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Chapter 15 bloody man

 The night Chu Yunsheng came back from the villa, he began to have nightmares again. Unlike before, when he woke up from the nightmare, he could still remember a few vague fragments of the dream. But those fragments always surrounded one question, and as if there was a voice constantly asking him this question,

"who am I?..."

"who am I?..."

"who am I?..."


Song Ying was very fortunate. Because when she asked this question, there was Chu Yunsheng, who could tell her the answer. But when Chu Yunsheng asked this question, who could tell him the answer?

Just like the Pythagorean theorem in mathematics, it cannot be proved by using the Pythagorean theorem itself, the same as the question of "who am I", it cannot be answered by the person himself, nor can one prove it by themselves!

In the middle of the night, Chu Yunsheng was tormented by this problem, he couldn't sleep at all. And probably he had eaten something bad today, his stomach was rumbling constantly, so he simply took the paper, went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet to continue to think about this question, which was completely outside his engineering profession.

Thinking about himself, then thinking about Song Ying again, and then thinking about everyone around him, gradually his thoughts began to spread out, expand unrestrainedly. The thought on the toilet was often like a wild horse, there were no boundaries, no burden, even a stupid person, occasionally could produce some interesting ideas here.

In twenty years of Chu Yunsheng's life, it was the first time, that he actually summed up a seemingly mediocre, but quite philosophical question, 'am I living in other people's world, or others are living in my world?'

Combined with Song Ying's question, he successfully jumped from the question, "who am I" to "the meaning of my existence."

In this way, this question would not have any clear answer, because the problem itself was the meaning of an individual's existence. Chu YunSheng was a pragmatist, even if he found the answer to this question, it was still useless to him. Those questions were just made for philosophers, who had nothing better to do than complaining all day long, so after he cleaned his butt, he chucked the question into the toilet and flushed it away.

But when he tried to get up from the toilet, lifted his head, his face instantly went pale and bloodless, his pupils dilated sharply and he looked terrified.

Maybe a second, or probably just half a second, directly in front of him, a few centimeters before the toilet, appeared a bloody man, that was covered with open wounds. His injured muscles were ripped open, bleeding black blood, his broken ghastly white bones were poking out, bringing the bloody tissues much closer to his face. It was so horrifying, that by just simply looking at it, Chu Yunsheng lost all his strength in both his legs.

When he looked at the bloody man, the bloody man also looked at him, as if he were looking at each other in a mirror.

Under the terrible shock and fear, Chu Yunsheng fell down on the toilet, breathing rapidly. The bloody man, however, disappeared instantly, there was no trace of blood on the ground, as if the man never appeared.

Chu Yunsheng knew it very clearly, that if this is an illusion, then he would be in serious trouble. Because not long ago, he had seen this bloody face, and it was still inside the mirror, both of them were almost exactly the same!

After the monster incident in that secret lab, Chu Yunsheng was able to handle emotions much better than before. His mind was very clear at the moment. And seeing the bloody face immediately remind him of an American film he had once seen. A genius mathematician and economist called Nash, got a strange disease called, "paranoid schizophrenia" after creating the famous Nash equilibrium theory. From then on, he could see a strange man that no one else could see.

"Am I schizophrenic, too?"

Chu Yunsheng appeased his frightened heart, pulled up the pants and thought.

Of course, he did not plan to go to the hospital to take an X-ray or MRI or something like that. He just carefully reviewed his own behavior and noticed that apart from seeing the bloody man, he was pretty normal like other people. It didn't seem like he had a mental disorder.

'But who is to say, that the things, that those mentally ill people see, is not real?'

Chu Yunsheng could not help have this idea in his mind. However, in the next second, he also could not help but be alerted by having this kind of idea.

"Fuck!" Chu Yunsheng cursed and immediately stopped thinking about this abnormal and very dangerous idea.

He had forgotten, that recently he had quit his job, sold his house, and been gathering the supplies for the end of the world like a mad man, to other people, he was no different than other mentally ill people.

The next morning, while Chu Yunsheng was still sleeping in bed, he vaguely heard someone knocking on the door.

Chu Yunsheng guessed, that it might be the people, who were here to check his meter readings. A few days ago, the property management agency heard that he had already sold the house, so they told him, that they were going to send someone here, soon, to check the meter readings, so it would be much easier to work out the price for the people, who were going to move in.

Therefore, he didn't think too much about it. He just covered himself with a thin coat, walked towards the door while yawning. The young man, who was responsible for the meter readings in this community, he was also very familiar with him, so he didn't mind to dress casually in front of him.

But when the door opened, however, he was stunned. The person, who stood outside his flat, was not the meter reading man, but Song Ying, who looked very pretty in a small white down jacket.

