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Chapter 6 Rapid Evolution

 "Professor." The girl handed the photo to the old man, and then took a quick look at Chu Yunsheng while feeling strange, that why this man was staring at her without the slightest scruple.

"Little Chu? Little Chu?" The old man waved the photos he had in his hand and said. Seeing Chu Yunsheng was staring at his best female student, he could not help but smile.

"Ah... what is it?" Chu Yunsheng recovered and looked at the old man. But he was still frowning his brows.

"These photos were taken at the scene. Look at this. Did you see how it appeared?" The old man simply laughed and then quickly went back to the main topic again.

Chu Yunsheng took over the photos and checked it one by one. In those photos, it clearly showed a bloody ball-shaped cocoon-like slimy mucus organism. It looked very disgusting. But in the next new photos, it showed that the organism rolled to a puddle of water on the other side of the road, which just happened to be in Chu Yunsheng's blind spot. But the girl sitting in the driving position should be able to see it. No wonder the girl was so afraid at that time and wanted him to stay. It turned out that she was scared by this thing.

Indeed, it looked really frightening, and without knowing that the cleaner was missing, it was very natural for her to mistake the mangled mass to be a part of the dead body!

After looking at it for a while, Chu Yunsheng shook his head and pointed to the photo, and said honestly, "I was in this position at that time, so I didn't notice anything in the water. I'm sorry."

The old man took over the photo in disappointment, just when he was ready to tell Chu Yunsheng that he could leave now, from outside the door, walked in two more people. One of them was still a military officer, whose rank seemed to be several levels higher than the military officer Wang, and the other one was a pale-faced girl.

The military officer Wang immediately made a military salute. The senior officer only nodded his head and then turned around and said softly, "don't be afraid, Yingying. After the professor finished asking your questions, Uncle Wu will send you home. okay?"

The girl nodded her head like a well-behaved kid and then made a slight bow to professor Sun. The old man also smiled at her...

Chu Yunsheng was so exasperated that he almost vomited blood. Because of her, he was dragged into all this mess. But look at her, having a senior military officer to pick her up and send her home, and from the way that the senior military officer said, it was as if she was the victim.

Sure enough, people from different backgrounds would be treated differently.

The girl also seemed to recognize Chu Yunsheng. When two of them had eye contact, Chu Yunsheng suddenly remembered, that during the meeting this morning, he also seemed to find, that he had a strangely familiar feeling toward the girl as well. So he immediately began to examine the girl from head to toe carefully, attempting to find something on the girl, that could help him to figure out why he had such a feeling.

Seeing Chu Yunsheng was staring at the new girl in an unrestrained manner again, the old man finally could not stand it but clear his throat a few times to remind Chu Yunsheng, and then said softly to the girl, "We need to ask some information from you. Can you have a look at those photos and tell us if you saw this thing at the scene, if yes, when did you discover it?"

The girl took the photo, took a look at it, then she began to shiver, her face became even paler, and just when she was about to speak, from the transparent box, someone exclaimed in surprise, "older Sun, quick, quick, come over, it begins to split again!"

Hearing this, the old man hurriedly turned around and walked towards the transparent box. Looking up and down, he quickly waved his hands and said, "quick, quick, take photos and videos!"

Several young people in the white coats had already set up their cameras and started either taking photos or filming the transparent box.

Because of the commotion, the crowd also appeared a gap. Through the gap, from the angle of Chu Yunsheng and the girl, who had just arrived, they could see the box inside was containing a bloody, slimy mass, that was oozing mucus everywhere. Its size seemed to be many times larger than what it was in the photos.

The new girl blurted out a scream, covered her mouth immediately, but she was so scared, that her legs were shaking in fear constantly!

Chu Yunsheng was exactly the opposite. No one knows why, unexpectedly, he began to, step by step, walked to the box. For the safety of the people in the lab, the military officer Wang next to Chu Yunsheng wanted to pull him and stop him, but he was stopped by the senior military officer Wu.

The box itself was as big as a glass display counter, and the bloody, slimy mass expanded so dramatically, that it was suddenly filled the entire box. The group of people in white coats around the box were looking at each other in shock.


Suddenly, a crack opened in the bloody mass, and in the slimy crack, there was a pair of sharp mouthparts hidden inside, making a rasping sound.

Then, from the mouthparts, a green, hot, smoking slime was suddenly spat out at the transparent glass, rapidly corroding the transparent box.

"Shit!" a man in white coat shouted loudly, "quick, call the security! Li Qing, you take people and ready to change B2R box, it is very corrosive!"

But it was too late. The green slime was smoking hot, and almost nothing could exist under its corrosion. In less than a blink of an eye, it was able to turn the box, that was trapping it earlier, into a puddle of liquid.

Seeing this, all the people in the white coats panicked. They were running around, taking anything they could find, and planning to use those things as weapons.

The bloody, slimy mass broke free from the box, howled angrily, and once again revealed its mouthparts and spat out a green mucus at the nearest person.


The man gave a shrill scream, as the hot, smoky slime burned through his clothes. Under the strong corrosion, his body began to melt quickly and some parts of his body fell to the ground piece by piece like a lump of rotten meat. It was a very ghastly sight.

After all, the military officer Wang was still a soldier, after the initial shock, he immediately took out a pistol and ready to shoot, but again he was stopped by the senior officer Wu.

"No! Don't kill it!" The officer Wu said resolutely, "everyone, get out of here at once. Guards! Protect professors!"

"Yes, yes, don't kill it! we need it alive! We need a live sample!" Professor Sun also recovered from the shock and said loudly. He hurriedly stopped the guards, who had just run in and were about to shoot without knowing what happened.

