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Chapter 13 The Safest Place

 "I've resigned already and I'm not looking for another job. What she thinks of me, has no use to me."

The opening question seemed to have worked very well, it removed the tension of their first meeting outside the lab, and Chu Yunsheng also simply accepted the relationship between Wen Luo and Zhao Ling was true, he did not doubt it. In terms of why she knew about he was preparing for the end of the world, it was very obvious. Whether people really cared about him, or some people just tried to ridicule him, after the day he quitted, almost everyone in the company knew the reason why he quitted, so he did not spend too much time thinking about it.

Zhao Ling had a complicated look on her face and she asked again, "why are you so sure that there will be the end of the world?"

Chu Yunsheng smiled, did not peak. He chose not to answer her question. Firstly, he had said similar things to other people so many times already, not only no one believed him, but it also increased all kinds of pressure on himself, it was not worth it. Secondly, he was no familiar with Zhao Ling, moreover, she came from that place, of course, he must be wary of her.

In the face of Chu Yunsheng's reaction, Zhao Ling felt helpless. She was not good at dealing with people, but in order to approach Chu Yunsheng, she had been taking the initiative to find all kinds of topics, but unexpectedly Chu Yunsheng did not seem to want to talk to her.

'Probably we are still not familiar with each other.' Zhao Ling thought secretly.

Of course, unlike what people read in novels, she would not be interested in Chu Yunsheng just because Chu Yunsheng ignored her. As the top student of physical biology, she also studied the psychological activities of human beings.

After a moment's silence, she jokingly said, "when I was studying abroad, I heard a lot of similar stories, and I was a little skeptical, so... Maybe, if I give you some money, could you also prepare some for me as well, so that I won't be in a panic in case something does happen."

Chu Yunsheng smiled and shook his head, "you are worrying too much, people, who like you, are the treasure of our country, everyone else could be starved to death but not you."

Hearing what he said, Zhao Lin sighed again. Chu Yunsheng was still very wary of her, he did not want to disclose anything to her at all. If she continued asking the question, not only it may not achieve the desired outcome, but it would also destroy the opportunity that she had just established.

The car soon drove into a villa. After showing the documents to the guards, Zhao Ling's look also gradually became very serious. It was no longer the humorous look she had when she talked to Chu Yunsheng earlier.

Before they stopped, she reminded Chu Yunsheng once again, "later on, let me do the talking, your current identity is a psychologist. Fortunately, uncle Song is away, otherwise, he may be able to recognize you."

Chu Yunsheng nodded, even the tall, rich and handsome guy and that police could find him so quickly, there was no way that Song Ying's father did not know anything about him. Maybe his entire family history had already been checked thoroughly by them.

Zhao Ling stopped the car, adjusted her hair, looked at Chu Yunsheng with her calm and pretty face and said, "when you see Song Ying later, don't do anything that would make her react dramatically. If she can listen to your words, try to comfort her as much as you can, tell her to stay healthy and not think too much, okay?"

"Sure, I'm no fool." Chu Yunsheng opened the door, and said, "I need to remind you, she may just want to see me, but probably will not listen to me. At that time, don't shift the blame onto me. I am just an ordinary commoner, if anything happens to her, it has nothing to do with me."

"I think she will." Zhao Ling seemed to be very certain.

Two people got off the car one after another, Chu Yunsheng followed her to walk on a winding path towards a villa. At the same time, Zhao Ling seemed to talk to someone over the phone. Chu Yunsheng did not know who it was, but Zhao Ling was speaking in a very respectful tone, "mhm, yes, yes, it is one of my former classmates, studied psychology, and may be able to help Yingying. Sure, you can rest assured, I'll be very careful."

When she hung up the phone, Chu Yunsheng frowned and said, "Song Ying's father? You already told him that I will be here?"

"The housekeeper won't let us in without his permission." Zhao Ling rang the doorbell and said.

After about two minutes, a forty years old meek-looking woman opened the door. She looked at them and said, "secretary Yang just called, you can come in, Yingying is upstairs."

"Thank you, auntie Wang." Zhao Ling said politely and then gave Chu Yunsheng a look, indicating him not to speak, and just follow her into the villa.

Chu Yunsheng followed her and whispered, "she is not Song Ying's mother, is she?"

Zhao Ling took a look at the woman and said quietly, "Song Ying's mother is in America. She will be back in the next two days. Otherwise, why do you think Song Ying can afford a Lamborghini?"

Chu Yunsheng gave her contemptuous look, 'bullshit! You think I don't know how corrupt officials transfer their money?'

Of course, this could only be said in his mind. Saying it out loud in those people's homes was definitely courting death.

The heating was on in the villa, and it was not cold at all.

On the first floor, the living room and the piano room were on the right, while the dining room and kitchen were on the left. The staircase curved up the wall to the second floor, covered with a thick red carpet and it was spotless.

