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Chapter 23 Killing And Demon

 The black car, that carried Chu Yunsheng, stopped at the last traffic light before the hospital. Passing one more street at the front, they would arrive at the first people's hospital.

On the left, a new silver Volkswagen Sagitar was also stopped at the red light. Behind the window, a boy of seven or eight years old was looking curiously through the glass at the black car on the right, and shouted in surprise,

"Dad, Dad, look, that car is emitting a lot of black gas. Lots of it!"

The father of the boy was thinking about something else at the moment. Last night, his wife had discovered his love affair and had a big fight with him. His face was even scratched by his wife's sharp nails. Moreover, his wife even called his parents and told them everything. After hearing it, his father was so angry that he had a heart attack on the spot. He was now in the hospital, and this was the reason why he was on the way to the hospital. His mind was in such muddle, that he did not have time to look at what was happening outside at all. He had so many things that he needed to solve, that he felt like he was about to explode.

As soon as the boy finished, his mistress called again, said to him that his wife had gone to her house. She told him that she could not live like this anymore...

"Fuck it! If she wants a divorce, then I will give her a divorce!"

The boy's father threw the phone out fiercely and shouted in frustration. Fidgetedly, he leaned back in his seat and then saw his son looking at him with frightened eyes. His heart was softened immediately. He opened his mouth, tried to explain something to his son and comfort him.

Strangely, before he had time to say anything, his son wailed and pointed out of the window. His little face was bloodless and his body was trembling, he was unable to say a single word.

The boy's father looked up and looked through the window to see what was out there, that had frightened him so much.

With just one look, it instantly sent chills down to his spine.

In the black car's window to his right side, a dead man's face was pressed closely against the window. His eyes and mouth were wide opened, two eyeballs were already gone leaving two bloody eyeholes there. His face was twisted to an extremely absurd degree. It looked like he was strangled to death, but it also looked like he was scared to death by something. Plus the whole car was emitting the strange black gas, it was an extremely ghastly scene.

Before he could recover from his shock, he saw three other identical cars appeared from their back and quickly approached the first black car. Probably they had also seen the strange scene, with sharp braking noises, all three cars stopped sharply. Then the doors of the three cars quickly opened. At least, a dozen men in black suits, and were holding something he couldn't see clearly in their hands while running towards the first black car.

"A gang fight?"

The face of the little boy's father was extremely pale, he could not help but shiver as the chill ran down his spine. He felt, that he was the most unlucky guy in the world. Last night, his wife discovered that he had a mistress outside, in the early morning, his old father had a heart attack and was sent into the hospital, a few minutes ago, his mistress called him and told him that she wanted to commit suicide, and now he encountered a gang fight. In this world, who was unluckier than him?

In the middle of chaos, he suddenly remembered, that his baby son was still in the car. If his son was injured during the gang fight, he would not be able to forgive himself anymore. So he hurriedly switched the gear in a panic, step on the accelerator, wanting to escape.

Over the years, he had made some money, but even with that money, he still didn't dare to have contacts with any gangs.

At this time, the black gas, that was emitted by the black car to his right, suddenly increased dramatically, and it gradually formed into several black blades and shot everywhere outside the car.

The boy's father was gasped with eyes wide open in disbelief, those black sword blades were flying in and out of the car repeatedly, piercing through the metal casing of the car like cutting a piece of tofu. Within a few seconds, the black car was cut into pieces by the chaotic blades attack.

The car was shredded into at least hundreds of thousands of pieces. Things like glasses, the casing, the car frame, engine, and seats, were all turned into even smaller parts. The half of an eyeball was even smashed onto the window of the new Sagitar car. In the slimy blood, the half of an eyeball was slowly sliding down the window, then the smaller black gas blades quickly followed and started to disassemble the half eyeball into even smaller parts, leaving many tiny and densely packed holes on Sagitar.

The little boy's father wanted to drive the car away, but his right foot had already become stiff, and no matter how hard he tried, he could not step on the accelerator. Moreover, he had a strange foreboding. He felt that as long as he dared to move a little, those bloodthirsty black blades would instantly swallow him and his son.