While talking, the bloody mass spat another slimy mucus again, the painful and panic screams once again appeared in the lab. From outside, more and more soldiers heard the scream and wanted to run into the lab with their weapons. But the people in the white coats inside the room desperately wanted to run outside.

Instantly the doorway was blocked.

"Back, Move back!" The senior officer Wu, who was the calmest person, shouted to the soldiers at the door.

As for Chu Yunsheng, he was originally standing at the back. But when the crowd of the people in the white coats were running toward the door, that was behind him, he was also pushed back all the way until the was pressed against the door. Beside him was the officer Wu, and in front of him was the girl named Yingying.

In the face of the frightening bloody, slimy monster, and after hearing the panic screams repeatedly, under the intense panic, Chu Yunsheng almost regretted to death. He did not know what was wrong with him today, why did he have to get up so early today, and get involved in so many troubles.

Seeing the man in the white coast, who had been hit with the smoking hot mucus, was quickly turned into a skeleton, Chu Yunsheng's stomach was convulsed with sickness, and his heart was pounding rapidly, almost jumping out of his throat.

The officer Wu's order quickly worked. The soldiers outside no longer swarmed inside but began to spread out with guns in their arms. Seeing the escape opportunity, the people inside quickly flocked to the exit, wanting to squeeze out of the door.

As if the bloody, slimy mass had wisdom in it, it shrank suddenly and bounced from the lab table, leaped over the crowd of the panicked people in white coats. While it was still in the air, it opened its mouth wide from above and swallowed the military officer Wu from his head.


Chu Yunsheng shouted in fear. He was just standing next to the officer Wu. The bloody, slimy monster almost touched his face when it swallowed the military officer Wu. It made his hair stand on end, standing so close to the monster.

Behind him, the women's piercing screams and the men's frightened voices appeared again

Seeing the senior officer Wu was swallowed alive by the monster, the soldiers outside were all stunned. It was the first time for most of them to see this thing, so they all moved back in panic and did not know if they should fire or not.

The slimy monster was probably not big enough to swallow officer Wu as a whole, the officer's two feet were still kicking its mouthparts.

In less a few moments, however, the feet stopped moving. Clearly, the man was dead. But the slimy monster was still squirming its body as if it was tossing its prey from side to side in a great rage inside its mouth while growling. Until the end, it spat out a pile of slimy skeletons, and a pair of undamaged feet.

It was a living person just a moment ago, but in just a blink of an eye, the person already became a skeleton. Seeing such a horrific scene, all the people in the lab were stunned and fell silent.

The monster seemed to have no interest in the soldiers behind him. It roared and wriggled its way towards the crowd inside the lab. And the person, who was the closest to it, was Chu Yunsheng.

"Shoot it, shoot it!"

Chu Yunsheng panicked and tried his best to move back and shouted.

However, no one knew whether it was the order earlier or the soldiers were too scared to shoot, none of the soldiers moved.

The monster was moving closer and closer, the mouth-like crack opened again to revealed the sharp mouthparts. The people in the white lab coat behind Chu Yunsheng finally woke up, turned around and ran backward. In the middle of chaos, someone suddenly pushed the girl and Chu Yunsheng forward in a panic. Both Chu Yunsheng and the girl behind him instantly staggered toward the monster, that was heading towards them.

'It's over!'

This was the only thought in Chu Yunsheng's mind.

This thought caused him to suddenly lost the strength in both of his legs. It resulted in him falling to the ground much earlier, and the girl behind him was also tripped over by him.

The girl's face was as pale as ghost, and she was so frightened that she could not even scream. At such a close distance, Chu Yunsheng could see the girl's terrified expression and the monster clearly. However, all of sudden, Chu Yunsheng seemed to remember something, but it disappeared in the next second again.

But at the moment before the monster was about to spit the corrosive mucus again, countless fragments in Chu Yunsheng's eyes stormed out with raging roars from his pupils and went straight into the girl and the monster.

The monster suddenly moved back in fear. Its mouthparts were retracted, and it was making the strange grunting noises, that no one seemed to understand.

But Chu Yunsheng understood it, though it was only just one word. However, he did not know why he understood the word.

"... Master? ..."

Chu Yunsheng wanted to get up so badly, however, because of the girl, whenever he tried to get up in panic, he would be tripped over by the girl again. But the strange thing was that although each time he would fall toward the monster, the monster would retreat immediately as if it was scared of him,

It was still very chaotic inside the lab, and outside the lab, the soldiers still did not move. But what everyone did not know was, that in the middle of this chaos, a camera in the corner was quietly recording everything from the beginning.

The identity of the girl underneath Chu Yunsheng, the military officer Wang knew about it. So he quickly ran over to them, attempting to drag both of them up. Fearing that monster would also attack him, he had already drawn his gun. And the hand, that he used to help Chu Yunsheng, was the hand, that he held the gun.

The bloody monster suddenly squirmed violently and the gap was wide open again and let out a raging roar.

"Shoot it!" The officer Wang did not dare to hesitate again. If he did not issue the order now, more people would die.

At his command, the soldiers did not hesitate to pull the trigger, many bullets went straight into the monster's body, making the monster let out seemingly painful screams. But the strange thing was that it was still desperately moving and twisting its body in front of Chu Yunsheg. It was as if it wanted to use its body to block all the bullets for Chu Yunsheng.

At the same time, its body was quickly expanding, shrinking, and changing repeatedly...

"Oh my god!" Professor Sun stammered, "it, it's evolving! Rapid evolving!"