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Chapter 18 The Change Of Plans

 The two flats in Mingdu garden housing estate suddenly lost their original purposes. The place of stockpiling Chu Yunsheng's supplies was changed to a formally registered food company, and in terms of the shelter, because of Song Ying, it also was not a problem either.

But Chu Yunsheng always felt, that this place was a bit unusual. Living in it may be able to help him find out what the strangeness was. Moreover, Chu Yunsheng still thought, that other people were not reliable, he still must rely on himself.

So he decided, that those two flats would be his last shelter if some unexpected accidents happened in December.

Moving home was a very tedious thing. After he finished that, he also followed Song Ying to do the relevant work of handling the Lamborghini to the next owner. After he finally finished it, it was already passed five o 'clock in the afternoon. Fortunately, Song Ying's Audi R8's speed was very fast, Chu Yunsheng also unexpectedly experienced the speed of a million Chinese Yuan sports car for the first time.

Before six o 'clock, they finally arrived at VINNA CAFE, which was at the downstairs of the company, that Chu Yunsheng previous worked. Yu Xiaohai had been waiting there already. Seeing Chu Yunsheng, unlike he usually did, this time, he didn't raise his hand high and wave at him. Instead, he pretended to be a gentleman, nodding and smiling at Chu Yunsheng. His current behavior was as awkward as a monkey put on a suit.

Of course, this was just Chu Yunsheng's personal feeling, because he was too familiar with Yu Xiaohai, he knew clearly what type of person he was. But Song Ying, who had already put on a pair of sunglasses, and was currently following him, didn't think this way. Instead, she felt that Chu Yunsheng this colleague was a quite gentle and steady man, and no wonder Chu Yunsheng wanted to ask him to do such an important task.

Only after Chu Yunsheng arrived behind the glass wall did he just understand why this guy wanted to pretend to be a gentleman. It turns out, that a girl was sitting next to him. She looked like a quiet type of girl, wearing a pair of glasses, and having a ponytail.

Seeing Chu Yunsheng, she stood up hastily, and said, "hel, hello, older brother Chu, I'm Xiao Li, and I'm new to the company. I heard Xiaohai said, that you were the senior in the company, so please, advise me what to do if you have time, thank you."

Chu Yunsheng's brows slightly frowned, and glared at Yu Xiaohai. He slightly shook the girl's hands, and then sat across the table opposite them.

What the hell is this guy doing? Bringing someone they barely know to such an important meeting?

But he did not know, that Yu Xiaohai thought, that he was joking from the beginning.

CEO? Beautiful boss? Was he still dreaming?

But he didn't expect, that Chu YunSheng really brought a woman with him. And looking at the clothes she was wearing, she was definitely not an ordinary woman. Yu Xiaohai did not see the sports car outside, he just had a strange intuition. Moreover, this young girl was giving him a strange pressure, that he didn't know how to describe it.

Song Ying, on the other hand, was very easy-mannered. She had dealt with the big important occasions many times before, at present, this meeting was nothing to her. She took off the sunglasses, smiled and nodded at Yu Xiaohai and Xiao Li slightly to greet them.

Song Ying was not being condescending towards them because of her identity. It was just, that the gap between them, was really too big. If it weren't for Chu Yunsheng, they wouldn't have been able to sit here together to have coffee.

Yu Xiaohai was shocked by the pressure that Song Ying gave. The relationship between people is very strange sometimes. When two strangers met each other for the first time, the self-confidence and the imposing manner of each side would compete with each other automatically, and the result of the competition would directly affect the subsequent relations between the two strangers. Generally speaking, the person, who won the competition would tend to have advantages over the person, who lost the competition in the subsequent relationship in the future.

For example, Song Ying and Chu Yunsheng, originally she would not be defeated by Chu Yunsheng, but in the first time they met, it just happened to be after the accident, no matter the psychology, or the roles they were playing in the first meeting, as the perpetrator, when Song Ying faced the only witness Chu Yunsheng, she would always be at a disadvantage, after all, she was only a young girl, who was slightly more than 18 years old.

From the beginning, she lost the competition to Chu Yunsheng, then the things, that happened one after another later on, only worsened her position in this relationship.

So, this was the reason why Chu Yunsheng only felt, that Song Ying was a trouble to him, but he never once felt any pressure or any sense of inferiority before Song Ying. Instead, he felt an inexplicable pressure from Song Ying's father, who he never even met before.

Chu YunSheng was in a hurry, he didn't have time to think about the psychological activity between them. He just sat down, without ordering any drink, went straight to the point, "we have thirty million in our hands, five days later, a new company will be set up and Song Ying will be in charge of everything. But she doesn't have time, and I'm also very busy. I just need a quick answer from you. Do you want to follow me or not?"

Yu Xiaohai and he were both alumnus and colleagues. Privately, they were also good friends, so Chu Yunsheng trusted him.

