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Chapter 20 What If I dont want to go?

 The men and the women that were invited to this luxury banquet, Chu Yunsheng didn't recognize any one of them, so naturally, it was not necessary for him to greet them.

But seeing Song Ying appeared, a lot of people took the initiative to say hello or nod at her to greet her. But most of the time, people just said "happy birthday!" To her.

Chu Yunsheng felt slightly embarrassed, he did not know, that there was this event. From the moment he picked up the phone call, he had been only thinking about how to get more money and power from the mother of Song Ying. How on earth would he know that today was Song Ying's birthday!

Of course, no one cared about his embarrassment. From the moment he appeared, he was automatically ignored by other people.

Actually, it was not that he was ignored by other people, it was just he himself felt that way. According to the "standard" script he saw in those TV dramas, something would happen during this kind of event. At least, there would be one of Song Ying suitors coming out to say something sarcastically to him, however, nothing happened in this event. There wasn't any bit of sarcasm in the eyes of the people in the event, it was as if it was just a regular event.

If Song Ying introduced someone to him, the person would smile at him and shake his hands and even talk with him. All of them were always very polite and respectful. If Song Ying did not get a chance to introduce someone to him, those people also would not be surprised, nor would they discuss something secretly while pointing fingers at him.

Only after they got to the end of the lawn, did Chu Yunsheng suddenly realized, that the stories in those dramas were very deceiving. The reason why Chu Yunsheng's friends and colleagues had such big reactions was, that the social status of the people, who were on the same level as Chu Yunsheng, didn't expect that the people, who from the top of the social ladder, would interact with Chu Yunsheng. Especially Song Ying, who had such a powerful family. So something happened between them, was big news and a big thing, even Chu Yunsheng himself also thought the same.

And the reactions of those people, who were standing on the lawn, were completely different. However, it was not that their inner quality was much higher or something, perhaps, from many other aspects, they might not be better than Chu Yunsheng's friends. But in the worldview of those, who were rich or important, such things were nothing more than a weed on the lawn they were standing. No one would care if the children of rich or powerful families occasionally interacted with the people from the bottom of the social ladder. In fact, most of them experienced it themselves in their daily lives.

This difference was exactly caused by the difference between their positions on the social ladder, in which one was looking up, and the other was looking down. So their perspective on things naturally varied greatly!

It was no wonder that those dramas would have those stories. After all, their target audiences were the general public, who were like Chu Yunsheng. Since it mattered to their ratings, naturally, if the general public liked to see those stories, of course, those directors would make those dramas repeatedly.

This was exactly where Chu Yunsheng's embarrassment came from. He had thought of many scenarios, but it seemed like none of those scenarios were going to happen today. Especially the scene where Song Ying's mother was going to ask him to choose whether he wanted money or Song Ying. It was funny that he was thinking that he had everything under control.

Fortunately, no one knew what he was thinking, otherwise, it would be embarrassing as hell.

Several pretty little girls soon pulled Song Ying aside and began to talk something to Song Ying. While they were talking, they were also looking at Chu Yunsheng from his head to toe. It seemed like their conversation was about him. Seeing all of them suddenly started to giggle with each other, it made Chu Yunsheng felt even more embarrassed.

Song Ying probably didn't want to give Chu Yunsheng too much unnecessary pressure. So when cutting the cake, she deliberately did not mention Chu Yunsheng.

Eating some food alone in the garden corner, Chu Yunsheng began to feel a little irritable. He just felt that he couldn't fit into anything here. He had no common topics with other people nor did he share any similar interests with anyone here. Staying here a second longer was a second longer of suffering. So he simply got up and prepared to leave and go back to continue to draw the emergency escape route map, which he planned to use after the 28th.

"You are little Chu, right?"

Walking towards him was an elegant looking woman, whose mature body was wrapped in a black slim evening gown, like a mass of burning black fire. With the black slim dress and her pale and silky-smooth skin, it made her stand out and carve a deep impression of being passionate yet reserved into Chu Yunsheng's mind.

Chu Yunsheng nodded, and took back the foot that he had just moved. In this place, the only person that was willing to take the initiative to talk to him, apart from Song Ying, there was only one person left, it was Song Ying's mother.

It was just that Chu Yunsheng didn't expect her to look so young. She looked like she was in her early thirties.

"I'm Yingying's mother. My surname is Su. You can call me Sussica. We can sit down and talk." She pointed to the chair behind Chu Yunsheng and smiled.

Chu Yunsheng thought to himself, that although the plan he had thought before were all useless now, since he had already come here and met with her, there was no point to waste this opportunity. He just needed to act accordingly to the situation.

And the sentence she had just said, although it seemed to be very easygoing and very polite, it also showed how clear her intention was. Before they even engaged in any conversation, with just one sentence, not only did she clearly express her attitude to the relationship between Chu Yunsheng and her daughter, but she was also able to test out Chu Yunsheng's real intention from his reaction.

