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Chapter 24 Father and child


The little boy's father saw the whole thing. While covering his son's eyes and mouth with his hands, he himself also didn't dare to move, because he knew, that once he moved, he would become like those men in the black suit.

However, bad luck didn't seem to want to let go of him. After the four cars were turned into dust and the dozen men were killed, that demon-like man suddenly looked back at him. With just one look by that bloody red eyes, he was almost scared to death.

He's coming! He's coming! What should I do?

The little boy's father swallowed with difficulty, and his mind was blank. He did not know what to do at all.

To run, or not to run?

Two thoughts were fighting fiercely in his mind. If he chose to run, he certainly could not outrun that scary black lines, but if he chose not to run, he would end up like those men in black suits.

"What should I do? What should I do? How unlucky I am!? If I hadn't meet Xiao Wang last night, I wouldn't have been caught by my wife. If I hadn't been caught by my wife, I wouldn't have had a fight with my wife, and without the fight, my old father wouldn't have been sent to the hospital, and I would not have been here!"

The little boy's father constantly regretted what he had done.

However, regret was useless and that black gas demon had already arrived before his car window. Through the glass, his dark, blood-red eyes were staring at him.

The little boy's father closed his eyes tightly, praying to god that if he could send this demon away from him.

"Who am I!"

It was the same confused and lost voice as if it came from another world.

The little boy's father closed his eyes, closed his mouth, even tried to close his ears. He told himself, again and again, that this is an illusion, illusion, don't answer it, and the demon is here to take his soul.

"Tell me, who am I?"

There was a hint of urge in the confused voice.

The little boy's father was extremely nervous, but he still kept his mouth closed. He was biting his lips so hard that it even started to bleed. But he still did not dare to make any sound. Because he still remembered what happened to those men in the black suit.

However, in the next second, the demon opened the door. He clearly had locked the door earlier, how did he open it?!

The heart of the little boy's father almost jumped out of his throat. He could feel that the pair of red eyes were staring at him ten centimeters away from him.

"Who am I! ?"

The lost voice had a trace of a murderous tone.

At that moment, the boy's father did not know whether he was too nervous or too frightened. He accidentally let loose of his hands, and then his son struggled from his arms and shouted, "monster!" Then, from his arms, he threw a toy at the demon, and shouted, "Ultraman will defeat you!"

The red-eyed demon caught the toy, looked at the boy in bewilderment, and muttered, "Ultraman? Huh?"

When the little boy's father saw that his son had attacked the red-eyed demon, although he was still very terrified, at the time, his love towards his son made him raise his arms in front of him and shouted, "baby, run!"

The red-eyed demon murmured as if he was trying to recall, "I am not Ultraman, certainly not! Who am I? You lied to me!"

As he uttered the last word, his red eyes glowed even brighter as if they were pumped in the fresh blood.

As if he could never forgive others for deceiving him, he grabbed the boy's father's neck and said in both confused and angry tone, "who am I? if you lie to me, I will kill you!"

The little courage, that the little boy's father just mustered, instantly disappeared. With the strong will to protect his son, he struggled and said, "big brother... please... I really don't know who you are! Please let us go! I didn't see anything. I promise I won't say anything! Please let us go. The child is innocent, he is only seven years old, he does not know anything. I am begging you!"

"Father and son? Child?"

The red-eyed demon sank into painful bewilderment and repeated the words that the boy's father said.

"Bad people! Monster! Let go of my dad!"

The little boy saw that his father was strangled by the scary monster. He raised his fists and hit the hand that was wrapped in black gas, but his attack was as weak as a mosquito to him.


The red-eyed demon's voice suddenly rose a pitch higher as if he suddenly remembered something, something that seemed to be the most important to him.

"Dad, child?"

Confused and lost, he slowly let loose the little boy's father and looked around. "Dad, child?" the second time he murmured it, it was much faster, but it was filled with anxiety and panic. Then he began to search everywhere while keep murmuring, "child... child.." until he disappeared into the darkness.

The police cars soon appeared one after another. At the same time, many military armed vehicles also appeared. From the vehicles, jumped out rows of fully armed soldiers. The area was immediately blocked. It seemed like the bad luck of the little boy's father was not over yet. However, at the moment when he saw the police and soldiers, he did not feel that he was in trouble, instead, he felt the police and soldiers were the most lovely people in the world. With them surround him, he felt a sense of safety and security. After he finally felt safe, he hugged his son and cried out loud...


Chu Yunsheng disappeared!

The news came just before daybreak. Similarly, the special agents from a powerful family in the capital also disappeared.

After reading the statement of the little boy's father, panic began to spread in some people's hearts.