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Chapter 17 do you want me to be your girlfriend?

 Song Ying nodded and said earnestly, "if you said so, I will believe it!"

Chu Yunsheng asked again, "why? Why do you believe me?"

Song Ying said with great certainty, "your eyes told me."

"Eyes?" Chu Yunsheng frowned. He thought for a second and carried on asking, "since you are so sure, and you really believed me, why only 30 million? Your mother should be able to move three billion Chinese yuan, right? This is the end of the world!"

The reason why he said this was to find out the real intention of Song Ying, he didn't believe that his eyes could make her believe what he said. That was just ridiculous.

Song Ying mhm-ed and said, "I believe that, but she doesn't believe that, for this thing, I also argued with her on the phone last night. In the morning, I also thought it through, if the amount is too big, it may cause the market fluctuations, and even cause civil unrest. And because it is close to December now, there are all sorts of rumors going around, the government is very strict in this respect and they control the market very tightly. Using 30 million to buy supplies is already my limit, but if you are not happy, I can try it again."

"That's not what I meant." Seeing her misunderstood him, Chu Yunsheng, hurriedly explained, "I mean you don't have to be involved in my preparation. Probably, the more you helped me, the more trouble you will bring to me. Besides, your father is a senior official, even if something happens in December, you won't have any problems."

Song Ying winked her eyes and said, "I said, I will protect you!"

Chu Yunsheng was speechless. He felt that the girl must have broken her head in the car accident, or probably she had been thinking too much, that she had developed some kind of schizophrenia.

Without the ancient book, he was just a nobody. Why would the princess of a rich and powerful family do such things for him?

He wasn't stupid and he knew that there must be reasons. Although he didn't know what it was, there must be reasons!

Seeing Chu Yunsheng did not speak, Song Ying suddenly moved closer to him, the tip of her nose almost touched the face of Chu Yunsheng. With such an intimate behavior, she whispered into Chu Yunsheng's ears intimately, "do you want me to be your girlfriend? After becoming the son-in-law of the Song family, you also won't need to prepare these goods and supplies anymore. I know you used to have a girlfriend. But you two broke up a long time ago, didn't you?"

Chu YunSheng has been trying to avoid thinking about Liu Li for a long time. Hearing what she said, a strange sharp pain suddenly appeared in his heart. He immediately pushed away Song Ying, then the acute pain went through the veins and appeared inside his head. It was so painful as if his head was about to explode. He used both his hands to press the temples very hard, trying to squeeze the pain out of his head. However, as if it had stirred up something inside his head, it made him grunt in pain and sweat constantly.

Less than a moment, Chu Yunsheng even started to shake violently. Song Ying panicked, "are you all right? I'm taking you to the hospital now!"

However, Chu Yunsheng didn't answer her. He felt so much pain, that he began to clenched his hands into fists punching his head. At the same time, he was jumping inside the car, using his head to hit the ceiling of the car while screamed in pain constantly.

Realizing that she shouldn't have made this kind of joke, she hurriedly started the car and ready to send Chu Yunsheng to the hospital.

But at this time, her right hand was suddenly grasped by Chu Yunsheng, Song Ying was started, quickly looked at Chu Yunsheng didn't know what he meant.

All she could see was that all of sudden, Chu Yunsheng's eyes suddenly became pitch black, and he was staring at her with the pitch-black eyes, then countless fragments shot out of his eyes like a black storm, the raging roars were like tsunami waves coming towards Song Ying one after another as if they wanted to engulf her entire soul.

A small flying insect, that was almost invisible to the naked eyes, accidentally bumped into the window on Song Ying's side. And it just encountered this scene, so at that moment, the small flying insect's body suddenly shook violently as if it had encountered its enemy, it wanted to fly away, but it couldn't flap its wings.

After another second, although it seemed like it was a very long time, Chu Yunsheng finally let out a sigh, and all of the strangeness in his eyes slowly disappeared. He shook his head and said, "don't go to the hospital, I'm fine."

