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Chapter 9 The No.8 building of Mingdu Garden Housing estate.

 Chu Yunsheng ran to the other end of the corridor in one breath, and lay on the railing, trying to calm himself down.

"Do you want some water?"

A sudden but pleasant voice came from behind him.

Chu Yunsheng suddenly turned around and jumped up like a frightened cat and shouted, "who are you?! Get away from me!"

"My surname is Zhao. We met in the lab before." The girl, who was holding the water cup, smiled softly, pointed to the cup in her hand, and said, "it may be better to drink some water. Many people are traumatized by the monster."

Chu Yunsheng squatted in a dark corner, pulling his hair while constantly mumbling something. His mind was still in a confused state, he just couldn't calm himself down.

Above their heads, a camera moved slightly, sending signals almost instantly into a conference room in the test building through the cable.

"I think Chu Yunsheng's mental problem is more severe than Miss Song's." From the end of a desk slowly stood up an old grey-haired researcher. He took off his glasses and said.

"I disagree." Professor Sun also stood up, signaled his assistant to switch to another camera, and played it back in the computer until Song Ying approached Chu Yunsheng without any reason and took the initiative to say hello to Chu Yunsheng. Then he stopped the video and analyzed the scene, "Chu Yunsheng has been sitting there since dinner, and there is nothing unusual, but look..."

As he said it, he raised his hand to signal the assistant to start playing the video in slow motion, and carried on, "you see, Song came to Chu and talked to him first. Before the conversation, Chu was acting very normal. But during the conversation, Chu gradually appeared that he was unable to control himself. His behavior was very odd, but clearly, at that moment, Song could still stop the conversation and leave. However, not only did she not stop the conversation, but she waited until Chu held her head tightly, then Jiang appeared... Therefore, logically speaking, Song's mental problem appeared first, and she also caused Chu to have mental problems."

"I disagree." The grey-haired man shook his head and pointed to the synchronized display screen in front of him and said, "I have carefully analyzed the facial expressions of Miss. Song. She appeared to be scared and worried."

Professor Sun wasn't convinced. He immediately said, "since she was afraid, why did she want to get close to Chu? It doesn't make sense."

"I think..." the gray-haired old man was still holding on to his idea, but he was interrupted by a high ranking military officer.

"Professors!" The military officer lowered his voice and then continued, "there is no need to make it so complicated. Since we were able to determine, that the monster seemed to stop the attack because of them, from the earliest CCTV footage, and it is also obvious to us that both of them are behaving strangely, then both of them are equally suspicious. After all, when the accident happened, both of them were on the scene. So it is possible that both of them have some psychological changes. Therefore, there is no need to discuss any further. Both Song and Chu should be closely monitored to understand their conditions."

Seeing the person, who was in charge of the troop that was guarding the lab, talked, professor Sun gave up discussing it any further. He simply found a chair to sit down, put his hands on the desk and said, "little Chu's background is very simple, we just need to find someone to follow him in the dark. I have also asked Zhao Ling to approach him. Earlier on during the lab, Chu was staring at little Zhao, he probably likes her, so he probably won't suspect anything. But in terms of Miss. Song... "

What he meant was clear to everyone, Chu Yunsheng was just an ordinary civilian, it would be very easy for the military to monitor him, but Song Ying was different. Her father's social status and position... It was not someone that they could monitor at will. Even if the military wanted to do it, they still needed to think about the consequences.

The high ranking military officer probably also felt the difficulty. He licked his lips and finally said, "I'll take care of it. I'll visit the Song family."

Everyone was relieved when they heard that the military officer was going to handle it in person. Although all people in the room were working for the military secret service, none of them dare to go to the Song family and tell them that they were going to monitor Song Ying closely. At most, they would only politely invite her to come to the lab and ask her some questions, which was exactly what they did today.

Seeing no one spoke, the officer waved his hand and said, "that's all for today. Professors, you will need rest early. This project is still relying on your two, you need to take good care of yourself. Song and Chu should also be sent back. We can't get much information from them at the moment. So don't cause unnecessary panic outside."

There was a clear sign of reluctance in his tone. Regarding Chu Yunsheng, they could still detain him, but Song Ying, they must send her home. Otherwise, if that family really got mad, it would be very troublesome to deal with.

Everyone knew it clearly in their minds, but naturally, no one would say it out, since none of them were fools.

Crouching at the end of the corridor, Chu Yunsheng did not know that he had been watched by others. When the military officer Wang appeared, he gradually regained his composure.

Zhao Ling gave him her business card and told him, that he could contact her at any time.

Although Chu Yunsheng was confused about why she suddenly seemed to be very nice to him, he learned this time. He did not ask her anything and was determined to stay far away from those people and never get close to them ever again. Otherwise, if the same thing happened again, he did not know if his mind would be able to handle it again.

Just like how he came in, his eyes were also covered when he was sent out. After more than an hour bumpy ride, the officer Wang sent Chu Yunsheng to Qiulin road with an SUV.

