his dull voice, he was absentminded.

She looked up, with a thin mist over her beautiful eyes, and said, "I am scared. He said that if I don't obey him, he will tell everyone. I know that I should not be scared of his threat because it was not like that. But... I don't know what to do."

"Like that?" The voice of a fool was so indifferent as if nothing here mattered to him, and as if... it was from a different world.

The night wind encompassed the coldness of early winter, blew toward the smooth and fine neck of that girl. The lovely fuzz near the roots of her hair began to shiver, then her chests began to move ups and downs faster as if she was enduring a great humiliation, "He didn't succeed. You scared him away."

"And then?" The fool looked up at the dark sky and responded coldly.

The girl clasped the huge book in her hands and almost burst into tears, "you are the only one who can prove my innocence."

"Will people believe it?" The voice of a fool was as cold as ever.

The girl was dazed for a second as if she finally realized that he was a fool, and who would believe a fool's words. What if that scoundrel really told other people about it, then what should she do? Call the police?

Thinking of this, the girl could no longer restrain herself but hold the book tightly and squat down slowly and break into tears.

"It's getting dark!" the fool seemed to sigh.

"Wh...what?" The girl's beautiful eyelashes were stained with glittering and translucent tears.

"They're coming!" the fool said murderously.

"Who is coming?" the girl instinctively asked, while shuddering.

"Everyone will die!" the fool's voice was even colder.

"What are you talking about? I don't understand." The girl was afraid. She grasped the thick book in her hands and was ready to leave at any moment.

"Run!" the fool suddenly waved his arms forcefully and shouted loudly.

The girl was scared into jumping up, throwing away the book in her hand, and running away desperately. The beautiful ponytail she had, was dancing in between the trees as she was running out of the grove.

Behind her, the fool laughed aloud as if he had pranked her successfully. Hearing the laugh, the girl slowly stopped. Looking back into the dark grove, she could only stomp her feet in a huff...