Song Ying and the small flying insect were finally relieved. All their bodies suddenly lost their strength as if something had sucked their energy away, and at the same time, something else seemed to be injected into their bodies.

Song Ying no longer dared to look at Chu Yunsheng's eyes casually, but she was more certain about her judgment.

And that poor little insect, which had also lost its strength, fell to the cement road, but as if it was suddenly granted wisdom, it knew the danger of the road and coming cars, it was desperately trying to crawl to grass on the roadside, with its tiny legs. While crawling, it suddenly had a strange thought, maybe it would be able to survive this winter, and maybe it could become much stronger...

Chu Yunsheng gradually calmed down, but he did not seem to know what had just happened. Only a seed, that was growing strong enough deep inside his soul, was getting restless.

Not knowing whether it was stirred up by Song Ying's words, or by Song Ying's intimate behavior, or maybe both, there was always something strange and blurry about it, that couldn't be explained.

After such an incident, Chu Yunsheng had a strange realization. His mindset seemed to have changed a lot and he was no longer troubled by the military's problem. Moreover, there was something seemingly important waiting for him in December.

"Let's go to the Mingdu garden." Chu Yunsheng wiped the sweat on his forehead and decided, "if you believe me, I will make a deal with you. Consider this '30 million' a loan, that I borrowed from you. After December, I will return something much more precious to you."

Song Ying nodded meekly. She didn't know why, but she started to feel a very powerful imposing manner from Chu Yunsheng, and it was growing more and more powerful every second!

Chu Yunsheng suddenly had money, and it was 30 million. Moreover, he had Song Ying this protection, so he quickly took out his phone and dialed a number.

"Auntie, it's me, Big Egg." Although Chu Yunsheng deliberately lowered the voice, Song Ying was very close to him, she could still hear it. Hearing what he said, Song Ying's face suddenly changed. She almost couldn't control herself but burst out laughing.

"Mhm, mhm, I know, I didn't... listen to me first, listen to me first!" Seeing that his auntie couldn't stop talking, Chu Yunsheng also raised his voice, "how is uncle's illness? Mhm, still in the hospital? It is this, I have contacted a famous expert... Yes... Through a contact or mine... the hospital has been arranged, just come here next month, bring Jing Tian and Jing Yi as well... I also haven't seen them for a long time... Alright, alright, I'll call them myself... It is real! The best hospital in Shanghai, I have already paid the deposit, a lot of money, you know! If you don't come here, the money will be wasted... I can't get it back... Okay, Okay, I'll pick you up then."

After hanging up the phone, Chu Yunsheng said to Song Ying, "there is also another thing that I need to trouble you."

Song Ying nodded understandingly, "I'll arrange it. I'll go to Nanjing to pick them up in person. I promise that I'll get them here safely."

The information about Chu Yunsheng's auntie, Song Ying had read it before. So she knew that his uncle had terminal cancer, although it was not much use, Song Ying knew very clearly that this was a chance to get close to Chu Yunsheng.

Just base on the fact that his auntie was the first person Chu Yunsheng contacted, it was already very obvious.

Then Chu Yunsheng made a second call.

"Xiaohai, at work?" Chu Yunsheng habitually wanted to light a cigarette, but when he just reached it in his pocket, he suddenly realized that he was still sitting in someone else's car, so he casually took out his hand and said, "quit your job now. I have found a CEO job for you to do... I'm serious! Once I finished my thing, I'll wait for you at the coffee bar below the company... Yes, I'll introduce you to a beautiful boss... I said I'm not joking! Alright, stop talking nonsense. It's settled. See you at six."

Although the money was borrowed from Song Ying, with Song Ying's age and background, probably she was not capable of handling everything by herself. Chu Yunsheng needed someone he could trust to handle it for him. So Yu Xiaohai was a perfect choice.

It was just that he didn't know how Yu Xiaohai, this lecherous guy, would react when he saw Song Ying.


The Ying in Song Ying's name means Shadow.

I'll remind you once in a while.