If Chu Yunsheng followed her instructions to call her Sussica, that means Chu Yunsheng would comply with her attitude, but if Chu Yunsheng still deliberately called her auntie, that means Chu Yunsheng really wanted to continue this relationship with her daughter. (1)

The difference between the two determined the direction of her subsequent conversation with him.

But she overestimated the intelligence of Chu Yunsheng, in this short amount of time, how would Chu Yunsheng be able to think so many aspects?

At the moment, his mind was occupied with the thoughts of how to persuade her to invest more money, and use her power to keep the preparation going smoothly without causing civil unrest. In terms of how he should call her, that was not in his mind right now.

Seeing Chu Yunsheng only sat down without responding to her, but he was still frowning his brows, Song Ying's mother once again overestimated the intelligence of Chu Yunsheng. She looked at Song Ying, who was busy dealing with the guest while looking at them with worries from time to time, and smiled,

"I heard that you have been taking care of Yingying all this time. She is still a kid. She must have caused you a lot of trouble."

The hidden meaning in her words was very obvious. Saying that she was a kid, it was implying that she was not suitable for him. Avoiding the topic about the difference in social status, which would often easily offend other people, this was a more euphemistic way to discuss this matter.

She was the mother of Song Ying, so no one knew Song Ying better than she did. The same as her guests, originally, she did not take this matter seriously, but only after she returned to China, did she realize the seriousness of the problem, especially after meeting Song Ying's father.

"It's okay, she helped me a lot, too." Chu Yunsheng finally understood what she implied. But he didn't want to beat around the bush, so he simply said it straightforwardly, "I'll be honest with you, I'm not interested in your daughter, so you do not have to worry about that, the reason why I came to see you, in fact, has nothing to do with her."

Hearing what Chu Yunsheng said, Song Ying's mother's eyes had complexed emotions, and her tone also became very serious, "thank you for your honesty, I also want to believe you. But I know my daughter... Since the day I came back, everything she talked about was you. This is something that has never happened before. To be honest, I am very surprised and puzzled. You may not be interested in her, but she..."

She suddenly paused as if she wanted to organize her words. Her beautiful eyebrows frowned slightly and then carried on, "I hope you won't laugh at me, but I really don't know how to describe it. She told me in person, that she would do anything for you. If you need her to do anything, she would do it at any cost. Do you know what that means?"

Chu Yunsheng was silent for a moment, and said, "I know, I think there is a reason for this. It may be associated with the car accident and the lab accident, and she may be traumatized by those two accidents. But I believe that she will get better over time. But I did not take any advantage of her psychological trauma, I told her before, and I can also tell you as well, after the 28th, the money I get from you, I will give you back double."

Song Ying's mother shook her head softly, let out a sigh and said slowly, "I have already arranged the psychiatrists, the best ones in the entire states. They will come to Shanghai in the next few days, I don't care how much she has spent on you, but the relationship between her and you is clearly not Love. It is more like a relationship between a slave and a master. The worst thing is that she does not show any signs of unwillingness. This has already surpassed the ordinary mental disorder. If you were her parent, and your daughter was willing to be someone else's slave. What would you think?"

Chu Yunsheng nodded and said, "I understand what you were saying. If it were me, I would never let it happen. However, I think you are taking it too seriously. At least, I never once thought that way. I always think that we are business partners."

As if Song Ying's monte's eyes could speak, she looked at Chu Yunsheng quietly for a moment and then said sadly, "the problem is that, is she thinks the same as you?"

Chu Yunsheng was speechless, "then, what do you want me to do? Disappear or?"

He did not say the sentence fully. But Chu Yunsheng believed that she understood what he meant. And Chu Yunsheng was not joking either. Since they did have the ability to wipe him out of this world.

Song Ying's mother nodded apologetically and pulled out a pile of papers from her bag and said, "this is the passport we have already prepared for you and here is the plane ticket, if you like, tomorrow, you can board the plane to the United States. I am begging you to leave her for a period of time as a mother, and cooperate with her treatment. Once she recovered, if she still likes you, and if she is happy, I will not stop her from doing anything. I just hope that she can have a normal state of mind and equal rights, instead of the current abnormal relationship, which is clearly resulted by her psychological trauma. I hope you can understand it, and I also hope that you could explain to Yingying. Because she only listens to you.

Everything has been arranged properly in the united states, You can go to my company or you can just go there as a vacation. I know the military is watching you. Over there, you can take over one of my companies and continue to do the same thing. You don't need to worry about the money, I will take care of everything for you."

Chu Yunsheng was shocked, he did not expect that she had prepared such a plan. His tone suddenly changed and he said coldly, "what if I don't want to go?"