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Chapter 19 A Sense Of Duty.

 Secretary Yang's heart suddenly tightened, and he immediately said, "recently, you have always been busy with meetings, and I was just about to report this matter to you, it is..."

Secretary Yang told him what Song Ying did from the beginning to the end, and then carefully observed his superior's face. As a secretary, he must always try to figure out what his superior was thinking all the time, but he also could not let his superior know, that he was trying to figure it out. Only by achieving this, could he be regarded as an elite secretary.

And Secretary Yang was confident that he was one of the elite.

Song Ying's father thought for a moment and then said quietly, "has she been hanging out with that young man all day today?"

Secretary Yang nodded, "yes, but Yingying does look better than the last few days."

Song Ying's father was silent for a moment, then let out a sigh, "I hope that this young man knows his place. If he did something out of the line, you can find some time to remind him, but be tactful, don't put too much pressure. Otherwise, it might have an adverse outcome, besides, he did not do anything wrong, it is just Yingying... sigh..."

It was his superior's family matter, secretary Yang did not dare to interrupt. He waited until he finished and then said, "I understand."

Song Ying's father raised his eyebrows and said gravely, "I got the message from the top, the date was finally confirmed. Older Yang, you have been following me for so many years. The reason why I did not hide something from you is, that I hope you can also prepare it in advance. But I am very anxious. The date, that the people from the top gave me, is one month after the date, that young man said! Do you know what that means?"

Secretary Yang immediately lowered his voice and said in a shocked voice, "the higher-ups already give up on us? They, they want to abandon us?..."

Song Ying's father shook his head and sighed again. Then his face quickly changed and said, "older Yang, we need to prepare for two plans. If the words that young man said is indeed true. Then use the contingency plan!"

Secretary Yang gasped in horror and then quickly nodded heavily.


December 1st, the rumors on the internet could no longer be suppressed anymore. The panic those rumors caused, quickly spread the entire world.

The sun, that was 150 million kilometers away from Earth and was running at the speed of 250 kilometers per second, suddenly distorted for a split of a second.

From the Milky Way galaxy, which was over 100,000 light-years in diameter, suddenly shot out a straight silver light beam. A space surveillance ship cruising near the Norma Arm(1.) was surprised to catch the light beam by accident. Then it immediately followed it and disappeared into the dark, empty, and void space...

On the planet earth, Chu Yunsheng had just received a phone call, Song Ying's mother had just returned to China, and she wanted to see him. Originally he did not want to go, and he was sure, that it would not be something good, but in order to make sure, that he would get the 30 million, he still agreed to meet her.

But his state of mind has been constantly changing and it was changing rapidly. As the 28th was getting closer and closer, many seemingly important things were gradually marginalized. He did not know why, that once in a while, he would think, that even if he and Song Ying's mother did not come to an agreement, it did not really matter that much.

Instead, the strange feeling of something utmost important was waiting for him, was getting more and more intense, and it seemed like he would do anything for that thing.

If he wanted to use a familiar word to describe it, that would be "a sense of duty", and it was as if that was his purpose of existing in this world.

The sun doesn't have day and night cycles, but Earth has day and night cycles. When Song Ying came to pick him up, the sun was still there, but his side of Earth had already rotated to the dark side.

Most people often feel, that it is the sun, that is moving, rising from one side and setting from the other side, moving across the blue sky, but people seldom realize, that it is them, who are really moving, not the sun.

In the same way, people often feel, that others are approaching or distancing themselves because they are always changing and moving. They seldom think, that what is really changing and moving may still be themselves but not others.

Only a few smart people, who know to introspect themselves, can get rid of the cognitive inertia of using Earth as the reference object, jumping out of the self-complacent mindset, and finding the problem in themselves first.

Chu YunSheng, unfortunately, was not this type of person, he was exactly the type of person, who was feeling good about himself, and almost the same as most people living under the sun, and even including certain bad people, who were either defined by law or morality. He always felt, that he was actually a quite good person, at least, not a completely bad guy, and he could always magically remember all the good things he had done in the past, and constantly talk about it days and nights, he could even remember the smallest details about them. But when it comes to the bad things he did, he would deliberately forget them, even if he couldn't forget them, he would try to find a truckload of excuses trying to convince himself, that it wasn't his fault.

As for how other people would think of him, he didn't really care that much. After all, he could not force them to change their minds. What others thought of him, was other people's business. Why did he care?

Even the current premier also said that it was very difficult to get other people to understand him.

This was exactly the feeling Chu Yunsheng had. Before, he had told people everywhere, that on December 28th, the world they know would go through a big change. But it attracted a lot of criticisms.

Many people in his company thought, that he had gone mad, and he needed to be sent to a mental hospital. No one could understand him at that time. Now that Yu Xiaohai also quit his job, he once again became the focus of attention.

In the Milky Way galaxy, while that silver light beam flew through four spiral arms of the Milky Way, the rumor about Chu YunSheng hooked up with a rich woman and became a toyboy, was spreading in the company he used to work at. Some people were shocked, some people were envious, some people were contemptuous and his close colleagues were completely speechless and constantly making phone calls to ask him what exactly was going on.

In front of old friends and close colleagues, at first, Chu Yunsheng didn't explain it in details, but as the rumors became more and more vicious, and with all kinds of words were spreading around in the company, because of the sense of pride, it made him come out to explain, that he was innocent.

But slowly his sense of pride disappeared, and it was replaced with a sense of duty as time was getting closer and closer to the end of the world.

Chu Yunsheng did not know where the feeling came from, but it seemed like there was always a voice telling him, that there was something he needed to do. And that thing was very, very important. It was even more important than his life, compared to this, everything else could be ignored!


Sitting in Song Ying's car, Chu Yunsheng learned from Song Ying, that probably her mother had misunderstood the relationship between him and Song Ying. Even if Song Ying said that she had tried to explain it to her mother, but the more she explained the more it would show, that she wanted to protect Chu Yunsheng, and then the problem would become more serious. As her mother, she couldn't just watch her being deceived by Chu Yunsheng, who was clearly a person with no future.

Originally, Chu Yunsheng did not mind how Song Ying's mother would think of him, and he could completely ignore this invitation, however, as the sense of duty became stronger and stronger, he had a strange feeling that this might be a chance, an opportunity.

He could easily tell what Song Ying's mother was going to say to him, from many dramas he had seen before. It was definitely nothing more than some typical lines like, "if I give you some money, please stay away from my daughter," etc...

With this strong sense of duty, Chu Yunsheng naturally would not reject the money that was offered to him, nor would he say those cliché lines like, "you will regret it," or "I love your daughter more than money," etc.

He wanted money, even if it meant that he would be laughed at and be despised at by other people, he still wanted money!

He had been targeted by the military anyway, and the plan for gathering the supply secretly had also fallen through. But the strange sense of duty told him, that he must become strong using any means necessary, and the sooner the better.

He could feel that from this strange sense of duty, it seemed to disdain the power of military as if his enemy would not be them in the future but something more powerful and more superior.

So those small trivial matters, he must quickly solve them, regardless of what other people would think of him. At present, he only needed money. And only the money could help him to prepare enough material before the 28th. And with those materials, he believed, that he would definitely be able to become stronger in the future without relying on other people.

But his prediction was slightly wrong and the drama had seriously affected his judgment of the people from the upper class. Moreover, it seemed like he had also misunderstood the sense of duty.

When the car, Chu Yunsheng was sitting in, pulled into an elegant garden-like private hall, he noticed that there seemed to be a private party ongoing.

To be exact, it looked like a birthday party.