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Chapter 10 Monitoring

 Mingdu Garden Housing estate.

"Brother Chu, let me tell you, you absolutely could not find better places than those two flats!" little Zhou was taking the key out while constantly talking, "it is just right opposite the Ancient Cloud Community; downstairs, there are parking spaces, and you have a great open view, all the rooms are very spacious. If you do not believe me, you can take a look. All the rooms will get enough sunlight. All the furniture are all included. 7,100 Chinese Yuan a month, it is an absolutely super great value!"

"I still need to think about it. Seven thousand is a bit expensive." Chu Yunsheng touched his nose, quickly calculated in his mind. Seven thousand times two months, that is fourteen thousand, and then multiplies by two flats, that is twenty-eight thousand. And this was just rent, if he calculated the deposit, that he needed to pay, that was quite a lot of money.

"If you don't want it, I really don't have other better places! Of course, there are also cheap ones, but you won't like it. You don't like the top floor and the bottom floor. Apart from the flats that need to be in the middle, you also want two flats to be on the same floor. There's absolutely no second place in this area that offers this kind of flats!" Little Zhou swore. He liked to use the word "absolutely" as if all the flats that he had were extremely good and very popular.

While they were talking, the door was opened, little Zhou walked in the front, followed by Chu Yunsheng.

"Brother Chu, look, the floor is newly installed. Those are imported tiles. The door over there is made of solid wood! The kitchen is over here, the bathroom is over there, the bedroom has a king-sized bed. You can just grab your bag and move in at any time you like!" Little Zhou was still constantly talking, but suddenly he noticed that there was no movement behind him. Turning around, he saw Chu Yunsheng stood there not moving like a statue.

"What's the matter, Brother Chu?" little Zhou walked over and asked in confusion.

Chu Yunsheng raised his hand to signal him not to talk. He himself walked along the wall to observe the room while his face was filled with a strange confusion.

As he entered the bedroom, the confusion grew more intense. It was a strangely familiar feeling as if he had been here before!

The bed, the wardrobe, the table in the living room that was facing the door, and the windows facing the street, moving before his eyes as if they wanted to tell him something.

"I've been here before, I must have been here!" Chu Yunsheng murmured.

Little Zhou did not think too much. He just acted like he knew what Chu Yunsheng was talking about and said, "That's right Brother Chu. You are not an estate agent so you probably don't know. A lot of things are predestined by fate. No matter how good a flat is, if it is not the predestined one, people would always find some problems. But if it is the predestined one, people would have a strange feeling as if they have lived there in the previous life. Normally, they would immediately sign the contract straight away."

"The previous life?" Chu Yunsheng turned around and asked in surprise.

Little Zhou laughed and said, "just an analogy, destiny this kind of thing is very hard to explain. Just like us, if it was not destiny, probably you would not have asked me to find a flat for you, and we probably would not have known each other."

Those words seemed to have stirred something in Chu Yunsheng's mind. He frowned his brows and said, "take me to the next flat!"

Of course, little Zhou would not say no, he could tell, that most likely Chu Yunsheng would rend those two flats. Although the agent fee was not high, it was better than nothing. After all, the housing market was not very great at the moment.

The restriction on real estate agents purchasing flats and houses was like a large boulder on their heads. Nowadays, many people still couldn't afford to buy a flat. In terms of the housing price went down, to those people who had money, yes, it indeed went down. But because of the restrictions, they couldn't buy any of them. And to those poor people who didn't have money, they must borrow loans from banks, however, those bankers were a group of bloodsuckers, the housing price went down but the interest rate went up, after they canceled each other out, in the end, nothing was changed. Ordinary citizens didn't benefit from the restriction policy at all.

Little Zhou has been working as an estate agent for a few years now, if it weren't for the fact that he has been working in this field for this long, with this kind of market, he would have already changed his job.

So having a customer like Chu Yunsheng, who wanted to rent two flats, of course, he would try his best to persuade him.

After all, he still needed to eat.

He immediately pulled out the key, opened the door opposite and went on to explain the flat's absolute advantages and selling points.

However, Chu Yunsheng did not hear a single word he said, he just simply checked around the room, and returned with a stern face.

If having a deja vu feeling once or twice, it could be regarded as an illusion, but if it was not just once or twice? If it was more than four times?

He knew very well that something must be wrong with him.

He also knew that panic and fear could not solve any problems at the moment, so he must treat them and analyze them seriously with a calm heart. As an engineer, this was his strength.

"Little Zhou, I want both flats. Please talk to the landlord about the details. My money is quite tight recently, I can only pay the deposit and two months' rent in advance. I will pay the remaining fees as soon as possible." Chu Yunsheng immediately made up his mind.

Chu Yunsheng was a type of person that often hesitated to make decisions quickly, and liked to consider things from many aspects carefully. But if he found that he had no other choices, he would make up his mind immediately without any hesitation. Just like how he decided to sell his flat and ignored all his friends' and families' advices and prepared for the apocalypse alone.

"Ok, brother Chu, two months it is. I will sort it out, but the rent really can not be reduced, you know... " Xiao Zhou was thrilled. But on his face, he still showed a troubled look.