Around the wall hung some calligraphy and paintings, before the table, there were also some porcelains, but Chu Yunsheng did not know anything about those artworks, so he did not know how much those would be worth.

It was the smell from the kitchen that caught his attention, and without thinking, he could tell that it was fish, that was steamed on the pan. His nose was extremely sensitive, especially when he was hungry.

"Let's go." Seeing Chu Yunsheng was not moving, Zhao Ling pulled him and walked toward the stairs.

Chu Yunsheng was feeling very uncomfortable staying in a high-ranking government official's home. After he got upstairs, he quickly said, "I will wait in the corridor."

It is a girl's room, after all, and even if there is nothing to be seen, what if she isn't dressed properly?

Zhao Ling shook her head gently and said, "It's fine. Come with me."

Then she went to the second door on the left and knocked on the door. "Yingying," she said, "I am older sister Zhao Ling. Are you in there?"

Chu Yunsheng snorted secretly, 'if she is not in there, then who are you talking to? why asking those useless questions.'

Sure enough, there was no movement inside, but Zhao Ling gave Chu Yunsheng a look, and then slightly raised voice and said, "Yingying, can you open the door, I brought Chu Yunsheng here."

After three or four seconds, the white wooden door was finally opened slightly, revealing a pair of frightened eyes in the darkness.

In Zhao Ling's signal, Chu Yunsheng cleared his throat and was ready to say something, but the door was suddenly pulled open, then he saw a girl in the white pajamas suddenly ran toward him.

Chu Yunsheng subconsciously walked back a few steps, retreated all the way to the opposite wall. However, the girl still did not let him go. She jumped toward him, buried her head in between his arms, while tightly embraced him. She pressed her whole body against Chu Yunsheng closely, not leaving the slightest gaps, as if his arms were the safest place in this entire world.

Chu Yunsheng quickly spread out his arms to show Zhao Ling that he did not touch her. But he could clearly feel that Song Ying's body was shaking violently as if she was in extreme fear. She was clearly scared of something.

The heating in the villa provided enough warmth. Even the corridor was also very warm. Song Ying only wore a suit of very thin white petal-patterned pajamas. Through it, even if Chu Yunsheng had spread out his arms, he could still feel the tender and curvy body under the thin pajamas.

On the day of the car accident, Chu Yunsheng was worried about something else, so he did not spend much time to look at the girl carefully. When he was in the lab, the girl was wearing a loose white coat, so apart from her face, Chu Yunsheng could not see her curvy body. But this time, it was the first time for Chu Yunsheng to see Song Ying's shapely and voluptuous body.

Song Ying had long slender legs, small and soft waist, smooth jade-like skin, and she was only slightly shorter than Chu Yunsheng. After she buried her face in Chu Yunsheng's arm, Chu Yunsheng could smell the type of girlish smell in her hair.

Facing such a delicate girl, Chu Yunsheng did not have any evil thoughts, the girl's powerful family was enough to make him stay clear-headed, not to mention Zhao Ling was still standing next to them.

Besides, the closer Song Ying got to him, the more he felt that she was trouble. And this trouble was going to bring more and more troubles to him.

Chu Yunsheng tried to hold Song Ying's tender shoulder and push her away from him. However, as if she did not want to leave Chu Yunsheng, she hugged even more tightly and she even wanted to use her leg to hug Chu Yunsheng as well.

Looking at the funny scene between them, Zhao Ling coughed a few times and her face was also blushed. She had to say in a low voice, "Yingying, don't be afraid. No matter what you want to say, we can talk inside your room."

For the sake of Song Ying's face, Zhao Ling did not ask her to let go of Chu Yunsheng, this woman seemed very considerate, probably had something to do with her profession.

Chu Yunsheng, however, was very direct. He immediately said after Zhao Ling, while his brows were knitted together, "you let go of me first, then we will talk inside."

But Song Ying did not seem to have heard those two people's words. She still did not want to let go of Chu Yunsheng as if she was scared that Chu Yunsheng would suddenly disappear.

Perhaps the noises caused by them were heard by auntie Wang downstairs. They heard someone walking up the stairs and the voice of the housekeeper, auntie Wang, talking to someone on the phone.

"Okay, yes, yes, they just arrived, and now they are upstairs..."

Walking from downstairs to upstairs, it would not take anyone very long. If they could hear the voice of Auntie Wang, that meant, that she was very near. Chu Yunsheng was extremely nervous. Zhao Ling had seen the whole thing, so she could prove that he was innocent, but if people from Song Ying's family saw this, there was no guarantee that they would not think of something else.

What if the housekeeper, auntie Wang was like those old Chinese women, who liked to exaggerate things, then he probably would not be able to leave this place safely.