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Chapter 16 Protection


The big man surnamed Jiang nodded, gave Chu Yunsheng a warning glare, and then checked again before he left the flat. Chu Yunsheng also calmed down, sat on the sofa of the living room, thinking about what to do.

With the current situation, the people, who were monitoring him, probably haven't discovered the secret of the ancient book, otherwise, he wouldn't have been sitting here now.

And in regards to the two flats he rented in Mingdu garden housing estate, even Song Ying also knew about it, so without a doubt, it wouldn't be a secret to them, now it was futile to look for a new place, with the powerful force of the people, who were monitoring him, even if he moved to a desert island, it would still be no use, they simply had him under control.

Now what he had to do was, that he must not expose the secret of the ancient book, at least, to he needed to endure this until the recovery of the Sky Track.

As for supplies, he had been gathering supplies all this time, but no action had been taken against him, they didn't seem to have any problem with it.

He also realized that he could no longer spread the words about the end of the world, including the online posts, otherwise, he would definitely be invited to the police station again.

Since it has already come to this point, there was no use blaming whose fault it was, fortunately, Song Ying this little girl still had a little conscience, with her background, perhaps, those people in the dark would not do something to him at the moment.

After thinking it through, Chu Yunsheng no longer refused Song Ying's help. He must rely on her background to stay out of deeper troubles in the last month before the end of the world.

This trouble was brought by Song Ying, so using her was not totally unreasonable. Originally, Chu Yunsheng didn't want to be too polite to her, however, he was worried that his attitude would make her change her mind and no longer want to protect him. After all, she was a spoiled little princess of some powerful family, he would never be able to figure out what she would be thinking next.

And he himself, on the other hand, was just an ordinary commoner, but he was holding an ancient book this huge secret, so the way he spoke to Song Ying became much more polite. It was no longer the annoyed look he had previously.

Song Ying knew Chu Yunsheng was pretending to be kind and polite, but it seemed like she didn't mind it, she was still very happy that the way Chu Yunsheng treated her became better.

After a phone call, from downstairs came up a group of people, with a lot of boxes and tools. They skillfully packed up all the belongings of Chu Yunsheng one by one, moved downstairs.

Only when Chu Yunsheng came downstairs with the workers, did he found that Song Ying didn't come to him alone, there was a van parked outside his building, it seemed that she came prepared.

But his attention was riveted by a white Audi R8, an imported sports car, which parked in front of the van. No one in his neighborhood could possibly afford a luxury car, that was worth more than two million Chinese Yuan, so this car was definitely Song Ying's.

As expected, after Song Ying watched everyone packed up Chu Yunsheng's staff, she also came down from the flat and walked directly to the white Audi.

Chu Yunsheng couldn't help but sigh, that she was truly from a rich family. She had just crashed a Lamborghini, but immediately she had an Audi R8 Spyder, of which even if just one of its tire could cost his entire life-saving.

Sitting in the car, Chu Yunsheng couldn't help but ask, "your father is a high ranking government official in the city, don't you want to keep a low profile?"

"Why do I need to keep a low profile?" Song Ying felt very strange, "what I am spending is my mother's money. What does it have to do with him? Besides, if I am driving a QQ car, will other people really think that I'm trying to keep a low profile?"

Her response made Chu Yunsheng speechless. Indeed, if a person like her, was driving a QQ car, people would only think, that she was such a hypocrite. What kind of background she had, probably everyone, who knew her, all knew it very clearly.

But the commoners always love to see this kind of thing. The things like some officials have been wearing the same shirts in the past twenty years, poor officials equal good officials, are constantly talked by the ordinary citizens all the time. However, in terms of what the truth really is, no one really knows.

Even if it is the truth, does that mean anything? If they are genuinely doing a great job, why do they need propaganda to improve their images?

But Chu Yunsheng did not agree with the first part of her words. He said contemptuously, "your mother or your father, what is the difference?"

Have to say, that Chu Yunsheng was also quite a cynical man, especially towards those rich people. So, normally, whenever he talked about them, he couldn't help but use a contemptuous tone.

Song Ying was silent for a while, then said in a sad tone, "they got divorced when I was very young. The woman, he married later, isn't my mother."

Chu Yunsheng was dazed for a second, he didn't expect that the little princess of the rich and powerful family would have this kind of sad childhood. On the surface, she lived in a life that many people dreamed of. But deeply, she had a sad broken family. Comparing to her, he had a much better childhood.

