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Chapter 21 Tail

 "You're a smart man." Song Ying's mother said meaningfully, and then gently pushed the stack of documents before Chu Yunsheng.

Chu Yunsheng did not touch the stack of documents, he just shook his head, stood up and said, "sorry, I can't go!"

He didn't lose his mind. But asking him to go to the United States touched his bottom line. The United States' military power was indeed the world leader, but he was a Chinese citizen, it was extremely obvious that the level of the protection he received would be minimum, he might not even be included in the protection list. Perhaps, before starving, he would be killed during the chaos.

Moreover, he was not alone, there were his relatives and friends. During these days, he had already convinced and gathered a group of friends and family relatives, such as Yu Xiaohai. All of them had given up a lot to join him. But now, she was asking him to leave these people behind and go to the United States alone? Of course, he would not accept it.

Although it was not impossible, even if she managed to get everyone a passport, what could they possibly do in the United States? Waiting to die?

Chu Yunsheng refused without any hesitation. It was very close to the 28th, he didn't want any more things to affect his plan. And what could they possibly do to him in this short period of time?

"Wait." Song Ying's mother saw Chu Yunsheng was going to leave, she immediately stood up and stopped him, "there is a reason why I only ask you to go to the United States instead of arranging Yingying to go to the United States. It is very dangerous for you to stay here now! Yingying cares about you, she will lose her mind if something happens to you. So I don't want you to have any accidents, I can tell you a secret. Someone is planning to do something to you."

"You don't have to scare me. What do I have that people would want to waste their resources on me?" Chu Yunsheng said calmly.

His confidence, which he did not know where it came from, was surging daily, and he sometimes even thought that he had become an egomaniac.

"I don't need to scare you." Song Ying's mother walked before Chu YunSheng, she was slightly lower than Chu YunSheng by two or three centimeters only, and she could directly look at Chu Yunsheng's eyes and said sternly, "I am telling the truth, you and Yingying are the two experimental subjects of a secret military lab. Although they can't do anything to Yingying for the time being, they can do something to you, and the report of your background check has already attracted the attention of a big and powerful family."

"Who?" Chu Yunsheng was very confused. He was just an ordinary commoner. What kind of background check would attract the attention of some powerful family?

"They... They have a very deep and powerful background. This morning, they have already secretly sent some people to Shanghai, and soon, they will find you." As if Song Ying's mother was very afraid something, she didn't say it clearly, but just simply remind him.

"Then, I'll wait for them to find me, I don't believe, that they will break the law in broad daylight!" Chu Yunsheng snorted coldly. The way he said it looked like he was very confident, but actually he didn't have any confidence at all.

Song Ying's mother sighed and said, "this is not what you are thinking right now. What you will face, you know it very clearly. Although I don't know what makes you so confident that you will give us double after the 28th, if you don't want to go the States, I will need to cut off the relationship between you and Yingying completely, including the so-called business partnership. I'll also withdraw all the money she has invested in. I don't want Yingying to be involved in big trouble."

Chu Yunsheng looked at her silently, and then he smiled, "Then, you will regret it!"

After that, he simply walked past Song Ying's mother with a firm attitude. Song Ying, who was surrounded by many offsprings of rich and powerful people in a distance, got up hurriedly and followed him. Seeing this, Song Ying's mother's beautiful eyebrows frowned instantly.


"No matter what my mom told you, please ignore it, and please don't listen to her. Even if she takes the money away, we still have ten million. Tomorrow, I'll also sell this car as well." Seeing Chu Yunsheng was very quiet in the car and didn't have any sign of wanting to talk, Song Ying could not help but say.

"Your mother is right." Chu Yunsheng seemed to wake up from his deep thoughts and said, "you really don't need to get involved in my business. You can pull over the next corner, and I will go back by myself."

"Are you angry?" Song Ying didn't seem to want to stop, instead, she asked carefully.

Chu YunSheng looked at her, sat up straight and then said sternly, "Song Ying, you don't need to do this to me, I don't have any right to ask you for anything. You are just traumatized by the accident that day. I am very grateful for what you did for me recently. Money is no longer the most important problem for me, even if I don't gather enough material, after the 28th, I will have other ways to live, I don't know what you saw in my eyes, but I can tell you, that I do have a secret, as for what that secret is, I can't tell you, so you really don't need to get yourself involved in this. After all, there are many things I myself also don't understand."

