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Chapter 22 I know you have a book

 Chu Yunsheng was alarmed, and he instantly woke up. He hurriedly sat up and answered the phone call, but from the other end of the phone line came a strange man's voice.

"Mr. Chu, your uncle is now receiving treatment at The First People's Hospital in Shanghai. Would you like to meet him?"

Chu Yunsheng's heart immediately skipped a beat. His auntie was supposed to arrive in Shanghai tomorrow! Why did they arrive today? Is she controlled by other people? Who is the man on the phone? Is it the military or the mysterious family that Song Ying's mother mentioned? Are they going to threaten him?

In a split second, countless questions popped up in Chu Yunsheng's mind. He was both shocked and angry. Taking a deep breath, he told himself that he must stay calm, he had to stay calm. Especially at this moment!

After about four or five seconds, Chu Yunsheng calmed down and said quietly, "who are you? and what do you want from me!? If you need anything from me, you can come directly to me! Don't use this kind of dirty trick. You piece of shit!"

The man from the other end of the phone let out an angry snort, but soon, it disappeared, probably he had suppressed it, but then Chu Yunsheng heard, "We just learned that you have a book. We can help you identify it. And our car is waiting for you downstairs. You need to come down immediately."

Chu Yunsheng quickly jumped up from the bed, ran through the living room and opened the curtains. Right before his building, under the street light, indeed stopped a black car.

Wait! The strange man just mentioned the book! How did they know about the book?

Who the hell are they!?

Chu Yunsheng was trying to think quickly. The only people that knew about the book would be his auntie, but she would not tell other people this for no reason. Someone else must have known the existence of this book and then used some methods to get the information from his auntie.

And it was very obvious, that this group of people would not be the military from that laboratory. In all likelihood, it would be another group of people.

Fortunately, with the reminder that Song Ying's mother gave him last night, he had already hidden the book, but his auntie had fallen in the hands of those unknown people, so he must go.

But before he left, he had to make some arrangements.

So Chu Yunsheng calmly said, "fine, I will come down, but I have to go to the hospital to see them first!"

After he finished that, he just hung up the phone without waiting for the response from the other side of the phone call. Then he quickly found out the note that the officer Wang, who was from that secret military lab, gave to him and dialed the number. When the phone call went through, he only said one sentence, "I am in danger, get to the first people's hospital as soon as possible!"

Then he sent a message to both Yu Xiaohai and Song Ying, and also gave them a miss call to remind them to read the message, "I am in danger, find some reporters to get to the first people's hospital."

After that, Chu Yunsheng's lips were curved into a cold smile, 'threatening me? Then, let's play the big one!'

At the moment, it was only slightly past four o 'clock, and Shanghai was still in darkness in the early winter. The distant sunlight has just reached the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Chu Yunsheng put on a coat, took a thin knife, that was used to cut vegetables, and hid it under his thick clothes, and then quickly got down the stairs.

In the black car, a short-haired man with a pair of dark glasses, kept half of his head out of the car's window all the time. When he saw Chu Yunsheng came out of the building, he just simply said, "get in!"

Chu Yunsheng deliberately delayed some time and then opened the door. Seeing that there was only this short-haired man in the car, he said coldly, "was it you who just called me?"

He had just had a conversation with the man, so he could still remember the voice.

The short-haired man nodded his head, waited until Chu Yunsheng got into the car and then asked in an eager voice, "where is the book?"

Chu Yunsheng said coldly, "the book is in a safe place, I must see them first, otherwise, you will never be able to find that book!"

The short-haired man was silent for a second and then said heavily, "okay!" Then he started the car and drove out the community Chu Yunsheng lived in. In the rearview mirror, Chu Yunsheng used the corner of his eyes to take a quick glimpse and noticed that there were at least three identical cars following them.

Sure enough, this person was not here alone. Just now, if he had refused to go with them, they would have probably used force to take him away. In terms of why there was only one person in this car, Chu Yunsheng could also understand it. Perhaps, they did not want many people to know about the existence of the book.

But would they take him to the hospital? Or would they directly take him to some secret place to interrogate him?

Sitting in the back row seat, watching the street lights on the side of the road flying back quickly, his back was already soaked in the cold sweat, if that's the case, then he really would not know what to do, because there was no way he would be able to escape!

In the extremely tensed atmosphere, as if Chu Yunsheng began to hear things, he vaguely heard a voice in his mind kept saying, "quick, quick, go into the deep sleep! Quick! go into the deep sleep!"

Then the shadow of the bloody man suddenly flashed through his mind. Maybe... maybe he could... Chu Yunsheng's eyelids started to become heavier and heavier...

At the same time, in the secret laboratory building, officer Wang and the officer, who was responsible for monitoring Chu Yunsheng contacted General Gao at the same time. Soon, some military vehicles began to leave the lab and drove into the darkness one by one.

On the other side of the city, Song Ying, who had received the text message, broke into her father's bedroom. But unexpectedly, she found out that her father was talking to someone on the phone, all she heard was, ".... also dispatch the police special force as well to control the hospital! Keep it secret!" Then, he frowned his brows and kicked Song Ying's out of the room.

Hearing the word hospital, Song Ying knew that she did not need to speak to her father anymore. However, he was still worried. So she dialed her mother's number while walking towards outside.

It was at this moment, several workers suddenly appeared at the door and stopped her, "Miss, you can not go out now, it is very dangerous outside today."

And Yu Xiaohai had already gathered a group of people nervously looking for the method to contact any media. They even tried to find some media's contact numbers online and then tried to contact reporters through those methods.

However, the numbers they dialed were either invalid, or the reporters were not interested at all.

But all this changed dramatically in just a few minutes. A lot of higher-ups of various media organizations received a phone call from a very influential woman. And then, many emergency calls were made to the reporters, who were still sleeping in bed. Within just a few minutes, those reporters rushed to the first people's hospital with all kinds of transportation as if they were injected with chicken blood.

But no matter the special police or the reporters, they were still late. In the black car that was driving towards the hospital quickly, from the body of Chu Yunsheng, who gradually fell into the deep sleep, appeared many long thick streaks of black gas!

It was five o 'clock in the morning, Shanghai was still surrounded by darkness and many residents were still asleep. But a huge storm was raging toward the city at an incredible speed...