"Mr. Chu, if you need anything, please call me at any time."

When Chu Yunsheng was about to get off the car, the officer Wang tore up a note and put it in Chu Yunsheng's hand. He smiled apologetically and said, "I did not expect that this kind of thing would happen today, I am sorry that we have caused this much trouble for you."

The officer Wang left a very good impression in Chu Yunsheng's mind. After receiving the piece of note, and thinking about a series of events that had happened today, Chu Yunsheng's mood was very low. He just simply waved his hand and then jumped off the SUV.

Fortunately, the key was still in his pocket. The first thing he did after he got home was to call Yu Xiaohai, making sure that his backpack was at his home. After that, he could not hold it any longer but fall asleep on the bed straight away.

He had a very good sleep this time. He did not have any nightmares or see any silhouette. Only until there was bright sunlight outside did he finally get up slowly. Then he immediately went to Yu Xiaohai's place and got back the backpack.

Over the next three days, he did not leave his house once, just staying at home. Strangely enough, everything seemed to be very calm, as if it went back to the normal days, no nightmares, no silhouette, no bloody face. What happened that day was just like a strange dream. It even made Chu Yunsheng wonder, that the things, that happened that day, really happened. He even felt, that those people he had seen in the lab and that monster he saw, were not real.

Because during those three days, they did not appear in front of him again, as if they had all disappeared from his life.

After finally adjusting his mind, he continued his apocalypse preparation. Contacting the estate agent, selling his flat and then renting the new flat, at the same time, he also had to purchase a lot of goods and materials.

His crazy action almost shocked everyone. At first, many people thought that he was just joking, since there were many rumors on the Internet. But no one expected that he would really do it.

There were some people, who tried to persuade him, and some, who said that he was brain-damaged, but most of them were just waiting for the right time to ridicule him.

About a week later, he got the money from selling his flat. Because he did not want to wait, and he demanded the buyer to pay the full amount in cash so he would not need to spend time to wair for the bank to approve the loan, so naturally, he would need to reduce the price of his flat a lot.

In the end, Chu Yunsheng only had five hundred thousand Chinese Yuan in his hand. This money included the money that his parents left him when they died, some of them were earned by him during years of hard-working, and there was also some of his auntie's money. This was the hard-earned money, so after receiving the news that he sold the flat, his auntie, who was living far away in Nanjing(1) called him three times, asking him what happened.

However, no matter how he explained, Chu Han still did not believe it. If it was not for his uncle, who was still lying in bed in the hospital, his auntie would have probably already come to Shanghai(1).

The next day, the estate agent, Little Zhou, who had been tortured by Chu Yunsheng nearly a week, finally called him, "Brother Chu, you want two flats next to each other, and they have to be rented out at the same time, and it also must be near the Ancient Cloud Community, how on earth can anyone find it?"

"As long as you can help me to find it, in addition to the agent fee, I promise, that I will definitely give you two thousand Chinese Yuan privately!" Chu Yunsheng urged while thinking if he should increase the money. Time was short, but if he increased the money, he did not believe that he would not be able to find it.

"You said it!" Little Zhou said happily, "there are several empty flats in the No.8 building of Mingdu Garden Housing estate. There are also two flats that just fit your requirements. One landlord is going abroad and the other is in Shenzhen. Both flats are managed by us. Do you want to come over and have a look?"

"Perfect!" Chu Yunsheng was thrilled. He immediately hung up the phone and ready to go out.

Mingdu Garden Housing estate was just right opposite the Ancient Cloud Community, separated by a road. Although Mingdu Garden Housing estate was not as luxurious and mysterious as the Ancient Cloud Community, the people, who lived inside were mostly rich people, so naturally, the flats would not be cheap. But Chu Yunsheng did not prepare to rent them too long, two months were more than enough.

Even if the other party was not willing to rent for a short time, signing a one-year contract was still not a problem for him, but he would still only going to pay for two months rents in advance only.

But what he did not expect was that the nightmare, that he did not have for almost two weeks came back to him again.


I believe this is the first time we learned Miss. Zhao's full name.

Lol, can't believe that it took the author 500 chapters to think of a name for her.

An important thing needs to think about.

Nanjing is used to be called Jin Ling city in the past, like long long long time ago.

Shanghai is used to be called Shen Cheng city in the past long long long time ago, both names are hardly ever mentioned by people nowadays, it could be said that Jin Ling city and Shen Cheng city only existed in the past.

In book one, MC lived in Shen Cheng city, but in book two MC lived in Shanghai.

In book one, MC's auntie lived in Jin Ling city, but in book two she lived in Nanjing.

Did the author try to imply that book 1 is the past, not the future? Or am I thinking too much? And who is this Song Ying girl really, why MC said that he did not see her in the future? and she was supposed to be dead.

Remember the note I left when Song Ying first appeared.

Ying means shadow in Chinese.