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Chapter 12 How Could He Be So Sure?

 After reading the message, Chu Yunsheng really could not find any appropriate words to describe his feeling at the moment.

'What the hell is all this?'

It was she, who caused the accident and dragged him into this mess. After he was finally able to get away safely, although he had resentment, he could only endure it, after all, he was just a commoner. But now she wanted to commit suicide?

'Is she going to shift the blame onto me? If not, and she is only throwing a temper, it has nothing to do with me. Why the hell was she contacting me!?'

Chu Yunsheng was very angry. He immediately replied, "I'm not going!"

Although he was very angry, his mind was very clear. If he did not go, they would not blame him for whatever happened to that girl, but if he went there, and the girl indeed committed suicide later, there was no way he would be able to prove that he was innocent.

Besides, he did not believe what Song Ying said, that that charming young princess of some high ranking government officials' family would really commit suicide, unless there was a problem with her head.


The meat seller suddenly clapped the money, started Chu Yunsheng and then laughed, "young man, thank you for your business. Once it is ready, I'll call you."

Chu Yunsheng glared at him, and fearing Zhao Ling was going to call him again, he turned off the mobile, took the contract paper and walked out of the shop. However, when he just stepped outside, the news that was broadcasted on a TV in the opposite shop attracted his attention, the beautiful anchorwoman flipped the paper and spoke with clear pronunciation and mellow voice,

"Let's take a look at a group of brief messages. Around 1:00 PM this afternoon, a man jumped off a building at the intersection of Wuzhou road and Shanghai's inner ring road, causing heavy traffic in the area..."

The television then cut to the scene, where the footage had clearly been modified, but blood could still be seen on the ground.

"The man, who jumped off the building was a 30 years old man. According to the locals, the man was shouting and crying loudly on the roof before he jumped. Some people speculated that it was probably caused by a broken relationship, while a netizen exposed, that the man was a famous lawyer from a big law firm, so there must be some other motives. After people reporting it, the police arrived very quickly. The crowd has already been dispersed and the police have already started the investigation. For the specific details, the follow-up reports will be available soon at the station..."

Chu Yunsheng pupils' instantly contracted, and his heart began to jump rapidly. On the TV, near the puddle of blood, he saw a familiar car. It was the black Audi he once got on. And the occupation of that man was also a lawyer! Was it a coincidence?

No, It must be that tall, rich, and handsome man, it must be that lawyer! Chu Yunsheng's legs suddenly lost strength. Panic began to grow inside his mind. Was it an accident, or was it really had something to do with him?

His mind was in a mess.

But, why did that tall, rich, and handsome man want to commit suicide? Regarding Song Ying's case, because no one could find the body, plus his testimony, there should not be any problems.

Was it really related to him? Chu Yunsheng then suddenly remembered the thing that Zhao Ling told him. She said that Song Ying also wanted to commit suicide!

'They are crazy!'

'They all have lost their minds!'

Chu Yunsheng hurriedly took out the mobile phone, turned it on, and regardless of how many messages were showed on his phone screen, he simply dialed Zhao Ling's number while his eyelids were constantly twitching.

The call went through straight away, Chu Yunsheng swallowed his saliva and said, "that woman, did she commit suicide already?"

Zhao Ling from the other end of the phone call, paused for a second, and asked in shock, "who told you? When?"

She probably heard it wrong, thought that someone had informed Chu Yunsheng, that Song Ying had committed suicide already, so she was shocked.

Chu Yunsheng said hurriedly, "that's not what I mean, I mean she hasn't committed suicide, has she?"

Over the phone, Zhao Ling finally understood what Chu Yunsheng meant, she let out a sigh of relief and said, "she probably hasn't. She is probably still waiting for you. But if you are not going there, she might really do it. I am not lying, once you see her, you will know."