Of course, there were other candidates, such as his family in Nanjing, and his university roommate, who was now in Beijing, but they were far away from him. He needed someone to help him operate the company immediately. This task was simply too big. He was not capable to handle it alone.

Yu Xiaohai still has not recovered from the surprise, that Song Ying gave him, after hearing what Chu Yunsheng said, he said in confusion, "brother Chu, what do you want to do exactly."

Chu Yunsheng reached out his hand, signaled Song Ying to take out the pen and paper from her bag. It was such a small action, but it instantly stunned Yu Xiaohai. To his surprise, the mysterious girl, who had 30 million was acting like brother Chu's secretary?

When he looked at Song Ying carefully again, as expected, he found, that the girl always paid attention to Chu Yunsheng's request. Chu Yunsheng did not let her speak, she would not speak, Chu Yunsheng let her take out things, she would take out things, she was very obedient.

When did brother Chu become this powerful?! Comparing the appearances, this girl was as pretty as her cousin. It really made Yu Xiaohai wonder why.

However, unlike what Chu Yunsheng had expected, Yu Xiao didn't show a lecherous expression. In fact, having a pretty cousin, he was able to handle this level of beauty much better than Chu Yunsheng.

Taking out a paper and a pen, Chu Yunsheng wrote the date the 28th of December on the paper, pushed to Yu Xiaohai, and said, "Xiaohai, whether you believe it or not, this is the last time I'm going to tell you this, this day is also the last day, after this day, the whole world will change! If you believe me, just cut the crap and follow me! If you don't believe me, just pretend, that I didn't come to see you today."

Yu Xiaohai was dazed for a second. To be honest, normally, he would believe everything Chu Yunsheng said, and never doubt it, but only this thing, he was hesitant. Because it was really absurd. More importantly, it was not that he didn't believe it, he didn't dare to believe it. He just didn't know how to face his family if he believed it. However, when he saw Song Ying, he started to change his mind.

The girl, who was able to use 30 million to help Chu Yunsheng gather supplies, was definitely not an ordinary girl. Think about it, even the people with this kind of background also believed him, that meant that this thing was most likely true!

Wasn't the people on the Internet saying, that the rich people had already started to board the ship?

So all the rumors were true?

Yu Xiaohai thought about it again, brother Chu never once lied to him. It was because of their close friendship, that he had been trying to help Chu Yunsheng and change his mind. But now, it seemed like he was the person, who should change mind.

Seeing Chu Yunsheng was quietly waiting for his answer, Yu Xiaohai gritted his teeth and said, "Okay, brother Chu, I will listen to you! I will ignore my family and do whatever you said!"

Chu Yunsheng smiled, patted Yu Xiaohai on the shoulder heavily and said, "great! This is the brother I know. But don't worry, it will definitely happen. Just one more month, then you will know! And don't just ignore your family, try to get them here as soon as possible. Even if you need to lie to them, just do it. You can talk to Song Ying about the details. The things here are settled now. But I still need to make a few calls."

Song Ying nodded and reached out her hand to Yu Xiaohai and said, "congratulations, you have made the right choice."

Sitting beside Yu Xiaohai, Xiao Li suddenly said, "Older brother Chu, can, can I join you?"

Chu Yunsheng was dazed for a second, but quickly returned to normal. He then pointed at Yu Xiaohai and said, "he is the one that is in charge of this now. You can talk to him."

With that, he got up, lit a cigarette, walked to another table, and flipped through the notebook that had a list of numbers. Song Ying's 30 million Chinese Yuan broke all his plans and raised his plans to an unprecedented height, making him have extra time, more money and the most important thing - the power to remind and probably forcibly save some people.

As soon as Chu Yunsheng left, Song Ying also got up to follow him. She only told Yu Xiaohai, that tomorrow, she would arrange someone to come over and talk to him about the details, and then quickly moved to Chu Yunsheng's table. There was no way, that she would spend time to talk to Yu Xiaohai about such trivial matters, she had much more important things to do.

Yu Xiaohai rubbed the eyes, couldn't believe what he saw. Since when his brother Chu, who was not popular around women, had such a loyal follower? With the ability to make an arrogant princess-like girl follow him like a maid, brother Chu's glamour directly surpassed his. You have to know that Yu Xiaohai was extremely confident in his own glamour in the past!

But seeing Song Ying was making note carefully while Chu Yunsheng was making a phone call, Yu Xiaohai almost puked blood.

Not only him, but the new colleague Xiao Li also felt the same way. Although Xiaohai always boasted about Chu Yunsheng's ability in front of her, she also heard many stories about Chu YunSheng. Mostly regarding his mental illness. So she was very surprised to discover that the rumors didn't seem to be true.

The other person that was also puzzled was Song Ying's father. In the office, he had just hung up the phone call with his ex-wife. Then he called in the secretary Yang and asked while his brows were pressed tightly together, "Yingying called you?"