"Okay, call me once the landlord agreed. I will sign the contract immediately!" Chu Yunsheng did not want to bargain with him anymore, he had to go back immediately to find out what happened to him.


Coming out of Mingdu Garden Housing estate, sitting on the bus, Chu Yunsheng could not wait any longer. He directly used his mobile to search for information on the internet. Along the way, he was very calm, no longer panic.

After the search, Chu Yunsheng found that there were many people like him, who had a similar illusion of deja vu.

Some felt familiar with someone they had never met before. Some of them arrived at a strange place and suddenly felt that they had been there before, but they could not remember any detail.

Others claimed that while they were doing something, they suddenly felt that they had done the same thing before. It was very strange.

And with all the cases Chu Yunsheng read online, he could categorize them into three explanations.

The first one was, that it was believed to be the effect of psychological suggestion. Visual illusions were created by memories, mixing up the imaginary scenes and the characters from the normal life or in the dream with actual events. When a similar event happened again, these false memories would pop up and confuse the brain.

This explanation was the most scientific and accepted by most people, but it did not explain why the scenes created by one's imagination or dreams would later really appear. Was it really a coincidence?

The second one was quite superstitious. It was thought that these feelings and vague memories come from people's previous lives, and those who they had met in the previous lives, especially those who were unforgettable, may meet again in this life. In addition, the places that they had been to in the previous life, would also trigger the memories of their previous lives when they visited those places again in this life.

This explanation had no scientific basis, but it was supported by strong religious theory, and there were quite many people who believed in it. However, it was also not perfect. Except for the people and the places, it was impossible to explain the similarity of a specific event. The previous life and this life were supposed to be in two different times, which had completely different backgrounds.

And the last one, which was a very interesting one and also without strong scientific evidence. It was only speculation. It was believed that this phenomenon was caused by the backflow of time, that was when speed was faster than the speed of light, space and time would interlace, it would occasionally cause a special kind of confusion to the human body.

When running into a scene, the human control nerve would transmit the information to the memory nerve at a very fast speed, before the brain's response reached the memory nerve. So when the brain's response reached the memory nerve, it felt like it has happened before. The key was that the cause and the root of this confusion were the transmission speed of the control nerve and the memory nerve, which was faster than the speed of light, resulting in the backflow of time that only limited to one's memories.

Chu Yunsheng did not know which one he belonged to, but it was not important, what he needed was just an explanation. In terms of whether the explanation was true or not, as long as it made sense, it would be fine to him. So after he checked on the Internet, and found out that a lot of people and he had a similar experience, he was also relieved.

Humans are this kind of animals, if you find out that only you are different than everyone else, you will naturally be scared. But once you realize that everyone is the same, you will not care that much anymore. Regarding this point, it is much more apparent amongst Chinese, for example, instead of focusing on whether they why they were being treated unfairly, people often cared more about whether others were having the same treatment, as long as the others were treated the same way, they would feel much better.

Chu Yunsheng's mindset was exactly like this. After he realized that he was no different than other people, he was finally relieved and went back to prepare the supplies.

Looking at the sky outside, it was still very early, he still had some time and most shops haven't closed at the moment, so he decided to use the rest of the time to pre-order the supplies that he could pre-order, in case it would be too late.

There were many things he needed to buy. He needed to order them one by one. The first thing was the food reserve, which was the most important thing. According to the ancient book, after the restoration of Sky Track, the world would be in a state of chaos, but in Chu Yunsheng's mind, the first thing that would kill him was hunger, not chaos.

The reason why he had taken the two flats next to each other was to store up a large number of supplies, so that when it was chaotic outside, at least he would have food in his hand, and would not have to go out to fight other people for some food.

This kind of typical weak people's self-protecting mindset undoubtedly occupied an extremely important position in Chu Yunsheng's mind. As for after the 28th, there would be some influential figures from the government to deal with the chaos. There was no need for him to worry about it.

Getting off the bus, Chu Yunsheng went home first to get some money. Although his flat was sold, he could still live here for a few more days. After he came out of the flat, he took another bus route, directly went to the Grain And Oil Wholesale Market, daily food could be bought in the supermarket, but for a large number of food supplies, he had to come here.

After choosing a larger wholesale store, Chu Yunsheng asked for the owner.

The owner did not know Chu Yunsheng's identity and purpose, he just thought that he was a new retailer. After spending some time to haggle about the price, they finally agreed on the price of ten tons of rice and the fastest delivery time, and then he signed the contract, paid the deposit and went to the next market without any delay. There were a lot of things to prepare, and because of the recent troubles he had, he only had a little more than a month!

Regarding the preparation, Chu Yunsheng has been doing it secretly. He didn't want to attract the attention of some special departments, and secondly, he was really tired of being made fun of by his friends. Although he had warned everyone, no one believed him.

But what he did not know was he had been followed from the beginning. Everything he had done was already known by other people. Shortly after, he left the grain and oil wholesale market, someone came out of the dark and approached the owner of the wholesale store that Chu Yunsheng had gone to, and politely asked some information from him.

Soon, one report after another, like snowflakes flew into a remote experimental building. Compared to Song Ying's strange behavior, Chu Yunsheng's behavior was even more strange and mysterious.