Blood mixed with gasoline, ponged along the road all the way to the drainage on the roadside. However, the bloodthirsty blades did not stop after turning the first car into millions of pieces, they were like countless greedy demons from hell, spinning at an incredible speed, and shot towards the dozen of black-suited men, who were running toward the first car, at the same time.

Actually, there weren't that many black blades, only seven or eight at most. But their speed was too fast. It was so fast that the human eye could not distinguish which one was real, and which one was just the shadow. The visual nerve in the brain was too slow to be able to react, all people could see was the countless black lines.

The first man that was running towards the first black car did not even have a chance to let out a scream, then the countless black lines pierced through his chest, throat, head and the other parts of his body like a gust of wind. Then, a real and very gentle breeze appeared, the big man, that was holding a pistol, was instantly turned into dust-like fragments together with his black pistol. As the gentle breeze blew through his fragmented body, it brought heavy blood smell and thick bloody fog into the cold night sky.

The bloody fog, which should have condensed into liquid blood because of the extremely low temperature, seemed to be afraid of staying, it scattered in panic and disappeared in the thin air.

The little boy's father's eyes quickly shifted back from the night sky in panic and checked at the situation on the ground. In such a short time, the group of dozen men only had four men that were still standing.

A dozen men just died like that? He moved his throat in difficulty, not daring to make a sound.

He was silent, but some could not hold it.

"Ah! Ghost!"

The piercing sounds of the terrified screams reverberated in the night sky.

The rest of the four men in black finally came back from the initial shock, which was caused by the black lines. However, they did not resume their composure, instead, they were extremely panic. One man was shooting his pistol frantically, trying to stop the black blades, one man fell to the ground in fear and then tried to crawl away. The other two instantly turned around and ran away...

From the fragments of the first car, that was still spinning in the air, stepped out a figure shrouded in black gas. No one could see his face nor his expression, people could only see a pair of red eyes like a demon from the hell, and hear the bleak sound of the cold wind.

The bullets, that had spun out of the gun's chamber at high speed, collided with the black lines, and turned into many fine metal threads in the fierce flame. With the smell of gun powder, those metal threads quickly scattered away. It followed by the pistol, the hand that was clenching to the gun, the brawny arm, until the man's body, they were quickly turned into dust in order and then disappeared in the wind.

The blades shrieked past the second man lying limp on the ground, in two horrifying screams, they pierced through the two men that were trying to run away in the distance.

Looking at the demon, that was surrounded in the black gas, walked past his car, the little boy's father held his son in his arms, shaking all over, but with great fear, he clenched his teeth so that they wouldn't break a sound.

He saw the black demon walked towards the frightened man on the ground a step by step and then stood before him silently as if he was thinking something. After a while, he heard a confused voice.

"Who am I!"

Limp on the ground, the terrified man was using his hands and legs to move backward in fear. At the same time, he screamed, "ghost, ghost, ghost!"

The man's mind had completely collapsed, in a great panic, his urine wet his trousers formed a puddle on the ground.

"Ghost? Am I a ghost?"

The black demon mumbled and, lost in the thought.

Countless black lines flew back from afar like a tide and stayed around him. They were jubilant and excited, but they stopped killing anyone.

The man limping on the ground saw the black red-eyed demon was muttering to himself, he finally summoned up all the courage, and used his almost exhausted strength, struggled to get up from the ground, and ran to his car desperately.

Run, he must run, run as far as he could!

This was the only thought left of the man's mind.

But as he moved, the black demon seemed to wake up from his thoughts. And as if he was both angry and confused, he said,

"I am not a ghost! That's not my name! You lie to me! People who lie to me must die!"

As the word "die" was uttered, and the excited black blades instantly began to shake violently as if they had been waiting for the command for a very long time.

The limping man's face instantly went pale, and desperately wanted to open the car's door...

In the next moment, countless black lines shot out again and pierced through the man and the car. However, as if they were not satisfied, after they shredded the man and the car into dust, they went for the rest of the two cars and turned them into dust as well. Only then did they finally flew back and went into the body of that black demon.