However, no one seemed to be able to have a good thing in this world, as if fate hate all good things. It was like a spoiled child constantly destroyed happiness and caused countless tragedies in this world.

The death of Chu Yunsheng's parents had a great impact on his life. If it wasn't for his auntie, he did not think, that he would've been able to go through that difficult period.

Two people became silent for a while, Chu Yunsheng also stopped giving Song Ying attitude. This was Chu Yunsheng. If you are better than him, he either admires you, or stays far away from you, but once he finds out that deep inside, you are having a similar misfortune life as his, the gap between you and him will suddenly become much smaller.

"Why are they watching me?" After a while, Chu Yunsheng diverted the topic and said.

With his current situation, knowing that there were people watching him in the dark, wasn't enough. He needed to find out more information so he could prepare the solutions in advance.

"They are not only watching you but also want to monitor me as well. But you know my father, so they can only monitor you now, the purpose should be related to what happened in the laboratory that day, in terms of the specific reasons, I guess Zhao Ling knows, how about I make an appointment with her, so we can talk to her?" Song Ying suggested while driving.

"No need." Chu Yunsheng said while thinking to himself, 'I didn't do anything wrong, they can do anything they like. After a while, when they are bored, they will naturally stop monitoring me.'

Although Chu Yunsheng no longer gave Song Ying attitude, he was still wary of her. Like the words, that big man, whose surname was Jiang, said, "if there was nothing wrong with him, they would have already left." It made him think, that what if Song Ying and the military guy were trying to trick him. They probably thought that once he panicked, he would reveal his secret, and this was very possible.

"They're looking into your preparation for the end of the world." Song Ying suddenly said.

"I am spending my own money, not stealing anyone or robbing anyone, why do I need to be afraid?" Chu Yunsheng snorted coldly. Although this world was not that good, it was not completely lawless.

"It is not about you are afraid or not." Song Ying said with concern, "I'm afraid that they will disrupt your plan. If you don't believe me, you can call those shops that you placed the orders later. They will definitely tell you that they will not be able to give you the order in time."

Chu Yunsheng suddenly sat up straight, how did he not think of this. This was entirely possible! Although he didn't know why those people would do it, he didn't believe, that Song Ying just said this without any base. If that really happened, it instantly would put end to his plan.

Being watched by a group of military personnel, the plan to buy a gun from the black market was impossible now, and if he couldn't even keep the food supplies, it would be all over.

Chu Yunsheng was fidgeting, the sense of crisis immediately went into his mind. It was only left a little more than a month, it was too late for him to make a new plan to avoid those impacts. Fuck that early morning, fuck that car accident. It was because of that, he was trapped in such a terrible situation.

Aware of Chu Yunsheng's anxiety, Song Ying soothed him, "don't worry, I'll help you."

After she said that, she took out a stack of papers from her bag and placed them in front of front Chu YunSheng and said, "through my mother's contacts, I contacted a formally licensed food wholesale company and several shopping malls last night, I also sold my Lamborghini and asked my mom for some money, plus the money in my own account, in a few days, a shell company will be registered, don't worry, my father's secretary will handle all formalities, so the military will not be able to interfere. With this money, we can buy a large number of materials."

She gave Chu Yunsheng a smile, patted the steering wheel, and said, "if money is still not enough at that time, I'll sell this car and drive a QQ car instead!"

Chu Yunsheng's face gradually became stern and he said in a serious tone, "roughly how much money is that?"

Song Ying said casually, "about 30 million."

Hearing this scary figure, Chu Yunsheng was started. 30 million! He may not be able to earn this figure in his entire life. Although he didn't know exactly how many things he could buy with this amount of money, there was one thing he knew very clearly. It was that this money was not his, it was Song Ying's money. And he didn't know Song Ying that well, he couldn't use her money. Otherwise, who knows what would happen next.

Probably Song Ying knew what Chu Yunsheng was thinking, she pulled the car over and looked at Chu Yunsheng softly, "30 million is a big number for you, but for me, it is just a number, nothing more, I don't know how to explain it to you, but I just want to protect you, as long as it can make you safe, I will do it at all costs."

Chu Yunsheng was even more nervous when he heard this, "you also believe that there is the end of the world?"