Chu Yunsheng was also relieved. He was really scared of her now. Originally, he thought that the girl was just throwing a tantrum like a little spoiled princess. After all, committing suicide required a great deal of courage. Long-time ago, he had already figured out that those people, who were shouting all day long that they were going to commit suicide, would not kill themselves, but those, who were quiet, not saying anything to anyone, were often likely to do something crazy.

The news about the tall, rich, and handsome man fell off the building, although Chu Yunsheng did not know the real reason, he vaguely felt that it might really be related to him. In terms of why he had that kind of feeling, he also did not know, he just knew that he had a bad feeling about this.

He realized that Zhao Ling did not seem to be lying and that Song Ying girl might actually commit suicide!

In case Song Ying's father kept his information, and Song Ying actually committed suicide, it would be a game over for him. Even traffic police would be able to lock him up and destroy all his plans, let alone that kind of powerful man.

Moreover, Chu Yunsheng was not really a cold-blooded person. If he could save a life, he would do it, but it must be within his limit. Just like the accident that day, he also tried to search for the cleaner and see if he could help the cleaner. It was only until it affected his own safety, he decided to ask the girl to call the police herself.

After thinking it over, Chu Yunsheng decided to go to the Song family once. No matter what, he must make it clear to them first, that whatever the girl was doing, had nothing to do with him. There were not many days left until Sky Track was restored, he could not be hindered by this kind of trouble again. Otherwise, it would be very dangerous for him.

"Where are you? I'll be right there."

Chu Yunsheng took the phone, ran to the intersection hurriedly, and looked around to see if he could get a taxi.

On the other end of the phone call, Zhao Ling immediately said, "I'll pick you up. It will be much more convenient if I drive."

"Okay, it's also really hard to get a taxi here." Chu Yunsheng looked around the road, did not see any taxi, so he simply told Zhao Ling his current location.


About 20 minutes later, a red mini-cooper appeared in Chu Yunsheng's sight. Sitting inside the car, was Zhao Ling, who was in blue down vest.

Chu Yunsheng nodded his head to greet her, and then opened the door and got into the car. To be honest, compared to Song Ying's Lamborghini, he preferred mini cooper much more. After all, this type of car, which was around 300,000 Chinese Yuan, was something that he, a middle-class citizen could afford.

Of course, it was still a lot of money for Chu Yunsheng. After he sold his flat and gathered everything he had, he only managed to get 500,000 Chinese Yuan. In order to get something that would help him to escape much easier later on, he was currently thinking about whether he should buy a few cheap motorcycles or a car, which could load more supplies.

Zhao Ling looked at the street behind Chu Yunshen, started the car and asked Chu Yunsheng casually, "I heard you that you are preparing for the end of the world?"

Chu Yunsheng just sat down when he heard Zhao Ling's question. He was startled and instinctively wanted to deny it.

"What's the matter? Are you surprised?" Zhao Ling smiled softly and said, "I heard your boss, Wen Luo said it. We were alumni at the University of Pennsylvania."

Just right after Chu Yunsheng figured out how she found it out, he was surprised by what she said again. But he still looked at Zhao Ling's young and delicate face doubtfully.

"She is two years ahead of me, but I came back before her." Zhao Ling said while pointed at the back row seats and said, "I guessed that you haven't eaten anything yet, so I brought something, you can help yourself, and the water is below your seat."

Chu Yunsheng was indeed a little hungry, but he did not touch her things. He only left his backpack in the back row seat. Although there was the ancient book in the backpack, keeping the bag in his arms would only attract too much attention. And if he kept it in the back row seat, the bag would not disappear anyway.

"Don't you want to know what she thinks of you?" Zhao Ling tried to find a topic. Even if she was not assigned to do this, she still wanted to know why Chu Yunsheng was so certain that the end of the world was coming.

She had read Chu Yunsheng's information, an ordinary staff living on the monthly wages. But he could sell the flat, that he bought using the money he saved through years of hardworking, without any hesitation. It could only mean that he was serious about this.

But how could he be so sure?