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Chapter 7 Growing

 The heavily armed soldiers huddled together in a semicircle and pulled the trigger with all their might, firing their bullets out of the chambers at the gradually expanding, shapeless monster.

The shell casings, that fell off the body of the gun clanged onto the solid marble floor, dancing at the feet of the soldiers like splashes of rain.

In the experimental hall, the sound of gunfire suddenly drowned out all the other noises.

The monster was pushed back repeatedly in the face of a barrage of bullets, that was shot at an astonishing speed, and the slugs plopped and spun into its slimy body, leaving huge holes, in which the slime flowed and spread rapidly along the marble floor.

The slimy body eventually was not able to withstand the metal storm, although it has tried again and again to evolve a crustacean-like skin, again and again, it was destroyed by the bullets.

But in the end, it made a series of quick, snarling noises from its mouth, and it managed to grow out two long legs, with those powerful legs, it was darting left and right, dodging the bullets.

It was very clever. It soon found that all the bullets were aimed at it, so it gathered up its last strength, took the nearest path and headed straight for the semicircle to try to break out.

The soldiers were so well trained, that when the monster moved, they moved the muzzleS of their guns one after another and shot out all the bullets as fast as they could, forming an impassable barrage.

The monster seemed to be desperate. It was moving extremely fast, despite having so many bullets in its body. However, its evolution speed gradually could not catch up with the speed of bullets tearing its body, the slimy liquid was constantly leaking out from its body.

When its sharp legs penetrated two soldiers' bodies and finally broke through the semicircle, perhaps there were too many bullets in its body, it hit one of the lab tables and fell down on the slippery ground with its body still shaking violently.

It tried to get up, kicking the ground with two of its newly evolved legs and screeching loudly, but it was still unable to get up again.

The guards of the second echelon, in the rear row, were already ready for the attack. They started firing immediately, and at the same time, they held their assault rifles and moved closer and closer to the monster to improve the shooting accuracy, until the monster was completely surrounded.

The monster was dying, but it was still trying to make the final evolution as if once it succeeded, it could help it to get out of danger.

It was very clear, that it was trying to evolve the brain, like the fast-forward scenes in a movie.

"Wait!" Professor Sun, who was complete "impressed" by the amazing speed of evolution, rushed out of a group of people in the white coats, and shouted, "we can't let it die! Otherwise, the dead comrades would die in vain!"

The soldiers did not respond. Although they were the laboratory guards, they were still part of the military system. They only followed the orders of their superior officers. Despite they respected professor Sun, no one dared to stop shooting.

"Stop shooting!" the officer Wang glanced at his superior, who was now just one pair of feet and a pile of bones on the ground and quickly said.

The monster seemed like it was going to die very soon, the danger has already been eliminated, if he did not give the order now, the soldiers would definitely kill it, and then the people from the higher up would definitely question him for failing to do his job.

There were a lot of things involved in this. At that time, Major General Wu had forbidden the killing of the monster. It was heard by many soldiers present. If that creature really died under his watch, even if the situation changed so rapidly, that he had no choice but to issue the command to fire, it was hard to guarantee that his rivals would use this incident to cause some troubles for him. This kind of thing was often very difficult to explain.

When the monster was dead, he would be in a very terrible position. Like what people always said, "how can you be sure that you can't capture it alive?" With just this sentence alone, it would immediately make all the excuses and explanations in his report invalid.

The officer Wang had been in the army for many years. From just a small soldier to the politics within the army, he still knew what he should do and what he shouldn't do.

His command was so much useful than professor Sun's, the sound of gunshot immediately stopped, but the soldiers still maintained the firing posture, their muzzles never leaving half an inch of the monster.

Professor Sun and a group of people in the white coats rushed forward, shouting to get the box, injecting the anesthetic and so on, but there were also some of the dead people's friends sobbing around the bodies.

Chu Yunsheng stood aside, still in shock. The hall was in a terrible mess. No one had time to tell him what to do or restrict his movement. Only the girl named Yingying followed him all the time, grasping at the corner of his white coat tightly and never letting it go. She was probably still trembling with fear.

Chu Yunsheng also did not have time to care about why she was following him, all his attention was on the monster, from his angle, he could only see a pool of mucus, and through the gaps between soldier's legs, the monster was still convulsing unwillingly.

At this point, it still did not seem to want to give up on the final struggle, it still desperately tried to evolve its head, as if it could reverse the whole situation.

Although Chu Yunsheng was afraid of its cruelty and ferocity, he also admired its unyieldingness and determination, that even if it knew it was dying, it still did not want to give up.

'Is this the monster from the other dimension, that the ancient book mentioned?' Chu Yunsheng had a cold shiver, and suddenly, he had this idea.

As if the monster was trying to prove his idea, the brain-like structure, that was hidden behind the mouthparts of the monster, that was trying to evolve crazily, was getting bigger and bigger, even the nerves on the surfaces of the brain-like structure could be clearly seen with the naked eye now.

As its mouthparts were also growing bigger and bigger, and as the veins and nerves of the brain-like structure were jumping rapidly, it seemed like its evolution was about to become successful soon.

But at this critical moment, at the peak of the evolution, as if there was only one step away from a certain threshold, its head suddenly exploded, like a rotten watermelon, and spread all over the ground. It was as if it could not be allowed in this world and had to be erased.

There was even a piece of rotten meat flying over their heads, falling not far away in front of Chu Yunsheng. Despite it was dead, it was still twisting repeatedly, scared the girl behind him into screaming again.

"What happened?" Chu Yunsheng must admit that the old man, whose surname was Sun, was very brave. He rushed to the monster, that had finally fallen to the ground, and turned it over and over examined it anxiously. If it were Chu Yunsheng, there was no way he would want to get close to that monster.

A young and brave researcher held an instrument, pierced through the body of the monster, tested for a while, and shouted, "the cells have stopped splitting, and it began to die in large numbers!"

"Do something about it!" professor Sun left the monster, rushed to a test platform, searching all the draws to take out a few test tubes, then quickly rushed back, skillfully injected the liquid into the monster's body.

But the human drugs did not seem to be able to prevent the death of the monster, about ten minutes later, they had no choice but to declare that the monster was dead.


That night, the military cordoned off the scene and formed an investigation team to spend overnight to watch the whole incident video that had been recorded. All the people at the scene were not allowed to leave.

Chu Yunsheng was also forced to stay in the experimental building, along with the girl called Yingying.

Any communication to the outside was banned, although the mobile phone has not been confiscated, the signal has been disrupted, Chu Yunsheng could not contact Yu Xiaohai, and he also did not know if he took the backpack or not.

If he lost the book, it would be over!

Quickly finishing the meal that was provided by the military, Chu Yunsheng found a quiet corner and sat there. Things became more and more strange. It made him very anxious.

He had always been a man, who followed the plans to make sure that everything goes smoothly without accidents.

But the strange chain of events, which had taken place since last night, had left him with no other choices.

Why did he have a blurry nightmare that seemed to be very familiar to him?

Why did he always feel that there was a silhouette behind him?

Was the blood face in the mirror real or it was just him seeing things?

Also, why did he always have familiar feelings towards the people, who he had just met for the first time?

What was the meaning of the noise that the monster made?