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Chapter 25 A Pervert.

 Songjiang university town was an open campus area, which was shared between seven universities. Although there were no top universities here, it was a place in Shanghai, that was famous for having beautiful female students and handsome male students, and the most prominent example would be the University Of Foreign Language and the School Of Visual Arts.

Universities here were always quiet, especially when the winter was approaching. It was the season for the final exam. Therefore, apart from a few vigorous figures in the basketball court, many students' lives gradually became tense and fast.

Going to the study room with notes and textbooks, going through the textbooks, that have not been read seriously all semester, and figuring out how to get the key examing areas from the teachers and so on, became the most important thing for most of the students at the end of the semester.

Reserving seats naturally became the primary key in those "works", a person who was able to reserve a seat, would basically pass the exam without any doubts, so in order to reserve a favorite seat, people use all kinds of methods they could think of. Because there was no system, that students could use to pre-book the seat in advance, in the past, people often kept one of their books on the seat to prove other students, that that was the seat they reserved. However, that was the past, nowadays, the most secure way would be to pay someone to take the seat before they show up.

In order to ensure, that they would not neglect the two important life events - picking up girls and study, the most popular place amongst students was the study room located in the library the University Of Foreign Languages.

Students in universities always had a strange sense of pride. Although the girls from the School Of Visual Arts were beautiful, compared to the temperament of the girls from the University Of Foreign Language, the young male university students always felt, that the girls from the School Of Visual Arts lacked something. So those, who was still single but had a high standard, would love to come here to pursue their ideal elite girls.

Wang Yijian was one of those students. Using the beauty in the study room as his motivation, he got up very early in the morning. After washing his face, brushing his teeth, and applying a thin layer of hair spray on his hair, he waved at his three roommates and said, "wish me luck, lads!"

With a bag on his shoulder, two steam buns in his hand, he was drinking soya-bean milk, humming the vulgar songs, walking in the road, that was shed with the golden ray of the sun, heading all the way manlily spirited to the second floor of the library in excitement.

At the thought of having successfully established the conversation with a pure girl sitting opposite him yesterday, his red heart, which he claimed to be loyal to the communist party, could not help but start to shake.

Perhaps today he would be able to get the phone number, WeChat or some sort of contact methods. The great event of his life has finally taken a great first step, and the cause of socialism was beckoning to him using the hand that was printed with money!

But when he arrived at the study room 1A with excitement, he discovered that the notebook, that he had left on the seat yesterday, was chucked into the bin by other people. And on the seat, which was supposed to be reserved by him, sat a detestable sleazy bastard. Of course, anyone in his shoes at the moment would describe that person this way.

Wang Yijian suppressed his anger. Luckily the girl sitting opposite him has not arrived today, so he did not mind to show the dirty bastard the aesthetic of violence.

"Hello, classmate, this seat was taken!"

"Not when I came."

"Didn't you see such a big notebook?"

"The cleaning auntie cleaned the room earlier and posted a notice outside the wall. See that? No reservation, first come first serve."

"I was here yesterday!

"I was here the day before yesterday!"

"You are doing it deliberately, aren't you?"

"What are you gonna do about it if I say yes?"


Half an hour later, Wang Yijian rushed out of the study room with a bruised face, his elaborate hair was also in a mess. While his nose was still bleeding, he was making a phone call.


An hour later, a man, who had been described as detestable and sleazy, ran out of the study room with a bruised face and messy hair. The same as Wang Yijian, he was also making a phone call with bleeding nose.


Two hours later, two people and the two groups of their friends were called to the security office of the university town.


On the way to the security office, Wang Yijian also saw a group of girls and two aunties were pushing a dirty and bruised-faced man, who had a disheveled hair, towards the same place where he was heading. After he arrived at the place, he heard them shouted at the security office before they even got into the office.

"Little Li, we caught a pervert, can you come out to deal with this!"

"How dare he tried to break into the girl's dormitory! Especially when it is on my shift!"

"This man is pretending to have lost his memory, little Li, you guys need to check him thoroughly!"

"Wanting to get away easily? Don't even think about it!"


Hearing what they said, Wang Yijian could not help but think to himself, 'holy shit, where does this guy come from? How dare he try to break into the girls' dormitory in the morning? And he even did it on the famous Tank Auntie's shift. He is clearly courting death! Oh no, he is my role model! You have my respect!'

The police officer little Li was thin and tall. Hearing Tank auntie was shouting, he quickly came out to meet her and welcomed the group into the office. Facing the group of little girls, the officer Li's face was full of smile, but when he saw the dirty-faced man, his face instantly became very serious. Pointing at the corner of the room, he said sternly, "go stay there! Don't do anything stupid!"

Squatting down in the corner quietly after being caught, this was supposed to be the basic knowledge, that all the bad people should have, or at least their common "etiquette".

But the dirty-faced man just gave him a perplexed look, did not move, giving people an impression, that he disdained to listen to other people's commands.

Wang Yijian completely admired him when he saw his reaction. This guy was clearly something else. After being caught doing this kind of thing and being sent into the security office, he still acted as if it had nothing to do with him. How strong of a mindset he had!

Facing with the expectant gaze of Tank auntie and the little girls, the young and vigorous little Li felt that he must do something to protect his face. So he quickly lifted his feet and kicked the dirty-faced man's butt. And that kick just happened to send the dirty-faced man to the corner of the room.

But the strange thing was that the dirty-faced man was so unperturbed, that after he was kicked into the corner, his face was still filled with a perplexed expression. And not only that, he even picked up half of a cigarette butt from the bin and began to draw circles on the ground, as if he wanted to write something and remind himself of something.

This time Wang Yijian was not only impressed by his composure, but he was also impressed by his acting skill as well. He thought to himself that it would be such a waste of talent if this man did not go to the school of visual arts, which was very near the security office.

The two old aunties plus a few young girls then started to talk about what happened in the girl's dormitory this morning to officer little Li.

It turned out, that at very early this morning, this guy was shouting Room 203 outside the dormitory 311. Originally, the girls in the room 203 thought, that it was probably someone's boyfriend wanting to send breakfast up, but when they opened the window and took a look outside, none of them knew the man, so they ignored him. But no one expected that after failing to get the response, this guy even wanted to break into the dormitory. If it hadn't been for Tank Auntie, the man would have probably already broken into the building.

Although it was December, the weather was getting colder and colder, but the girls in the dormitory still dressed in very thin clothes, especially in the morning. The noises caused a lot of commotions and the commotions led to a lot of screams. And whether those girls were really scared of not, they still screamed out loud one after another.

As if it was a screaming contest and the louder they screamed the more chaste and purer they were. In the corridor, the screams were filled with both shyness and anger, at the same time, there was also the unconcealed excitement.

Think about it, after the news of this incident was spread out, and heard by their boyfriends, how many sympathies they would be able to earn from their boyfriends. And then they would treat them like spoiled children. It was such a great opportunity.

Youth is such a wild and unrestrained age. People at this age will always find excuses to cause commotions. This is true even at the beginning of a cold winter.

Anyway, it was because of the "collective anger", that the dirty-faced man was sent to the security office.