Looking at Chu Yunsheng, who was only wearing a pair of shorts and covering in a coat, Song Ying covered her mouth and giggled, "don't you want to invite me in?"

Chu Yunsheng immediately came back from the shock, blocked the door and asked vigilantly, "how do you know I live here?"

Song Ying, however, suddenly stooped down, went into the flat underneath his arm nimbly. She glanced around the messy living room, winked her eyes at Chu Yunsheng and said, "not only I know you live here, but also know where you want to move to, I am here to help you to move."

Chu Yunsheng thought for a second, realizing, that with her background, it would not be difficult to find out where he lives. But no one would be happy about having their information being checked thoroughly by someone, who they didn't want to associate with. So he said coldly, "thank you for your kindness, but I don't need your help. Please stay away from me. To be honest with you, every time when I see you, I'm very scared!"

Song Ying turned around, closed the door, quietly held Chu Yunsheng's hand, pulled Chu Yunsheng across the bedroom, went to the balcony, pointed to a black SUV on the corner of the road, and said, "it will be very dangerous for you, if I stay away from you, they are watching you 24/7. I said that I want to protect you."

Chu Yunsheng's heart instantly sank. He skipped the last sentence she said and asked sternly, "who are they?"

Song Ying looked at the black SUV coldly and said, "the people from the military. They were sent here by the people in the lab, where we have been to."

Chu Yunsheng originally wanted to ask "how do you know?" But at the thought of Song Ying's identity, she definitely knew more things than him, so when the question came out of his mouth, it was just a simple word, "why?"

Song Ying pulled the poor Chu Yunsheng, who was still wearing a pair of shorts, back to the bedroom, and whispered to his ears, "I guess your home was bugged by them, I'll tell you more in the car."

Chu Yunsheng was startled and looked at her dubiously.

"Don't believe me?" Song Ying was upset, that Chu Yunsheng didn't believe her. She then said, "I will get someone to find it out for you."

After saying that, she took out her mobile phone and dialed a number. Chu Yunsheng did not stop her. This information was very shocking to him. He did not expect that someone would monitor every move he made. Although he did not believe it, he wanted to see if it was real.

While Song Ying was making a call, he kicked her out of his bedroom and quickly put on some clothes.

After a while, shortly after he put on the clothes, Song Ying opened the door. From outside the flat, came in a big muscular man, this man, Chu Yunsheng also knew him. He was the one, that picked him up and threw him away in that secret lab.

The big muscular man's surname is Jiang. He gave Chu Yunsheng a very unfriendly look and then placed the strange box in his hand on the floor. He then removed the shoes and instant noodle boxes, that were scattered in the living room to make an empty space, opened the box, and then began to assemble the tool inside skillfully. Soon, a set of equipment, that Chu Yunsheng had never seen before was assembled before him.

The man was using one hand to hold the equipment and using the other hand to hold a rectangular terminal. Under both Chu Yunsheng and Song Ying's gaze, he began to walk around Chu Yunsheng's flat while looking for something. Very soon, they saw the man found out two bugs, one was behind the living room's refrigerator, the other was inside a socket in the bathroom.

The man did not destroy the bugs. He just showed them to Chu Yunsheng and Song Ying and said in low voice, "there are more advanced bugs in the bedroom. At the moment, I can't find them out."

Chu Yunsheng was first, panicked, then he couldn't help but tremble with anger. 'Why do those bastards want to monitor me!? Even the bathroom has monitors!'

He glared at Song Ying angrily, and thought, that although those people, who were monitoring him, were despicable, it was all this woman's fault.

Song Ying was afraid of Chu Yunsheng, but the big man surnamed Jiang was not, and probably he saw Chu Yunsheng was "bullying" Song Ying, he could not help but snort coldly, "if there was truly nothing wrong with you, they would have already left. Do you think these things do not cost any money?"

Hearing what he said, Chu Yunsheng immediately felt a little bit guilty. It was not that he was afraid of the big man surnamed Jiang, but he did have a huge secret, that was the ancient book. Temporarily, he had to make sure that no one knew about this book apart from him.

Seeing Chu Yunsheng did not dare to talk back, Song Ying immediately pulled the big man way, "uncle Jiang, sorry to trouble you this time. Could you please help me to check that area as well. Please check it carefully and thoroughly."

Those three people formed a very strange circle. The big man surnamed Jiang wanted to protect Song Ying, but Song Ying wanted to protect Chu Yunsheng. However, Song Ying was afraid of Chu Yunsheng, and it seemed like the big man surnamed Jia would do anything Song Ying said.

It was truly strange.