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Chapter 8 Have we met before?

 "Can I sit here?"

Chu Yunsheng looked up and saw, that it was the girl, who named Yingying. He didn't know when she arrived before him, but it seemed, that she had just washed herself and her eyes were a little red and swollen. Perhaps, she had been hiding somewhere crying. Just look at her pale face, anyone could easily tell that.

"Up to you. I don't own this place."

Chu Yunsheng felt irritated, that she had dragged him into this, and because of her, he was almost killed by that monster. No matter what kind of good temperament he had, it was impossible for anyone not to have any resentment.

'What the hell is all of this?' Chu Yunsheng was very frustrated.

If it was not because of the background of the girl, Chu Yunsheng might have already started to swear at her. That road was not the main road, how could she drive like that? How could she drive that fast!? Did she not want her life? Or she simply didn't take other people's lives seriously.

What she did was clearly harmful! Did she not have any conscience.

Of course, he couldn't say those words. If he couldn't endure it, he would be in even bigger trouble. He must endure it, and wait for another two months. Then, they would not be this arrogant anymore!

Chu Yunsheng told himself this, trying to make himself feel better.

"My name is Song Ying." The girl sat down and said carefully.

She also felt confused, that why she had to do it "carefully". Speaking of the social status, this man and her were not on the same level. If it were not for the car accident this morning, their life paths may not cross each other in their lifetime, because they were two completely parallel lines; and then his courage, the way he acted earlier was no better then how she acted earlier. Even after the monster died for a long time, he still tried to walk far away around the monster's body, he was even worse than those weak researchers in the white coat.

In terms of other aspects, such as appearance, disposition, manner, and so on, there was nothing above the average males.

But somehow, when she fell to the ground in the midst of the chaos, she had an illusion that both she and the monster had soul-shaking awe and fear for this man.

And, more strangely, even though she was clearly afraid of him, especially his eyes, she wanted to be near him, as if there was a strange sense of security if she stayed near him.

Song Ying actually was very good-looking, especially those two delicate eyebrows on her smooth and fine skin, seemingly tainted by sorrow. It only made men want to hug her and comfort her.

But Chu Yunsheng strongly believed that she was the source of calamity. Even if she was pretty, she would still bring more troubles to him. Originally, he did not want to talk to her, but suddenly he changed his mind. Since he found her familiar, maybe she would also find him familiar as well.

Maybe they really had met with each other before somewhere. Then it would not be an illusion anymore.

So he leaned forward a little, gathered his focus, and looked into the girl's eyes sternly, staring straight into her pupils, trying to find that strangely familiar feeling.

Under his intense gaze, the girl quickly looked around in panic, did not dare to look at Chu Yunsheng at all.

"Look at me and don't move!" Chu Yunsheng lowered his voice and said fiercely. That feeling gradually emerged from his mind again, as if he was about to seize a vague shadow, but it was just blocked by a thin veil. At that moment, he even forgot the girl's scary background.

The girl was even more nervous. She had never had this kind of feeling before. Apart from her father, no one dare to give her this much pressure, let alone using a commanding tone to talk to her.

She bit her lips and twisted her body nervously. Her instinct told her that she should get up, leave the place, and stay far away from the man, but it was as if there was a great force pressing her down in the chair, no matter how hard she tried, she just could not get up.

Chu Yunsheng felt that he was closer and closer to the thin veil. It was as if he would be able to awaken his memories just by making one more step forward. But the girl was becoming more and more nervous and she began to twist even harder. In order to stop her from looking away again, unexpectedly, Chu Yunsheng reached out both of his hands and hold the girl's head tightly, and urged, "have we met somewhere before?!"

The girl was terrified and wanted to break free, but once she looked at Chu Yunsheng's eyes, her whole body seemed to have lost all the courage and strength. She was so scared that her eyes were already wet by tears.

Her panic-stricken expression seemed to have pierced through the thin veil and revealed a small chink. Then a flash of light suddenly appeared in Chu Yunsheng's mind. He was about to remember it!

"I remember it..." Chu Yunsheng shouted excitedly.

"What are you doing! Let go of her!"

At this critical moment, an angry roar appeared from outside, and then a strong figure rushed in like a gust of wind, grabbed Chu Yunsheng by the back of his collar and threw him away.

Chu Yunsheng's mind was still filled with excitement. But he didn't expect that someone would suddenly rush in. All he felt was that his collar was suddenly tightened, and then he suddenly began to fly backward.

With a loud bang, the table and chairs were knocked over to the floor.

"Yingying, are you all right?" With a livid face, the burly man stared coldly at Chu Yunsheng, who was laying on the ground with his face facing the ceiling.

It was not that he overreacted, it was actually that he had never seen such a situation. In the past, although those young and handsome offsprings of the high-ranking government officials or those rich second generations weren't well-mannered people, none of them dared to do such things to Song Ying and make her cry.

Maybe the burly man could have handled it a little more calmly, if it had been merely that. But he had just come out of a secret military meeting, and the things that he heard during the meeting left him with no other choice but act this way.

"I'm fine, uncle Jiang. It's not his fault." Song Ying was finally able to look away, but she seemed to be exhausted. If anyone took a close look at her, they could still see little glittering and translucent traces of sweat on her delicate skin.

No one knew what she was thinking, and why she would help Chu Yunsheng to explain it. However, her explanation seemed to have made it worse. The burly man's face was extremely livid and dark as if he was going to beat Chu Yunsheng up. In the livid face, there was also a faint of concerns.

At this time, Chu Yunsheng staggered to his feet from the ground. His left hand was covering his right elbow, which had bumped into the corner of the table, but there was no painful expression on his face. Instead, his face was filled with terror, as if he had seen a ghost, "that's not possible, I did not see you in the future. You should be dead! No, this is not possible! You shouldn't be alive! You should be dead!"

While he was saying, he shook his head again and again, and stepped back towards the door in panic.

He was lost, and his mind was completely in a muddle. In that split second, he felt that the girl should have been dead a long time ago, and she shouldn't be alive. But a person that was supposed to be dead was currently standing in front of him.

There was no one in the corridor outside the door. It was empty and quiet. However, all of sudden, Chu Yunsheng ran out of the door while shouting constantly in his shaking voice, that it was not possible and she should have been dead until he disappeared in the corridor...