"Are you worried about my safety?" Song Ying turned her head, her eyes flickered with tender emotions, and she asked very seriously.

"Worried about your safety?" Chu Yunsheng smiled. He pointed and a place outside the car window and said, "who dares to touch you? I just don't want you to cause me any more trouble, nothing more! Just pull the car over there. Don't let me say it the third time. I really have something to do."

Seeing Chu Yunsheng said it sternly and firmly, Song Ying hesitated for a second but eventually slowed down the car.

"You, get out." Chu Yunsheng's eyes suddenly revealed a flash of cold gleam and said coldly.

Song Ying was dazed for a second, didn't know what Chu Yunsheng meant.

"I'll borrow your car for one night. You can take a taxi home." Chu Yunsheng looked out of the window and quickly said.

Seeing this, Song Ying was startled and said, "someone is following us?"

After she said this, she instinctively wanted to turn around and checked the back of the car, but Chu Yunsheng immediately held down her head and said, "don't look, do you see those taxis at the front? After you get off the car, get in any one of them immediately, but don't go home straightway, ask the driver to drive around the city a few times to buy me some time."

Song Ying breathed rapidly, and asked with concerned, "will you be in any danger?"

Chu Yunsheng shook his head and said, "I just want to get rid of them. Hopefully, It is just me thinking too much."

Song Ying looked very worried, and she did not dare to say much. She just simply said carefully, "okay, I'll get off first. Please be extra careful. If anything happened, please call me immediately."

After she said that, she reached for the door.

"Wait." Chu Yunsheng took off his coat and handed it to her. "put it on and put the hat on," he said. "it may not work, but it may confuse them."

Song Ying nodded, quickly put on Chu Yunsheng's coat, opened the door, and trotted all the way into a taxi that has been waiting for the next customer at the front.

Chu Yunsheng moved from the passenger position to the driver seat, switched the gear, stepped on the accelerator, the car quickly left the place.

Then he got on the overpass, drove around the inner ring of the city twice, drove along the overpass, that connected the very north of the city and the south of the city, drove around the outer ring of Shanghai once more lap and then drove into a small town. In case the people in the dark would use the traffic cameras to track Audi R8, he got off the car, locked it, remembered the location he parked and then found an unlicensed taxi to get back to the city.

It was nearly ten o 'clock at night now, during the time of changing routes, Song Ying and Yu Xiaohai had sent a few messages to him, but Chu Yunsheng did not respond to those messages. He just continued to take any busses he could see. It was completely without any patterns. Until he almost lost his direction and arrived at the entrance of a community, which he had never been before.

The guard of the community was dozing by the gate, completely ignoring the people that were walking in and out of the community. So Chu Yunsheng didn't even need to find any excuse, he just walked in like he was a resident there.

In the most remote corner of the community, near a small tree on a green lawn, Chu Yunsheng took out the tool that he had taken from Song Ying's car, quickly dug a hole, carefully put the ancient book inside, buried it, found a stone and then placed it on top of it. After he remembered the location, he then quickly left.

He had no other choices, he could only temporarily hide the ancient book in this place. The book would be the only thing that he could rely on in the future. After the 28th, he could have nothing but he can not lose the ancient book, otherwise, it would be really a game over for him.

The words that Song Ying's mother said were not necessarily groundless, nor was it necessarily deliberately said to frighten him, the ancient book was too important, he must be careful.

After the book was buried, Chu Yunsheng did not walk around randomly. There were cameras everywhere, he could only lower his head, look for the dark corner and walk near the wall. After he was finally able to get in a taxi, he began to circle around the city again.

No matter how many times he would need to do it, as long as it could make the ancient book safe, he would do it.

Fortunately, there were also night busses, he was moving around the city all the way until three or four o'clock in the morning. Only then did he finally go back to Mingdu Garden housing estate exhausted.

Lying on the bed, Chu Yunsheng's phone suddenly rang. It was Song Ying, but he didn't answer. Apart from a few text messages from his friends, there were also some miss calls from some unknown numbers. Chu Yunsheng was very tired, and just when he was half asleep his phone rang again. Reaching out his hand, he was about to reject the phone call straight away, but then the corner of his eyes glimpsed that it was his auntie's number.

His heart suddenly tightened. Why would she call him at this time!